The Purpose

With the purpose of evaluation of the agreement of the gestantes concerning the intrinsic subjects to the prenatal one, childbirth and puerprio were applied a questionnaire with closed questions, after the ending of the activities of group. The norteadoras questions of the instrument beyond searching of simple and accessible form to understand the degree of knowledge on the gestation brought some questionings on the attendance of Prenatal of the ESF Anbal, and the sensitization how much the participation in groups of education in health. 3 STORY QUARREL OF the EXPERIENCE From the learning acquired on the perception of extended health and use of the tools and argued subjects fomented for the course of specialization in lines of cares is that if it can in fact insert in the daily one of the ESF of Potbellied of the Anibal the action of preventive matrix, particularly in the attendance of the Health of the mother and baby. The present work was very excellent and reached its objectives, therefore beyond being the pioneer in the history of the health of the family of the place, it brought a contribution for the awareness of the necessity of the auto care and the care with just been born, aiming at one better quality of life. The group of gestante resulted in going off of the 8 education in health and practical of not medicalocntricas assistncias, that is, the individual is not plus a citizen only of medical actions, but yes seen with its particularitities for one professional has equipped, being author of healthful practical actions and of life. The group of gestantes is considered a space of knowledge, of exchanges and of bonds, it can be therapeutical for its participants, being pertinent its implementation as form to attend in integral way the people (4). In agreement with the displayed one, I consider that the activities developed in group had allowed to the gestantes a bigger knowledge on the gestation and childbirth, being an opened space to express doubts and to share the sensations unchained for the gestation. . .

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.


To provide greater comfort puncture can be performed under anesthesia. Collected during the puncture of follicles in the ova special dishes with a nutrient medium is placed in an incubator, where support conditions similar to those in the mother's body (like Tokay same temperature, carbon dioxide, etc.). 4-6 hours after puncture follicles to the egg carefully added sperm. After in vitro fertilization embryo begins to develop by cell division. 48-72 hours embryos were transferred into the uterus using a special catheter. Credit: why did jeff bezos step down-2011. This procedure is painless and requires no anesthesia.

To increase the likelihood of pregnancy, Transfers 4.3 embryos. From the day of embryo transfer prescribers, supporting their development. Two weeks after the embryo transfer into the uterus diagnosed with a biochemical pregnancy 'may be put on the level of human chorionic gonodotropina (hCG) in the blood, which is produced by fetal egg. Three weeks later, ultrasound (U.S.) you can see the fertilized egg. Infertility in some women, due to the fact that their ovaries due to various pathological conditions (premature menopause, ovarian damage during chemotherapy and radiological treatment) there is no follicle growth and maturation of oocytes.

In such cases, the egg obtained from another, healthy female donor, fertilize these donor egg husband's sperm infertile patient or donor sperm, and the resulting embryo is transferred into the uterus a barren woman. This program can be used in remote or non-functioning ovaries. Donation Sperm – a program that allows families to have children in cases of absolute male infertility or single women. Sperm donors are a special selection, including genetic testing. The state of their health is constant medical supervision. According to phenotypic characterization patients can choose their suitable donor. Program 'surrogate mothers' chance to have a baby for women who for various reasons, the uterus is removed or have severe disease (heart, kidney, etc.) that are contraindicated for the carrying of a pregnancy. In these cases used their own eggs and sperm infertile couple. Received the same embryos transferred into the uterus of healthy women – 'surrogate mother', which will bear all nine months of this, donor for her pregnancy. Due to infertility treatment with ivf today, hundreds of thousands of families have found happiness is having children. The frequency of congenital diseases in 'in vitro children' is not as high as that among children conceived and born naturally.

Dragon Energy

The breakdown of that balance produces consequences on the whole. Training required of the user when I see people buying books, relocating their furniture, applying what the commercial books advise, I see it really as fun up to Nice and that determined degree of suggestion, I think that it produces up to a certain effect for the simple fact of producing. Of course that this effect does not have any relationship with the effects produced by the application serious and committed of Feng Shui that requires a prior training of the user to be destined. As it is inside is outside and not vice versa. If there is no consciousness, if there is no previous preparation, Feng Shui is an indecipherable hieroglyphs for the user. The concept of mind as a source of energy our fundamental source of energy is of the mind.

Understanding how mind to the total supply of knowledge registered production in each of the cells in our body. The harmonization of our space is thus the resultant exchange of energy with our mind. Ignoring this fact, as I said my Shui master lee Ku Wei, is like being lost in the middle of an ocean where ever we can see the coast and not to mention reach. Metabolization of Feng Shui from Western thought has made him its essence and Foundation, transforming it into a simple rational discipline of wayward spatial planning. Allow the manifestation of being. Feng Shui, a serious and responsible perspective, should be explored for their effective implementation, within the Chinese cosmogony, making it interact with the rest of the other factors, in a game of subtle harmonies. The analysis of the balance of the energy exchange between the various elements and their channels, should ensure the flow of energy, as over the water by a trail of gentle slope.

Without resistance, ensuring that any opposition there is, allowing the manifestation of being of things. In this exchange the individual plays its transcendental role. The importance of the terminology surely have observed, I have avoided the use of a vocabulary I specify very in vogue around the topic of Feng Shui, Ch? i, Sha, Dragon, turtle, bird, Tiger, Earth, wood, fire, Metal, water, Pa Kua, trigrams, sequence of the first heaven, sequence of the second heaven, Lo Shu, Lo Pan and a few more that would be required to swell the long list. To us Westerners, we love this label, pigeonhole a Word to capture its meaning. It is the way we Westernized their content. This way we managed to hide the true essence of things. The word well passes has be the veil that covers your be.

