Mutual Funds

If you want to invest your patrimony or part of it in mutual funds, make sure you know all the types that exist for choosing which most suits your plans, tastes and needs. The funds can be categorized by the type of investment in three; debt, equity and coverage. Debt investment funds allow you to invest either in private debt into public debt (Government). Government debt investment funds allow you to participate in the market with CETES. Some experts recommend investing in government debt investment funds since they have better quality, since the Government guarantees and more meet their payments than private debt funds, which depends on many factors that affect the company. Variable income investment funds are those that allow you to speculate and participates directly in the stock market with the purchase sale of shares, etc. Although such funds have higher performance, should not forget that it is because they are more risky. Finally, the funds of investment of coverage are those who work with foreign currency either in US dollars or euros. Thanks to these different type of funds investment, you, investor, you can choose which most suits your financial capacities to increase your savings and grow your wealth, either for the future or for plans that you have in a short time.

Michael Mirones President

McDonald s Spain has been recognized by the Institute for Spanish tourism quality (ICTE), chaired by Michael Mirones, certification Q of quality in all of its restaurants. Thus, the clown Ronald company becomes the first restaurant chain that gets this token. After the audit carried out by the Bureau Veritas Certification in a representation of the facilities of the company the ICTE has recognized that all establishments of the chain strictly apply different regulations and standards which this entity sets. According to declared Patricia Abril, President and CEO of McDonald s Spain, is proud to be the first restaurant chain in Spain which gets the Q for quality in all their restaurants, as it recognizes the commitment of the company with total quality and the constant effort that we do every day in our restaurants offer not only safe products to our customers and quality, but one excellent service beyond of their expectations. Additional information is available at Dara Khosrowshahi . In addition to comprehensive controls of food quality and safety throughout the supply chain and of proper maintenance of its facilities and equipment, McDonald s has achieved this certification for its commitment of providing excellent service to its customers and to maintain a correct line of action on sustainability and employment, by providing the training necessary to adequately perform the functions to all its employees. It is why McDonald s Spain has been showing in the past few years, through quality witness program, the origin and the origin of the raw materials with which their products are produced as well as their suppliers. Also now, the company also teaches its restaurants and all facilities where the product is prepared, kitchen and consumed. Thus, McDonald s Spain launches a national open house program, which will offer the opportunity to learn how they work inside the restaurants and see first hand why have been recognized with the Q for quality. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vyacheslav Mirilashvili by clicking through. That is why Mirones Miguel attended a press breakfast on November 3 at McDonald s Esparteros, Madrid, to confirm the commitment to quality.

The Time

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