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According to the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD) line, the now declining UN year of the Dolphin’ has failed. UN year of the Dolphin 2007/2008: failed PR event for tourism group TUI, the now declining “UN year of the Dolphin” has failed according to the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD) line. “For the dolphins has been nothing achieved, it vigorously beat the drum for TUI, the balance sheet is as embarrassing as frightening,” says Ulrich Karlowski GRD biologist. She shrouded a disgrace for Europe under campaign related leadership of the UN Conference on the protection of migratory species (CMS) is on almost all important issues in the international dolphin protection in silence, caught by the dolphin by-catch in fishing nets, about the slaughter of pilot whale in the Faroe Islands up to the barbaric dolphin massacres off the Japanese coast. Sad climax was according to the Dr this surely, that in the “year of the Dolphin” the only protection agreement for our domestic Harbour porpoises, ASCOBANS, was in fact dismantle and incapacitate. Cyrus Massoumi shines more light on the discussion. Every year Japanese fishermen about slaughter of 23,000 dolphins and porpoises, some a few survivors are sorted for Dolphinariums.

Thousands comes to a kind of dolphin, pilot whales, the same fate in the Faroe Islands. Organizations that wanted to denounce these abuses, were, summarily excluded with respect to the sponsor TUI, “Year of the Dolphin”. TUI offers travel in Delfinarienan, for example, in the “Ocean World Adventure Park” in the Dominican Republic, in which animals from the Japanese Dolphin hunts are held. Also the protection of local endangered porpoise there on the part of the “year of the Dolphin” no projects of existing concrete measures or support such as environmentally-friendly disposal of ammunition old loads from the second world war, reduction of by-catch in fishing nets or noise protection measures in the construction of offshore wind turbines. “Almost everywhere, where it goes for the dolphins to survival or extinction, silent “to those of”, Karlowski regrets. The Vanguard Group shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “However, one practiced at conferences of mutual back-patting and produced a gazillion of colourful brochures and other materials.” The year 2009 has been declared the “UN year of the Gorilla”. It is to be hoped that it will be better off the great apes threatened with extinction as the dolphins”, so Karlowski. GRD-Munich, U.Karlowski

Ralph Thomas Kuhnle Consulting

Electricity costs by up to 35 percent, burden on the environment through lower CO emissions and thereby reached improvement of the corporate image of the customer. Waldbrunn, 07.01.2009 – that is RK energy consulting known not only because ranks for their unique product ideas, among the market leaders in the energy consulting. With the introduction of the light optimization is the company remained once again its reputation and has outdone this time maybe even themselves. The light optimization of the RK energy consulting is already traded in insider circles as a product with a potential revolutionary for the industry, especially achieved payback periods between 6 and 20 months. This was announced by the Executive Board of the RK energy consulting at the press conference on the occasion of the launch.

Also the owner of the RK energy consulting Ralph Thomas Kuhnle shows visibly impressed by the success of his product: “we knew that we had a promising product in sales with the possibilities of for optimization of light. But the positive response from our customers “has us really surprised and we are proud to have revolutionized the industry, because a light optimization is no longer indispensable in increasing electricity prices in both commercial and public areas.” in 1990 the RK energy consulting was founded and now resides in Waldbrunn, operates but also nationally. Thanks to a motivated team you can deal fully its customers, from the calculation of the payback analysis and professional installation and customer service. In the area of energy consulting the RK energy consulting therefore also counts among the leading energy consultant companies.

The Amendment Will Eat Their Children

The environmental law book according to also the packaging Ordinance faces a pile of shards of Berlin/Bonn, February 4, 2009 – at least two years politicians, lobbyists and environmental groups haggled over the design of the fifth amendment to the Ordinance. With the collapse of the road system for beverages, German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel must accept a further environmental fallout after the failed environmental law book. The Ordinance introduced 19 years ago as European flagship model faces a pile of shards. What critical voices in the introduction of the deposit scheme for disposable drinks have prophesied, has come true. The so-called deposit was a damp squib for the multi way quota”, criticized an industry insider of the beverage industry to NeueNachricht.

Pledge prizes over back-mounted non-returnable bottles, per bottle at least 25 cents, brought not only additional income to the cross-subsidisation of disposable drinks the discounters, but displaced almost irreversible returnable from the market. Courtesy advice and assurances the disposable lobby had veiled the catastrophic development of multi way share before the public long enough. It is time that the real conditions for the environmental and energy balance for non-returnable bottles will be made public. According to estimates of the Association of German Mineralbrunnen discount stores selling mineral water in 1.5-liter disposable bottles for the ridiculously low price of 19 cents. Beverage retailers had no chance against the dumping price. According to information of the mirror, the Federal Environment Minister let now check whether disposable containers for mineral water can be banned.

