Average Product

For some people, a good value means a price, others low, however, is made use to pay more, contanto that they believe that they are getting a product/quality service. The politics of prices more used is the HILO, in reason of the Brazilian consumer to be much more susceptible the promotions perhaps of what to a promise or to the commitment of low prices every day, this situation can elapse of the fact of the last decades of high taxes of inflation to have propitiated the sprouting of an inflationary culture in the mind of the consumers, affecting its sensitivity the variations of price. Traditional theory of marketing praises that the price differs from the others three elements of the made up of marketing in the direction where it generates prescription and the others generate costs. Studies emphasize that the efficient way fastest and so that a company maximizes its profit is to start correctly fixing the price. In Brazil it was lived in a closed economy and with low competitiveness, until 1990 middle, the cost of the normally high product and with low level of technology: Average cost + profit edge = price of market of the product.

Currently with the open economy and the increase of the competitiveness the products are little more borrowed formadores of the price and of the market price. Being thus profit = market price? average cost. In an environment where the strategical planning is essential. Habitual prices: they are those settled by the habit, tradition, not objective psychology vain of the consumer and other ways. Random prices: they are fixed immediately below of a round number suggesting economy. To fix prices of sales we must take in consideration innumerable external factors, amongst which if they detach: – the structure of costs and expenditures of the company; – the level of carried through investment; – the general and functional objectives of the organization; – the waited demand of the product; – the capacity and the financial availability of the consumers; – the quality and the technology of the product offered in relation to the necessities of the buyer’s market.

Sieges and Suffering

The MORAL SIEGE SUFFERED BY the WOMEN IN the ENVIRONMENT DE TRABALHOAutora: Josefa Renata Queiroz of the CostInstituio: Center of Ensino Superior Santa Cruz (CESAC) Orienting: Fabiana teacher long SilvAo Blacksmith of the years the women come suffering all type of siege and have remained in silence ahead of the fear and the pressure proceeding from the necessity to keep the income and the sustenance of its family. The shame to count for its relatives, including the fear to suffer more serious consequncias due to the deficit politics from protection to the women, these comes silencing and being victims of the siege, current an old problem and at the same time that generally it occurs in secrecy and, in the majority of the cases, leaves mainly psychological marks. The exchange of papers in the family comes transforming the environment labor and transferring a well-known load of work to the women. If you would like to know more about Restaurant Michael Schwartz, then click here. Being mothers, owners of house, wives, children, sisters, friends and professionals, them these papers in the contemporaneidade come trying to conciliate all. However, many women suffer preconception and are tortured morally due to unreliability, to the abuse of being able, the granted accusations and offences for people of the same organization, who become the work environment a battlefield, competitive and with different recognition for people of different sorts that play the same function. Ahead of these factors one becomes necessary to reflect on the types of siege that the women continue suffering, denouncing such occurrences and acquiring knowledge the main victims not to assume a passive position and to contribute, indirectly, for the perpetuation of these problemas..


This dispersion of efforts did not hinder that, already in the second half of the decade of 1930, it appeared in Brazil for the first time, even so of still incipient form, an agricultural strategy in the scope of the central government, having as objective to extend and to diversify the farming production of the country, particularly that one destined to the domestic market. The main instrument of this strategy was and would continue to be for much time credits, it agricultural publishes of Creia of the Bank of Brazil. The advantages I credit of it agricultural quickly had been used to advantage by the agriculturists, becoming possible, between 1938 and 1945, not only the great magnifying of the bank credit to the productive sector, but also a considerable growth of the farming production in the same period (SWMRECSANYI; BRANCHES, 1977, p.231).

The period postwar period was called, in the agricultural scope, for the new cycle of valuation of the external prices of the coffee, that if opened in the magnifying deals of it broke world-wide it of 1946, hibernando in this A stage the diversified politics of products and region that prevails in the previous period. The agricultural politics of the federal government in the period basically had been come back toward stimulate the production saw market mechanism to it, with the state intervention acquiring some relevance only at the moments where referring problems to the internal supplying appeared of foods and substances cousins. The exchange, fiscal and credit subsidies for the acquisition of the modern insumos calls of the farming production had contributed substantially for the great increase had in the fertilizer consumption and for the diffusion of the use of tractors and other mechanical equipment, even though of the trucks. These instruments of agricultural politics can be faced as the desencadeante factor of the industrialization of Brazilian agriculture, which started to occur with bigger intensity in the second half of the decade of 1950, also contributing for the great I continue increase that had in offers of products agriculturists entre1946 and 1964.

