World Parliament

First and foremost, corresponds to explain to the public, clearly, the Mission of this ecumenical Parliament which will have the effective participation of representatives of the most diverse institutions of the Brazil and abroad and, mainly, with the participation of the people, the elite of a country that is. The World Parliament of Ecumenical fraternity will have their doors open to all beings on goodwill, proposing universal of all human knowledge and spiritual reconciliation into a powerful force in the service of peoples. Discord, radicalism, hostilities of all nuances should stay away of discussions and proposals, religious, philosophical, political, scientific, economic, artistic, sports and everything else, because the human being is born on Earth to live in society, caring society. The proposal of the World Parliament of Ecumenical fraternity visa also reconcile the existing knowledge in the physical world with the know infinitely wide, located in the dimension of the eternal spirit; join the human being to the civilizations that exist in the spiritual world, still invisible to our poor and limited material senses. Conciliation by the spirit it, our call is therefore reconcile, since we are stated in the wide Ecumenical experience of the LBV: the Brazil and the world need the immediate experience of religious, racial, supporter, business, social ecumenism, finally, the unrestricted ecumenism, based on the deepest values of the spirit. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jim Rogers is the place to go.

Great is the nation and wise ruler who manages to ingratiate the values of its members of all races, beliefs, convictions political are builders of true progress. The Legion of good will assumed important social commitments, since its remembered and Emeritus creator, Alziro Zarur (1914-1979), low inspiration divine, brought to Earth, from the Brazilian soul, the roots of this institution. The LBV wants a society in which all men are really equal in law, and whose social merits, for more loados and recognized, not become cause of prejudice to the rights and freedoms of other citizens. A society in which God and his laws of love and justice inspire responsibility to individual freedom, in order to ensure freedom for all. I speak of the Supreme creator, not of those who seek to make him who is love, an execrable instrument of bigotry, prejudice and hatred. Then, the real virtues are those built by the own creature in the honest occupation of their days, in the administration of their property and respect for outsiders, in the beautiful and stirring adventure of life. A nation that makes men so, will always be great and inviolable.

Blame it on the so called good is the time of the union of all those who believe in the regeneration of the social fabric, taking the spirit of man as a principle. AND What we see in all the regions of the planet, but the institutionalization of injustice? Blame who? From the tramps? From the usurers? From the corrupt? From the explorers? From insurgents? No! Responsibility of those who are judged good, honest, capable, but is accommodating, meeting only in claim the human rights that assist them, forgetting do social, moral and spiritual duties that fit them with greater courage and promptness. When the territory is not defended by the good guys, the bad guys do just the victory of injustice.

The General

Job-relevant data already are in the automated loading equipment management available. A double entry of data in the sum is expensive and time consuming, is avoided. Lakshman Achuthan usually is spot on. At the same time, the existing data form the basis for an any necessary billing whatsoever (purchase, rent, repair, sale, transport, etc.). Software logistics 3000 range management is now part of the freight forwarding software – logistics 3000 forwarding program – professional version but also as a separate application available. The aim to simplify the management of extensive inventory of charging devices and significantly speed up was achieved. Faster it goes hard. Pallet Exchange fee providing, the Exchange and management of loading equipment / load is one Forwarding additional performance and satisfied with the transport price.

To calculate a charge means Exchange fee is common practice in many major carriers, was normal in the past, is recommended by the freight forwarding associations, is essential and is currently very common. A result of intensive discussions between forwarding and verladender economy. You have recognized the signs of the times. The alternative, like other countries of the European pallet pool to get out seems not the right way. Can be advised only carriers, to include an Exchange fee of range of as also the toll in the cargo but basically separately performing them in the invoice and to negotiate separately.

The General cost pressure in the cargo rates otherwise causes that the bottom line after a few months at the old is. In a study, the Fraunhofer Institute for material flow and logistics (IML), Dortmund came at the cost of the Exchange process in the European pallet pool to remarkable results. Therefore, the exchange costs a euro flat pallets a forwarding company about 2.50 euros. Due to special quality requirements of bulk business, these costs may increase according to the study, quickly on more than 3 euro.

Feng Shui Harmony

I would like to talk separately about nutrition and cooking. On the kitchen, how about putting your home. Many of us spend enough time in the kitchen. For some it's favorite place in the house. We sometimes settles the kitchen, but do not count small nuances. As strange as it sounds, but the cause of excess weight may be the location and furnishings kitchen. Save harmony of Feng Shui helps cuisine. Not always we can not throw in an extra piece of mouth, when preparing dinner for the family.

