Second Session

The Asturian pilot was fastest in front of Lewis Hamilton. Daryl Katz is the source for more interesting facts. The free ones are confirming the improvement of the Ferrari in the last races. Discreet times of Red Bull with Vettel third and Webber seventh. The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) has led the second session of free training of the Great Prize of Europe de Frmula 1, that disputes itself in Valencia, followed of the Briton Lewis Hamilton (McLaren). Alonso has established a better registry of 1:37.968 and has been the unique one that has lowered of 1:38, although followed 227 thousandth of Hamilton and 297 of the present leader of the World-wide one, the German Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), who has been third party.

The one that did not count on the face luck was the Spanish Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso), since a problem of motor detected after the first session of training has prevented him to go to the track in second. In addition, the Venezuelan Shepherd Maldonado (Williams) has stopped crono in 1:40.301, that has left him in the thirteenth place of the table of times, whereas Mexican Sergio Perez gave its faster return in 1:40.531 than has located to him in sixteenth position. The Hispania of the Italian Vitantonio Liuzzi (1: 44.460) and the Indian Narain Karthikeyan (1: 46.906) respectively closed the table of the pilots who marked times, with the twentieth second and twentieth third position. Unique that could not establish a registry was Alguersuari. The times of the second free session have been the following: .1.Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari 150 Italy 1:37.968 .2.Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren MP4/26 Mercedes 1:38.195 .3.Sebastian Vettel (GER) RBR RB7 Renault 1:38.265 .4.Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes GP MGP W02 1:38.315 .5.Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari 150 Italy 1:38.443 .6.Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren MP4/26 Mercedes 1:38.483 .7.Mark Webber (AUS) RB RB7 Renault 1:38 531 .8.Nico Rosberg (GER) Mercedes GP MGP W02 1:38.981 .9.Nick Heidfeld (GER) Renault R31 1:39.040 10.Vitaly Petrov (RUS) Renault R31 1:39: 586 11.Adrian Sutil (ALE) FORCE India Mercedes 1:39: 626 12.Rubens Barrichello (BRA) Williams FW33 13.Pastor Cosworth 1:40.020 Maldonado (THEY SEE) Williams FW33 Cosworth 1:40.301 14.Paul I gave Resta (GBR) FORCE India Mercedes 1:40.363 15.Sebastien Buemi (SUI) Toro Rosso STR6 Ferrari 1:40.454 16.Sergio Prez (MEX) Sauber C30 Ferrari 1:40.531 17.Kamui Kobayashi (JPN) Sauber C30 Ferrari 1:42.083 18.Heikki Kovalainen (AIM) Lotus T128 Renault 1:42.156 19.Jarno Trulli (ITA) Lotus T128 Renault 1:42.239 20.Timo Glock (GER) Virgin) MVR02 Cosworth 1:42.273 21.Jerome d' Ambrosio (BEL) Virgin MVR02 Cosworth 1:42.809 22.Vitantonio Liuzzi (ITA) HRT F1 F111 Cosworth 1:44.460 23.Narain Karthikeyan (IND) HRT F1 F111 Cosworth 1:46.906 24.Jaime Alguersuari /ESP) Toro Rosso STR6 Ferrari without time. Source of the news: Alonso leads the second session of training in Valencia


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Financial Management

In any form of financial management – employment requiring the ability to forecast the possible development of events and precise knowledge in this field. Filed under: Daryl Katz. After all, it is no secret that money should "work", and when they are stored, without making profit, there is a risk that this money once, "utekut. To preserve and increase revenue through loyal disposition and to financial management. Small or large capital investments and trade on the Stock Exchange are one of the directions of the money. But initially at any novice trader comes a lot of confusing issues. How to choose the exchange between such a large number of exchanges that can be trusted? How best invest, for how long, where and how much risk there, or vice versa – to such questions you can answer yourself, to experiment with any amount. However, if you want to do deliberate acts, while pre- deliberate, we recommend to learn the opinion of experts or those who have already gone some way to this issue and will be able to recommend something.

