Cannon Situation

He is interesting to indicate that the fear to the physical damage brings about the same reaction that the fear to a psychic pain. The certain thing, remembers to us Elena Go’mez, who implied physiological changes in a provoking situation of fear are pronounced. Recurdese that the implied physiological systems, at interactive level, par excellence, are: the independent nervous system and the endocrine system. The subsequent answer, before atemorizante stimulus, triggered by these systems, was investigated by Cannon and Selye that studied the immediate reaction of the organism (Cannon) and the adaptation of the same before a continued situation of stress (Selye). (Reactions of alarm and period of resistance). The mobilization of the corporal resources, adapted for attack-flight answer, against the danger, is shown through the activation of the likeable nervous system and the adrenal marrow that is going to secrete hormones like the epinefrina and norepinefrina *, if the situation stays, goes of the alarm reaction, to the period of resistance and the control happens of the marrow to the adrenal crust and to the adenohipfisis, implied hormones are denominated antiflogisticas (they reduce the inflammatory processes) and glucocorticoids are related to the metabolism of sugars in the organism (: hidrocortisona, corticosterona and cortisone), therefore, are related to the contribution of energy to the same in the phase of resistance of which we spoke. Prolonged stress, produces a diminution in the activity of the thyroid (diminution of tiroidea stimulating hormone) and a smaller secretion of the hormone of the growth. Continue to learn more with: Angus King.

Also there is a clear repercussion of the stress continued in the alteration of the sexual and reproductive behavior, takes place, therefore before a situation it continues of emergencia in the organism, a smaller activity of the growth, reproduction and defenses in front of infectious processes, as much it is the cause of stress: psychological, by surgical traumatism or environmental cause (Gray, 1971). Concretely Go’mez thinks, who the fear is a reaction of protection on the part of the organism that also depends on the filogentico development and on the concrete situation in that one takes place. Present Tngase that are several ways, in which it is reacted to the fear like: The attack; the flight; the paralyzation or some intersocial conducts of submission against dominance * suggested References: . – Gray, Jeffrey A. (1971) the psychology of the fear, edic. Guadarrama.Madrid. For assistance, try visiting Marc Bistricer. (pp 9-21).

– Jeffers, Susan (1993) Although is equal scared, hgalo, edic. Rocn Book.Barcelona. (p.41). – Ramirez Villafez, Loved (1995) a scientific method to confront the fear and the sadness edic. Amar.Salamanca. (p.

Office Environmental

And then most reasonable question arose – who cut of deputies? In the cabinet has not yet commented on the reasons for the personnel reform in the environmental department. It is not excluded that the root of the issue is already long overdue conflict between the head of Rosprirodnadzor Vladimir Kirillov, and one of his deputies – Mitvol. Oleg L. himself suspects that the reduction Russian government of one of the four posts of Deputy Head of Service will lose by him. To know more about this subject visit Rogers Holdings. Differences in Rosprirodnadzor between all departments and managers Mitvol last several years. Mitvol, working with the Office since its inception in April 2004, one of the most prominent environmental agency officials.

He is best known loud actions against large companies and public threats of demolition private houses, almost all leaders criticized Rosprirodnadzor. Now Mr. Mitvol is on leave, and possibly the name of the deputy, who will be cut, we learn only at the beginning of September. In the Seine caught trout, and in the Neva River – piranhas in the Seine in Paris suburbs for the first time in many years, managed to catch sea trout. Such an unusual catch of fishermen so surprised that they decided to turn to professionals for an explanation. It was found that considerable size, by local standards, big fish over 60 cm long and weighing 2.5 kg truly belongs to the family Salmonidae, and fell into the Seine basin from the ocean. No less surprised and representatives of local environmental services, because the sea trout, known for its sensitivity to the environment, has chosen as the location of the dwelling Seine.

Educational Center

With the advanced graphical and technological solutions and convenient headings, by which a suitable institution can be found in three alternative ways (by location, by type of course or on the name), a catalog Stud EXPRESS is probably still the most convenient Directory of foreign language centers for business people, professionals and young people. And the opportunity to relay catalog Stud EXPRESS on partner sites makes it truly unique. Over three years of the project Webcams does not appear unique. Repeaters receive code to install directory Stud Express for free after registration and become participants in the affiliate program, which fixes made on partner sites orders using the order form. In this case, and the site owner Relay, and visitors to the site are able to take advantage of the best directory STAGE EXPRESS. Based on the content directory Stud EXPRESS are illustrated descriptions of foreign language centers, offering '> English courses for adults and youth, high school and college with a description of their key features.

