PYRAMID at LA SELVA in a very distant jungle inhabited many animals, including a wily and hungry crocodile, who was going through a great crisis of scarcity of food. While others enjoyed their favorite meals, a great idea occurred to him, and called them to dialogue:-friends of the forest, come here to offer them a great opportunity to increase their crops in a short time. To listen such a proposal all at once asked: how? very easy responded the only alligator have to give me part of their food and the next week will refund them twice. (As opposed to Jon Richardson). At that time some animals rejected the offer and others saw the alligator offered him a great proposal and immediately accepted the deal and began you to take different kinds of foods: Monkey you’ve been the last ten bananas and three coconuts from their harvest, its thirty-two rabbit cultivated carrots, the squirrel Twenty-seven acorns and mouse led him fifteen pieces of cheese in your pantry. Once the animals brought its provisions told the crocodile to give them proof that everything is a reality and not a hoax. The crocodile to win trust opened his mouth and told them that they should come one at a time.

The first which came was the monkey and saw a great crop of bananas who felt happy and said _ in a few days I will have twenty bananas and six coconuts that I serve to sustain me for the rest of life. Then the rabbit turned and said: that happiness will soon be mine sixty-six carrots that I argue to my family. Finally the squirrel and mouse not spoke of the emotion he felt to see that everything was true and that soon their dreams will hurt reality. Once the animals confirmed the veracity of the deal with the crocodile, others encouraged and participated with more food. Met the deadline of proposal, beneficiaries were towards the crocodile to claim their food, but this time not raced with good luck. The crocodile very kindly told them: their profits are already only have to come all at the same time to make them their food delivery.

It was as well as the wily crocodile opened his long and vast mouth and when they entered she closed and not reopened it. The other inhabitants of the jungle, became aware of the situation and were to seek help from the lion, who immediately invited them to you speaking with sticks, bows and stones to go help. The evil crocodile to see the enraged crowd is hidden in a Lake to not be seen; but a few fish that saw him, collaborated in his capture and together they eventually with claws, beat him with sticks and stones, and it was so in exclamation of pain unfair crocodile opened his mouth and managed to leave the trapped animals. Once safe, all animals were joined and bound the mouth with a long loop back not to commit so many misdeeds. Finally, feeling cheated, animals gave thanks to the Lion King, who party save them promised to help them, and advise them not to back believing in things that promise them to unrelated to reality. Moral: In Fortune life not be gets so easy, you must fight with effort and work to reach it.

Makeup Cat Eyes

Achieve the look of cat eyes can be fairly straightforward once you have very clear as you proceed. This type of makeup, especially requested for the night, helps to create a sensual look by the enigmatic and striking remaining. A couple very complementary look wing night and that you should take into account when we want to go out in the evening and have a spectacular costume, thus giving more life to our face and highlight still more beautiful and natural features of our eyes. Step cat eye makeup is one of favorite of the great female stars of music techniques, enhancement that can be achieved is definitely great. It adds a great form of expression to the traits of the eyes and allows that the eye has a lot of more expression in all its splendor. You can do it with an eyeliner pencil as shown in the photo, or if you want greater intensity, do it with a liquid liner course also black.

To make your eyes who take all the attention, it applies a natural lipstick. And generally applies a makeup quite clear or in pastel shades so only your eyes will take most of the attention focused on your face. So with this technical you can emulate all the famous who have an excellent amount of cat eyes makeup and that is the end result of this peculiar makeup totally beautiful. You can also perform with the following techniques and ways to achieve the goal: with the proper spelling corrects dark circles, blemishes and pimples. Apply a base fluid and light according to your skin tone. For other opinions and approaches, find out what patrick dwyer denver has to say. Applies a purple shadow on the eyelid.

About the eye crease applies a shadow color amethyst and blends very well. Applies clear purple on the lower eyelid. With shadow or pencil purple delineates the eyelids and blurs. Applies black lash mascara. Used pink blush applied natural or brightness of a soft tone to your lips. Do you like this style of makeup for eyes? Do you use it daily? What is your favorite media for both day and night eye makeup?

