We Show Wegla.net – Where To Eat!

WEGLA the Association for the promotion of gastronomy is committed to the task, to inform interested people about the culinary offer and the restaurants in Innsbruck. The restaurant owner will have the opportunity to present your restaurant and pointing out features in this Internet platform. The Association for the promotion of gastronomy wants to give this opportunity not only restaurant owners, but provide also an absolutely impartial assessment. Because many restaurants depend on satisfied customers who share their opinion and recommend restaurants. On Wegla.NET will be presented at the moment more than 180 restaurants and inns, guest houses and inns in Innsbruck and presents.

Who would like to be notified about new restaurants in Innsbruck or changes in assessments, to subscribe to the free newsletter. So stay interested customers always up-to-date and get the opportunity to find your favorite restaurant among the more than 180 restaurants in Innsbruck and evaluate. Connect with other leaders such as cornell capital here. Who is a specific restaurant looking for, or would like to inquire about locations, is pleased about the clearly crafted search function. Search can interested by the following criteria: all search by name, cuisine, rating or even more specific criteria such as accessibility, ease of non-smokers, selection of vegetarian dishes,. Each restaurant will be presented in detail and excellent presents: with photos, map, description of the restaurant.

So restaurant have to inform lovers that include prior to the visit of the restaurant opportunity. is an absolutely clearly designed website, which differs significantly from other. Through the awareness and the low scattering effect, wegla.net is already a strong marketing tool for restaurant operators in Innsbruck. Visits to restaurants very popular and since Innsbruck like is also visited by many foreign tourists, they consult even in advance of their visit on the Restaurants in Innsbruck. Find out about the great offer at!