Even in times of crisis, the tourism industry has managed to stay in good numbers and this summer has achieved the best results since 2006. Tourism was the last sectors to notice the crisis and being the first to exit, as the general Secretary of tourism, Joan Mesquida said. And is that this August visited Spain almost 7 million foreign tourists who stayed in various hotels in cities with hotels a Coruna, Madrid or Barcelona, one 4% increase over the previous year. A figure that stands as the best month of August since 2006, just before the crisis. With all this, so far 2010 some 37 million visits by tourists, have occurred with what the sector keeps rising, with an improvement of 0.4%. France contributed 1.39 million tourists and experienced an increase of 3.7. Italy grew by 11% and the Netherlands rose 35% in August and by 7.8% per annum. Of the United Kingdom noted an increase of 0.3% reaching 1.6 million.

Only Germany has produced a decrease of 0.6 percent. Among the chosen destinations, Catalonia remains leader with an improvement of 6.6 percent (1.79 million), followed by Balearic Islands, with a 10.9% growth (1.67 million). Andalusia and Canary Islands (including some hotel Las Palmas), are the following destinations for tourists. Platano de Canarias initiative presents a playful program for elementary students in La Rioja Magazine a moment by Favor Strong International Field Set to Compete in J/80 Worlds Newport wind energy in the Canary Islands is already cheaper than the conventional electric El Blog of Finland less visitors to Finland this summer meeting of editors in the Canary Islands (SULLA 2010) Anatomy of the Edition

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