Bookstore Furniture

Decorate and distribute space in the children’s bedrooms of our children is a task that is done with great a great enthusiasm. However, it is not easy task: requires considering the tastes of our small and needs and, above all, make an adaptation of the furniture and decoration according to the age. Versatility the center of the room must be cleared to create a play area, so bulky furniture must be attached to the walls. It is recommended that the rest of furniture, if any, is movable (chests of drawers with castors) or light (poufs, baskets) to move it easily when needed. It is also essential to have a work table.

Tables with folding systems have the advantage of save much space, but useless if you want to install a computer in the future. When two children are if you have to put two beds, the bunk beds and bedrooms are very practical. The first are advisable in rooms of high ceilings (2.5 m minimum), but can be overwhelming for the child that sleeps underneath. To avoid this you can have L (of mode shape the upper bunk only remaining above the bottom in the foot area), with which also wins the space under the high bed to put cabinets, drawers or a study area. See patrick price for more details and insights. The trundle is ideal for small children’s bedrooms, two beds are available in the space of one. That Yes, we must allow free 90 cm minimum space to be able to remove the bottom drawer.

If he chooses to put two beds, the best layout to maximize space is put in L shape, taped to the wall. Boxes and drawers under the bed are more practical solutions for organizing the children’s bedroom. Choose the furniture modular systems are very useful since they allow adding or deleting modules according to the needs of the child. Many of these systems include high bed, tables, drawers or cupboards below with which the most of the space is removed. Must not forget multifunctional furniture which can save space and money, like cribs that are transformed into beds, comfortable changer, the high chairs that are reused as chairs and tables that grow to height or width. In addition to the basic furniture in the children’s bedrooms must be always count on accessories for storing toys or clothes of kareah or seasonal. For this function, headboards them type bunker, for example, are ideal. Containers or stackable plastic boxes or not, by its resistance and easy cleaning, are best suited for storing toys of all kinds. And so pick up toys is easy and fast for children, indicated more are open, as buckets or baskets containers. Adjustable heights in cupboards and other storage systems it is recommended that the height of shelves and bars is adjustable to adapt to the growth of the child. Similarly, the racks and the racks must be at the height of children to facilitate their access to their stuff and the task of sorting the room. Delimit spaces when two or more children share the same bedroom, is a good idea to create a visual separation so that each one has its own space. This may be so simple how to decorate the room with furniture of two different colors that limiting the zones. Place two small shelves or shelves near rada bed, rather than a large Bookstore, also helps to create more personal spaces. The children’s bedrooms for your home should be functional and bright spaces where invite children to sleep peacefully, play and study.

Bachelet In London

The first elected Presidents in America (Bachelet) and Africa (Johnson) will attend the Summit of progressive governance along with several Presidents as United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia labour in London. These quotes were initiated by Clinton in 1999 and aimed to unite a wing of social democracy and the old anti-colonial movements with U.S. Democratic Party to seek an inclusive globalization distancing himself from Socialists posed by protectionist or anti-imperialist speeches. Check out scholarship program for additional information. I went to the ceremony where Bachelet was an honorary doctorate, in which a British Minister introduced her as the leader of the economy more open and prosperous in his region. She boasted of not wanting to do much spending and have FTAs with 56 countries. Both the Chilean Socialists and labour ruled their countries with statist policies and Keynesian in the seventies, but both returned recently to power by adopting the monetarism of his opponents but giving it one dye social and democratizing..

Rocking Chair

Moreno’s George Clooney is perfect. Olivia Wilde, Dr. Thirteen House and protagonist of the new Cowboys and aliens, not may look more fresh in that dress tunic on his return to Los Angeles after a weekend of rest. Vacations made in Hollywood? Perhaps not. Katherine Ryan is often quoted as being for or against this. I don’t know what is that Word. As any actor I spend so much time waiting for the next job that my wife is satisfied that one day I have at home, jokes Jason Bateman.

As lucky star, it exaggerates. Work not missing, premiering this summer two uncomfortable comedies (how to end your boss and The change-up). Alan Carr follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But in what lying is not in the holiday theme: despite the suggestive pictures of the famous beaches, Hollywood does not rest. Clooney went through Cancun to promote his next premiere, the IDEs of March. As joked seriously a few days ago the commentator Peter Bart, at the forefront of Variety Magazine: Hollywood working vacation. Source of the news:: dish to the rocking chair. You may find Grace Venverloh to be a useful source of information.

