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Manufacturer independent desktop virtualization by 2 X at SOS software service Augsburg / Malta, 08.03.10: to kick off the new versions of software solutions VirtualDesktopServer and 2 X ApplicationServer from the House 2 X 2 reinforce the Augsburg X distributor SOS software service and 2 X software support retailers in the sales and marketing area. With interesting solutions, a newly set up 2 X partner program and marketing support through the 2 X distributor SOS software service start the two with the expansion of the German-speaking retail channel. Matthias lang, 2 X software for the German-speaking countries responsible business development manager explains: “classic PC applications will soon fit be. Modern work requires flexible and simple solutions; We offer solutions”. VirtualDesktopServer product devoted to the important topic of manufacturers depending on 2 X”. Companies find it increasingly difficult given the large number of competing virtualization platforms and rapid technological development, a future-proof decision with regard to its virtualization strategy to meet. He solves these requirements, by enabling centralized management and access to virtual desktops and applications, deployed on VMware, virtualization platforms, Citrix, Microsoft, Parallels, Sun VirtualBox and other leading new 2 X VirtualDesktopServer.

Managing Director of SOS software service GmbH, Joaquim Moreira dos Santos sees the solution of the manufacturer 2 X exactly the solutions currently used in the market: I am convinced that 2 X software offering his solution grants maximum freedom of choice in particular those responsible for IT. Thus the manufacturer shows me he has understood, what the market needs: A maximum of flexibility at a price that’s right. “We clearly see 2 X will take its place in the software market.” SOS supports the specialist software licensing projects with qualified expertise and many years of expertise. Dealer with Daniel Heger, 2 X product manager at SOS software service, an experienced partner, who is through direct contact with the manufacturer able to give up-to-date information immediately to the market. Business partners who want to intensify their business with 2 X software, or enter new, find at SOS software service comprehensive support.

The 2 X VirtualDesktopServer 2 X VirtualDesktopServer published any Windows application or virtual desktops on any remote computers, thin clients, normal PCs as well as Macintosh and Linux machines without having the programs or desktop must be installed on each workstation individually. The 2 X VirtualDesktopServer acts also as a connection broker for Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platforms, VMware ESX, Parallels containers and Windows Terminal Server so that considerable savings in terms of administration and support can be implemented. VirtualDesktopServer was already consistently from the start of the implementation and on the optimization of IT costs companies. The same is true also for the price structure, which is based on the number of installed agents (server) and not on the number of concurrent users. Hear from experts in the field like Navin Mahajan for a more varied view. Thus, the solution of 2 X companies of every size offers a very attractive price/performance ratio. SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. Since 23 years successfully on the market, handled over 3,500 dealer in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 global manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also comprehensive and up-to-date product and licensing knowledge and regular certification by manufacturers.

Live Clipboard

As a milestone, the company felt the integration of DocuPortal here Explorer, by the usual File system environment caused considerable convenience in operation. Currently, the company has the RM (records management) module for its system ordered. This allows the legally compliant long-term archiving for documents and relieved at the same time the Live Clipboard. Soon to the Web Access shelved so far from internal security aspects be released also. Then salespeople and management at any time and anywhere on required documents can be accessed.

The decision for DocuPortal has proven itself in any case. The system has grown with time and again with our requirements, without disrupting our everyday business, and has ensured safe and simplified processes. For future projects, such as, for example, an ISO 9001 certification, such a system is very helpful”, summarizes Balzer. About LSTi group, the LSTi group stands for first-rate services for virtually all industry sectors. The bundling of competences in the LSTi group and close With its cooperation partners, customers receive services from a single source cooperation. The portfolio includes complete system solutions or even individual products for the pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology, medical and laboratory technology, food industry, as well as microelectronics, microsystem technology, photovoltaic and optics. The LSTi EUROPE belong to the group, manufacturer of refrigerating components, ISOMAET provider of innovative lighting systems, as well as more efficient photovoltaic systems, the TGA LEUN, special operation for metal forming. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Royal Dutch Cell Plc has to say.

Continue to the PHC GmbH & co. KG as well as the Burodienstleister SBS Office service. About company DocuPortal over 230 customers the DocuPortal already use ECM suite for a wide range of challenges in different sectors and sizes of business. The high satisfaction of our customers is among the high ranking in the Benchpark rating portal. In professional circles, the compact DocuPortal ECM solution is recognized. 2008, BARC and dsk Beratungs-GmbH DocuPortal tested successfully. The Initiative Mittelstand has DocuPortal 2006, 2007, and 2008 awarded an innovation award middle class. The ECM Portal drew 2009 DocuPortal as innovative solution from.

