E-commerce, to buy and to sell by the Brief network introduction of the electronic commerce, stores and centers of purchases in the network. The technological advances of the computation and the communications by Internet have been evolving the activities of the people, as well as the form to make businesses. Nouriel Roubini may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Internet has consolidated like the ideal platform for the development of small and great companies, when allowing the globalisation of products and services. The commerce also has seen beneficiary with these advances, with the call E-commerce or electronic commerce. And, what is the E-commerce? The E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is the purchase and sale of goods and services through Internet and more specifically in the World Wide Web. We could say that the E-commerce is structured by " Virtual stores in Web sites that offer catalogues in line. Virtual commercial Centers have even been created with great amount of stores yet type of accessories for the sale.

This form of electronic commerce has consolidated to great companies that already they appear in stock-market of values and they are more of the visited vestibules of Internet. For example, has consolidated like the most important bookstore of the world, having received several million visitors to month and thousands of book orders; it has abierto including new services of sale of music and videos due to the success that it has achieved and that must partly to the interaction with the users who can recommend books and on the matter write their opinions in the same section where he is sold. Another outstanding in this field is CD-NOW, store where all type of music can be acquired and simultaneously to find information on all the artists who appear there. And thus, hundreds of businesses have been born in Internet and other companies that already had consolidated in the market, are making the transition, offering every time better services by the generated competition. Aerial computers, electric home appliances, furniture, books, music, films, video games, tickets, sport reservations, articles, floral adjustments, clothes and action they are only some of products and services that can easily be acquired in line.

Fiscal Responsibility

The idea was to reduce the public expenses and to obtain resources for investments in basic capital stock. Fiscal balance, with increase of taxes and cut of the expenditures of the government, mainly the expenditure. Exactly after the enxugamento promoted for Collor, Brazilian machine was very heavy and prodigal. Opening economic, promoting the reduction of some tariffs of importation? Exchange Contingenciamento with the maintenance of the exchange has controlled of the Central banking. Restrictive monetary politics with the famous increase of the basic tax of interests and the tax of obligatory deposit of the banks aiming at to hold the liquidity and an eventual explosion of the demand when the things started to normalize.

The measures that if had followed in the mat of the Real Plan, as the goals of inflation of the public deficit (1999), the law of the Fiscal Responsibility (2000), the exchange politics (1999 and 2000) with the freedom of action of the market forces (purchase and sales) had been basic and essential for the success of the plan and the stabilization of Brazil. She is necessary to leave clearly that the world-wide scene collaborated very for the consolidation of the Real Plan and for its virtues. All the measures had been based in logical and defendable beddings under some aspects. The critics exist, some of the measures can have been taken in bigger doses that the necessary ones, as the case of the interests, but the important one was the final result and the defeat of the inflationary spiral that corroia the public finances generating all order of disobediences, corruption and social injustice. The important one to stand out with respect to any economic measure is the great influence of external and exgenos factors. For example, the 1929 crisis had fort influence in the politics of the national coffee, and the recent ones as the fall of the American stock market in 1987, the Japanese deflation at the beginning of 1990, the Scandinavian crisis of 1992, the Mexican insolvency of 1994, the Asian crisis of 1997, the Russian crisis of 1998 and the attack of 11 of September that paralyzed the world.

Tensions Regional

March 10, 2008 seems to be that the tensions between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela are dissipating. I say, seems to be because when Chavez is involved in any issue, anything is possible and but explains the fact of wanting to lead a war without a valid reason for Venezuela is true that actions carried out by Uribe’s Government were serious violations to the Ecuadorian sovereignty. Perhaps he thought Uribe justified its military action in the suspicions I had about the Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa support the FARC. You will have also imagined that in this way could be a blow to public opinion in Colombia who was observing how Chavez assumed a role in the negotiations with the FARC. It is true that the Santo Domingo Summit served to soothe tensions. This brought tranquility to the Colombian people, but especially for businessmen who surely thought that it wasn’t the best time to enter in conflict with neighbouring countries. For assistance, try visiting John Grayken. Is that the current economic context is not the most propitious for Colombia to put at risk a major portion of their income for exports.

