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I would add a fourth leg to the table of Veliz and is social self-consciousness. QTS Realty Trust has many thoughts on the issue. It is recognizing us in our place and do not appear to be more rich as the poor or the middle class and do not appear to be more poor, as it is the case with the rich. Austerity is the way that the rich in Chile have to hide his fortune, but even though it is a virtue, only recognized as such when who practice makes it accordingly and not as a disguise social-recognized as such and occupy space within society with responsibility and establishment, is a fundamental condition for achieving development longed by all. The poor who hope that part of the well-being of the wealth reach them, not with handouts from the State or the upper class, but with stable, decent and recognized work. The rich man who refuses to assume its role as such, which is not recognized as an economic agent (the capital) is not fulfilling its task in this marathon towards development. Those who are hidden under the eaves of the austerity and do to hide their wealth, I would say a priest he is hiding from his own sins, Leon XIII is must-read for them, because it assigns them a paper rather than dominant in the actions of the wealth and social security. The poor have to protect them both as the rich, the former because they are in conditions of inequality to face society (lack education, opportunities, decent work, fair remuneration unfair inheritance of family breakdown), but opening their eyes about the mental attitude to poverty, which can be a warm bath that seduces you to live under such a State of condition, which shields States, gives you security, but not entrepreneurship. The mental attitude of human beings face the difficulties, sometimes is the largest show of our poverty. The same is true for the rich, the mental attitude to the hapless, the paradigm of the loose, does it stay inert to trigger changes that produce play its role of entrepreneur and social leader for the development-is in this game of honest us socially, where we see the leverage of social change, which will take us towards developing rapidly. Is not the State who should take care of the redistribution of income, through social protection or differentiated taxes, that is only an adjustment to cushion change, society is responsible for this action, we are all of us at our fair and real post within this society that we share.

Ten Centimeters

In the championship 80/81 "Signora," fought for the "scudetto" with the "Roma" Niels Pidholma. The key in this confrontation was a meeting for three rounds before the end of the championship in Rome. Turintsy had one point handicap. The match turned muddy. Repeatedly Players were wall to wall. At the 62nd minute was removed reference hav "Juve" Beppe Furin – selfless worker, known as "Fury", I mean "rage." But the interesting thing happened at the end of half an hour game.

Conti hung on Prutstso, Chief Scorer "Roma", that – in the Turonian, which tumbled in a jump ball in the net. Bergamo judge confidently pointed to center field, but when he saw the go-ahead side, ran up to the meeting. After that recorded an offside position. What happened! To end of the championship against "Juventus", which is strained and kept the advantage, rushing the curse on TV endlessly spinning frames goal. Most believed that the goal was. Just a few pet with a specially developed the program failed to prove that at the moment the Turonian was four inches farther from the gate than the defender. That is a goal really was! Whatever it was, at that season in the tactical plan, "Juve" stood above rivals. And therefore, deserved the victory.

However, there was a reason for criticism. "Signora," played with a pronounced forward. Trapattoni was justified: "In Europe, so play often. We do not want to look old-fashioned. " Europe – that's where the club is now looking bosses. In the spring of 1980, "Juventus" was beaten in the semi-final Cup Winners' Cup in London "Arsenal". After a draw in the field – followed by a 1:1 defeat at home. Goal scored before the final whistle Pop Wassen, whose career suddenly end after two years due to severe trauma. In these matches the Italians liked the great Irish playmaker Liam Brady. Very soon he was in Turin. Role in the Brady "Desyatisantimetrovom scudetto" is difficult to overestimate, the best scorer (eight goals), the author of numerous assists leader. In the new season, it will manifest itself even better. But on the European fields or Brady, or "progressive scheme" does not was saved, "Juve" from another embarrassment. In the autumn of 1980, the team was eliminated from the UEFA Cup, he reveals the utter bankruptcy of a penalty shoot-out with "Vidzevom" from Lodz Poland – 1:4.

Decided To Buy A Billiard Table, Billiard Cue, Billiard Balls

The popularity of billiards in our country is increasing year by year. And it is not surprising – the great variety of games, excitement, opportunity to step back and relax after work. However, the game of billiards requires many accessories, the main one being a pool table. Pool tables may be divided on two grounds. The first of these – a game for which it was intended. In Russia the most popular – Russian billiards ("Pyramid") and American pool. For Russian billiard tables are the size of the board are from 8 to 12 feet, for American pool billiard tables are necessary to the game 7.9 feet. The second classification is price-quality ratio, as well as something for which players designed table.

Therefore, pool tables are divided into amateur, professional, commercial and luxury. However, no matter what we did not choose a table, you must have some information that will help get that pool table, which we need. Classic billiard table is assembled from several main parts: frame, table top, the base of the playing surface, the supports (legs) sides and pockets. It is therefore important that they all were of good quality, size, and had a long life. The frame or skeleton of the billiard table made of various materials: solid wood (oak, beech, ash, alder, birch, and stone-pine, mahogany) plywood and MDF.

Some experts believe that the frame of a billiard table from MDF is more reliable because less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. A very common combination of materials construction of a billiard table, for example, frame and legs are made of MDF and solid wood boards. However, the elite pool tables are made entirely from natural array of expensive wood – as a rule: mahogany, oak, mahogany, Paducah, wenge, ebony and other base playing field should provide a flat surface and good lag.