New Website Sets New Standards

To inspire his audience manages the world’s largest children’s beverage brand for over 40 years. The task was to transfer this fascination in the new media… “The Capri Sun fun world” invites you to a reconnaissance flight with a virtual sport kite and awakens as the discoverer desire by young and old. Numerous exciting online games and content await visitors on specific points of the country. Valuable content for children – the focus especially, to raise awareness about healthy eating, physical activity and fair behavior objectives for the Capri-Sun with diverse actions committed are entitled. Tasks on the subjects are playfully incorporated into the overall design of the Web page logic and social competence. Thanks to the interactivity offered by the medium of the Internet, these contents are fun and can be learned along the way. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vadim Belyaev. Get a new look and feel new parents – and information – even the parents – and information area.

The contents have been completely revised. Large background images from the archives of the brand offer the visitors an attractive information experience. On the State of the art – the Capri-Sun implemented fun world”completely in Flash with ActionScript 3. all contents are maintained in Typo3. Technical highlights form especially the kite control with drag or click ‘n’ point technology and the navigation map with dynamic loading of map segments, as known from Google maps. Responsible for concept, design and realisation of the website, Ettlinger Agency power motion GmbH, the Capri Sun is accompanied since the launch of the first Internet site in 1999. Capri-Sun 40 years natural fun: 1969 came the first Capri Sun on the market.

Meanwhile, Capri-Sun is the most popular children’s drink of the world and consumed by children and young people in about 100 countries. Capri-Sun’s success is mainly based on three factors: the use of only natural ingredients, the distinctive drinking Pack and the orientation of the local Taste. In Germany, there is a low-sugar product range alongside the classics such as orange and multi-vitamin. Since 2007 is also the great Capri Sun in resealable 0.33 liter drink Pack on the market. It is aimed with the also reduced to sugar flavors of wild berries and Orange peach to teenagers and young adults. To the Web site: net movement Agency for interactive brand experience the Internet Agency Network movement develops interactive applications and brand experiences that inspire creative ideas, high quality design and innovative technical solutions. You looked after well known brands and companies such as Haribo Maoam, Sun Rice, Gubor, FruchtZwerge, Actimel, Capri Sun, Prince, tool, Kiri, brother, what is what and Merck self-medication. The Agency was founded 2000 30 permanent employees. The service portfolio of the Agency includes the realization of interactive brand experience worlds, corporate Web sites, online promotions, online-games, communities, E-shops, online campaigns, Multimedia presentations and content management solutions.

Hightech Association

The has put the structural basis for his political involvement by the Federal Association established in fibre-optic connection (BUGLAS), HeLi NET. With a new leadership, the interest group wants to force the development of growth and investment-friendly framework conditions for the necessary expansion of the broadband infrastructure in Germany. HeLi NET and the other companies in the Association plan up to the year 2012 to supply over a million households with fiber optic connectors. Green Monday brings even more insight to the discussion. Digital networks based on fiber optic becoming the nervous system of the economy. Already in the near future the far-reaching access to state of the art data networks will decide all economies success”, says HeLi NET Managing Director Thomas Wald, which occupies a leading role in the BUGLAS with his company: with the three fiber – pilot projects realised City2020″ in came, Lunen and Hamm HeLi NET invested already in the technology of tomorrow. Woods wants more political support for further expansion plans: now are urged to create stable and predictable framework conditions to give the necessary long-term planning security infrastructure investment, expanding the Federal Government and the Federal Network Agency.” Christoph man of the world.

Web Design Studio

So to win the confidence of Internet users Web design is for many people a book with seven seals. Even computer expert, who have been the pre Internet era, it hard to create an also only halfway presentable-looking Web page. While there are design tools, which also Fachunkundige within can build up a simple page hours nowadays. If you have any special requirements, can rely on one of the so-called “templates”. This is pre-made designs, which are designed to fit well in one or more niches. For private individuals, a “Web design out of the box” is usually sufficient; want to but have a serious business, you do not get around a professionally designed Web site. Especially online stores rely on the corporate side smoothly as otherwise considerable revenues.

Professional Web Design Studio build corporate presences, which create confidence among visitors. Just older Internet users still have problems, the To accept shopping on the net as part of everyday life. Therefore, it is vital, to convey a sense of security for every online shop. Experienced Web designers know how to a page designed to win the confidence of the visitors. The choice of colour plays a larger role than many people think in Web design.