Profiles of educational institutions include information on training programs and prices, which include tuition fees, accommodation for the selected option, service learning abroad and overhead costs. Fees for training of varying duration and intensity are presented as illustrative tables, information that is easy to compare and analyze. Information in the directory contains many, but it is perfectly structured. A suitable institution can be easy to find three different ways. Illustrated descriptions of foreign language centers, schools and colleges can help you understand key features of an educational institution and the proposed training programs.

Illustrative tables with exact prices allow you to compare prices for courses of varying duration and intensity of the light option chosen accommodation. Prices in the catalog Stud EXPRESS clear and conclusive. User easier to decide if he understood the final price for services. After receiving a contract for signature, the customer will find in it the same amount as listed in the directory. For foreign educational institutions participating in the directory Stade Express for free. Here it will only include foreign institutions with an excellent reputation with the necessary accreditation, which confirmed the excellent quality of service and attention to students. Creator and owner of Internet directory Stud EXPRESS LTD is the Educational Center "STAGE FLIGHT '- winner of' Best in the overseas education 2004 'in the category' Best Website '. OOO OC 'STAGE FLIGHT' opened in October 2000 supported server '100 road '(OOO' Arimsoft ') and specializes in studying abroad. At the end of March 2006 OC 'STAGE FLIGHT' announced the launch of the Stade EXPRESS , available on the domains,,, and The main purpose of this project – improving the quality of information on educational opportunities abroad.

Groups Delivery

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES – To favor the learning of the pupils from books that denote the city of Belm; – To value the culture while form of recognition of the cultural identity of the pupil; – To recognize the importance of the city of Belm in the national scene, from the exotic foods of the region; – To facilitate the learning of the pupil from the creation of existing material in our environment. METHODOLOGY The present project has as objective to recognize the city of Belm as focus of learning of the pupils from its culture, in regards to its identity and its enchantments, in order it pupil if to recognize as member of this vast culture. In view of the learning of the pupil I intend to emphasize the reading of quantities that make reference the city of Belm, or better, saying: that they base the birth of this city, and for being rich in diversities as: tourist points, exotic culinria and varied flavors, will break the principle of the planning of the project for each existing series in our school, and also, to each etria band. Of this form, the work most will be developed by the professors, who will make a survey all of what he can be worked during elapsing of the project. Therefore as we work with infantile education, we have that to objectify the content considered for each reality, thus to develop the project as a whole only linked e. Other leaders such as Jonah Bloom offer similar insights. Thus, the project will follow during elapsing of the school year, also developing material that involves the question of the environment, as facilitador of the learning. To the end, of this project a culminncia will be made to show the community of entorno of the school, and to the parents the production of our pupils and professors.

CRONOGRAMA FEBRUARY Group: Garden I Study of referring images the tourist points of the city. Former: drawings and paintings. MARCH Group: Garden II Survey of the existing exotic foods in our culinria. Former: tacac, caruru, cream of cupuau, etc. APRIL Group: CI 1 YEAR Survey of the diversities of existing flora and fauna in our region. Former: andiroba, fish-ox, pirarucu, etc. MAY All the Groups Reading of Paraenses Writers JUNE All the Groups folclricas Dances and foods typical AUGUST All the Groups Delivery of material worked in 1 Semester for the sample SEPTEMBER All the Groups Strolls the tourist points of the city. OCTOBER All the Groups Cultural Patrimony The Wax candle NOVEMBER Sample of Infantile Education Delivery of material all the groups DECEMBER Closing of the project/Culminncia Mostra of works produced for the pupils the community. REFERENCES – BRAVE 171, YEAR 13 N de Publicao 164

Study English In Malta

Once there was the heart of the legendary and mysterious Order of the Knights of Malta, known to all of the history of the Middle Ages. Now, an elite resort, where 320 days of sunshine throughout the year, and the water temperature even in winter falls below 17 degrees Celsius. Learn more at this site: Jonah Bloom. But Malta attracts visitors not only the sea, beaches, unique temples and ancient catacombs, but also an opportunity to learn or "pull" is the most popular language in the world – English. Yes, here, on the Mediterranean island, where the classic English spoken is not worse than in London itself. Linguistic tour to Malta comfortable even as the first foreign trip. It is very convenient Maltese Consulate in Moscow without any quibbles puts tourists and students a Schengen visa, even in a completely "clean" passports and thus opens a window to Europe. Everyone has a choice – you can live in the Maltese family, can be in the apartment for the students, it is possible in the hotel.

Shtudirovanie English begins with the first day. English should be explained in the same taxi with his family. Somehow it turns out that getting the language environment, do not you think how to translate this or that phrase, and immediately pick up English expressions. At first, students often say ugly, then your vocabulary expands. English lessons are very interesting and dynamic.