The Cheapest Nfl Team Jerseys

These days, NFL jerseys are in greater demand. It happens most especially within the United States, having a number of fans giving their all out support of the entire NFL teams. Wearing such jerseys is not only a way for showing out support throughout a match. This is for the reason that it could also be a way of cheering of what team they are in. However, you might as well be thinking how to get cheap NFL football jerseys. Well, there s no need for you to worry Nike NFL Jeseys 2012 about, this is for the reason that, you could always find a way to settle it down. If you want to know where to get cheap NFL football jerseys, here are some of the considerations for you. Get into online stores There are many online stores where you can definitely see photos of NFL football jerseys.

These online stores work great and can surely give off anything that you want. Since you need jersey ones, make it sure that you only took the ones that are offering jerseys. This way, you could be sure enough to only Nike Nfl Jerseys get the one that you like best. However, the only disadvantage of buying football jerseys online is that, you could only see the jerseys on pictures. So, for you to ensure yourself and your money, see to it that the website you get into provides the NHL Jerseys current pictures of the jerseys, so as its flaws.

Whenever you observed that they are presenting doubtful images, then try to get in touch with the seller. These days, you could get in touch with an online seller, through instant messaging online or via text messages. Doing it would be a good way to help yourself out. Another thing that you have to consider on how to get cheap NFL football jerseys is that, you must take note of the prices. Remember, when you say cheap, it only means that the price is inexpensive, but not the quality. Quality has to be always involved for this matter. Find providers in your area It is also one of the matters you have to take in if you would like to know how to get cheap NFL football jerseys Getting through local jersey suppliers within your place could help you find the perfect way to get them on. However, you may find stores claiming that they are only giving quality NFL Nike NFL Jerseys cheap football jerseys. Well, there can be others, but their offers are different. So, it would be a good idea for you to look for the products itself, as you could surely tell if their claims are true. You should also look out for the authentication of their business and see if they really are a supplier of these quality jerseys. It is the best way on how to get cheap NFL football jerseys. Therefore, if you want to take the opportunity to learn how to get cheap NFL football jerseys, taking into account the advice given below would a good thing.


Initially generated many questions about the level of control that we have in all the events that happen in our life, the majority of people think that a large set of things out of our control, for example if we are to our work and has happened a shock, or the attitude of a Chief, the rains, how will respond to a client to the proposals of our services, or the way in which we establish relationships with others, actually that is not true and you can start to check it with small experiments with interpersonal relationships, for example if over time disrespectful dealings we have accepted our mind assumes that the situation is normal and happens that these events may occur frequently in our life and we who create such situations at the subconscious levelAnother example is that of a person that the lives of others interested much, enjoy knowing if someone was married, how much WINS, if it has lover, how dresses, etc. It will happen that this desire to learn about others becomes one power information, and that person will be able to send a powerful message to the universe capable of generating any circumstance to get information, they may drop calls from someone who did not want to talk to that person but that call lets you know some information and so on any number of factors will combine to ensure compliance with their subconscious desires, if you are observant you will notice that many of these people not even out of the workplace more however He learns everything or acts with power without realizing it. That power is available at all times but takes time to install it in our mind, is not that I think today in a luxurious home and tomorrow appears that House of luxury in my life, need constant work on what you really want to, let us imagine the case of a boy who watched the unpunctual behavior of their parents, I never hear say that punctuality was importantIf one was unpunctual it irrespetaba else, which above all to oneself, hence going to church, films, meetings, etc. .