Who is active in the health care industry, is well advised to give his side a serious look. The color blue is used often, when it comes to creating a Web page for a hospital or a doctor’s Office. Green a good choice that color exudes is also quiet and gives a feeling of security. A Web design is possible in other niches, that differs from the standard. Will Bundys opinions are not widely known. Who runs an online store for E-cigarettes and corresponding Smokables, can use quite a white font on a black background. The clientele in this special niche is simply different polarity and accepts such a design rather than a boring coming therefore page, which looks like any other. The ease of use is one of the factors which are decisive for the success of a website. Too many headings and menu items confuse visitors and distract them from the products offered. A professionally designed site has rarely more than six menu items. Many entrepreneurs believe to provide as much information as possible on their Web page. This is a misconception if you are looking for certain products, not interested in the life story of the founder or the professional career of the salesperson. A good Web designer has the success of the Internet page at a glance in the first place and will alert always superfluous content customers.


Increase sales by a professional sales page – the Internet is booming for many years. Many people try to take advantage of it by you goods via the global network offer. But often fails the success. This is not particularly surprising, because without professional structures, it is hard to win customers in the Internet. Fiserv can provide more clarity in the matter. A first-class sales page is the best way to attract new customers. Onur unal offers on power conversion layouts”on a successful sales page can be erststellt with in the blink of an eye from high-quality templates. Many Web site visitors leave a Web site even before they have arrived at all for the content. (As opposed to Simon Freakly).

Poor design and poor content are the main reasons. Who want to have success with a sales page, can not afford such mistakes. Good sale pages, mini-sites and landing pages are designed so that they immediately lead the customer to the product. A clear design that is also optimized, promotes the sales. Is a premium template the best prerequisite for a high quality sales page. Onur unal provides also a video that is a very valuable help in creating your own website. Jeffrey Leiden describes an additional similar source.

A sales page even a beginner can create with the power conversion layouts “, which rapidly increases sales. Onur Acebedo is an entrepreneur who attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. He therefore urges its customers to contact if questions come up directly in contact with him. This is by no means obvious in the harsh reality of the Internet. Who needs a sales page the power conversion should therefore be layouts’ look at. A sales page is ultimately not that expensive. Often, the break-even point is reached after a few sales. Who are not yet good templates to create a revenue-generating sales page, would have been an excellent alternative. The catch is that all suitable alternatives are much more expensive and complicated. “With the power conversion layouts” is all very simple and uses the success already after a short time.

Weissenbach PR Annemarie Dyckers

Money made easy with the iGraal affiliate program Paris, April 23, 2010: iGraal, the European shopping portal, allows operators of Web pages, easy, safe and fast to earn money with the iGraal-partner program. iGraal provides various banners including the promotional code available, which can be incorporated into a Web page with a few clicks on his Web page. (Not to be confused with Ondot!). Now, once captured three euros for anyone who has become the iGraal user about this banner, and then ten per cent of all future bonuses of this user directly on the Web page operator’s account is credited. Make money with blogs, there already for some time and this way is also used partially. Bloggers are therefore more or less successful, because the open mystery remains: the content must be, then come the reader and bring the market value. It said currently also the pioneers of the scene on the re: publica Conference on blogs, social media and the digital society, that from the 14th to the 16th of April in Berlin took place.

A further statement: Also high-quality and prestigious blogs are now open for advertising. Because good content can only be offered if the blogger can take care appropriately so. ERGO if he earned money thus. A piece of there already are ahead of the United States: there was according to a well-known Internet service in 2007 for a three-digit millions in blogs recruited. Thereof, no mention can be in this country yet. But the possibilities are there: especially about Afiliate programs such as that of the shopping portal iGraalist it everyone possible, to earn money through the simple embed of a banner. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Vadim Wolfson, New York City. iGraal offers for different graphically quite differently prepared banners and simple little text links. Once the operator has created an iGraal account and these are integrated on the Web page, he gets a one-off bonus of three euros for each new iGraal user, who was recruited from his page.