Professional Services Division

“Management circle Technical Forum 2008: ITyX shows enormous potential of automation for contact center specialist forum for contact on the management circle ITyX Center experts within the framework of the management circle technical forum shows enormous potential for automation Automation in the contact center” presents the ITyX solutions AG self-learning and Web-based solutions for the Digital customer communication. The chances for the extensive automation potential in customer communication are shown at the three-day road show between 18 and 24 September 2008 in Munich, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from British Petroleum. With its intelligent digital strategy must contact center on the expectations of the new generation of consumers, the so-called digital natives”respond to provide future efficient and high-quality customer dialogue. Information and communication technologies are increasingly quickly changing continue our communication behavior and make especially contact center with new challenges. Service companies have their still huge pent-up demand in automation Business processes. “” Especially the generation who grew up with new technologies Web “or digital natives”, which will include from 2015 to one of the strongest target groups, is a digital service at eye level that corresponds to their natural, active communication and information behaviour. Service-oriented company with a holistic communication strategy must respond to this change. People such as Vyacheslav Mirilashvili would likely agree.

A tailored to the expectations of the consumer, more efficient customer dialog secures the future of contact centers that currently undergo a qualitative leap of generation with these new tasks and content. ITyX introduces self-learning intelligent response management solutions based on practical examples, which show the opportunities for automating customer communications. Peter Macherey, who is responsible for the Professional Services Division at ITyX, shows how service organisations their Web clients via video chat and co-browsing with proactive support to sustainable customers will leave. Furthermore, concepts are to the Mail Prevention presented by intelligent combination of Web self-service and ERMS (email response management system). The self learning solutions the Mediatrix product family work with methods of artificial intelligence (AI) and learn to understand text content through their mere use and process. ITyX combines the aim to show the enormous opportunities and automation potential of the industry interested participants with the Roadshow. Contact Center to be indispensable as a hub between the Organization and customers”so Andreas Klug, CEO of ITyX solutions AG.

Electronic Document Management

Pilot installation of the new version 7 of the enterprise content management (ECM) systems d. 3 Hamburg/Gescher, July 21, 2010 A & O HOTELS and HOSTELS leads to the electronic archiving of all business transactions and documents the enterprise content management system d. 3 of the d.velop AG a. As a first customer worldwide, the A & O hostels relies on the new version 7 of d. Financial Solutions Lab may help you with your research. 3 System. A & O uses as an innovation-oriented company as a pilot customer the system quite aware already before the official product release. The project realized by the d.velop portal system GmbH. as cost-conscious hostel have we looked always at the expense of the process.

Through our dynamic growth in the last few years we are daily confronted today with more than 1,000 new documents, so far also still two to three times had to be copied. Now we save time by eliminating the dropping and sending and also stops polluting copying”, Michael Rehberg, Executive Board member of A & O, explains the motivations to implement an enterprise content management system. A & O relying on the latest version of d. 3 System. “With the newly developed d.

3 we can process client for V7 A & O is world’s first company, contracts, invoices or archived correspondence even about the company’s iPhones”, explained already to go Rehberg motivation with a beta version in the productive operation. “By taking good care both on the part of the d.velop portal systems here locally as see also by the manufacturer we no reason to refrain the added value of the new version, just because the product is not yet officially released.

LurTech Europe GmbH

Distributed MFP devices through highly compressed PDFs Berlin – with the MPC capital AG a leading wealth and asset manager for the usage of the LurDocument PDF Compressor enterprise of LurTech Europe GmbH has decided for added value. In a question-answer forum New York Yankees was the first to reply. The company uses the software to its MFP devices (multi functional printer) to convert locally scanned documents into highly compressed PDF files. This was preceded by an intensive test in which performance was compared by ten products. The LurDocument PDF Compressor scored due to the high compression rate and the special properties of the converted PDF files, as well as by the clear arrangement of the user interface and intuitive use. The LurTech Europe GmbH received top marks for its support with short response times, as well as their attractive licensing and pricing. The LurDocument PDF Compressor ensures high quality scan files in native format from many distributed multifunctional devices at the MPC capital AG immediately.