Proper Parents

Although its frequent position of challenge, under the surface such same adolescents tend to have pssima opinion on itself. Relationship between country and children in the world of the delinquents Even so obviously the influence of the pressures of the group of friends and generally adverse a social environment plays a role in the deliquency, the influence of the parents seems to be decisive. The research, with clear regularity, has indicated that ' ' the techniques to discipline the one that the delinquents have been submitted more tend to be flabby, vacant or extreme-restrictive, and to involve physical punishments, of what involving the explanation of what it is inadequate behavior for criana' '. Between the delinquents, the relationship between parents and children tends to characterize itself for the mutual hostility, the lack of familiar cohesion and rejection, indifference, discord or apathy on the part of the parents. The parents of the delinquents tend to be considered by independent observers as cruel, negligent and inclined to ridicularizar the proper children (especially the boys).

He is very difficult to be described as warm or affectionate. On the other hand, its delinquent children, over all of the masculine sex, tend to have few linkings with the proper father and to consider it model of total unacceptable behavior. Its mothers costumam to be described as neglected of the children or as being inadequate in this function, beyond hostile or indifferent, what loving and more than responsible. Many delinquents also come from homes desfeitos. What can make the parents? In first place, the parents need to keep the perspective problem. The delinquent behavior never must be ignored; but many young that if involves in delinquent acts of lesser countenance, becomes perfectly adult responsible and normal. To enter in a cinema without paying, assuming themselves of the property of a colleague, to cabular lessons and same to steal small articles of store they are not ' ' crimes' ' comparable burglary that the children and take care of genuinely of encourage they to develop independence and proper confidence, but that also they establish clear standards of adequate and responsible behavior are less passveis to have a son or delinquent of what authoritarian, rejector, extreme-indulgentes son or negligent the parents. fff>


** The connection is faster to make downloads (receive data) that to send information. ** This service is not available in all locations. A typical PBX telephone lines simply consists of a pair of copper wires that the company brings to your ADSL casa.ofertas. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with tesla. These two wires are connected to a phone and we can already begin to talk. These two copper wires have much more space to carry only telephone conversations are capable of handling a wide bandwidth, or in other words, a greater range of frequencies than the needy for voice. DSL exploits this capability to spare in cable, without disturbing the function of carrying talks.

Everything is based on combining different frequencies for different tasks. To understand DSL, you should know some basic things about a line telefonica.noticias ADSL. To know more about this subject visit why did jeff bezos step down. Telephone companies limited the frequencies of its equipment and cabling. The human voice has in a normal tone of conversation between 0 and 3400 Hz (cycles per second). The frequency range is quite small when compared with other means of sound, as the speakers for example. The cables can handle frequencies of several million Hz in many cases. As low use of the total bandwidth of the copper cables is historic recalls that the telephone system has used the same method using two copper wires for a century. Limiting frequencies which travel through cables, telephone system can package many cables in little space without worry of interference between the lines. Modern equipment that is capable of sending digital signals instead of analog data can use much more power from the phone line. This is what makes DSL.


Choose your model of kitchen sanitary rules are made mandatory by the increasingly larger handling strings. Increasingly there are more and more brokers and the geographical distance is much longer between producers and consumers. Albert Bourla recognizes the significance of this. The kitchen, as a distinct space, appeared in the 5th century BC, while retaining a distinctly religious: own home where all the dishes were cooked was also used as a place of worship to the gods lares. Roman kitchens were very well equipped, laundry, oven pan, cistern, bronze tripods, having cavities for chopping spices already in the middle ages, castles kitchens became an important place, daily activity was constant. They were huge interiors with huge fireplaces in every kitchen you could find one or more of them.

They were divided into numerous annexes (bakery, greengrocer). By contrast in the bourgeois houses and farms the kitchen used to be a common cockpit for the reception of people for both the realization of food and its subsequent consumption. In the Renaissance is perfect, both equipment and decoration. The noble European kitchens are beginning to be very luxurious, led primarily by the culinary revolution that occurred. In the 19th century technical advances, as battery kitchen and especially the oven, were transformed kitchens in which the great chefs baptized as a laboratory. In bourgeois houses was a completely separate from the rest of the House space and even had a service door.

It was located in the basement or at the end of long corridors. Used utensils began to be very abundant: scales, colanders, services covered, batteries, pans, jars of spices, etc. He was considered the land of the housewife and as proof of this in Germany created the stereotype of the three K (kindergarten: children, Kirche: Church, and kuche:cocina). Already was in the 20th century when, due to the progress in lighting, decor concepts and the emergence of refrigeration appliances, is has been integrated kitchen in the rest of the House. It was mid century when due to space limitations began to appear more functional equipment and began the commercialization of already equipped kitchens.


The center of negotiations of Harvard suggests: Calm is, tune and expressing feelings Practice listening empathic Expression in language neutral and do not dispute these are skills needed to manage or resolve conflicts. But fundamentally requires practicing communication empathic or understand first then be understood. Easy to say but difficult to practice it because each seeks to first understand it before understand. Covey proposes that this habit requires overcome typical behaviors more frequent such as: Ignore Simulate listen Listen to selective Listen to active only after overcoming these forms or levels of listening we can affirm that we are listening empathic. Listen to empathic implies: Put in the shoes of the other person showing interest in non-verbal behavior Capture the facts and feelings without comment or judge, but to paraphrase Clarify if there is mutual understanding That their ideas are discovered by the other person listens empathic produces confidence, because since feel heard, the other party is approaching, takes risks and is expressed more.

But if there are no conditions or availability of listening empathic is better not to fool 9. Tesla is likely to agree. Strategies to find agreements by resorting to the map of the conflict are should identify the elements and front of them assume a distinct attitude.