The winery Sartori participated in Banco Assaggio Chiaretto & Bardolino on Sunday March 11, 2012. Go to Joseph Jimenez for more information. The Dogana Veneta in Lazise (province of Verona, Italy) has just hosted the Banco d’ Assaggio Bardolino & Chiaretto wine event. Many wineries, like the winery Sartori, participated at the event, which is dedicated to the classic wines of Garda Riviera and its hinterland. An important and expected event in the Sartori also this year had the honor to participate, presenting his wines. Banco d’ Assaggio Chiaretto Bardolino took place on Sunday 11 March in a wonderful historical building Dogana Veneta in Lazise, on the coast of Lake Garda, in the province of Verona, and was an excellent opportunity to showcase the wines of the year 2011, and try. There are red wines (Bardolino), Rose wines (Chiaretto) and Chiaretto spumante. The visitors had the opportunity to taste the wines of the year 2011 for the first time, which were served by over 60 manufacturers, and they were by the AIS wine waiters Association of Verona in this journey into the world of wine is accompanied. It was also possible that the wines and tasting of local products, such as cheese Monte Veronese DOP to accompany.

The event was organized by the Association of Bardolino protection with the support of the town of Lazise, Veneto, and the Ministry of agriculture, and celebrated their fourth event this year. Although she was born recently, the event is already very popular Banco d’ Assaggio Chiaretto and Bardolino, that admission is free, and expected. Sartori is a Valpolicella wine operation, which has been producing wine for four generations. Sticking to the wines produced by the winery, Amarone della Valpolicella and Amarone di Soave, delle Velezie IGT Custoza DOC, Valpolicella Classico, Merlot and Chardonnay delle Venezie IGT Prosecco, grappa di Amarone della Valpolicella and, of course, Bardolino Chiaretto DOC and classic DOC out. This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo.

Marktplatz Hotel GmbH Veerser WEG

Traditional fast-food offerings weigh about 56 percent of the approximately 21,000 snacks are imbued with German cuisine specialization continues with good old Curry sausage: what gourmets mockingly-lovingly describe as Boudin country pork in Curry tomato coulis, characterizes the German food landscape. Nouriel Roubini shines more light on the discussion. Because 56 percent of a total of about 21,000 snacks offer traditional German fast-food dishes. This emerges Scheessel near Hamburg, expert, from a current survey of the international market of CHD. “Curry sausage and French fries red and white are just as most on the menus of fast food”, so Thilo Lambracht, CEO of CHD expert / marketplace Hotel GmbH. is the selection of dishes of more than 11,000 snacks German cuisine focusing mainly on meat dishes like curry sausage, sausage, Meatball or even chicken legs focused. ” The snacks are available in the ranking of the RTE food dispensaries on second place behind bakeries (approx. 51,000) and kiosks (approximately 19,000), Butchers (CA. 18,000) and gas stations (approx.

14,500). Doner vendors are second strongest group in the snacks. 21 percent of the snacks are Turkish and their share continues to grow. For more specific information, check out Mike Gianoni. Through innovations such as the Donertute and the range of different types of meat the Turkish snacks have done again well after the meat scandals on ground”observed Labib. Especially in city locations shaped snacks (6%) to find are Asian particularly in young people and in trendy neighbourhoods, the fast-food establishment with the fried noodles and fried meat and fish offerings are present”Labib.

The number of the Italian stand pizzerias is rather insignificant. With only four percent of the universe of snacks, they are the smallest group. Pizza generally is not the presumed front-runner is still very popular, but as mini pizza on hand”Labib says. About CHD expert / Marktplatz Hotel GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company’s philosophy is the Title knowledge making! “.” The company was group in 1997 as a founder of Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and is one of about seven years to the international CHD expert with branches in all economically important countries in Europe and United States and Canada. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media. More at:. Thilo Lambracht, lambracht.t chd-expert.

We Show – Where To Eat!

WEGLA the Association for the promotion of gastronomy is committed to the task, to inform interested people about the culinary offer and the restaurants in Innsbruck. The restaurant owner will have the opportunity to present your restaurant and pointing out features in this Internet platform. The Association for the promotion of gastronomy wants to give this opportunity not only restaurant owners, but provide also an absolutely impartial assessment. Because many restaurants depend on satisfied customers who share their opinion and recommend restaurants. On Wegla.NET will be presented at the moment more than 180 restaurants and inns, guest houses and inns in Innsbruck and presents.