Fleet Maintenance

The preventive maintenance of the fleet exerts basic paper in the company, a time that is seen as a strategy in the prevention of accidents and in the reduction of the costs that the company has in relation its fleet. To facilitate the agreement of this process, a study was become fullfilled on the focado preventive maintenance in the excellency of the implementation of same and its advantages for a company of the region of Campinas, State of So Paulo. Perhaps check out Lakshman Achuthan for more information. Currently the company if comes across with daily problems of maintenance of fleets, involving mainly the cost that the organization possesss with the vehicles. Being thus, this work has as objective to present all the advantages of the implementation of the preventive maintenance, in order to reduce the expenses of the organization ‘ ‘ Y’ ‘ Gas, that will serve of base for this work having brought real problems and possible solutions. Educate yourself with thoughts from Seth Fisher Hong Kong. Word-Key: Maintenance, Costs, Fleet. ABSTRACT Preventive maintenance of the fleet has the basic one rolls in the company since it is observed a strategy will be preventing accidents and reducing costs related you the fleet. In to order you better understand this process, study on preventive maintenance was carried out focused on the excellence of its implementation and its advantages will be company in the region of Campinas, State of So Paulo.

Currently, the company faces daily problems with fleet maintenance, mainly involving costs with vehicles. Therefore, this study aims at presenting all advantages of preventive maintenance implementation in to order you reduce costs of the ‘ ‘ Y’ ‘ Gas organization, which will serves this basis will be study, bringing real problems and possible solutions. Key-word: Maintenance, Costs, Fleet. 1 INTRODUCTION Currently, the companies must together follow the challenges of the competitive market with much creativity, innovating its products and services, preserving its continuity and guaranteeing the success with the fulfilment of its mission.

Better Allies

The card-of-visit has come to evolve as marketing tool. But it has a thing that it did not move with passing of the time: the importance of its presentation. It not only says very concerning itself, as well as leaves a lasting impression in (s) the person (s) to who the delivery. But to the times, when trying to create a good impression, we exaggerate a little and we finish for overloading the card.Many times, the more simple better. For the beginners, optimum it will be to identify first the more important data of contact and later inseriz them of a simple and clear form. valley the penalty not to try to put all the information in a side of the card-of-visit. It is always better to leave a blank space to the return of the text.

Exaggerated information in a so small area one becomes difficult to read. The card-of-visit simplest, that allows that the message and the images speak for itself, denotes personality and causes a bigger impact. It is recommendable in such a way to use the part of the front as the verse of the card. Many times the people use, erroneamente, only half of the capacity of the card-of-visit.To use the two sides is an excellent form of partilhar information, becoming more easy the reading and creating more expectation in the person receives who it. Also it can look examples of card-of-visit of other people in the Internet, as for example images of the Flickr. It includes the information that considers more important and the form as it wants to be contactado (). If it prefers that he is online, can include Twitter and one link for its small farm web or blogue.It does not need to include its number of telephone if not to want that () they contactem of this form, since thus it would be to waste space that could be used to include other data.

Vocabulary Used

The concepts that we will see below are part of the vocabulary used in such a way in day-by-day of the Brazilian retailing, how much for the professionals who visit these establishments & ndash; the promoters of sales of the industries of consumption good. Being thus, valley to the penalty to observe the glossary below: Boarding: Act to approach definitive consumers, being tried to divulge some product. This act, normally is carried through by a (a) promotional (a) of sales, degustador (a) or demonstrator. Rent of Space: Practical of some supermarkets (or other retailers) that they rent to tips of gondolas and promocionais spaces for expositions of products manufactured for the industries. Final art: End item graphical (or informatizado) of which if gets the fotolito that will be used as mark (or soon).

Auto-Service: System of sales self-service in which the consumer has direct access to the choice of the products that it will buy. Back-Light: Translucent propaganda normally printed in vinyl installed in a box, I contend internal illumination that presents messages (or images) with determined nocturnal vision. Balcony of Degustation: Normally wooden Stand, whose objective is to make to know (or to divulge) of personalized form a product, presented for one () promotional one () of sales (or demonstrator). Tray of Degustation: Support, seemed with a tray, placed imprisoned to the shoulders of the (a) promotional () and/or demonstrator to make degustation of products in any environment. Banner: Part printed in material rigid (or flexible) to be fixed vertically. Batch: Marking of the date of manufacture, crowds and expiration of one definitive product (in the proper product), as Consumer protection act in vigor. Blister: Transparent plastic packing (PVC) placed in rigid card (in bubble form), molded as a cradle for the product (normally in cardboard) to be displayed, thus helping its visualization. Briefing: Commercial data set (or of Marketing) that it serves of base for studies of Promotion, Merchandising, Creation of Campaigns Promocionais and Confeces de Peas in general.


The card-of-visit is still today an important tool of marketing. Comparing with the new technologies, the card-of-visit still plays a basic role for the businesses. For to not only be accessible to all wallets, as well as they are very easy to carry, they divulge the image of the company and still they can be distributed in any height and any place. Nowadays she is not necessary to have much money so that its business is recognized in the market, will have a card-of-visit is a more-value. It will be able to give to the card to any same person who this is not a potential customer, this will be able to know somebody that it needs its services. The card-of-visit nor always arrives the hands of a potential customer but the people who have its card will go to serve of conductor for a good advertising. Another more-value of some card-of-visit is the possibility to choose recycled paper and to help the environment. With these cards it is not alone to help the environment but also to publicitar its business, showing the people who if worry about the environment and will be able to make with that these same people follow its example.