By the end of courses some students even begin to dream dreams in English. Lessons learned in college last up to 2 hours of the day. Students can use the school private beach, where it is possible to walk sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, diving and play water polo. All the rest of the foreigners spend on trips and familiarity with the country. In Malta, the towns and villages so closely adjacent to each other that the dividing plates perform a purely symbolic function. All coaches are sent from one point of the country – the ring in the center of the capital Valletta. And depart from there in different directions. Crime in the country, almost none. Since Malta – a former British colony, the laws are such as severe as in England. Apparently, therefore, Malta does not have locks on the doors, and cars are not equipped with alarms. Even growing oranges on the streets without permission of anyone, including tourists, does not terminate. Maltese English schools are very popular in Europe. Here, learn how children and adults alike, regardless of the initial training. Each student can choose the program that he would have to taste: from basic to specialized courses – Business English courses for executives, managers, etc., as well as prepare and being in the language environment, successfully pass the tests of ielts, toefl, which recognized throughout the world. The structure of the Maltese language schools like the British: the intensity of training – 15-20 hours per week, a form of teaching – in the presence of the mini-groups, groups, a combination of private lessons with group A In addition to learning using the same textbooks and qualified teachers have diplomas or certificates entitling them to teach English foreigners. In general, the Maltese language schools are the most popularity among the Italian, French, Brazilian and Czech students. Therefore, the ability to communicate in their native language will be for objective reasons, be kept to a minimum. But do not be afraid – with students working Russian-speaking counselor who can assist on any issue.

The Market

So comes the wealth only through self-improvement, work on yourself. One millionaire said: "If you do not want to deprive people of money by force or deception, bring to the market value for that people themselves will bring you money on a tray with a gold kaemochkoy! "This is now engaged in all the leading corporations in the world. They invent something that people want and just. If the product is really valuable to man, it is not even need to advertise, is only just to show millions of people what it is and what it is and all. People will buy it, and he will give word of mouth. Advertising helps promote an excellent or good, or completely destroys unwanted goods. "The trouble is that people want to get ready, ignoring the performance of its functions.

As payment, the equivalent, he suggested that his faith in God, scientific and technical progress and a chimera – social justice. But faith is not confirmed by informed choice and its creative implementation in practice – it is static. To learn how to make an informed choice, staying in the dynamics, we must include the neocortex and connected to channel God. Only then can we begin to get the only thing that God has for each and give them without limits and restrictions – is that can not be repaid tips. " (An interesting example of clues – the movie "Destination") Another difference between a rich man from the poor and is higher than what he said.

English Language And Business

To have the knowledge of the English language already is considered a basic requirement in the Brazilian education and an extra differential as it happened not only has some years, therefore the same one is part of the world-wide culture. Today with the dynamism of the globalization world in which the English is the language world-wide, the importance to learn the language if became basic, either to communicate themselves, to study to be brought up to date, or in the world of the businesses. In view of the importance of this it disciplines, exists the necessity of forms conscientious professors of its paper in the formation of professionals who will be giving lessons that will have to not only possess content theoretician, as well as practical. Added to this the cultural aspect that involves the use of the English language, it cannot be forgotten by being of significant importance for the contribution of the education leaving of how much possible a so real demonstration. In this context one understands that the professor must be a person academically capable and brought up to date. If to consider what some think on the undeniable efficiency of the learning of the English language to be more efficient when the individual will be inserted in the environment where the language is used in all the circumstances, as in countries where the first language is the English, and the effectiveness of the learning if must to the fact of the greater contact of the individual with the use of the same one, and reflecting on the theory of the positive behaviorism that according to Donald Mackay, a specialist in cerebral physiology, the same as scientific method and its techniques has utility and contributes for the understanding, for the development, for the individual learning and social interaction therefore one of the main objectives of the behavioristas techniques it is the control of the mind, and the molding of life and the attitudes of the individuals.

Cambridge Biographical Center

"Troika" for "three", the children are gradually getting used to bad estimates and, therefore, recognize their own lack of success. This problem is more serious quarter estimates. Teach a man to be successful it is impossible. But you can teach study. The development of intellectual abilities – that the task set and successfully solved Marat A. Ziganov, who developed one of the most effective methods of developing: the technology of "intelligence." By the way, Merit Marat Aleksandrovich highly appreciated at international level: it is on the Cambridge Biographical Center in the number of outstanding scientists of the 20th century on the subject "Development of intellectual abilities." Say goodbye to fatigue simple and effective technology, "Intelligence" helps students save time on homework and to improve the learning process. Thus, solved two problems: fatigue is reduced, and performance, by contrast, is growing.