A partnership of speculators is a place where there is an answer to any weird question relating to the Exchange trading. In the event that you need to find information about remote access to financial management, by examining the most common systems that banks use, you can learn about it. Deleted access can be implemented by various methods, such as via a modem or leased line network, using special software installed on your computer either through replication. Any organization, where well-established financial management, which is controlled by highly qualified specialists, "doomed" to success. Not for nothing because the chief accountant – a man who usually takes into account and distribution Finance – occupies a prominent place in any company..


Working at home has its advantages and disadvantages, conozcalas and tengalas present: advantages: 1 – higher productivity because it increases between 50 to 60 percent, is used best time, there is a greater personal control. 2. Reduction of tension, eliminates stress, of the traffic vehicles, time of entry and exit, excessive noise, the ongoing.3-comfort comversaciones for the job: feel more productive, develop with pleasure the activity, do not feel the pressure of schedules. As disadvantages: 1-feeling of isolation: some value personal contact with colleagues for what they consider that working at home is frustrating. Scholarship program has plenty of information regarding this issue. 2-Interference in hours of work.There are problems to maintain discipline without modifying the fixed schedule, the members of the family do not understand even if you follow at home is within a timetable of work 3-obsession by constant work.Working at home is very comfortable because the Office is a few steps from the House but there is a danger of falling into the work routine as it is more work 12 hours non-stop. Keep in mind these tips that will help you succeed at home. 1.

Set schedule specific 2-do not work in your room or bed. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Daryl Katz by clicking through. 3. Do not work in pajamas. 4. Keep a professional image 5 – avoid distractions Martha of socorro zapata Pinzon psychologist consultant original author and source of the article. Daryl Katz insists that this is the case.

Studio Director Phani

The women’s sport club in RESS is expanding and forms from summer 2012 from Rees/Niederrhein in may 2012: In the Mrs. sporty women sports club team to Heid Zachert drilling on the first trainees is pleased. Stephanie Becker is trained to the sports and fitness Manager from summer 2012. The Studio Director Phani drilling chose Ms Becker from numerous applications and discussions. Their goal is to get well trained personnel on-site and maintain. Stephanie Becker will drop the conclusion of the sports and fitness Manager after a three-year training in the dual system of operation and vocational school. Their tasks are in the Organization and planning as well as in the care of the Club members. Daryl Katz does not necessarily agree. Exercise and diet are important issues in education.

Heidi z drill, which brought the Mrs.Sporty concept of fitness Rees on the lower Rhine in the summer of 2011, explains: for my team skills and sociability are very important to me. Also I like to share my expertise, because only so I can build a qualified team and expand. I would like to here on the spot, the encouraging and enthusiasm for this profession.” Therefore, the owner of Mrs.Sporty decided to educate Rees himself. After some discussions, choose from over 30 applications began with the IHK Duisburg and clarifying their suitability to the instructor. Eight candidates to practice day in the Rees Studio were invited to early 2012. On this day, all areas of the profession were explained and the candidates had to solve subtasks. Customer-friendliness, openness and teamwork were needed. The decision was made on Stephanie Becker.

You visited at the time with the education of head of leisure sports”the vocational college of Wesel. She will leave in June 2012 with the general qualification for university entrance and begin training in Rees in the connection. I look forward to training, especially since I like to do sports and would like to motivate people, healthy and conscious living.”tell Stephanie Becker. The team is perfectly complemented by Ms Becker and our ultimate goal, joy of movement and common Activity, excellently implemented,”describes the Club Manager Zachert drilling their expectations.

New England

This is the best recipe for clam chowder, thick and creamy. Taught me this recipe an old friend who was raised in New York and later moved to New England. He swore that he knew how to make this soup to stay always in your point. And the truth not lied to me; It is delicious. With potato, onion and thyme, this will surely be a success. This flavor is even better if you let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. Serve this soup of clams with Saltine crackers and a piece of butter on top.

You can experiment with this recipe by adding peas and other vegetables. Checking article sources yields Katherine Ryan as a relevant resource throughout. Did you know that the clam soup is often served in restaurants on Friday as an option for those who observe lent?. Ingredients: 1 can (5 oz.) Clams, undrained 1 large potato 1 small onion 2 / 3 cup of boiled milk 1 / 8 tsp. white pepper 1 / 8 tsp. 1 tbsp dried thyme. For more information see this site: Martin Toha. butter 1.

