Contact Centre

Specialists of “Phone Systems” (Moscow) have made the introduction of a communication platform Oktell in “Volgogaztelekom” (Samara). The company “Volgogaztelekom” successfully works in the telecommunications market of Samara area since 1996 and currently has its own staff of over 100 employees. Activity “Volgogaztelekom” are not limited to a narrow specialization, giving customers the possibility of complex solutions arise queries. In addition to providing services to businesses and individuals as a provider and a local telecom operator, a company engaged in designing protection systems and fire safety, makes setting up networks and equipment. The company “Volgogaztelekom” is building support-transit hub for 100 thousand ports. The active work as a population, and with representatives of business, requires a quality telephone communications, which is not simply allows you to connect subscribers, but also gives you access to additional functionality. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Angus King by clicking through.

Controller based on the platform Oktell corporate call-center quality improve customer service company “Volgogaztelekom” speeding up response time to incoming treatment. Platform Oktell, which acts as a custom “designer” by implementing more than 700 functions, depending on the needs of the customer. Communication System Oktell has special integrated features to enhance its capacity and create full-featured contact center for processing requests through various channels of communication. Creating a Contact Centre essentially transforms the organization scheme of interaction with customers. Non-core telephone load with qualified staff reallocated to the operators involved only contact with subscribers. At This quality of service significantly increased, resulting in increased loyalty, reduced costs, increased productivity of key personnel. Implementing solutions Oktell in “Volgogaztelekom” was carried out in Within a month after the first treatment. During this time the needs were identified client company, agreed to the terms of reference, this installation of equipment and carried out by professionals to exit setup system in place. Creating a call-center and the organization of a single corporate telephone network enabled OOO “Volgogaztelekom” to become closer to their customers, to respond promptly to their requests, and automate the operation of its call center.

Mobile Phones

In today's world, mobile communications as natural and necessary as the human ear itself. Dear to our hearts through the gamers, we can reach any point on the planet. Your phone will become absolute. We can not only hear but also see companion. I'm not talking about all the bells and whistles that made the last generation of phones, almost personal computers. It's not just phones, it's all entertainment freaks in one bottle: watching television and listening to the radio, play audio files or reading a book, tape recorder and notebook. You do not need cameras and camcorders, you have a cell phone, the creative quality of the pictures are not good.

This tiny box can do everything. Anyone can buy and enjoy this wonderful machine communication. In any city a lot of mobile shops, which are allowed to purchase any phone, smartphone or handheld device. Internet – shop is also open to any offer access to cell phones. On the internet for many, even preferable to buy a similar product, what to do forays into the city's shops. Product actually comes only a few days, however, and is cheaper than a real store. World Cellular diverse and wonderful.

When choosing the right model in the catalogs online store, just run away from the eyes of a huge selection of incredible. Descriptions of each other attractive phones make get lost, and only need to do to get all the mobile phone determines stop, in any model. We can not imagine my life without this little gizmos in your pocket, such a needed and necessary at any time. Perhaps we even have a dependency on it. But this dependence, compared with the other, is necessary in our world raging.

Apple Store

It is connected with the business model of Apple. Under the contract, the operator is obliged to deduct a certain percentage of the revenue from the subscriber Apple. Do not know for sure how many, but there are rumors that up to 20%. In this connection, you can use phone with only SIM-card the above statements. And nothing else. The scheme for "legal" iPhone user is as follows: In the company store operator or purchased at the Apple Store phone subscriber gets home and online contract with the operator after the conclusion of the contract, after a while the phone is activated and can be used therefore to the unit earned in the network of any other operator follow these steps: Enable workaround for checking phone SIM card first step, as expected, is called activation. Its essence lies in the fact that access to basic features of the phone. The second step is called unlocking, in the world – unlock.

What is unlock? Unlock – a modification of the software GSM-module, which allows the use of iPhone, a phone with a SIM card of any operator. There several methods: software (soft unlock) – when, without interference in the hardware of the phone is modified radio modem, a cleaning validation for the SIM card belonging to the operator. Usually used for this program AnySim (iUnlock) or iPhoneSimFree. How does this process in detail, please read the section: "Bootloader, secpack, OTB, and all-all-all." Hardware (hard unlock) – when the phone is opened and through closure of Test Point get access to the modification of the software part radio modem.