American Beauty

Then, the primordial elements that would give the basic direction to the social life, such as the love, the friendship, the freedom, solidarity, being together, the conjugal and familiar affectivity, the socialization of the nature between the neighborhood, the fellowship in the work, are banalizados in the measure where the social life starts to be controlled for the desire TO HAVE merchandises as primordial elements that they give to the basic direction the pleasure and the happiness human being, however of found odd form – mentally ill. Such argument does not annul objects as satisfaction of the necessities human beings, therefore ' ' the science of the man also constitutes a product of auto-accomplishment of the man through the activity prtica' ' (MARX, 1970, p.229). However, it is necessary not to forget that the private property them means of production excludes the auto-accomplishment of the man through its practical activity, therefore science the man is property of the capital. in the measure where the capitalist society becomes more complex, more the capital tends to degrade the man exactly submitting it a condition of reificada objetividade, therefore that the citizen believes that its desires can be carried through through the merchandises, such accomplishment does not pass of an pseudo-accomplishment, therefore before everything, it already was the accomplishment of the Capital when adding value, more necessarily, other people’s wealth through its force of work. This is the condition that if express in the alienation of the work. The film American Beauty, directed for Sam Mendes, express one I break up of the social life of the fetichizado capitalist mercantile world. The scene basically is constituted by three families suburban of the United States. The protagonists central offices of the tram are: Lester Burnham, an advertising executive quarento married Carolyn, broker of property and its Jane son, an adolescent of 16 years.

Preferential Tariffs

When the vacations are planned, the factors are many that must be considered. From the legal aspects related to the requirements to enter the country, the necessity of a visa, or any other type of required proceeding not to have any kind of problems; until the communications, the means of transport available, and the comforts that each site that we wish to visit arranges. Ideal, if we get ready to spend vacations where the natural options of tourism with adventure and landscapes abound, is that civilization can be combined all the benefits of and so the nature must to offer. And this optimal point of balance is reached in places like Mendoza. The tourism in Mendoza has everything, for all the pleasures: beautiful cities, prepared to receive to the tourism with all the comforts of the 21st century, and to very little distance, incredible natural landscapes, ideal scene to the practice of the tourism venture. Mendoza has this fantastic duality: on the one hand he is extremely simple to arrive, since the zone presents/displays an excellent one road infrastructure, combined with the possibility of international flights. In addition, Mendoza has hotel profession of first level, that can be compared with leading hotels of the world. A clear example of hotel of Mendoza city of category superior is the Executive Hotel.

Consequently, the tourists will be able to enjoy a Premium lodging in the city, at the same time as they are to few kilometers of the most important leases for the practice of the tourism ventures and the extreme and winter sports. In order to cause that the proposal is more attractive, the Executive Hotel has an irresistible promotion, Promo 4×3 and Family Plan, that accepts up to two minors of 12 years without position. Thus, the families with small and adolescent children will not have to deprive themselves of the many attractiveness who the region cuyana must to offer: the always green snow, valleys and the incredible snow-covered tips of the Mountain range of the $andes. To sum up: everything so that they pass all it of wonders: for papa and mother, a gorgeous city, with historical sites and small streets that they invite to the long walk, with an important commercial center, where it is possible to eat, or to take something in some from the hundreds of coffees and bars that offer the flow of constant tourism lavishly. And for the boys, cavalcades, excursions of rafting and many strolls outdoors. Really, when it thinks about lodging in Mendoza and tariffs available, this type of considerations also must be done, to appreciate the enormous comparative benefit that the vacations in this province mean.

The Information

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