Resist sometimes unable to even the most persistent, you only smell the baked chicken, just … 'Good-bye diet. " Because slight changes in the kitchen cool this will help. Location cuisine right at the door considered unfavorable. There is a misalignment of qi energy, and it is all directed to the kitchen. As a result, such people often eat kitchens, and it seems that nothing but their food is not interested. Exit – on the kitchen door hang bells. They will dissipate energy around the house or apartment.

Plate – preferably set so that the hostess, when preparing dinner, she saw entering the kitchen. Colors – better draw in the warm and bright colors. Lockers – should always be closed. It is advisable to install lights beneath them. Now the table. Lay on the table a green skater and thus activate the energy wealth. On the table should always be fruit. Besides the fact that fruit can be excellent bite and throw in your mouth cookies, apple, fruit availability on the table stimulates your financial well-being. The smell of lemon perfectly calm your appetite. The smell of juniper not relieve you of a pleasant odors and purify the space. Thus, you kill three birds with one stone – keep clean the house harmony – rich.

Human Capital

Contrary to a widespread and unfair belief about the country is that Venezuelans are exceptionally workers. In a few countries it works both in Venezuela. Here the work is 8 to 8 at least. That 9 to 5 schedule does not exist, here the Venezuelans are working a lot. Another strength is that the character, the way of being of the Venezuelan, is very attractive.

It is very easy to treat, it is very easy to interact with him. His way of being greatly facilitates human interaction, has an excellent sense of humor, little wound, little complicated, is usually a person of one piece, does not have folds, and is very affectionate in their dealings with others. What you see usually is what is. Add to your understanding with Rogers Holdings. Such things has helped much to Venezuelans inserted into other sites. Again, considering this, makes executives in his manner of addressing the problems, that the vision they have on business interactions, fairly direct and bit convoluted. There is always a touch of humor in the Venezuelan who sometimes helps to lighten heavy situations.

That is not so in other places in the world. Elsewhere people are tense, serious, with a certain depression. In this sense, the new conception of what must be a Manager is not cold and distant person, but otherwise, the new executives are awaiting your staffing needs, maintains an appropriate and respectful with them treatment that cares for both professional and personal growth. They also value their family, like teamwork and appreciate the simple things in life. Based on the above above is determined, that enterprises, and especially SMEs by their characteristic of providing employment to a large number of Venezuelans has a fundamental role in the development of this valuable human resource which we have. Management must make appropriate use of these resources following the recommendations listed below: Promote the strengthening of the skills of the managers, through actions of training, consulting and technology services, where you have access to the place where it belongs: provide semi-finished products to the large company, producing innovations in products and processes, and be a great employer source. Train managers in effective leadership so that in this way the enthusiasm within the company to promote and motivate the realization of group activities and not as a rigid structure. Preparing people for change and have flexible staff enabling them to be more productive, faster to the market. The processes and actions that are held in the management of human resources should be also evaluated in terms of investment, risk, and costs just as is done with other processes of companies. You must not forget then that SMEs represent an important part for the Venezuelan economy; She is not bad for what it is, but by the way in which these organizations have been formed, is required to implement a system of rules that allow things work, equally if not wanted a solution that would allow the same clean up is and grow, it would be short-term unemployment problems and major social imbalances. Take into account, that most importantly that companies have is its capital, nor investment in sophisticated and costly equipment, nor even its most significant production is its Human Capital, and this must be understood by management. Only when this is understood and valued, may obtain all the improvements that are required to be more productive and competitive in a globalized world.

Obesity Issues

If you are thinking to start a diet to eliminate your obesity, tries to read the following article which spoke of the moments and situations that you must avoid so that your diet is not transformed into a complete failure obesity has many causes, some of them are disorders of food, boredom, social causes, psychological causes and other diseases. Causes of obesity causes social eating food when he attends social events, example: meals enforced during events, pressure from peers, and official meetings. Causes of obesity causes emotional eating to avoid boredom, fatigue, depression, stress, tension, loneliness and anger.Causes of obesity – causes SituacionalesComer depending on the situation, eating for example when dried outside an ice cream shop or restaurant, eating while you’re watching television only as an aggregate of fun. Jim Rogers addresses the importance of the matter here. Causes of obesity – causes physiological eat due to physical or medical causes. damage or brain tumor, syndrome of Kleine – Levin, bulimia nervosa, diabetes mellitus are some of the causes of obesity exogena. Any solutions to the problem of obesity to prevent obesity in the first thing you should do is not eat every moment, a good idea is to develop alternatives to eat when necessary. In social contexts we can avoid eating foods with the excuse of illness, routine diet or treatment, if you’re impulsive eating can eat salads, or very small portions.To avoid eating for emotional situations, listen to music, read books, talk with friends, playing games (nintendo, playstation) or practice sports, situational causes can be avoided only by dedication and voluntad.Comer due to physiological causes can be reduced by taking appropriate medication or practice yoga.