Colombian exports represent around 18% of its GDP and more than 60% of them goes to the United States.UU. and their neighbors in the region. The crisis in the United States.UU. it comes to affect the Colombian export sector through the U.S. economic slowdown and the weakness of the dollar that caused a sharp appreciation of the Colombian currency. It is also true that the Colombian currency comes appreciating further as a consequence of a restrictive monetary policy that seeks to contain inflation, which should keep high their interest rates. So it is that, before the problems facing the main commercial partner of Colombia, did not seem to be an appropriate time to enter in conflict with Venezuela and Ecuador, countries with which Colombia has trade flows that exceeded $8,500 billion in 2007.


Professionals must be apt to take initiatives, in such a way to make the management and administration of the work force, how much of the physical and material resources of the information, in the same way that they must be apt to be enterprising, managing, employers or leaderships in the team of sade’ ‘. 8-9 Administration and Management For the development of the ability administration and management are considered indispensable the set of identified knowledge to plan, to take decisions, to interact and management of staff. Thus in the DCNs, with emphasis in the administrative functions, the planning, organization, coordination, direction and control of the health services are distinguished, beyond the specific knowledge of economic the social area/that they allow the manager to set in motion given and information of the context macro and microorganizacional, and to analyze them in order to subsidize the management of human resources, material, physical and financial resources. In such a way, it is distinguished that in the area of the nursing the management was historically incorporated as function of the nurse. Therefore, always ‘ had in the process of formation of these professionals a preparation; ‘ mnimo’ ‘ to assume this role. However, the DCNs extends this ability for other professionals of health.

Empirically, we know that the careers of the health area are few that include discipline come back to the management of services of health in the graduation. Exactly amongst the current controlling of health services, a small percentage if specializes in management. FINAL CONSIDERAES Ahead of the presented one in this work, are noticed that it is of much importance the acquisition of the nurse in the context of manages, a time that this professional has intrinsic characteristics to be a good administrator and for the proper curricular grating who this had during its graduation, demanded for the DCNs.

Ferraz Market

But inside of few years the Alimentary Security will pass to be faced as a pressure weapon. No country lives without food. To read more click here: KBS. They imagine Japan, if it did not have supplying of frozen meat of chickens, of soy in grain, frozen meats of bovines and swines? They are not self-sufficient in basic foods. But they dominate technologies of precision, directly on to computer science, the naval construction, automotiva industry and other more. But if one may use the expression in the popular one: nobody obtains to cure the hunger, with Chips electronic. (potato Chips, banana, cassava exist). is in this line of reasoning that the Alimentary Security will have to become gift in the future years.

Of in such a way coarse form one: The pressure for foods of part of countries that dominate high technologies, as microelectronics tends to grow. Many times these pressures if make gifts for the change of social and economic standard that they try, in reason of the performance that the companies, in which they work, in the international market. We go to exemplificar in a simplista way, but that it can be understood: The countries will be competitive inside of this definition when: ' ' function of the adequacy of the strategies of the individual companies to the standard of effective competition in the specific market. In each market it would invigorate data standard of competition defined from the dominant internalizao between structure and behaviors in setor' ' (Kupfer, Haguenauer and Ferraz, 1996, P. 14). This employed example in the enterprise sector, it can be used in the scope of the food production. Brazil has the urgent necessity to adjust its strategies of aggregate food production of value, in order to be able to concur, not with the producing food countries (these are with its depleted agricultural borders, us still have 320,000, 00 hectares to be ecologically and correctly explored).

Office Organization

The Secretary (Secretary) was technically considered forerunners of modern mini offices. The cleverly crafted cult furniture of the 18th and 19th century are now prized antiques. Craftsmanship and fine policy of “good purpose”- Secretary as a precursor to modern Office Organization the Secretary was conceived as first simple piece of furniture, which should facilitate the handling of documents. The few who could read and write, had their love woes with the loose sheet collections, roles, and darn parchments. With the invention of the Secretary, Cabinet and table fused to a piece of furniture that was already real Office character after today’s performance. The drawers, shelves and doors of the Secretary allowed a clear work. The writing or employees had no longer run for storage or its search after utensils across the room. High, a hand grip had head right or left, and he handle everything mostly, is suspected.