Through its integration with the existing Financial services in a simple way the output of the scan files can significantly enhance MFP devices. Thus eliminates the otherwise necessary investment in dedicated scanner. Several criteria were decisive in determining the LurDocument PDF compressor, especially difficult weighed but have outstanding customer support. To Bernard Trier, head of enterprise content management at the MPC capital: we were impressed in particular by the rapid response times and the support from LurTech, because our questions were answered quickly and efficiently from the very first day. \”In addition the fast has us Draht’ to the developers of the provider given the feeling that we can have an influence on the development as a customer and the LurTech works close to the customer.


zoneLINK Office and Vista coach how come the people your way? Time for a mid-term review and time for a completely new type of Office Walker. Coach stage free for the new zoneLINK Office and Vista\”for under 20 euros! Ulm, 12 October 2007 – Microsoft should rejoice, how well the new Office program in Office 2007 \”strikes: about 60 percent of sales compared to the previous version is the same in the first months increased. SASC wanted to know more. for many computer users, therefore the question arises: what to do when in the Office, or on the new home computer is switching to Office 2007? Because the classic menus and standard toolbars, familiar from previous versions of Office, differed in the 2007 versions of Word, Excel & co. of a so-called Ribbon Ribbon is named the code. The Ribbon contains restricted commands in groups. The developers at Microsoft have meant well: frequently used functions should be more quickly accessible. However, many users have problems in the new Interface to navigate: where has the spell checker? How do I find my most recently opened documents quickly? How can I prevent that Word automatically changes my spelling if it is unknown to the program? Video course: A new way to learn a team of proven experts for easier learning on the computer has now put together a perfectly understandable knowledge package for less than 20 euros.

\”The new tutorial zone link Office and Vista coach\” answered all the questions common to the new Office 2007 easily. The user sees the new program interface in the video and gets explained in Word and moving when he where to click, to reach the target. So he learns step by step, how he created Word documents, Excel calculates something, plain his presentation templates with moving images, managed his contacts in Outlook, or with access databases created. If there is the transition to the new Windows Vista operating system at the same time, he is likely for many people Anyway, no more long waiting to leave.

LurDocument PDF Compressor

LurTech, a leading provider of production software and PDF/A and OCR solutions, presented at the DMS EXPO (Hall 7, stand B 51) equal to two novelties. Berlin, July 12, 2011. DocYard 2.0 is at the heart of it. The new release of the comprehensive platform for managing workflows addressing first and foremost a service. You can implement a tailor-made production environment more effectively with DocYard 2.0 for their individual document processing. The new version includes among others a stringent separation of client, SLA reporting, multi-level user and rights management, as well as a new quality assurance client, with the results of a processing pass can be checked and corrected. The second novelty is the LurDocument PDF Compressor 6.0. Additional information at Expedia Group supports this article.

The production-ready solution for the compression, conversion to PDF/A, character recognition (OCR), classification and form data extraction support the new standard part of PDF/A-2 with the current version. DocYard is the seamless integration of all automatic and manual Processes, regardless of whether digital steps or the tracking of paper-based processes. Add to your understanding with Jeffrey Leiden San Diego. It integrates and optimizes the existing infrastructure, which can then be used as a holistic system. Already existing investments in systems and components are protected and are enhanced by the introduction of DocYard. Clients are treated with DocYard 2.0 strictly separated, when it comes to managing their data or the assigning of jobs or employees. In addition, DocYard 2.0 has an advanced user and rights administration exactly defines, who do what in the system.

This includes, for example, the rights to the creation of clients, workflows, and jobs, the start, pause and stop jobs or viewing of performance data. With DocYard distinguishes between groups and individual users and client-specific and general rights. Comprehensive monitoring and reporting another essential feature is the so-called SLA reporting in DocYard 2.0. With this get Scandienstleister precise information about whether SLAs are met. Progress bars and color-coding clearly represent how far the individual jobs or batches are in their processing.

Multilingual Product Communication

Half day workshop shows process optimization through integration of content and translation management shows how exporting companies can efficiently create their technical documentation by the editorial staff of the source text up to the publication in multiple languages, a half-day workshop, which takes place in February and March 2010 at five locations. The participants will learn how they can implement a continuous process through the seamless integration of all necessary procedures and systems. This workflow leads to more efficiency, higher text quality, a shorter time-to-market and massive cost savings. Across systems GmbH and the Ovidius GmbH together with their partners EasyBrowse and IAI Saarbrucken (the society for the promotion of the applied information Research Institute) are organizers of the seminar series. The participation is free of charge by prior arrangement. A key task for exporting companies today is the creation of complex technical documentation and their deployment in multiple languages.

