CLT Service

The autonomous work is today a very important activity in view of that many companies of some pursuings are used constantly of these services as complement its main activity. This if must to the fact of the autonomous work be one of the forms but economic to carry through some activities, contracting a particular professional you are free of many responsibilities beyond cutting typical working incubencies of the employee in regimen CLT. Beyond mai nobody would go to contract an employee for a service that lasts only some days or months and is a legal form and economic of terceirizar certain activities. For more information see this site: Michael Schwartz. Therefore ha situations where the solution most viable is same the act of contract of that it on account works proper to abide because ha today in the market many professionals who make everything of the law inside, that is, you are not contracting a clandestine service ha many professionals legalized registered in the agency municipal and/or federal they are as contributing individual or independent who receive incentives of the governments and they can thus offer its services with a cost sufficiently reduced and execute an excellent work. Therefore taking the correct measures and the cares necessary in the hour to contract, you can have an excellent service made in little you fear for eliminating many burocracias and a value sufficiently reduced. The site is a good example of company who congregates professionals of construction and reforms and other activities the disposal of who needs to contract a good independent professional.. Please visit Mike Gianoni if you seek more information.

Computer Science

The initial problem is based on the difficulty that the academics of the courses of Business administration have in accepting one discipline that he approaches the subject computer science in the grating of the course. This subject turns reason quarrel for the corridors, in wheels of colloquy, the lists of quarrel among others under the following subject: ' ' Which the reason of learning a substance so technique as this in the course of Administrao' '. Having for base that an administrator is the person who is to the front of the company and when takes literally it is ' ' the person whom she manages, dirige, governs (according to Aurlio dictionary) ' ' the company, this person does not have obligation to know specific details of computer science, a time that if imagines in positions of high level. Therefore if she deceives who thinks of this form, the basic idea of one disciplines as this is to show to the academics who the subject ' ' Informtica and TIC (Technology of the Information and Communication) are being each more common day in the social ways and all work areas, therefore, offer easinesses of use, agility, security and economy, beyond adding value the company propitiating the creation of new niches of mercado' '. A scholar said certain time that: ' ' Computer science was created to decide problems that before not existiam' '. Looking at for this angle the question to be answered now he would be ' ' Why an academic of the administration course superficially does not perceive that such information are an evident fact and that in the market of work of 21 century who not to know to work or the least to accept new technologies is? ' ' Independently of which it is the reason, perhaps for difficulty or due to chances who knows why it does not like or even though for if finding self-sufficient in the subject.

Private Formula

Many people whom they look for information in the Internet, as to gain money on line, as to mount a lucrative business in the Internet believes that somebody will go to create a product or a model of business capable to supply this necessity. Many believe that the private formula for the success in the Internet exists. I receive many e-mails from people wanting to know more on the businesses that I participate if really they will go to gain much money. Some still speak that it has times they comes searching forms to work in the Internet and nothing they find, and say they if they will not have an objective and a focus they had still continued in this search without finding a solution. This happens for the simple fact of these people to be looking the magical pill for the success when in the reality this does not exist. Success is not bought success is conquered.

The success is not based on a Einstein formula. y+x= much money. The success imagines equal to make a cake. How a cake is made? First together agent all the necessary ingredients, mixes everything, and later she takes this mixture stops to bake. It is not thus? Then the success is accurately of this form. They are good distribuidos well together ingredients and, and the result is the success so desired.

The biggest problem of the people whom they desire to contruir a business on line is to wait that some day somebody will present it this private formula. Private formulas do not exist. What it exists they are people who produce products as the kit gains money on line or sgda where you learn tips for monetizao of profits in the Internet, to create digital products, as to divulge, at last all the tips that webmarketers personally use to gain money. They are knowledge that they will acquire during its day in the Internet. Now private formula of that vision of that somebody wait that webmarketer creates the prescription x+y=milhes of Reals, and this does not go to exist because the success if does not base on private formula, that is enough to acquire and boom everything happens. Who said that it created this in the Internet is lying, because the success depends on some circustncias as a cake ingredient. The cake it is not made alone of an ingredient. thanks to God my bigger happiness is to be knowing to use to advantage all these tips to have more success in the Internet. Vivian Assis


To be able to evaluate and to revise the strategies, the directors need great amount of information. They must be criticized and be analyzed the information that give support to the strategy. He must have precaution for strategies mainly said as ‘ ‘ without riscos’ ‘ , however, (I agree to the author) the simple creation of an Advice of Administration is not enough to guarantee that the familiar company is adopting good practical of Corporative Governana, therefore the good corporative governana has a price, that is, how much bigger the transparency, greater are the risk that if runs in the spreading, for example, of the fragilities of the internal controls or even though of the strategical planning, becoming the corporation most vulnerable the attacks. The authors focam in the adequacidade of code IBGC to the familiar company, where the triad Family X patrimony X society, must also be covered in the familiar companies and the responsibility biggest is of the advice of administration of these. In all familiar company analyzed by the research, had been identified premises directed toward the equity sense? fairness between all the members, respecting itself the participation, disclosure? transparency? accountings, accountability responsibility and compliance of the governana.