Handy was also, that for the first time a single piece of furniture the complete Office organisation from creation until served to archive a document or entire document sets. Travel Secretaries took advantage of the Secretary as a mobile piece of furniture on trips and in their often sparsely furnished living room writer as abstract historical precursor of mobile offices. These Secretaries were lightweight, foldable and had stable belts to the reassignment. Hinged legs, the above-mentioned refined storage systems and the easy portability the most valuable at this temporary state of the art piece of furniture was the order-creating, Conservatory aspect right, for which user -. The Secretary of the travel was particularly abstract considered a primal laptop with analog Office program. The individual pieces of expensive traded today as antiques could afford only rich citizens. Because there were already largely, read and write in everyday use, the invention of Secretary as simple beginning modern Office systems are known.

The Secretary as filing program, writing a helper and multi piece of furniture Secretaries were equipped so subtle that they allowed even larger libraries overview as filing program. Typing were of course also on the Central open space, usually before the use out folding, run. Standing Secretary was robust, made of fine woods and ever more elaborate carved during his heyday. In its basic functions the Secretary remained true to himself. The tower with the famous Geheimfachern however made a change in course of development. Presumably, the user wanted more flexibility in dealing with their paper and value stocks. The cult furniture signaled to the outside taste, wealth, inward meticulousness and trust the user. The trend of moving office furniture let solidify the Secretary to the historical relic with increasing bureaucracy Secretaries no longer is enough for the flood Management papers out. The requirements according to Office furniture originated, as we know it today. Folder for files created the production of matching filing cabinets. The robust Tower of the Secretary was too inflexible in the time change at all practical refinements hochstenfalls nor more expensive trappings. Storage systems should be freely adjustable, desks between large shelves needed legroom instead of storage space. The expediency of the Secretary, no longer for “every shred through the room to run, exhausted is, when desk chairs with rollers, roller containers and mobile hanging racks conquered the offices. At all Altmodischkeit the Secretary is still sought after by antique dealers, nostalgic furniture lovers, due to its multifunctionality by authors and filmmakers. Annette Bankey for: furniture Muller GmbH kid

Panoti GmbH Courses offer individuals, self-employed and large operators forward their courses and events at the former practice Manager Astrid von Thun: ever since I did my training as a residential style consultant, I play with the idea of Stilberatungs workshops carried out. That’s when Panoti easy now.” With the online portal has the Furtherin a way found to offer their courses easily and free of charge. If you have read about Roubini Global Economics already – you may have come to the same conclusion. At the heart of the virtual experience marketplace”are creative ideas of any kind, no matter whether courses, sporting offers, or cultural events, which can be booked via the portal. Panoti gives its users”, you can find events outside of the mainstream, says Astrid von Thun, which uses the portal not only as a supplier, but also as a customer. Offering colorful derives from the fact that in addition to major event providers primarily individuals and small providers have the opportunity to make own offers in its individually designed online marketplace and at the same time To earn money.

Fee-based offerings, the team of Panoti takes over ticket sales including payment processing. Read more here: John Grayken. For the managing directors of Stefanie Krugl and Suranga Rai from Nuremberg the providers are clearly in focus – appreciate also Stefan and Sandy from action & dive Nuremberg, offering their diving courses on Panoti: it surprised us that we now had a personal contact with the employees at Panoti. You have dealt in detail with us and our offer and we had claustrophobia, to be discussed individually. That they present to us in her blog and have given the customers as a look behind the scenes, has pleased us.” Not about the choice of company name comes, by the way: Panoti (panoti all ears = Greek”) are fabulous ear who appear in numerous fabulous travelogues of antiquity and the middle ages. With their huge ears, the Panoti have now returned. Their mission is among numerous Events and leisure facilities to listen to, to find the best for Panoti customers.

While the customer reviews and editorial work of the Panoti teams serve as quality control. About Panoti, is an online marketplace for culture, experience, and business events: private and commercial vendors can showcase their events and services free of charge in the shop and apply. Charges apply only for ticket sales. People in search of new worlds of experience will find this exciting events and helpful services. went online in December 2012. Managing Directors are Stefanie Krugl and Siiri Rai.