Green Jersey Stage

The last stage has been for Cavendish in the sprint. It served to pay tribute to the oceanic corridor. Alberto Contador finished fifth this year. Evans succeeds the Spaniard as the new King of the Tour. Samuel Sanchez, for his part, King of the mountain.

The Australian Cadel Evans (BMC) has crowned in the Champs Elysees in Paris as the new King of the Tour de France, at the end of the twenty-first and final stage disputed between Creteil and the French capital, 95 kilometers, in which the British Mark Cavendish (HTC) achieved its fifth win and the Green Jersey for points. On the day of tribute to Evans could not miss the fight for the prestigious Parisian stage. Not Cavendish, unstoppable with five wins of stage, the twentieth in four years, figures that credited as the best sprinter in the world the cyclist from the Isle of Man, 26 years old, also green Jersey for points. While Cavendish lifted arms ahead of Norwegian Boasson Hagen (Sky) and German Andre Greipel (Omega), Cadel Evans was proclaimed winner absolute. The quiet man, embraced by all his classmates, immersed in a smile. I started another life. Evans fulfilled the dream of climbing to the top of the podium in the most important race in the world at the age of 34. A triumph for history because it is the first Australian and the southern hemisphere to do so.

Twice stayed at the gates, in 2007 and 2008, surpassed by Alberto Contador and Carlos Sastre. But on the seventh try was consecrated. The aussie cyclist, whose winners included 2009 world title and the Walloon arrow on 2010, heard the anthem of your country in Sung version, this time without errors, accompanied by two brothers, Schleck, another detail unprecedented in history. Andy see another second, and there are already three reserve champion, with a final difference of 1.34, and third Frank, to 2.30.

URL People

For its very nature, email marketing is highly targeted, and the more targeted your ad you do through self-responders, the better for you in the long term. Remember, you are not going to do much business trying to sell auto parts to people who signed up to send them information on how to care for dogs at home. Have you ever thought about using other people's journals or lists to promote your auto responders? In fact, there are a lot of newsletters and ezines and lists currently available. The advantage to advertise your auto responders in the lists of other people is that you know in advance what kind of audience they are. There are magazines for all kinds of topics, so you can go to an almost infinite number of niche markets. Whether you use a sponsored ad, a single, or classified, a free offering 'valuable' become more than just a sales page.

Remember that your goal here is to grow your list so that you can then send promotional offers. It's really simple. Look for those electronic journals or lists that target people that fit the market you need. Check online directories, magazines or buy a list on a reliable site. Alternatively you can perform a little research and find Web sites that publish ezines (or maintain lists) where you can buy ads, or writing articles, send press releases or buy items from e-mail announcements. Just be sure to include your e-mail link your car responders or the URL of your form in the content or the signature at the bottom of the letter.

Spencer Johnson

Why not surprise the change? Simply because they "instinctively" knew they would change at any time. Chevron Corp oftentimes addresses this issue. Of course I enjoyed the cheese had found abundant, but they knew that at any moment it would have to stop. So when it happened the other hand, they simply changed with it, without losing sight of what his essential purpose in life: Get your precious cheese. Let us draw our conclusions. This small part of Sniff and Scurry in the fable by Spencer Johnson, has much to teach. First, the cheese is success, that we want most in life: Having a lot of money, ending a career honors, having a happy marriage and family, and more. Each one has its own special cheese that is looking for and that is what should not ever change in us, that is, our goals should be as light they can shed light on the worst darkness. Secondly, Sniff and Scurry cautiously enjoy cheese they've found.