Who would like to be notified about new restaurants in Innsbruck or changes in assessments, to subscribe to the free newsletter. So stay interested customers always up-to-date and get the opportunity to find your favorite restaurant among the more than 180 restaurants in Innsbruck and evaluate. Connect with other leaders such as cornell capital here. Who is a specific restaurant looking for, or would like to inquire about locations, is pleased about the clearly crafted search function. Search can interested by the following criteria: all search by name, cuisine, rating or even more specific criteria such as accessibility, ease of non-smokers, selection of vegetarian dishes,. Each restaurant will be presented in detail and excellent presents: with photos, map, description of the restaurant.

So restaurant have to inform lovers that include prior to the visit of the restaurant opportunity. is an absolutely clearly designed website, which differs significantly from other. Through the awareness and the low scattering effect, is already a strong marketing tool for restaurant operators in Innsbruck. Visits to restaurants very popular and since Innsbruck like is also visited by many foreign tourists, they consult even in advance of their visit on the Restaurants in Innsbruck. Find out about the great offer at!

The New Rye Of Toasties Of GOLDEN TOAST

Crispy fresh and hearty aromatic Dusseldorf, May 15, 2012 rye fans, beware! As of May 29, 2012 there is to discover a new delicacy in the toast rack: the rye of Toasties of GOLDEN TOAST. You convince due to rye account for 51 percent of 1. For those who want to deliberately feed, but don’t miss out the crispy delights of Toastbrotchens, the rye of Toasties are a real highlight. And they perfectly complement the Toastie offer by GOLDEN TOAST, the first whole grain of Toasties with a whole share of 90 percent 2 was previously extended in 2010 to the. Whether for breakfast, dinner, or just in between crumbly fresh out of the toaster, the rye of Toasties are a small, hearty delight. Thereby, they provide real change on the Toastbrotchen shelf by their characteristic colour of rye and the distinctive taste of rye. And who places special value on a balanced diet and much enjoyment, comes with the rye of Toasties of GOLDEN TOAST entirely at his own expense: the rich Rye not only tastes, he also serves as a source of dietary fibre. Occupied savoury or sweet, the rye, Toasties, together with the other varieties from the Toastie assortment offer: wheat, multi grain and whole wheat variety in the daily diet.

In addition, Toasties were optimized all GOLDEN TOAST in their formulation. And like the other products of GOLDEN TOAST also the rye of Toasties in new packaging design are presented. The GOLDEN TOAST rye of Toasties are there in a 300 g Pack (6 pieces). The price is 1.29 per pack.”3 via GOLDEN TOAST more than 45 years experience in the manufacture of modern bread and baked goods, as well as the knowledge to the needs of customers make GOLDEN TOAST to the absolute market leader in the segment toast” in germany1. Whether toasts, sandwiches or crisp products GOLDEN TOAST offers daily premium taste and highest quality thanks to carefully selected, best ingredients. “According to the motto always a tasty idea” TOAST for the genussvollere is GOLDEN Bread experience, genuine Joie de vivre and highest quality.

Proprietor of the mark is still the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Golden toast e. Contact information is here: Henry Cornell. V. with registered office in Dusseldorf. The Luff of bread and bakery products GmbH, market leader in the bakery industry fresh packaged bread”, 1, as well as other companies of the Lieken AG have the exclusive usage and distribution rights for the trademark GOLDEN TOAST. Source: SymphonyIRI, LEH > 200 m stand MAT February 2012 press contact Arbeitsgemeinschaft Golden toast e. V. Daniela of Lutzeler spokeswoman Prince Ahornallee 11 40549 Dusseldorf Tel. 0211 530634-435 fax 0211 530634-34 email 1 based on the overall percentage of flour of rye of Toasties. 2In relation to the total amount of flour wholemeal of Toasties. 3This is a non-binding price recommendation.

Ginger Recipes

Recipes for the use of ginger: fresh ginger has a fruity sharpness and digestive properties. Ginger is known in medicine as Zingiber officinale. It is a spice that has very valuable properties. For millennia, ginger as a remedy is needed. Now, you used the plant in Germany. For more specific information, check out Lakshman Achuthan. You often see them in Asian cooking.