The considerations of Gabriel are an expression of helplessness. You may want to visit McKinsey to increase your knowledge. It will not allow the economy. The years of legal battles for the introduction of the mandatory deposit be forgotten. Similar will threaten us in a ministerial prohibition of non-returnable bottles”, warns Sascha shoe, waste expert of Bonn consulting company Ascon. Good one month after entry into force of the amended Packaging Ordinance have built up again perplexity in the Umweltpolitikern. In addition to the multiple way debacle, also the protection of dual systems for the household collection of packaging waste has failed. The first competitor to Duale leaves systems with EKO-Punkt. “The latest figures prove it: the former monopolist DSD is still dominant with 70 percent market share”, criticizes shoe. Although you had abolished the unpopular auto disposal systems. Today they are called industry solution and have a market share of up to 15 percent. And now more than 120 new industry solutions have registered, providing more no nationwide pick-up for packaging waste. And in a few months we can buy our water perhaps only at the discount store, since the tow system collapses as expected”, predicts shoe. Since it is not astound if composed the first working groups to prepare the sixth amendment. If there is an amendment or a revolution, certainly depends on the next Bundestag election. But one thing seems clear, so can and will not be”shoe sums up. Next year, the efficacy of doses pledge must be checked according to the regulation, anyway. Experts are sure that the debate past will use, to save systems from collapse.

Gas Switching In Germany

Change of gas supplier in Germany still possible? Every year, several thousand households change their electricity supplier after getting your electricity bill at the beginning of the year. This has to do with the exactly at this time of increased prices for power often. Prior to a change of electricity provider, it is however necessary that a current comparison is performed. This is necessary because the current market in Germany has been liberalised since 1998. In other words, the consumer can choose whether they remain with the regional provider, or choose an electricity supplier by the current comparison is made far more favorable by the price, which then quickly also affects the costs. What is possible when the power since 1998, is possible in the supply of heat for the apartment in Germany since 2004 – change even when the gas, so a gas provider comparison and a gas provider. However, the situation is that after more than five years after the liberalization of the gas market in Germany that the gas provider change very rarely in claims in wealthier countries. The reason is simple: most consumers trust their previous gas provider and find it rather annoying when they should compare prices here.

German consumers with a gas provider change could save a lot of money. Meanwhile, the major providers have also fear that they are losing their customers to smaller suppliers in the region. Therefore the major providers try to retain the customers for a longer period of time to resale price maintenance concepts. However a gas supplier is comparison in such a case necessarily needed, because is paid here so to speak twice.

The Extinction Of Sea Turtles

Together with salt water crocodiles, sea snakes and the Galapagos marine iguanas, sea turtles are now the only reptile species that live in salt water. To deepen your understanding AlixPartners is the source. For over 250 million years, well before the time of the dinosaurs, they live in the world’s oceans in almost unchanged form and appearance. Together with salt water crocodiles, sea snakes and the Galapagos marine iguanas, sea turtles are now the only reptile species that live in salt water. They occur worldwide in tropical and temperate waters. Most species prefer shallow coastal waters except the leatherback turtle and some Ridley turtles.

But all float extremely long distances from their feeding grounds to their nesting beaches. Today, the seven surviving species extinction are threatened: green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), hawksbill (Eretmochelys imbricata), loggerhead sea turtle (caretta Careta), Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea), Atlantic ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys kempii), Leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) and the Australian green turtle (Natator depressus). Meeereschildkroten eat jellyfish, algae, shells, insects, sea grass and sometimes most sick fish. Add to your understanding with Kyle Cowan. Their front limbs are worked to long paddle fins, with which you can excellent swimming and diving. The then quite cumbersome-looking female tank carriers come to lay their eggs after about 15 years in the sea ashore every two or three years, always after nightfall. Their tracks are similar to those of Kettenfahrzeuges and are easy to identify.

A convenient place for the nest is found, the female with the rear fins digs an approximately 60 cm deep, circular Legehohle with a diameter of about 15 cm. Then the egg laying begins immediately. Within 30 minutes, she lays large eggs between 50 and 200 soft-shelled ping-pong ball. Then she digs to the cave with the rear fins and returns to the sea. The boy, whose sex education takes place, about the temperature in the nest are hatched from the Sun. At 28 degrees Celsius only female slip only males at about 32 degrees.