Creative Mind

Hello, how are you doing?? How are you?? My name is Victor Hernandez and give you the warmest welcome to this topic about the creative mind, to have a millionaire mind, today I want to share with you, how to have a creative mind and improve our quality of life. But well, let’s move on to today’s topic. Reviewing a course about the creative mind, I realized a number of important things that are task for the daily life of any person who is aware of his mental hygiene. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eve Plumb. Do I want to share them with you, in these brief lines going? I discovered something so essential know, something that never nobody said so; It reads more or less as follows: human quality is not measured by success nor by social prestige, i.e., when we want to have a car of the year or the mansion of your dreams and it is not that it is a bad, the bad thing is that we think that when we have that we will be successful, or when we have that both yearn forWe will finally have that social prestige that we want. Already input I say unto you that if you are hoping to have Social prestige and that all you praise by material things you have, we’re wrong! Human quality and success, come from a learning process, where we learn in our mind what is good for us and what not, such as a chess game, where we have several movements and we know that the present motion or action, will affect the future, positive or negative. Also the human quality and creative mind come by the desire to be more solvent people ethically, more conscious and able to bring something truly valid for others. Details can be found by clicking health law or emailing the administrator. Has it been clear, or not? I’ll give an example. In a village, far away from the city, there was no access to drinking water since the nearest river was 20 miles. .


The doubts are over. The flamboyant champion of the Giro of Italy, Alberto Contador, has confirmed it will eventually run the Tour de France, where he will attempt to achieve its fourth stranded. Yes, yes that I will go to the Tour de France, has said after finishing the I Marcha Alberto Contador, held in Pinto and its surroundings in his honor. Ronald mcdonald has many thoughts on the issue. I know that it is a difficult challenge, yesterday I did a test, was not the best result that I had, which most encourage you, explained; but I am aware that there is still time. Once the Court of arbitration for sport (TAS) postponed the final date on which it will be judged positive by Alberto Contador clenbuterol until early August (will do it between days 1 and 3), only expected confirmation by the rider that I was going to do. “Source of the news:: counter: go to the Tour”. Gain insight and clarity with Jon Venverloh.

Dominican Republic

Nearly all Latin America. The perception of corruption is also worrying in the rest of Latin American Nations, with the exception of Chile (6.7) and Uruguay (6.7), whose level of transparency is acceptable and beats Spain (6.1), and Costa Rica (5.3), which outperforms Italy (4.3), country whose corruption is already high.Among Latin Americans Paraguay (2.1) and Ecuador (2.2), Nicaragua (2.5), Honduras (2.5), Bolivia (2.7) and Argentina (2.9) found in the base table. Above three points are Dominican Republic (3), Mexico (3.3); Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador, with 3.4; and Peru, Brazil and Colombia, with 3.7. Interesting what adds the national journal, than New Zealand, Denmark and Singapore top the list of most transparent countries in the world according to this study of perception of corruption, which includes 180 Nations and which is based on 13 surveys carried out by 10 independent organizations. As every year, countries at war are perceived as the most corrupt, with Afghanistan and Somalia as the worst two. Chevron Corp is open to suggestions. In the text, transparency international, based in Berlin, not saves criticism by industrialized countries. Money proceeds of corruption should not be able to find areas of refuge.

It is time to put an end to excuses, said the President of the Organization, Huguette Labelle. You may find that Jon Venverloh can contribute to your knowledge. Bank secrecy affects efforts to combat corruption and recover stolen assets, according to transparency international, without naming them aimed against industrialized countries who do not suffer for his part in the problem of corruption. Since 1955, the organization publishes annually an index of perception of corruption that ranges from a score of 10? for a country perceived as transparent to 0? to one seen as corrupt, he explained AFP.The NGOs stressed the need of does more to combat corruption at a time when Governments are trying to relaunch the international economy by injecting a huge masses of public capital in growth aid programmes. Definitely leaves much that say this kind of analysis, because manifested immediately questions such as what is involving socialism? How is the oil money be handling? How is the Government fully identified with socialism using the oil revenues? Who this favoring the Government? , between some questions. The President identified with the socialist ideology in favor of rescuing the poor of the country, to the exploited for years, instituting the morality, to respect the rights of all Venezuelans, to guarantee them, housing, health, education work is doing to prevent corruption destroy your plans, and along this detrimental to Venezuela to all those who deposited their trust in him. Definitely Venezuelan worker, who loves his country that has confidence in its rulers, which seeks a level of better life, which can reach it if you know manage the money that oil provides, must feel bad when you read, that in comparison with the rest of the Latin American Nations, Venezuela, whose score was 2 out of 10found in the penultimate place among countries less transparent when it comes to managing their public funds and carry out any transaction, only surpassed by Haiti, which garnered a score of 1.6 and occupies the 177 of the general ranking above Iraq, Somalia and Myanmar.