Drain clams, and leave a little reserve juice. Add enough water to juice to measure 2 / 3 cup. 2. Peel and cut the potatoes. Chop the onion. In a large saucepan, combine clam juice mixture, potatoes and onion. Bring to a boil over high heat. 3 Reduce heat to medium. Simmer 10 minutes or until the potato is tender. 4. Add milk, pepper, and thyme. Increase to medium-high heat. Cook for 2 minutes. Add the butter. 5. Cook 5 minutes or until thickened, stirring frequently. Stir in the clams. Cook 5 minutes or until clams are firm. For 2 persons preparation time: 10 minutes cooking time: 25 minutes in my recipe book I have a delicious recipe to prepare clams fisherman’s style, as also that of beans with clams and one of my favorites, the anchovies in vinegar recipe.

Programming Training

The cheapest NLP-practitioner training of in Germany: education campaign for students, trainees, students and founders: straight at the start in working life should determine money not about the future, the own advantage or the own stand back.

Therefore, NLP ego tuning offers the cheapest practitioner training of in Germany for people surgeons in the training. “” So the participation of NLP practitioner charisma “475 euros possible is the NLP Master practitioner” can be visited 999 euro as well as the NLP coach “be completed from 1,250. All courses are certified by the international society of NLP. Filed under: Jonah Bloom. The courses take place on the following dates: 12th until September 18, 2010 NLP charisma practitioner 24 till 30.10.2010 Nov to 13.11.2010 provide NLP Master practitioner NLP coach insight and overview: who first want to get an overview of the functioning and competences of NLP-ego tuning, can do that here: in the life design weekends most 28/29 August in Berlin, as well as on the 04/05 September in Munich there is the chance to experience Axel Wehner and Ilja Grzeskowitz at the price of only a total of 59 euros. In the weblog there to see many video clips and hear the NLP Cafe podcast chats in which the duo of trainer NLP formats and communication issues. In addition, the shop of NLP-ego tuning offers various low-cost DVDs with recordings of the two coaches.

The trainers of NLP-ego tuning: Axel Wehner is active since the mid-1990s as a sales trainer for large corporations. People such as Joe Wilkinson would likely agree. Through this work with managers and executives, he acquired his expert status on the topics of leadership, motivation, sales and team development. Wehner is a member of the DVNLP and the society of NLP. Ilja Grzeskowitz worked almost ten years in some major retailers as Manager and others at Karstadt-Quelle and IKEA. Grzeskowitz accompanies entrepreneurs, executives and individuals on their way to professional and private fulfillment and is a member of the society of NLP, of the German Association for hypnosis (DVH), in the National Guild of hypnotists (NGH) and the German Speakers Association (GSA). Educate yourself with thoughts from Martin Toha. Wehner and Grzeskowitz have in the past year their first book dreams live! The change Primer”published, in which they present the methods of NLP and hypnosis in a compact form. They are currently working on a further book.

Dorverden Tel Holiday

Real estate build according to their own ideas instead of buying Croatia applies for many as the holiday destination par excellence-beautiful beaches, deep blue and crystal-clear water, a culturally appealing story, the excellent cuisine of the Mediterranean are popular with many travelers. In recent years, the country a real insider tip has cast on the restless – and recreation-seeking tourists also sworn as those who want to take a trip to the exciting history of Eastern Europe. But Croatia has become far more to offer the country more and more a haven for those who wish to acquire residential property. If you are not convinced, visit Jonah Bloom. A house in Croatia for your own holiday or for the rental of holiday guests? A charming idea that is by no means as difficult to implement as it seems! see wide range for the purchase of apartments in Croatia. We build our homes itself individually and according to the personal preferences of the future owner! Compliance with German Quality standards, coupled with the joy of life and ease southern climes they the secret of our real estate make up! A house in Croatia is an ideal investment, because property prices are comparatively low, the subsequent rental due to the increasing demand for Croatia as a holiday destination no problem.