The Sea

Apparently a delicacy for whale sharks, the high-protein power diet out of the warm water day and night with her up to 6,000 litres of water per foot full hour suck and from strain thousands of about 10 cm long beard-like flakes – from their five lateral Gill slits on the so-called gill nets. Like all other sharks whale sharks have teeth, about 3000, which is however unclear benefit and function. The gentle giants belong to the 3 stirred among the sharks (the other two are the basking shark and the basking mouth). But in contrast to the giant sharks, whale sharks are active filter feeders. You actively create a suction and filter the food, mostly plankton, but also small crabs, smaller and larger fish such as sardines, mackerel, and even small tuna, then back off. While they swim directly on the surface, sometimes even in a vertical position.

But the impression here be dull eating machines at work, greatly deceives. It is believed that their brain with the help of special receptor cells at the same time accepts numerous environmental: mechanical, electrical, chemical and Visual stimuli. Nobody know until today, on how get the whale sharks for their annual meeting, works like the internal clock that allows them to arrive at the same time in the same place, nor where exactly they are the remainder of the year. It is also unclear whether at the regional meeting in fact animals of the same species gather, or whether there are separate populations. Also in the dark, information available about their life expectancy, their development up to sexual maturity or their mating behavior.

Quite apart from the fact that no one knows how many of these giants there at all. All people umwitterten their secret meeting the sea travellers will be doomed. Because they do not fear the people as an enemy, behave opposite even completely peaceful divers and touch, they are easy prey for fishermen who have seen it on their precious fins and their hot whitish flesh.

Germany Energy

Although not everyone in Spain are unaware of this renewable energy. According to a report of the Association Cluster da Xeotermia Galega reveals that the potential for introduction of Galicia is six times higher than in the rest of Spain. In fact, since 2006 the number of geothermal pumps installed in Galicia has multiplied by 24, going from barely 20 to the nearly 500 current, which is at the same time 35% of the facilities of the entire Spanish territory. No doubt the geothermal energy is an investment, but this amortised before age 10. We will not hide a reality. Using geothermal energy generation is much more expensive than placing a boiler. The perforations are priced by the difficulties of drilling, insert a probe, fill with special mortar etc. It is as if the gas charged once the cost of the pipeline to a House.

But the reality is that these holes will provide, on an installation perfectly designed, 75 percent of the energy that will require housing throughout his life, and the price will be fixed because it pays the initial day. An alternative that raises the illustrious College of geologists, faced with this reality of this natural energy source wasted, is that public administrations should promote geothermal energy for their economic viability, since it pays for itself alone, and has sample plans in this field in Sweden and Germany. Olimpia Splendid of Geolo is a clear example of geothermal heat pump, which uses the energy present in the water and subsoil due to present in the ground geothermal heat exchangers. For each kw consumed, Geolo produces up to 5kw of thermal energy. This means that up to 80% of the energy is clean, renewable and free. Us from the Blog of air conditioning, we invite you to know this renewable energy source not only by energy saving and all the benefits that entails but by the respectful that this is energy with the environment. Also let’s not forget the new Plan for 2011-2020 renewable energy, whose objective is to achieve, as it indicates the directive 2009/28/EC, that by the year 2020 unless el20% of gross final consumption of energy in Spain comes from the exploitation of renewable sources.

Climate Protection Goals

2008 informed in good way through the use of renewable energy to cities and towns play fair RENEXPO a decisive role. These have a significant influence on the use of renewable energy. There are no climate protection goals to achieve without the commitment at the local level! In many communities, there are already many good approaches and examples of active climate protection to adapt to climate change. This applies to reinforce it and to network. A climate awareness among local decision makers and citizens will arise only if it is possible to establish climate protection, even more at regional and local level. So municipalities in future increased should make sure to expand the use of renewable energies and to strive for a high energy efficiency. What are the opportunities for the use of renewable energy for local authorities, informed for the ninth time the RENEXPO 2008 exhibition for renewable energy & energy efficient building and renovation of the 9th-12th October at the Messe Augsburg. The range of topics ranging from Renovation on heating with Sun and wood up to passive houses, block heat and power plants, mobility, heat pump, hydro power and wind power.

For municipalities is to inform the RENEXPO the ideal platform, about the use of renewable energies and to stay up to date. In addition 16 congresses on various themes take place within the framework of the RENEXPO . “” Especially the 5th Congress of the Union for operators of photovoltaic systems “as well as the meeting of needs-based decentralized energy supply” is interesting for local authorities. Here, for example, Christian Stettner of the Technical University of Munich on the energy vision for communities and regions informed. Dr. Peter Moser will speak of the nonprofit society for the promotion of decentralized energy technologies (deENet GmbH) about the development perspectives and examples of 100% renewable energy regions. In addition to fair and Congress a broad programme offered to visitors: the free Exhibitor Forum offers on all four “” Fair days lectures about current products and services, lecture series as renovation but really! “and BAKA Forum: building on tour” convey, practical information about.