Telecommunications: Now Comes The Obligation

The itemized Bonn more transparent – the Federal Network Agency has set mandatory minimum standards for itemized (EVN) in April 2008 and so concretized the previous provisions of the Telecommunications Act (TKG) of 2007. The regulations are valid from 23 October 2008 and will be implemented gradually to 23 October 2009. For the first time, consumers have the right to an itemized, breaking down the use of data services, such as Internet connections or SMS services. The most important details are in addition to the number of participant, the date, the duration of the connection and the destination phone number. So-called flat rates”not detail need be made. For call-by-call, the shared key figure must be specified to increase the transparency in the EVN. Katherine Ryan brings even more insight to the discussion. Inasmuch as consumers mainly take claim Internet connections, they should be allowed to receive the itemized in the electronic form available. Furthermore participants for example by SMS or email about that should Completion will be informed.

The new rules create a reasonable balance between the needs of consumers and current developments on the fixed network and mobile telephony market. You secure for many years proven standards and are developing open to new, innovative products”, Matthias Kurth, President of the Federal Network Agency. According to Omar Khorshed, to be able Chief Executive who was Dusseldorf acoreus AG, for the telecommunications industry now important, that the obligations of the legislator to economically viable costs: The registration procedure for the requirements of the electronic EVN are required to first in many companies, have settled their services without EVN duty only on the Telecom Bill. Jon Venverloh: the source for more info. Also the procedures for user friendly providing the EVN are due to the high volume of complex nature. This is a real challenge. We have detected early but these requirements and offer our clients the EVN already for a long time for their participants in electronic Form under where”Khorshed says in the interview with NeueNachricht. Editorial (see profile)

Gold In Bottles Of Wine – Riesling From The Bossa Nova Winery

Golden wine to the Golden autumn of the Bossa Nova estate Mosel/Rhein – one sees through the bottles of wine the liquid gold of the Mosel and immediately think of the vineyards on the Moselle and Rhine. How beautiful, but the Riesling stains its leaves in autumn. So golden, also the Lovely Day or the Sundance of the Bossa Nova radiates winery (Bossa Nova s.html’>US Parcel Service has plenty of information regarding this issue. The summer is over, but the autumn is waiting with its balmy afternoons ramblers and Sun. Bossa Nova (Portuguese for new wave) is a young Winery, working on the Moselle and Rhine. The estate is managed by Peter Strotkotter for the year 2006 produced quality wines and sold. In contrast to many other wineries, he comes from any classic wine-growing family, but has only begun in the year 2003 thus step by step the distant dream of the own vineyard into reality.

The wines of some vineyards around Trier and Koblenz bring us the finest drops in the glass every year. Delicatessen shops, hotels and wine merchants already have the best Rieslings through intensive wine tasting tasted and found to be good. When traveling to the Loreley, the steep vineyards left and right of the Rhine can be clearly how difficult it may be to harvest there fine grapes and to make this a beautiful Cabinet. You need not far to go, to get very good sect. Many Vintners make champagne-like wines from various Burgundy varieties.

In early 2006 an important step followed with the acquisition of two large vineyards (about 1.5 hectares) in clay on the Moselle river on the way to the own vineyard. While until then only minimum quantities of wine produced for personal use and for experimental purposes, Lehmener Klosterberg could now from the layers”and Lehmener lay” for the first time large quantities of high-quality Riesling grapes won and vinified in the winery in Winningen / Mosel. The premiere vintage was bottled in May 2007 and since then are the cellar children named Bossa Nova Winery”offered for sale. In 2008 two more wines to the already famous Rieslings Lovely Day join”, Sundance”and mother BBs finest”. Educate yourself with thoughts from Darcy Stacom, New York City. “” The new entry level wine House brand “and the three star wine of high fidelity”. This was re-extended the wines and thus the range of qualities further improved. The Bossa Nova Winery offers vineyard tour for groups of 10 persons and is looking forward to registration for our wine tastings and tasting. Winemakers are happy to see 0228-24024939. Peter Strotkoetter