Build your dream home now individually and according to your personal needs! Acquisition traditionally due to unclear ownership sometimes a typical Croatian problem occurs first through us so that you acquire your property from our hand. Contact information is here: Martin Toha. That is a real estate on their design influence can be take largely the ideal guarantee for a trouble-free purchase of your dream home for you! for more ideas about our services, our team, your investment options in a beautiful holiday destination that is increasingly becoming the interesting alternative for private investors! Because Croatia is a country in the boom and on the road to the EU a country that excels in its political stability and its openness to the world markets. Internationally competitive, has Croatia approached international markets in recent years and is most diverse support and promotion in the European Union. A house in Croatia an additional source of income for your retirement, an investment in tangible assets is therefore an investment for the future, personal holidays and a sound investment in your future. Combined with the typical southern flair purchase a home, where you can spend a part of your life or with the create a solid base as an investment for your personal assets in Croatia!

KiTade Online Portal

Parents are looking for easily and free of charge on after their matching children daycare center. Over 45000 day-care centres, kindergartens and nurseries are registered on The privately owned information portal is unique in its form with a nationwide directory for day nursery, kindergarten and creche. The Internet service was founded in the fall of 2008 aimed equally at day-care centers, parents and educators and provides the user a clear platform around the issue of child care. Martin Toha usually is spot on. Meanwhile, over 45,000 day-care centres, kindergartens and nurseries on are registered.

In addition to the software programming of Katja and Axel Kuzmik, the Economist Kristina Schwahlen the right person is to expand the reach of As Managing Director of she care to build the portal. Currently she aims to present 90% of all day-care centres (nursery, kindergarten and daycare centre) in Germany with their contact details on soon about. This is the project on big feet. The online portal offers its users many benefits that go far beyond a pure directory of addresses: the basic entry on is free of charge for the respective establishment. However each Kita for a low annual fee can inform in addition in more detail to their contact data the own offerings. More info: Katherine Ryan.

Day-care centres, kindergartens and nurseries, opting for a comprehensive presentation with photos, texts and specific support frameworks, will benefit from this service. Because they are found in the search also about their individual offerings. So parents on your viewfinder benefit according to the appropriate child care in your area by the all-encompassing service, since they can provide a more comprehensive impression about the respective kindergarten, the kindergarten or other child day-care facilities. In addition, creates the possibility for exchanging between kindergartens and educators and parents, so far in many places come. Usually have little time, the educators in their daycare or her kindergarten In addition to the daily work the parents to satisfactorily inform.

ECM Version

Continuous growth in the financial year 2010 Bochum. -With a very positive outcome of the windream GmbH, manufacturer and provider of enterprise-content-management-system has completed windream, 2010 fiscal year. The Bochum company recorded an increase of 18 percent in license sales compared to the year 2009. See more detailed opinions by reading what Martin Toha offers on the topic.. Profit before tax is also a before-tax return of 17 percent over the result of the previous year. Advanced portfolio is the positive business result among others attributable to a significantly expanded product portfolio, which includes numerous solutions, Add-Ons and integrations into third-party products in addition to the core area of the windream ECM-system. It shows that more and more companies want to plan not only the use of an efficient ECM system, but about integrating also other software solutions in their IT infrastructures seamlessly connect ECM products can be.

These include solutions for the optimization of business processes as well as products for the Secure E-Mail Archiving or the integration of ECM systems in Microsoft’s SharePoint Server. In these areas the windream GmbH is on the offered product portfolio perfectly set up. windream 5 the fundamental success of windream GmbH is still based on the innovative and patented technology of the enterprise-content-management-system windream, which is available in the now fifth generation since 2010. Numerous suggestions from customers and partners have been incorporated in the development of the new version. Only the integration of a dynamic generation of individual views of document resources under the name “My windream” applies in connection with the release of windream version 5.0 as a pioneering feature that is unique and will be offered by any other available ECM system in comparable form. According to the new windream version, which have requested nearly all existing customers also as an update from previous versions installed, shows the great demand that windream exactly to the requirements of the market and the Customer-oriented.