I think that as suggestion for familiar company the estruturao of familiar advice and advice of the society would complement the administration advice. The first one would have the mission to function as one frum of dialogues and action the questions of familiar interests, conflicts expectations personal, ethical growth at last familiar subjects and aspects of the expectations of the family in relation to the society that can have impact on the proper family, the property and the management. As as frum that it represents and it manages the interests of the controlling group in the management of the capital, but societrias participation, evaluation of the managers in the strategies corporative, through the approval of the plan strategical. To approve lines of direction, to choose the administration advice, to evaluate financial the economic performance and financial demonstrations. finally the Advice of administration in the protection mission and maximizao of the return of the investment of the shareholders adding value to the enterprise. Watching over for the observance of the values beliefs and intentions of the shareholders in the activities of the similar company of whom the interest of the company always prevails.

Average Product

For some people, a good value means a price, others low, however, is made use to pay more, contanto that they believe that they are getting a product/quality service. The politics of prices more used is the HILO, in reason of the Brazilian consumer to be much more susceptible the promotions perhaps of what to a promise or to the commitment of low prices every day, this situation can elapse of the fact of the last decades of high taxes of inflation to have propitiated the sprouting of an inflationary culture in the mind of the consumers, affecting its sensitivity the variations of price. Traditional theory of marketing praises that the price differs from the others three elements of the made up of marketing in the direction where it generates prescription and the others generate costs. Studies emphasize that the efficient way fastest and so that a company maximizes its profit is to start correctly fixing the price. In Brazil it was lived in a closed economy and with low competitiveness, until 1990 middle, the cost of the normally high product and with low level of technology: Average cost + profit edge = price of market of the product.

Currently with the open economy and the increase of the competitiveness the products are little more borrowed formadores of the price and of the market price. Being thus profit = market price? average cost. In an environment where the strategical planning is essential. Habitual prices: they are those settled by the habit, tradition, not objective psychology vain of the consumer and other ways. Random prices: they are fixed immediately below of a round number suggesting economy. To fix prices of sales we must take in consideration innumerable external factors, amongst which if they detach: – the structure of costs and expenditures of the company; – the level of carried through investment; – the general and functional objectives of the organization; – the waited demand of the product; – the capacity and the financial availability of the consumers; – the quality and the technology of the product offered in relation to the necessities of the buyer’s market.


This dispersion of efforts did not hinder that, already in the second half of the decade of 1930, it appeared in Brazil for the first time, even so of still incipient form, an agricultural strategy in the scope of the central government, having as objective to extend and to diversify the farming production of the country, particularly that one destined to the domestic market. The main instrument of this strategy was and would continue to be for much time credits, it agricultural publishes of Creia of the Bank of Brazil. The advantages I credit of it agricultural quickly had been used to advantage by the agriculturists, becoming possible, between 1938 and 1945, not only the great magnifying of the bank credit to the productive sector, but also a considerable growth of the farming production in the same period (SWMRECSANYI; BRANCHES, 1977, p.231).

The period postwar period was called, in the agricultural scope, for the new cycle of valuation of the external prices of the coffee, that if opened in the magnifying deals of it broke world-wide it of 1946, hibernando in this A stage the diversified politics of products and region that prevails in the previous period. The agricultural politics of the federal government in the period basically had been come back toward stimulate the production saw market mechanism to it, with the state intervention acquiring some relevance only at the moments where referring problems to the internal supplying appeared of foods and substances cousins. The exchange, fiscal and credit subsidies for the acquisition of the modern insumos calls of the farming production had contributed substantially for the great increase had in the fertilizer consumption and for the diffusion of the use of tractors and other mechanical equipment, even though of the trucks. These instruments of agricultural politics can be faced as the desencadeante factor of the industrialization of Brazilian agriculture, which started to occur with bigger intensity in the second half of the decade of 1950, also contributing for the great I continue increase that had in offers of products agriculturists entre1946 and 1964.

Goldman Sachs

“Founded in 1869, Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. Headquartered in New York, we maintain offices in all major financial centers around the world.”

According to managing of the Alertse Qualification, Chana Vasco (2010), ‘ ‘ the excellency in the attendance the customers it can be a decisive fact in the success of a company, and, therefore empreendimento’ must be with priority subject in the planning of any; ‘. It continues, ‘ ‘ it is door of entrance or exit of a company. The Alertse gives to courses to its collaborators from the demand of the company in relation to the qualification and qualification, where the lessons focus; third sector, private law, management, performance and communication in the attendance to cliente’ ‘. Complete the Rmulo consultant Raymond, ‘ ‘ it is not enough to prepare only the professionals of the sector of sales to offer optimum attendance. All the employees must be trained for this, with campaigns of motivation and courses of qualificao’ ‘. 12 ‘ ‘ the professional cannot take care of the desires of the customer, but yes, only surpass the expectations of this person.