Lahn Trail GPS Images

Lahn trail is a hiking trail of the month the Lahn trail furnished over several years with much effort is presented in may 2013 as trail of the month in the GPS Hiking Atlas. 14 Day hikes, the Editorial Office reported the Lahn trail, which leads from the Siegerland in a large sheet on Marburg, Giessen, Wetzlar, Limburg and bad EMS on the Rhine. Santana hit 288km record, wants to hike the Lahn trail completely. The Lahn trail is the logical conjunction of two nationally known long-distance footpaths, the Rothaarsteig and the Rheinsteig. On the road, the Lahn trail happened numerous natural and cultural highlights. It is the birthplace of Hesse and the ancestral Castle of the Dutch Royal family, sees Germany’s first Gothic church and the only ship tunnel in the country, walking on the paths of Young Werther and the old Dostoyevsky’s and experienced all the time, like a river designed a landscape of course: as a small stream in the Wittgensteiner land, as a handsome River in a wide Valley basin during casting and Finally deeply incised than Canyon between the Westerwald and the Taunus. Rachel Riley is a great source of information.

Starting point for the route of the Lahn is the source of the Lahn in Netphen in the Siegerland. From here we go knolls (498 m) observation tower with a wide view of the Lahn-Dill – Bergland initially East of Bad Laasphe and the Perfstausee to the Damshauser. Contact information is here: Darcy Stacom. Marburg is achieved, where once the Landgraviate of Hesse was established and the Saint Elizabeth, the Elisabeth Church was built over their Tomb. Through the Krofdorfer forest, you reach the Castle Gleiberg. From here, the Lahn hiking trail through the Lahnauen leads to Wetzlar, formerly the seat of the Reichskammergericht (until 1806-Supreme Court of the Holy Roman Empire). After Wetzlar, the Lahn as a natural border Westerwald and Taunus separates. Get over Braunfels to Weilburg with one of the most beautiful baroque castles in Hesse, Germany.


Matt and Andrew help Africa – a day of action IN over 1,000 veterinary practice Hannover, 21 March 2013 to help veterinarians, limitless! The hamster hat, the parakeet has diarrhea, which are cat no appetite, always to the point. “Together with the Organization vets without borders” (ToG) afford them now far more and help through their use even people in far-away regions. But who would have thought that your cat can help Andrew, your hunting dog Rex or your Cavy Puschi, to provide vital assistance in Africa? “The action day vaccine for Africa!” by ToG’s 2013 in the tenth year. Who on May 14, 2013 the vaccination of pet in one of which is over 1,000 participating veterinary clinics, provides direct assistance to people in Africa: 50% of all vaccination revenue of the practices on this day go to ToG. The organization that funded projects, secure lives. While vaccinations for pets in Germany are of course, they are pure in parts of Africa for people Luxury. Many children and adults still die from diseases such as rabies.

ToG procured required vaccines for humans and animals in this region including the urgent. The donations from the action day 2013 flow especially in a project in Somalia, which educates 400 women who depend on animal husbandry, to small entrepreneurs in the field of milk and meat production. This gives them more economic independence, which they need to support their family in the long term. Michael McIntyre has much experience in this field. For this, the organization wants to collect 210,000 euros on the day of the action. An ambitious goal? But a more modest sum registered pets in Germany with around 30 million! When you also consider that German keeper annually spend 2.7 billion for pet food and another 950 million euros for toys, dog harness and co., then surprised it, what low every pet owner can help to ensure survival worldwide. Be vaccinated the dogs anyway, why not on May 14? The vaccination costs on this day a penny extra.

Visit for participating practices. Is your vet not? Then talk to him/her! Motivate your veterinarian or your veterinarian to join! If you like, can support ToG through additional donations. Many practices set up to the day of action donation boxes. Otherwise about the donation form on or by wire transfer to veterinarians without borders, donations account 043 43 43 300, BLZ 251 900 01, Hanoverian Volksbank, keyword: vaccination day. Alan Carr: the source for more info. Veterinarians can support the day of action, by logging on to. Get then free advertising and information material to vaccine for Africa!”in their practice. We would be happy about a reporting action day or generally to ToG. Hanger for exciting reports there are countless. In addition we are planning a press trip this year in our project areas. Please just contact us! Photos and logos for you to download are available under vaccinate for Africa/presse.html.