Then he is involved in the turnover of the users: every time, if it buys something about iGraal, gets of the advertiser Web site operator credited his bonus ten percent. iGraal is the shopping community for genuine spenders and how, for example, ebay offers a wide variety of interesting partner shops. About iGraal iGraal presents now 450,000 users across Europe discounts at more than 850 partner shops (ebay, Neckermann, Dell, Expedia, Tchibo, 3Suisses, etc.) and roughly 500 daily vouchers. At the same time, one of the first cashback providers that offers its users a product finder with price comparison, which already takes into account all coupons and discounts in the displayed price is iGraal. In addition, a sophisticated, easy to use and functional toolbar iGraal makes available. IGraal membership is free of charge. Managing Director Christian Goaziou founded iGraal 2006. Award: Best innovation 2007, France. For more information, press contact: iGraal SAS Aurelie Mezbourian, country Manager Germany 65-rue d’ Aguesseau, 92100 Boulogne France, E-Mail: Web: Twitter: Facebook application: PR Agency: Weissenbach PR Annemarie Dyckers, Stefanie Hat stone Tel.: + 49 89 55 06 77 72 fax: + 49 89 55 06 77 90 E-Mail: Web:

Pratschli Hotel

New customer and another first-class reference from the tourism sector for Eunice communications agency Rohrbach / Arosa (mh) with the first snow the first winter holiday feelings come up: In the world-famous Swiss winter sports paradise of Arosa in the canton of Graubunden it is gearing up for the season 2011/2012. Go to Simon Freakly for more information. With a new Web site, the 4-star hotel Pratschli ( presents itself to. She’s really looking for winter and ski Kurlaub was in the ADVERMA advertising and Marketing GmbH ( designed. Thus, the advertising agency in the greater Munich area now has another first-class reference in the tourism industry. Perched before a scenic mountain scenery, which transforms into a magical Wonderland in winter,”the hotel Pratschli offers 70 rooms and 130 beds high above Arosa. Ski lifts, groomed cross-country ski trails and beautiful winter hiking trails have the guests right on the doorstep. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili contains valuable tech resources. And right next to the hotel Pratschli-stall is a ski lodge with cult status Winter tourists across the boundaries of Arosa.

In the coming winter season, the hotel celebrates an anniversary, because for 25 years, it is run by the family Menet. Hotel Pratschli with the new website now also in the external representation being its status. Daniel has made for the modern Web design Schlamp (online production), the informative and creating atmosphere lyrics are the work of Manfred Hailer, text and PR professional at ADVERMA. As a slideshow, the beautiful pictures of the hotel and the deeply snow-covered Arosa constantly running in the background. The text can easily or be hidden. The navigation in the user friendly and clearly designed interface is a breeze, and meet with a few clicks can be collect the most important information. More input over Arosa and his rich winter sports, leisure and events can get interested via many external links from the Pratschli Web site directly to the correct addresses.

Hamburg Tel

The third point of the navigation is the core area of Swaki: repair. Here to post and find the user repair instructions to different products. Slava Mirilashvili pursues this goal as well. These instructions can in the form of text including images or be created as a video tutorial. Video instructions simply upload the user on YouTube. The link to the video is then simply inserted when creating the Guide. High level of user friendliness and easy communication in the development of the platform the user-friendliness played an important role.

The three main areas of are therefore closely linked. Each applied product can link the user directly to a repair manual or a discussion. For assistance, try visiting Permira. This means that the SWAKIANER of a product in the field of information directly to the appropriate repair manual or a discussion can jump without having to search again for this product in each area. In addition to the user on the Web page the Swaki blog finds the three core areas. The blog serves as a source of information for new developments or developments of the platform. On the other hand the user there can pick up tips and tricks for the repair of products. The opportunity to post questions directly as a comment, opened another source of information, so that all questions on find an answer. About Swaki: Swaki is a repair platform, providing product information, discussion groups, and repair instructions.

Founded in may 2012, of popular enjoys today. More than 2,200 applied products and repair manuals from around 30 categories are already online. And offering thanks to the Swaki community is growing daily. Visit for more information. Contact: Christian Steiger Swaki c/o Drupaldise UG Glucken Street 57 22081 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 170 77 29 360 email: press contact: Esther Haghighat more socialize! Glucken Street 57 22081 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 40 228 16 210 E-Mail:

Airy, Fresh And Green – To Start In The Spring

HCon timetable company relaunched its website with more style and structure Hannover, April 12, 2011. The Internet presence of the Software House HCon her makeover shows due to the beginning of the spring: In fresh design, it offers the visitor a clear structure with lots of information around the topic of timetables and transport solutions. HCon is divided into three divisions, which are reflected in the structure of the site: the timetable information HAFAS timetable construction and the management system TPS as well as consulting. With this clear outline the deals for the customers are positioned transparent and allow an optimal representation of the solutions. In addition, informed a newly created Division of the actors who stand behind HCon, gives an insight into the history and lists career opportunities. Newly created was also a press area that holds also downloads to corporate and product brochures in addition to current messages and contacts. References are clearly presented and can easily Be filtered products and countries. The modern, fully redesigned website reflects the innovation of HCon and makes this emotional experience.