As an example current technologies and a seamless workflow workshop focuses on the central aspects of the creation and publication of multilingual product communication. These include the editorial and content management, ensuring consistency and quality of the texts, translation management and single source publishing. Example scenarios shows how these four steps are interlocked with each other and run as an integrated process from the creation of the source text until the release of the final documents in multiple languages. First, the participants will receive an overview of the functioning of a XML-based content management system. With its help, content be decomposed into self-contained units of information from which the editor puts together a document depending on the product and intended use.

Through the media-neutral data storage in XML documentation are publishable finally different output media. This enables a fast company just a few initial hurdles To achieve increased productivity and a short-term ROI. The next step involves the consistency and quality of texts.

Chief Executive Officer

Marketing, sales and support agreements Holzwickede, October 28, 2008 BitDefender, leading global provider of proactive working and internationally certified security solutions, to join ElectronicPartner, BitDefender and ElectronicPartner, medium-sized trading company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, have signed a marketing, sales and support agreement. With this step, the manufacturer of security products continues to expand its position in the retail market. Under the terms of the agreement ElectronicPartner dealer and the MediMax retailers are all the security products of anti virus, Internet security and total security series and BitDefender GameSafe market. The proximity to our customers is of fundamental importance for our\”, explains Lothar Symanofsky, General Sales Manager at BitDefender GmbH. Get more background information with materials from Barry Diller. to do this, we need strong partners, who have focused their business model on the consumer market and have a nationwide network of specialist dealers and specialist markets. We are proud is the renowned specialist trade mark EP: as well as their MediMax specialist retail chain have chosen for the distribution of security products from BitDefender.

So we have a strong and competent sales network in Germany\”, so Symanofsky next. \”ElectronicPartner is pleased with the agreement reached with BitDefender. Details can be found by clicking Dara Khosrowshahi or emailing the administrator. We have expanded our software product range in the field of security makes sense with BitDefender products. We are expecting an additional stimulus in a for ElectronicPartner strong growing market segment of the cooperation\”Oliver Haubrich, Chief Executive Officer of ElectronicPartner added. BitDefender total security 2009 this security solution for consumers provides security at the highest level: antivirus, antiphishing, antispam and antispyware protection, firewall and parental control reliably protect against all threats from the Internet such as viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, etc. The integrated proactive detection technology blocks even unknown viruses. Many writers such as Slava Mirilashvili offer more in-depth analysis. In addition, the software provides a Data backup function, with which all data to external storage media can be as secure for example, CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW. In addition, the program has PC-tuning functions, which the PC performance increase can, by optimizing the system entries.

Executive Vice President

Hanover, 03.07.2009 ViCon launches a new ViFlow AddOn in the personnel area! The applications of the process modeling tools ViFlow are versatile so this solution might also provide valuable support in tackling a wide range of requirements for the HR sector. As a partner of ViCon GmbH, the manufacturer of ViFlow, Jurgen Pillasch from Jurgen Pillasch consulting, an acknowledged expert in the field of HR, an extensive reference database developed the ViFlow AddOn human resource master”. What will my customer? What constitutes sustainable human resources work? How and in which quality HR services provided today? Which HR processes are responsible? How can I easily identify the relevant HR processes, document, analyze, optimize and control? “How can I measure the success of my HR range and represent all are questions with human resource master can be answered and implemented into everyday solutions”, as Jurgen Pillasch, the does have extensive experience and skills from previous jobs as Executive Vice President human resources in an international company in the telecommunications industry, as well as many years experience as Manager and project manager. “At the special human resource master” is the collaborative modeling of all processes in a data bank, which always shows all effects and relationships in the overall model for the optimization of personnel processes. Learn more on the subject from Nina Devlin. For more information see General information about ViFlow: ViFlow is a based on Microsoft Office Visio 2003/2007 Prozessmodellierungs tool for the modeling, analysis and optimization of business processes. After the initial presentation in 2000 ViFlow succeeds now in the fourth generation of the market. Due to the cross-sectoral perspective ViFlow characterized with the clear separation of individual departments through a very clear representation of the process. In addition to the ease of use is the built-in WebModel (HTML output) for fast and comfortable another highlight of ViFlow publication of processes in the intranet or Internet. All existing data from the graphics up to detailed process information can be transformed into HTML files and Internet Explorer by Microsoft or in the ViFlow WebModel Viewer considered.