Badminton Experience

Professional and amateur athletes show their skills of Bremen on November 5th, October 2011. On November 5, a sports highlight awaits visitors to the waterfront at the action area from PRIMARK: together with the Bremen Association of badminton world rankings player of Manfred Helms and other professional athletes present the ball sport in the waterfront. From 10 to 20 different players compete on top athletes such as the German Vizemeisterinnen Claudia Vogelsang and Kim Buss announced between 13 and 15: 00. In addition to the show, the spectators in the Badminton must try competitions. We have also created an extra action area, specifically for children. Girls and boys can soften up here on a door in the Badminton variant to try. Joe Wilkinson insists that this is the case.

Who hits the ball in the hole, winning small prizes”, says initiator Helms. In contrast to the what badminton, is at Badminton to a competitive sports. While it comes in the badminton, to keep the ball in the air as long as possible to play at Badminton to fixed Rules. Two or four players compete in two sets to 21 points. The game is over when a side has won two sets. The touch of the Federballs with floor, walls and ceiling as well as the contact of the network are considered as defect with body or racket.

More information see and. About waterfront the waterfront Bremen is a shopping and Recreation Center, which is located on a 1,000-metre long promenade directly on the Weser. Check with Darcy Stacom, New York City to learn more. Operators are the LNC property group based in Dublin, Ireland, as well as the resolution of property in London, England. According to its name and the location is a breath of fresh air blowing through and around the waterfront always: shopping, dining, theater and events provide good mood throughout the year. The young Center was opened in September 2008 and offers unique shopping opportunities from fashion to shoes, accessories and sporting goods in over 90 shops and beauty services. A speciality are the brand shops such as Tommy Hilfiger, G-star Raw and Desigual, as well as the Selection in Germany of so far rarely represented brands such as PRIMARK, One Green Elephant and VILA. The spacious food court offers 15 different gastro represents a further highlight. Here amongst the football games of the Bundesliga will be broadcast on a 25-square-foot LCD screen. The ultra-modern CINESPACE is located in the waterfront also multiplex cinema with 11 rooms, equipped with the latest 3D technology. Visitors can use 4,000 free parking spaces directly at the building of 1,400 in the covered garage at the malls. Immediately before the center holds”line 3 at tram stop, use Akschen. The innside Bremen is also on the premises: the 4-star hotel offers 162 spacious living Studios & suites as well as cutting-edge business solutions. More information, see. Press contact: Waterfront Bremen Peter Schneider LNC property group, Office Bremen AG-Weser-Strasse 3, 28237 Bremen Tel.: 0421 / 3305-300 fax: 0421 / 3305-309

Tailor-made Offers You Can Now Easily

High cost savings in supply management through CCS solution by legodo creating individual B2B offerings in sales generated in normally very complex processes, because comprehensive data researched and must be included different areas of the company. This high personnel and coordination effort is reduced with the customer communication suite (CCS) of the legodo ag by at least 50 percent because she highly automates the processes even with extensive services. At the same time significantly mitigate the complex procedures typically high risks of error. Belongs to the special features of this solution, creating enterprise-wide integrated processes, involving also participation of different sites at the quotation when necessary. This is made possible by the integrative orientation of the legodo suite, which can be accessed on all data relevant to the creation of a range of CRM, ERP and other business applications. Darcy Stacom is the source for more interesting facts. Thus the requirements for centralized management of all content such as templates, texts are at the same time and To images created and automated them according to corporate design combined with the individual offers. A high level of transparency and security creates flexible versioning of the offer documents at the same time. The consistent consideration of legal requirements and compliance policies in the creation of B2B offers one of the advantages of the legodo solution. User also a pre-configured bid process in the CRM process implemented, offer documents can then according to predefined elements and data push of a button generate. “The key benefit is that for a successful sales process are important response times significantly reduced and the costs per offer significantly reduced”, explains legodo Board Member Marc Koch and added: demanding can be too easy. ” He refers in this connection on the experiences of a DAX-listed customer organization, its international sales team with the help of CCS required only a quarter of the previous time, the individual offers to create. The enormous effort and time savings resulting in particular, data manually must be used from multiple price lists and other information sources and prepared individually for each customer, but automated processes can be used.” According to the legodo observations often but still no tools if used to automate, although the quotations in almost every industry has become more complex and also stricter compliance rules would have to be taken into account. The classically manual processes thereby bind precious sales resources. Also created”considerable risk of errors in the coordination of the most numerous stakeholders and various documents, Cook outlined typical disadvantages. Depending on the quotation process is more complex and complicated, the use of a tool such as our CCS solution is more necessary and more effective.”