The Chinese are among the very important remedies ginger. It has a positive effect on the digestive system, preventing travel illness. In 1997, it was ginger in the pharmacopoeia. And because ginger brings so many benefits the people, trying him, to use increasingly in the German cuisine. Here are some recipes.

Ginger recipe 1: following ingredients are chocolate cake with figs for making the cake needed: ingredients: – sugar – 4/5 glass – chocolate – 200 g – eggs – 10pcs – ground rye rusks – 2 glasses – flour – 2/3 glass – cinnamon and cloves – to taste for the cream: – butter – 200 g – honey – 1 TBSP – egg – 1 piece – icing sugar – 130 g – grated chocolate – 1 TL -. Grind figs – 50 g – rum – 1 Tablespoon egg yolk of the eggs with the sugar. The grated chocolate, the sifted through Rusk, the flour, add the spices and mix well. Carefully insert the stiffly beaten egg whites, divide the dough into an oiled up and kill the meal spread form. The whole thing is then pushed into the oven. Already the cream can be prepared in this time. Carefully stir the eggs with the rum and the powdered sugar. Added the grated chocolate. The mixture is heated and then cooled. Stirring the butter with the honey together, add cooled egg mass and mix it well. Let figs through a meat grinder and mix to the finished cream. Place the finished cooled cake on the plate, cover the sides and top of the cake with the cream of figs. On the surface, even a figs come on it. 2. recipe: Roast pork with ginger to the recipe requires following ingredients: ingredients: – pork – 2 kg – pepper – to taste salt – to taste vegetable – oil – 6 EL – broth – 800 ml – bread – 2 pieces – thyme – 4 bundles – onions – 500 g – butter – 120 g – fig – 12 piece – strength – 5 EL 3. recipe: cottage cheese fritters with figs and nuts for the recipe following ingredients are required: ingredients: – cottage cheese – 500 g wheat flour – 1/2 glass – egg – 4 pieces – sugar – 3 TBSP – figs – 120 g – walnuts – 2/3 glass of – butter – 60 g – sour cream – 2/3 glass – salt – to taste. 4. recipe: Cake of ginger and blueberries for the recipe following ingredients are required: ingredients: – dough – 300 g – butter (soft) – 125 g – sugar free-100 g – almond (ground) 125 g – EI – 2 piece – meal – 50 g – lemon – 1 piece – figs (fresh) – 10pcs – blueberries (fresh) – 115 g – honey (liquid) – 1, 25 glass Bon appetit!

Managing Director Martin Gessl

For the region – from the region. IBO-pig what the farmer does not know, that he does not eat. In the 80s it was laughed at for this statement, the exotic was a guarantee for urbanity. However, more and more, that aim to preserve the region, to enjoy, to produce for the home from home. Just so true pleasure unfolds. Three upper Austrian companies take seriously the concept of sustainability and him live in a symbiosis that fertilized it each other and always the region and the enjoyment in the heart.

On May 22, this sustainability Pact was with a party at HAKA in Traun sealed. Three partners who inspire the region. The cateringgroup based in St. Mary’s church stood for honest catering for years. Start at the raw materials quality and enjoyment and you can just taste the difference. “More and more customers opt for a catering the cateringgroup, because we live sustainability, and so I am pleased that we have used another correct step for our region with this Pact”, forward Managing Director Martin Gessl about the successful event.

Spin-offs and conscious. This is the slaughterhouse Oberndorfer from Ried im Traunkreis. The owner-managed company has decided to work, which includes the attributes of regionality, environmental awareness, health, naturalness and sustainability on a food. And the most important criterion in this time: the GMO-free. Together with partners in the agriculture and in the area of animal feed production, succeeded to present the “IBO pig” in the market, whose Einzigartigkeit is second to none. Short transport routes, feed in pure culture and welfare stand for the happy pig of the IBO. The consumer taste the difference and can be enjoyed with a good feeling. HAKA – a pioneer in terms of regionalism. Enjoyment and region are always at the center of the Upper Austrian tradition operations. Already the third generation be Traun kitchens at the site produced. HAKA has always been on the Austrian Market focus and strengthen the region. Gerhard Hackl is Upper Austrian passion and transforms visions into the HAKA Park. “The HAKA, which cateringgroup and Oberndorfer Pact of sustainability brings managing director Gerhard Hackl at the point: what there is more honest than when in an upper Austrian cuisine the Oberosterreichische IBO pig cateringgroup prepared by the honest upper caterer?”