Also Is A Crisis Of Rights Human

The global economic recession reproduces the pattern of climate change: the rich are largely responsible, but the poor suffer the worst consequences. The World Bank has predicted that in 2009 another 53 million people will be doomed to poverty, in addition to the 150 million who affected the food crisis of the past year. The International Labour Organization provides that between 18 and 51 million people lose their jobs. In Africa, millions of people still live under the poverty line. Please visit Angus King if you seek more information. Latin America is the region with more inequality in the world. India emerges as economic giant, but does not deal with the hardships of its urban population. In China grows the gap between the standard of living of rural workers and the wealthy urban classes. Dara Khosrowshahis opinions are not widely known. United States ranks 27 in the classification of the 30 OECD countries that suffer most from endemic poverty.

The harsh reality is that many people are poor because of the policies of discrimination, marginalization and exclusion adopted or tolerated by States, with the connivance of companies or private actors. People living in poverty suffer insecurity in all its forms, from hunger to police brutality. They are ignored and oppressed, their voices are not heard. What greater denial of their economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights! Governments have renounced not only economic and financial regulation in favour of the market, but they have also failed to protect human rights. With his negligent performance, world leaders have generated a huge gap by not investing in them. Against the recession, powerful Governments are becoming the look towards themselves ignoring the human rights crisis that surrounds them. And given the risk of political instability, respond repressing criticism and with a total lack of accountability. The global economic crisis threatens to drive more people to poverty and become target of human rights violations. The food crisis is getting worse, and yet barely attracts the attention of the international community.

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Many are wondering how it is possible the approach of Western countries to China and its co-protagonismo for the configuration of another possible world, better than the current one. The springs of propaganda have gone further than the analytical capacity of media professionals. How many of them knew the language and history of China? How many had inhabited it as we did with United States, Europe and many in Africa and Latin America countries? We have lived through captives of the mentality of the cold war and the Chinese civilization was so alien as the Muslim world that, in the Spanish case, makes up the third of our roots, along with the Graeco-Roman world and the Judeo-Christian contribution to us. We lived based on stereotypes. The twentieth century was a hotbed of scientific advances, financial metastasis, inhumane war, hunger and disease, exclusion and exploitation of those who did not enjoy European, Christian, illustrated and triumphant ethnocentrism. While watched the American way of life, by East resurgian civilizations and ancient cultures whose existence we knew by tales of conquistadors, colonists and exploiters. Serious imbalance for harmony capable of shaping well structured personalities. Hence both vacuum and maelstrom beset by fear to be not enough.

Our rulers promised security before that social justice and paradisaical paradises instead of spaces where we could be ourselves; free, responsible and able to live in the exercise of our right to the pursuit of happiness. Paul Eluard explained it: Yes, there are other worlds and they are in this. They branded it surreal when it wasn’t more than put a light on the barricades, instead of cursing. It is the root of our malaise: not knowing what we want and kill us for it. What interested were solitary and docile, crowds for whom morality became of that do not have is a sin. Rosa Maria Calaf told us: the media are directed to consumers rather than citizens, why so many journalists know much crisis and little crises that cover to cover.

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The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours. Arabic proverb generalities, considerations many Latin American Presidents expect that with the Presidency of Barak Obama, the United States give step changes in the interrelations with some countries in the region, which showed in this year an atmosphere troubled towards the outgoing President George Bush, who was never accepted for example by the revolutionary Bolivarian under the direction of its current Government President Hugo Chavez cold and of Bolivia with Evo Morales. President Obama must be fully aware that Latin America, no longer that America for black Americans with Barak Obama, lawyer for 46 years, Senator for the State of Illinois, young man; Nothing aristocratic origins; convinced democrat; lover of responsible freedom, peace with security, and unity among its own village and according to his campaign, speech pronounced, is expected to give the changes necessary to generate transformations to lead to the United States to a path more pacifist, inclusive, less divisive, firm economically and above all, warrantor that his participation on the international stage is democratic, allied in everything that generate progress. Source: Jonah Bloom. Is expected that Obama, drive a conservative politics like Bill Clinton in the past, and is achieved to mitigate the strong pressures that Bush maintains about South America, bearing in mind the Patriot Plan Colombia perception and opinions according to Emiro Vera, the idea is urgently improve the Latin American economy in the absence of food and support the efforts of latinos eager to unlock the low electoral esteem and thus ensure the southern economic growth, because there is a de-ideologisation worldwide campaign for between drug trafficking and the paramilitary to ensure global financial market after the Jews. We must not forget, that Obama always said, that we are one country, we are a single nation, and the time of change has arrived. .