That is what the guys are making, dealing with technology "intelligence." The kids quickly disposing of the homework will be able to run an extra hour in the yard, and seniors will be able to spend more time in sports, music, dance, languages, and other hobbies. Technology Technology success "Intelligence" is aimed at students with their specific terms of knowledge and the basis for a system of exercises went to the thesaurus (the conceptual apparatus) the curriculum subjects. Different and the job performed by students, for example, in teaching children themselves are tests for other students. "Intelligence" allows students to complete reveal their ability to properly set goals and objectives, directs them to get mixed results – and good grades, and this knowledge, the high price they already understand a school desk. Although estimates are important: children who have graduated from school as "good" and "excellent" feel more confident in the entrance exams to university. The best schools in Moscow and Russia have introduced "Intelligence" in its program.

The technology developed by Marat Ziganovym, used abroad in Riga, Baku and other cities. However, the technology to do "Intelligence" can not just disciples of prestigious private schools. In Moscow for 25 years running "Presidential School" (before 2001 – "School rational reading "). Catching up once a week and doing your homework, boys substantially increase the level of academic achievement. "Intelligence" – is an effective program for children that will give them the correct settings are not only the period of study, but also for life. And do not think that adults do not need to "be able to learn": once each may need additional knowledge. For example, when moving to another position, by changing skills, and that too talk about self-study foreign languages? The formula of "knowledge = success" not only works for the school desk. Program "Intelligence" – a pledge of good knowledge and a successful future of your children! And while the children learn their parents also have something to do at school: they have developed special activities, such for example as a business course and speed reading e-mails.


Our wonderful, powerful language added another buzzword zabugorskim: Coaching. At the moment there are few cities in which there is no agency involved in providing coaching and consulting services. When an outsider people are not spoiled by various terms faced with many new words that can be confusing. Therefore, in this article we will talk about what is coaching. Quite often, watching foreign films, we see the scene when the main character is confused, depressed, or in difficult situations, with a discussion of their problems, he prefers to spend together with a psychologist. In our country, people often found themselves in problems Faced with the insurmountable problem as the concrete wall, preferring to consult with friends, family and friends.

People are not strangers, listening to us give a good or very good advice, but that is unlikely to overcome the problem situation in our favor. Here in this situation and what coaches need specialists in general and himself coaching in particular. The word coaching comes from the English. Coach – translated as a coach, teacher – a man able to specify the correct path to victory, to the target. Talking to the coach, you set out a problematic situation and tell the target you wish to achieve, the expert performs the analysis of the situation and your words, and then propose a specific model of behavior, with gradual, step by step plan of action. Sometimes people come to the coach he did not know until the end of what he wants, in this case, additional interviews during which achieved a more complete understanding of the life and paintings desired goals. Coach is not a psychologist, no you will not be subjected to hypnosis or lay on the couch, listening to hours of your life's problems.

By psychotherapy coaching has nothing to do. In psychotherapy, coaching different goals. Psychotherapy helps answer the question "Why I am a loser and can not achieve the goal?" While coaching answers to another question, "What are the steps to take to achieve the goal?". Coaches do not spend in-depth study of the last man, the main thing is that there is at the moment, the moment is the starting point. The motto of coaching: "He wanted to – has chosen goal – received." Internet webinars provide an opportunity to communicate with the coaching coach and get advice remotely, an organization engaged in providing consulting services company. Coaches are people who help define the purpose of human behavior, a strategy suitable for specific, specific living conditions. Implement the selected plan of action for you, no one will, so you'll achieve everything themselves, periodically turning the advice of a coach.

Foreign Languages In The Modern World

Each language – the basis of an infinitely rich culture, one of the main values of the people. Word – this is the first that he heard a child is born, something that will accompany him throughout his life. Native language, of course, the only one. Most beautiful and sweet heart, the most expensive. But there are others, too wonderful and unique to the study which aims to be a man. Everyone has their own purpose. Some people learn foreign languages in order to get a decent job in the future, others to socialize with friends from around the world, travel, others want to read the original foreign authors, get married (married) abroad. In order to understand foreign humor (which is very often built on a linguistic basis), a deeper understanding of history and culture of the country of interest, too, must learn the language.

Moreover, in modern society, such knowledge is not simply desirable. They are needed. Educated, ambitious person must possess several foreign languages, they constantly grind and refine. Anyone who does not show respect for languages, does not deserve the attention and respect. Learning a foreign – not tedious process. This is a creative, exciting activity that develops world-view, allows to improve logical thinking, the ability to express their thoughts concisely and clearly.

In each language, millions of words to choose necessary, create a special combination. Today there are approximately 5000 actively used languages and dialects. The choice is yours. The main thing – do not be afraid to learn the language, try to speak and write as often as possible, do not hesitate to their mistakes. Does not make them known to one who does nothing.