The Information

– Test with sites that make interchanges of connections, which you must consider is very not only the quality of the connection, rather to deal with which they are connections of the same niche in which your these. – It uses the article directories to send your articles, when publishing them not only you will have connections towards your page but also your articles if they are good will be published by other sites with the benefit for you in that case. – It reviews and mantente abreast of publications in blogs of your niche of market and realises quality commentaries in them, the majority leaves you include the Link towards your site and these commentaries in their majority also are considered by Google. – It realises commentaries periodically or contributions in forums of discussions, leaving your URL in your company/signature, is member of the groups for example of Google, Yahoo, or MSN, etc. The connections that you can also put in those sites benefit to you, which you must try always more in sites where groups participate or social means are ” aportar” information that helps other people and no to only leave your connection right and left. Many forms exist more, but we must consider that the work to place connections to our sites does not finish there, also and most important it is to publish content of quality in your pages so that the public can return time and time again, Google is pending of each one of the visits and even of the commentaries that leave you. With time and with work our site will appear already in the first positions and therefore the visits that we will receive will be majors much that the present ones.

The information that I share that information here that I have compiled of many Web sites, including my personal experience, clearly. It would want recomendarte some as for example in and you would find ample information on this subject. A greeting and I hope has served to them to continue working in our sites, nothing is obtained of a day for the other, but we do something every day, in the end we will have the results that we hoped and even much more. If they need information on techniques or tools it stops to in line generate income, to them visit I suggest me in which they will be able to free unload ample information on the subject. A greeting and successes. Jorge to Magallanes.