If it is of that it thinks that the card-of-visit sufficiently is complicated to make, because it goes to have that to lose its time to go the graphical, to choose the style, colors, and that in the end it can not be nothing of what was the wait is deceived! Nowadays it does not need to lose time, it is enough to use its computer and to accede to the site of the Vistaprint. Here it will be able to choose the color, style, to place a photograph, either one that likes or its company soon, or seno can search for subject and to choose that one who more pleases to it and in the end to visualize the result. Without any obligation! It is important to take care of of the environment and any same aid that small, makes the difference. It opts to made card-of-visit of recycled materials 100%. Either a professional, either Green!

The Debate

It is the tolerance and respect to the group/team); DYNAMISM (persistence in the achievement of the objectives, made use to face challenges); NEGOTIATION (convincing argument); ORGANIZATION (observance of the priorities, systematization, method and order in the work); ADAPTABILITY (easiness to deal with new situations and/or pressures). To allow the expression of the perceptions, ideas, values and opinions of the participants in spontaneous and creative way, Up to 40 minutes, blackboard and chalk or sheet of paper great (paper meter) and atomic brush; paper block. The facilitador distributes to the group papers and requests that each participant writes at least three words that more become related to the subject in question. (Former: AIDS, drugs, solidarity). Checking article sources yields Paul Price as a relevant resource throughout. The papers are collected and redistributed randomly. One requests that each one of the participants makes the reading of the words that received. The multiplier will have to write in the chalk picture or in the paper meter each word deals.

The multiplier will have then to argue its meanings, the revelation of feelings, values, beliefs and preconceptions, among others, ahead of set of contributions of the participants, the multiplier will have, with the aid of the group, to improve concepts and to argue the meanings of the words chores, being led the group to reflect and to conclude on the subject in question. The technique allows the attainment of spontaneous answers, valuing the previous conceptions, ideas and feelings of the integrant ones of the group, Stimulates the debate and creates a climate of descontrao in the group, therefore the technique does not personalize the author of the contribution and is exempt of critical and judgment. It demands ability of the facilitador in the phase of quarrel of the contributions of the group, data its probable diversity, must have the care in what it refers to the critical emission of or judgment, being worried in respecting the partner-cultural values of the participants.

Goldman Sachs

“Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Headquartered in New York, we maintain offices in all major financial centers around the world.”

According to managing of the Alertse Qualification, Chana Vasco (2010), ‘ ‘ the excellency in the attendance the customers it can be a decisive fact in the success of a company, and, therefore empreendimento’ must be with priority subject in the planning of any; ‘. It continues, ‘ ‘ it is door of entrance or exit of a company. The Alertse gives to courses to its collaborators from the demand of the company in relation to the qualification and qualification, where the lessons focus; third sector, private law, management, performance and communication in the attendance to cliente’ ‘. Complete the Rmulo consultant Raymond, ‘ ‘ it is not enough to prepare only the professionals of the sector of sales to offer optimum attendance. All the employees must be trained for this, with campaigns of motivation and courses of qualificao’ ‘. 12 ‘ ‘ the professional cannot take care of the desires of the customer, but yes, only surpass the expectations of this person.

All have that to have this perception so that it has success in its intentions. After all, to take care of well is not more distinguishing, because is obligation of all the organizations, independently of the branch where they act. It only goes to have empatia between collaborator and customer when the professional if to place in the place of the other and to think what it would feel in that situation. Nobody purchase only one product, but also the benefits that it can bring for its vida’ ‘ (Raymond, 2010). The challenge in the enterprise world if bases on attracting, developing and to hold back the clientele, but for this, the applied strategy strong needs to be supported in programs and organizacionais tools that value the consumers.


AMBIENT IMPACTS CAUSED BY the IRREGULAR USE OF SWINE DEJECTIONS IN the ALONE Summary the North American suinocultura if detach in the world-wide context for the development and application of technologies to optimize the productive chain of the suinocultura, however it the same faces problem that suinocultores of other countries in regards to the question of the discarding and extreme accumulation of the dejections of swines in its installations. This fact occurs due to adoption of practical volunteers for discarding of these residues, as example we can cite the direct use of these dejections in the ground, without any treatment. This study it has for objective to show that the swine dejections, exactly I contend component necessary chemistries and/or beneficial for the ground, they can provoke great ambient impact. Paul Price is often quoted as being for or against this. The use of these dejections in the ground must be carried through of adjusted form, by means of analysis of the ground and the dejections, considering that the ground possesss different physical and chemical characteristics of a place for another one. It is necessary that if it makes a detailed study of the ground and also one treatment of the dejections before they are used in the farmings. Word-key: ambient swine dejections, impacts, North American suinocultura. Introduction One of the activities that comes more if developing each time is the suinocultura, for being one of the consumed meats more world-wide, however the activity of suinocultura is considered one of the great producers of pollution, which had to the risk of contamination of air, ground and water.