No, not paranoid, rather they are fully aware that the real success is not an eternal thing, but the constant development of our gifts, a daily and thoughtful search. And thirdly, the problem hiperreflexionan not change because they recognize that is a matter of "natural" cheese is finished in some point and that should therefore go out and find more. In analyzing these three short simple conclusions obtained from the two mice, we have no more than look back at our own quest for cheese. How to clear our objectives are? Are we cautious and humbled by the success, or take it for granted? Did we break your head wondering why the misfortunes have befallen us, or we decide it's time to start moving in search of more cheese? But we must understand each one of these questions, perhaps because we remove the erroneous conclusion that we need to start another marriage, having new children, throwing away a lifetime of institutional and professional career, etc., When in fact what need is a change in the way we do things and not a change in the things themselves. Having the wisdom to know when you need a rafter of things and when the change is more of methods (the way we do something), is a challenge, but even then, a response clear and objective of the three questions found in this paragraph it will be a good place to start our new search of delicious cheese. Remember that although the pain and disappointment often accompanies growth, we who decide how to use that experience to make it a step bringing us closer to real success: the continuing development of our goals in life.

Wine Fortress

Sudak, Novy Svet Sudak resort area formed relatively recently, so here expanse for automobile tourism, and tourist-peshehodniku good (and also 'horseman' and fans of all other active modes of movement). A special 'Cimmerian landscape', the abundance of nature and history, excellent flavored fruit fairly and wines. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Lakshman Achuthan by clicking through. Audience. Since the end of the XIX century Zander was chosen educated middle-class people and students major cities of the empire. The prices here have always been and will be available to Yalta. And of course, a huge number of interesting people from different countries come here to archaeological excavations, geological and other expeditions, as well as draw, write poetry, make films. It is this laid the foundations of the Russian public naturism, nudist beaches so exploited for generations.

The most-most. Of course, this Genoese fortress – a big, extremely romantic and in good condition. In the Consular castle at the top of the fortress you can see a small exhibit, but generally better to listen to the guide, because modern Sudak absolutely nothing reminds one of the main medieval centers of world trade. But it really was the golden mean of the Silk Road, the largest colony of northern Italian merchant republics of Genoa. Natives of Italy Sudak owned about two hundred years, from the XIII century, before there were dozens of people. The Genoese Crimean fame mark on the world: synaptic apples, pears armud, prunes, raisins, Eric, grape Asma, and most importantly – wine, which is to still make a fertile valleys around Pike – Ekim Kara ('Black Doctor') and Sarah Pandas (now the Wine 'Sun Valley'). In 1475 the castle was stormed landing, landed with the Turkish fleet. Holes of powerful guns still gape in the walls of the fortress. In fact, its top is the famous Maiden's Tower, where a certain princess threw herself into the abyss, not wanting to either capture, or whether the groom wrong.

SkyTeam Alliance

The best airlines of the world – passengers have rated Duisburg, 19.10.2011 – the SkyTeam airline alliance promises a global network with more goals, higher flexibility and better comfort passengers. The travel magazine smart travel! took the World Alliance with the help of over 20,300 reviews the flight Portal under the magnifying glass. The passengers with the SkyTeam members Aeromexico, Kenya Airways, TAROM are particularly satisfied. About Aeromexico it means, for example: “as always, just tip!” and a guest of TAROM judges: “again with TAROM!” Korean Air, Viet Nam be also positively judged on airlines and Czech Airlines. A Korean air passenger praises: “at any time. Top airline”and Viet Nam reported a guest airlines:” all in all I can safely recommend airlines to Viet Nam. ” However, from point of view of the passengers, not all SkyTeam members can keep this high level. Especially with Air Europa, Alitalia and China Eastern passengers are more dissatisfied, but also positive judgments on it can be found

so an Alitalia guest praises: “Alitalia is the best airline, with which I am ever flown.” SkyTeam passengers have very different opinions also to China Eastern, they range from “It was the worst flight of my life” and “very pleasant.” When it comes to seating comfort, especially the SkyTeam members Aeromexico, Korean Air and Kenya Airways cut positively. About Korean Air it says on about: “excellent airline with much legroom.” With Viet Nam airlines are the passengers also satisfied, are also critical voices on to find: “I rarely so badly did.” Easily found the passengers for Czech Airlines, TAROM, Aeroflot. So an Aeroflot passenger praises: “Super new aircraft with much legroom in the economy.” However, judgments about China Eastern, Air Europa, air are not so good France, Delta Air lines and KLM. A passenger who criticized China Eastern on “The seat pitch is made uniquely for small Chinese” and a passenger with Air France complains: “The plane was so tight chairs that I got claustrophobia.” The SkyTeam airline Delta, it means: “Seats are very small.” With regard to the service, for example the friendly staff of the SkyTeam members Aeromexico, lauded TAROM and Korean Air.