Pending formulations differ in the type of plasticizer. Plasticized recipe contains 251 dioctyl (DOP) and is obtained by less energy-intensive processing, which allows to apply the insulation at high speeds. Plasticized formulation contains 230 dialkilftalat (DAP) has a high specific volume electrical resistance and is tropikostoykim (it practically does not develop fungus and mold). Hose 239 recipes and 288 plastic grade 0-40 manufactured using different phthalate plasticizers. Dialkilftalat 239 makes PVC Plasticized tropikostoykim more than 288 plastic compound. The presence of PVC plastic softener makes the dependence of various mechanical, electrical and other characteristics of the temperature more pronounced and complex than the polyvinyl chloride resin. Reduction of specific volume electrical resistance of PVC plastic with an increase in various formulations temperature is taken into account in the standard and monitored at 20 and 70 C. PVC is widely used for insulation installation, assembly and special wires, power cables for voltage 6.1 kV and control cables.

In hose plastic, but the main plasticizer, added 15-20% tricresyl phosphate, which increases the resistance of PVC plastic to combustion. The increase of plasticizer to 50-60% leads to an increase in the relative elongation at break and lower tensile strength of PVC hose. As the temperature rises sharply increase the value and tg, PVC plastic compound can not be widely used in high voltage power cables in a voltage of 10 kV and as insulation in the wires of communication. To create a cold-resistant PVC grades 0-50, 0-55 and OMB-60 with a temperature of minus fragility – 50 minus 60 C using 60-70% of a plasticizer (or dioktilsebatsionat diizodetsiadipinat), but the tensile strength is reduced to 11 and sometimes up to 10 MPa.

Cambridge Biographical Center

"Troika" for "three", the children are gradually getting used to bad estimates and, therefore, recognize their own lack of success. This problem is more serious quarter estimates. Teach a man to be successful it is impossible. But you can teach study. The development of intellectual abilities – that the task set and successfully solved Marat A. Ziganov, who developed one of the most effective methods of developing: the technology of "intelligence." By the way, Merit Marat Aleksandrovich highly appreciated at international level: it is on the Cambridge Biographical Center in the number of outstanding scientists of the 20th century on the subject "Development of intellectual abilities." Say goodbye to fatigue simple and effective technology, "Intelligence" helps students save time on homework and to improve the learning process. Thus, solved two problems: fatigue is reduced, and performance, by contrast, is growing.

That is what the guys are making, dealing with technology "intelligence." The kids quickly disposing of the homework will be able to run an extra hour in the yard, and seniors will be able to spend more time in sports, music, dance, languages, and other hobbies. Technology Technology success "Intelligence" is aimed at students with their specific terms of knowledge and the basis for a system of exercises went to the thesaurus (the conceptual apparatus) the curriculum subjects. Different and the job performed by students, for example, in teaching children themselves are tests for other students. "Intelligence" allows students to complete reveal their ability to properly set goals and objectives, directs them to get mixed results – and good grades, and this knowledge, the high price they already understand a school desk. Although estimates are important: children who have graduated from school as "good" and "excellent" feel more confident in the entrance exams to university. The best schools in Moscow and Russia have introduced "Intelligence" in its program.

The technology developed by Marat Ziganovym, used abroad in Riga, Baku and other cities. However, the technology to do "Intelligence" can not just disciples of prestigious private schools. In Moscow for 25 years running "Presidential School" (before 2001 – "School rational reading "). Catching up once a week and doing your homework, boys substantially increase the level of academic achievement. "Intelligence" – is an effective program for children that will give them the correct settings are not only the period of study, but also for life. And do not think that adults do not need to "be able to learn": once each may need additional knowledge. For example, when moving to another position, by changing skills, and that too talk about self-study foreign languages? The formula of "knowledge = success" not only works for the school desk. Program "Intelligence" – a pledge of good knowledge and a successful future of your children! And while the children learn their parents also have something to do at school: they have developed special activities, such for example as a business course and speed reading e-mails.