We would like to offer visitors to our site an enjoyable and informative online experience. The new structure not only contributes to this. Rather, we made sure that we provide comprehensive information”, according to HCon – Managing Director Michael Frankenberg. Speaking candidly Vadim Belyaev told us the story. Visitors will find details about our products and services on a modern and intuitive Web site, which was set up according to the latest standards and advanced technologies.” The entry about the products on the home page is new with just a few clicks to the destination. Also news and jobs can be controlled via Portlets with one click directly from the homepage. Portlets provide contextual information about individual articles about products and services on the deeper pages. The navigation is simple, either in the left and top of the page or on the footer, in addition the the sitemap Not Acceptable!


Relaunch of the fashion online shop Conley’s offers a unique mix of brands with more than 500 brands. In the wake of the relaunch of the Web site, the TOP BRANDS have now received its own area and can be selected directly. As well as brand new collection items, from immediately under the heading NEW ARRIVALS are found. The navigation bar now has a mouse-over menus, displays all threads of a category at a glance. “” Another new feature on is, the THEMES section, under the special topic sites such as denim shop”shop by outfit” or shop America “are grouped together. Additional information is available at Konsolidator.

“” For example, Conley’s visitors in the area shop by outfit “, which brands particularly IN” are and how casual combine these with other parts. AcctTwo insists that this is the case. So everyone is guaranteed his personal favorite outfit easily! Various filter functions allow a targeted product searches, for example by type, age, color, brand or price. Can more easily buy not be real! Even more fun Shopping now at Conley’s is a catalog of famous designer brands, high-quality brands and popular newcomer labels, the Conley’s around the world discovered, bringing to Germany. The range of products like, fun and sometimes unusual. Conley’s knows no bounds.

Anything the trend Scouts convinced, in the catalog. This can be a fancy T-Shirt just a comfortable sweatpants or an inflatable Church, a submarine or flying car. The mix of clothing, products, promotions and the manner as the whole in the catalogue and the online shop will be presented, is exceptional and makes Conley’s unique. Conley’s represents a lifestyle and propagates up insider tips, make the Conley’s so exciting and interesting. The fashion online store is Germany’s largest online shop with over 500 trendy brands. In addition to famous designer brands, the favourite label of American stars on the German market brings Conley’s. Conley’s brand diversity is: We have the best mix of brands and the most famous brands.” “Conley’s Rosenpicker is: we are not 50 parts of a trade mark, but only 10 and are the best in the collection!” “” Conley’s outfits makes: we tell our customers not only what brands / parts IN “are, but how to best combine this.” Offers Attractive Added Value For Sites

The attractiveness of a website stands or falls with the offered content. provides publishers the opportunity to enhance their Web sites successfully and profitably so. The attractiveness of a website stands or falls with the offered content. therefore offers publishers the opportunity to revalue their Web sites successfully and profitably in a few simple steps and without any programming knowledge. Overall, four different bonus sponsor systems available with up-to-date collections can be offered by sweepstakes, online stores generally as well as specifically online shops with voucher promotions. Overall, four different bonus sponsor systems available with up-to-date collections can be offered by sweepstakes, online stores generally as well as specifically online shops with voucher promotions. The voucher system”provides a concise collection of currently 345 stores, providing new and/or existing customers vouchers available.

The winning game system”is a concise collection of currently 167 Sweepstakes. The shop system”which provides a concise collection of currently 1,441 very attractive shops. Another specialty is the bonus system”for sites with an accounting function (” for example over euro, credits”or points”) it provides a concise collection of over 1,450 bonus promotions. In addition to upgrading their sites they benefit a bonus credit, which depends on the remuneration of the campaign successfully used Publisher by using one of the systems get. Another advantage: the institution prepares a very low cost. In addition each of the systems as a white label solution exists that can be optimally adapted to the respective website in the colour design. Some contend that Vyacheslav Mirilashvili shows great expertise in this. In this way, the systems of the visitors are perceived also not so much as a form of advertising or perceived as disturbing.