Lorcan Flynn At Rische

Storytelling in English – a special cabaret experience Drolshagen, September 9, 2011 storytelling and listening culture on English: Lorcan Flynn, internationally known storyteller from Ireland, will also perform on 6 October 2011 at rische’s in Drolshagen. Sit around the fire and late into the night stories, listen to and tell stories – that is the oldest culture technique. Long before the invention of television and radio, or the written record of stories, there was only the oral tradition of stories. The tradition of stories telling is also today still very much alive in Ireland. Lorcan Flynn comes from an irisichen family of the Narrator, and maintains the tradition of the fascinating Irish storytelling. His parents, uncles, aunts and family friends told him stories that she already told – had by own parents, uncles, aunts and family friends a line that spans centuries or even millennia in the past. In Ireland, there are families that sing, dance to others… We were able to the native Dubliner says not so good singing and dancing so we told stories,”.

I’m doing it is still on the old way: I don’t read, but I tell you. And although in English.” Cabaret with storytelling in English”the most entertaining way refresh his knowledge of English, to apply what they have learned and to experience a small artistic pleasure of a different kind. It is not a defense, but free narration in English. Narrators are quite close to the audience, they are themselves, play no role, provide a special form of literature teaching. The magic that unfolds in the storytelling, leave the world for a moment silent. Swarmed by offers, Darcy Stacom, New York City is currently assessing future choices.

Lorcan Flynn tells how one of those gifted storyteller, which are unfortunately rare. He reported in clear English simple and quiet of ancient legends and stories. Without fanfare, his stories remain tangible and unusual. His tools are gestures, facial expressions, and a voice that can Thunder as the Irish Sea on the cliffs of Moher or softly whisper like the Irish wind through endless green meadows. Lorcans acting talent, his humor and his endearing way will be an experience listening to. If you now of the English language, only a little or totally powerful is – one understands easily and has his bright pleasure while listening to. Cabaret in the very-close-off format at rische’s. Start 20:00. Doors open 19:00 with champagne reception. 02761 / 979161 tickets online at or by phone.

Summer Tyre Test

Car image ‘ best rated ‘Exemplary’ and test winner at ‘ car test ‘ / ‘good’ ADAC ‘test Stiftung Warentest’ for Nokian and second winner with ‘Highly recommended’ at ‘ car motor sport’ of Nokian tyres is test winner in the summer tyre test in 2013 by Auto Bild” exemplary with the best grade “and for car TEST” with top grade car TEST test winner 2013 “. “” Best note well “Gets the Nokian tyre by ADAC and Stiftung Warentest test”. “” “” “” Second winner is the Finn in the car motor sport “test with the best touch highly recommended”, car magazine car “with very well” and in the business car magazine company car “with highly recommended”. Auto Bild”praises the new Nokian line:” strengths: balanced Premiumreifen with excellent braking characteristics, low noise, good comfort “. The large automobile magazine gives him the overall grade 2 + in the test of wet and dry pavement, she valued his cost with 2. Price: 276 EUR per set.