All have that to have this perception so that it has success in its intentions. After all, to take care of well is not more distinguishing, because is obligation of all the organizations, independently of the branch where they act. It only goes to have empatia between collaborator and customer when the professional if to place in the place of the other and to think what it would feel in that situation. Nobody purchase only one product, but also the benefits that it can bring for its vida’ ‘ (Raymond, 2010). The challenge in the enterprise world if bases on attracting, developing and to hold back the clientele, but for this, the applied strategy strong needs to be supported in programs and organizacionais tools that value the consumers.

Brazilian Economy

Brazil is an emergent country with its economy in growth. From 1994, with the implantation of ' ' Real&#039 plan; ' it was initiated Brazilian economic stabilization, by means of control of the inflation, that left the platform of two digits to the month for a digit to the year. The regulation of the law of readjustment of contracts, tax incentives, reduction of the tax of interests among others factors, provided to the market the increase in productive investments. E, the growth of productive investments generate wealth and a virtuous circle that involves all the economy, improving the tax collection, new chances and increase of job, wages and income, stimulating the increase of the Gross domestic product of the country. According to economists of the BNDES ' ' the retaken one of the investment is one of the challenges most excellent for the Brazilian economy in the long stated period The Brazilian economy lived, between 2006 and 2008, its more important cycle of investments since the decade of 1970. However, the virulence of the external scene finished for interrupting temporarily the process that was in course The domestic demand became more important factor for the expansion of the investment in next anos.' ' The current readings of the Brazilian economy point economic growth, however, still exist many gargalos that affect its steady expansion, mainly the call Brazil Cost.

For the president of the ABIMAQ, Mr. Luiz Aubert Grandson the Brazilian economy is warm for the strong consumption of the domestic market. However &#039 standes out; ' this consumption comes being taken care of, each time, for products more imported, in substitution to the production nacional.' ' Aubert considers despite the Brazilian industry is competitive and that Brazil is that is not competitive! It says that ' ' Brazil cost imposes a loss of competitiveness for the national industry of the order of 42% in relation to Germany and the U.S.A, without comparing with China The governments need to understand, urgently, that the transformation industry is agonizing, want only isonomy to concur in conditions of equality with the products estrangeiros.' ' On the other hand, although all the gargalos that harm the Brazilian economy, the Gross domestic product of the country in 2010 got 7,5% growth before 10,3% of the GIP of China.

Prices Formation

It will go to assist the commission to legalize all the documents, will provide all the bureaucratic details that involve the ceremony of degree light meal and the ball of formation, without atropelos and misfortunes. Then it is important to choose a company with experience in the market so that the group does not run the risk to fall in & ldquo; blow of formatura& rdquo; , that people are who if pass for professionals, affirming that a company exists, but that they add all with the money that would have to be destined to the preparativeses of the parties. According to Leather strap, the work of the company consists of giving to comfort to the group, leading all the filtered information, managing all the suppliers, so that the pupils are not worried about nothing. Of this form it is responsible for the calculation of the expenses, collection of the monthly parcels, orientation on forms of money collection of the monthly fees in accordance with the interest of the group, as the accomplishment of parties, raffles. The team follows the scratch the cronograma with the details, values, dates, schedules, places, detailing all the information and carried through stages. Being that the plan varies as the size of the group it interests and it of the same one. Another function of the company is to provide the infrastructure of the commemorations as to indicate optimum space for the degree light meal, the hall of ideal ball, to prepare the equipment as illumination, sound equipment, decoration, scene, security, robes, band and all the other services necessary to make best of its formation, verifying the quality and the maintenance of each item so that everything is perfect. The formation company must give to all the freedom it commission to visit different places and to compare the prices, beyond visiting the parties organized for the proper company.

Maslow Necessities

At any time a person can be motivated, this for a variety of how much in such a way internal external factors. The people are different and can at any time be motivated in diverse ways. The necessities human beings influence in the behavior of the individual generating a force. It can be said that impulsionadoras forces as desires, wills, distrusts of the individual can result in motivation, individual satisfaction. 3.1 MOTIVATION AS MASLOW the necessities always act in set, prevailing highest, since that the inferiors are satisfied.

Some basic necessities can be express or satisfied in set, therefore they possess a relation in the mannering one. Therefore, any signal of insatisfao frustration, can be a psychological threat, what it can result in reactions in the human behavior. Maslow extended its theory suggesting that the organization assumed the construction of a bridge between the basic necessities and of auto-accomplishment. to leave of the moment that one of these necessities if becomes satisfied, the human being starts to long for the full satisfaction of this necessity, being been the necessities of the base of the pyramid the physiological ones and security, of esteem and auto-accomplishment. (MASLOW apud CHIAVENATO, 2003, p.92).

According to Maslow (1954 apud CHIAVENATO, 2003) ' ' it organizes the necessities human beings in five hierarchic categories: physiological necessities, of security, affective-social, of esteem and auto-realizao' '. According to Chiavenato (2003, p.89) the motivation also represents an important part in the explanation of the human behavior and of the field of the knowledge of the nature human being. Figure i Pyramid of Maslow Source: the necessities that are in the base of the pyramid are called basic physiological necessities, need immediate satisfaction. Examples: breath, sex, headquarters, hunger, excreo, sleep, etc. The security necessities come soon below and they only can be satisfied if carried through to the first ones.