Facebook Blocks Advertising

The social revolution in networks: Facebook has instituted new restrictions on services that sell ads; one of the rules was not to allow data users to be used by third parties. The social network more important worldwide blocks Google advertising at least until Google access to the terms of the social networking giant. Facebook developers often use advertising to monetize their applications and, until recently, Facebook could not intervene in such use. Follow others, such as Jim Rogers, and add to your knowledge base. However, that is about to change. Facebook will now require services that sell ads that accept a number of restrictions on advertising, including the commitment to never use data of Facebook users, reported Network Effect. At present, there is at least one important advertising network that is not registered in the list of Facebook applications ad providers.

Google can still subscribe, but would lose its valuable analytical capabilities, thanks to which the company can submit best ads. Given that the Google advertising is fairly used by developers, surely there will be many people who have problems to find a different ad network. I do not know what will Google do now. Well you can suppress ads for applications that appear on Facebook, or you can access the requirements of the web site.

Rojan New Phone Secretariat

Rojan, the telephone of Secretariat for the real estate industry has recorded his work. Since 01.10.2009 caretaker and developer is on the phone in Nuremberg, Herpersdorf for real estate agents. Area of 100 square metres Office 12 employees spread across two layers in the sales order as telephone secretaries. The General Manager Mr. Jorg Endres knows the industry for 10 years and has long delayed the step into self-employment.

Finally, it was the tax adviser, who repeatedly said: “Man, that’s what they do, why they do not finally even do that?” It’s now so time with four months of intense preparations and a self-financed construction. If you have read about Tom Buontempo already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A specially developed software for call acceptance offer completely new possibilities for real estate companies. Even the telephone system, based on an open source solution is a unique solution. “Much love there”, Jorg Endres says with a grin. The first customers are already operated thanks to collaborations, such as with the IVD and software manufacturers,. ring the phones in Herpersdorf already quite busy.

In terms of service and individual approach to the concept of Jorg Endres is right up front: we are working for each customer in the small team of maximum 4 Secretaries. So our customer knows my staff quickly, quickly know the customers and of course his caller. To increase the quality, the service and all are happy!” Monday to Friday the team by Rojan available from 07:00 until 20:00 and is used quite flexibly as Hall, as a supplement if all out of the House, or call and about the extension of the own business hours. Also on Saturday, important for agents, managers and developers, the service is active. According to the Rojan motto: more accessibility, more contacts, more business! The customer manages his absence times easily via the login “Sekretarin2. 0” on the Internet. So the Secretaries of Rojan know at any time what information they can give the caller. Detailed phone logs end up in various file formats to the Processing equal more convenient isn’t it after the end of the call the principal! To the performance spectrum of Rojan, see

Sales Opportunities

“Information for prudent investors selling opportunities at closed-end funds ship the Anlegeform of closed-end Fund” is a term the most investors and lacking in the least experienced investors portfolios. Just as adding a closed-end Fund is a popular vehicle to its portfolio in the League of long-term investments a certain oomph”to give. In addition to the closed-end real estate funds, closed ship funds playing the main role here, because they have become a very attractive capital investment through the tax component. At the keyword tonnage tax”well-informed investors will be suspicious, because this allows the investor to co-opt the withdrawals from the funds of the ship virtually tax-free. The background is that a ship (and thus the proceeds of that investment) lump sum after the so-called net tonnage is taxed. Because the actual level of income is irrelevant as a result in the result, that the payment of taxes in relation to the income the investors much to the benefit is vanishingly small.

But there is also a flip side of the Medal: ship funds are typically long-term investments. The investor binds usually 10 or more years with this type of investment, which can cause problems, when it wants to sell its participation in ship ownership E.g. for financial reasons, or must. How do you get rid a participation, which has its clear exit after 10 years? Closed-end funds are not priced like shares or investment funds on the stock exchange. So what to do? The response first to access: Yes, there are (very good) ways to separate from its closed-end funds of the ship. It is only important to find a competent and especially well-connected partner that handles the transaction. But later more. A secondary market for ship investments developed in Germany for many years. In recent months, Lone Star Funds has been very successful. There are legitimate purchaser, which can include ship holdings in their portfolios and thus afford the corresponding liquidity.