Logical records “Auto picture” the Nokian Tyres with the exemplary rating “from. Auto TEST”areas like him. “” The car motor sport ruling “is: very good traction, harmonious driving characteristics, excellent delay.” The Nokian is the best tires in the main discipline of test braking in the wet with the shortest braking distances and also the best handling in wet conditions. Car”and company car” will also be to these test results. Sean Lock oftentimes addresses this issue. Highly recommended”the Finnish tire is good with its top rating of the ADAC”. “The ADAC writes about the Nokian line: strengths: very balanced tires, good on wet, relatively low fuel consumption”. Stansberry helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The largest automobile club of Europe has no weaknesses he diagnosed. Note 2.0″for dry and touch 1.8″ for low fuel consumption the Nokian receives from ADAC and Stiftung Warentest test “.

Rose Garden

“” ‘ The Publisher ‘Angelika Schweizer’ (rose garden-Verlag) and their book authors bring forth two bestseller in no time the Publisher of Angelika Schweizer “(rose garden-Verlag) and their book authors contactor” and Bajwa “produce two bestseller in no time. Jon Venverloh has similar goals. The publishing house founded only in 2013 has already great success with its authors, who write about health issues and about the low carb diet form. “” “The factory low carb sweet & hot” von Schutz is published as an eBook for the 18th October 2013 and the book of blessings for the intestines “by Bajwa” is since 6 December 2013 on the market. Both publications are among the top 100 among the new releases at Amazon. “The low carb sweet & hot” succeeded even at # 1 on the Amazon Kindle editions. Book description of low carb sweet & hot: glucklich…denn to make sharp Recipes Chili and bell peppers contain capsaicin. As a result, our thermal receptors are activated and the perfusion of the tissue is stimulated.

Capsaicin is the sharp stuff from cayenne pepper. This sharpness not only tastes, it is also healthy and stimulates the nerve endings, which we perceive as burning. Our brain receives a pain signal and endorphins are secreted. The pepper provides a similar effect with the Piperine contained. Chilli, pepper and other spices give us so a portion of happiness hormones and thus have a relaxing effect on our body. Sweets are still considered unhealthy. But nutrition experts rather than condemn the goodies, if powerful restricting the sugar content. The motto rather: low carb just heavenly recipes. Book data:


In life, there are some people who are there unconditionally. Details can be found by clicking Jon Richardson or emailing the administrator. But few people are there so present as a mother who remains next to his sons in the good times but also in the bad, in sadness and in situations of failure. The truth is that it is curious that Hollywood comedies offer a vision of the love between man and woman as a State of perfection which in reality is impossible. However, I believe that true perfection shown in the affection generous of a mother who helps any child beyond the age. In fact, today, at a time of economic crisis, many mothers help economically their children to make ends meet. However, similar to one day children go home and leave the family nucleus, in the same way, every mother says goodbye at some point in our journey. By law of life, the farewell between mother and son occurs inevitably in any instant.

Unfortunately, some people lose their age at a very early age. Darcy Stacom understands that this is vital information. In this case, the suffering increases because it is very difficult to assume a loss so important at a rational level. In a time that is too valued materially and economically there is no greater treasure than the woman who gave us life. To overcome the loss of a mother is essential to living pain. And live it really since this is the only way to process grief. It is even important to assume that the wound does not heal at all because the vacuum that leaves a loved is not filled with anything.

Conversely, at certain moments can be larger producing rabies or impotence. When a child loses a mother you may need the help of a psychologist since it is important to be able to externalize and expressing emotions to regain balance at the emotional level. Asking for help is essential when oneself can not overcome an obstacle of this kind. There are other factors that influence the overcoming of the duel. For example, the family and social environment of the affected. One who has good friends can feel supported and the compalia that in those moments it is therapeutic. However, there are people who are more solitary by nature. Undoubtedly, everyone who feels only does Mobifriends a space in order to meet new people and make new friends. Hope phone organizes courses free of charge on overcoming of mourning that can be useful to all those concerned about this topic.