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Blog about travel – tourism, recreation, countries, cities, resorts, attractions. Good day to all visitors to my blog about travel. I myself love to travel and love to read about travel, it is so I decided to start a blog. Click Chevron Corp. to learn more. Inside you’ll find many stories of different people travel. Be able to see through their eyes to different countries and customs.

I am sure that when a blog to accumulate a lot of these stories, you may well guided by the will decide where you want to go, and plan your trip and avoid unforeseen situations, because they will all be addressed to the authors, who visited many parts of the world. This blog designed for those people who are interested in everything new and unknown, who love and are able to rest, who want to learn more about the sights and interesting places that love to travel, to find beautiful where it hidden nature or man. Here, Vinit Bodas expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Unlike many of our site from other similar – these are real stories from the horse’s mouth, written about in detail (it can be used as a guide to action and map), artistic and funny, some are accompanied by photographs of their own not only the standard plan, but what many do not notice when you travel: pleasant things up to an unusual tree or stone. Zohodite, write, write comments, will be very happy! How to find us yet Related? Contact: To contact the administrator of a mail yek.pawlowa2011 dog, which is checked several times a week. In addition to mail, you can write directly to comment to any entry. With your questions or suggestions. My blog site about travel: Zohodite, write, write comments, will be very happy!.

Arrival To Spain On Holiday

Many different itineraries lead to the Iberian Peninsula at the arrival is after Spain it two main alternatives: the car and the airplane. For air travel, speaks in particular have Spain airports in large numbers. Holiday-makers is therefore quickly – and mostly by non-stop flight – his desired destination. And the Spanish Islands, the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, air travel is the only sensible way of travel almost (it seems that a few car ferries from the, which run between the Spanish mainland and the island of Mallorca). Rogers Holdings is open to suggestions. The cost argument speaks, however, for a car trip to Spain. In spite of low cost carriers and the car is still almost unrivalled cheap strong competition between the carriers. This applies especially in cases, when the car with more than one person is busy.

Spain the diversity of german Spanish flights with the aircraft is almost unmanageable. Every major German airport has several destinations in Spain on the program. This is true not only for the travel peak season in the summer, But even in the cold winter months. Even in December and January, many tourists from visiting Spain can not stop, although this time of year precipitation and low temperatures can bring a lot in Spain. Who seeks the eternal spring, is operated year-round well only in the Canary Islands. The vacationers most important airports of the Spanish mainland pull like a string of pearls on the Mediterranean coast along. This Girona, Barcelona and reus are further south then Valencia and Alicante in the North.

On the Costa del Sol is Malaga of the main airport. A little inland and towards Atlantic completes this Reigens Seville. In addition the airport of Madrid-Barajas. Madrid is not only the Spanish capital, but has numerous attractions that make the city a first-class destination for city tourists. Spain car self in a reasonable case – from southern Germany to Northern Spain – takes a road trip to Spain one day of vacation. North Germany is at least to South Spain two days to calculate. No one should underestimate the distances within Spain. There are approximately a thousand kilometres from the Costa Brava, near the French Spanish coast after Malaga. The main travel route for German car drivers along the Rhine, Mulhouse, Lyon and Montpellier, then continue along the Mediterranean to the Spanish border. Here the Spanish coast Highway joins, which is largely toll as also the French motorways. The most tourists, who want to drive in the Spanish North-West to Galicia, for example, take a different path. Here is the shortest route through Paris and Bordeaux by France. Jurgen Reschke

Star Diamond Award

“The dream ship, the expedition ship go in Travemunde anchor for years that schippert MS Germany” on the German television screens as the dreamboat in the eponymous TV series, the cruise ship is known. In 2012 she will create MS Germany probably twice in Travemunde. In addition, the honor is the MS Bremen in Travemunde. A total of three exclusive cruises are on the program. Small, but for this very fine. The port of Travemunde is certainly not the most popular cruise port of in Germany. There are here but very special and individual cruises such as the MS Germany”.

Since 1999, which is MS Germany”in the possession of the deilmann Reederei. And this continues to class instead of mass. On the MS Germany”, elegance and stylish atmosphere is entirely capitalized. “Again and again, the received MS Germany” highest honours such as ship of the year 2012 “and the 6 Star Diamond Award”. This special predicates are only possible if in addition to Luxury and perfection whatever the man is one of the guests as well as the staff before and behind the scenes”, it is said of the vessel’s own website. And what cannot be missed? “” Exactly: the famous captains dinner “is a term for the TV series and is also on the MS Germany” newly set up for each cruise. “Indeed: on the MS Germany” the cruise ship tourist undergoes a very own sense of freedom and luxury. “The human dimension”, that the owner and inventor of the MS Germany “, Peter Deilmann, took as a benchmark for his luxury vessel designed for only around 500 guests, is one of the secrets of his success.

“” His mixture of success: exclusivity, individuality and personal service can only unfold, if instead of crowds a like-minded company gives life to the ship “- with the MS Germany” succeeded in this in perfection. “So beautiful and unique the MS Germany” is also, the search is so ugly but after a parking lot in Travemunde at the port. You can park while at the port, it is however very expensive. Because here are only paid parking is available. It is advisable to consult the Internet before the start of the cruise. Because: There are several private parking providers in Travemunde. The comparison is worthwhile. Not just the MS Germany”is anchored in Travemunde. The MS Bremen is still small and still individual”the expedition cruise ship of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. The ship is designed only for 164 people and designed specifically for travel in polar areas. The very personal atmosphere, the first-class facilities and spacious cabins and suites provide the perfect setting for unforgettable expedition. For example, to the legendary islands of Franz Josef land. This expedition in the Russian Arctic is an absolute premiere for the MS Bremen and a highlight for all those who want to follow in the footsteps of great explorers. The same applies to semi-circum-navigation of the Antarctic where the ship through magnificent Ice worlds controls and experience makes the history of legendary polar expeditions. Wen it pulls in warmer climes, who discovered the South seas of off known routes in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands. Conclusion: cruises from Travemunde are far from mass tourism. Instead, the Crusaders experience individual class on special vessels. So anyone who searches for his individual freedom, the site of Travemunde close to the heart was set.

SkiWelt Best Conditions

The world’s largest ski test in the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental of 3 times world champion Mario Matt, Olympic gold medalist Andrea Fischbacher, Hannes Reichelt of star of the Austrian, Jure Kosir, champion Frank Worndl, the toboggan are double Olympic champions and world champions Andreas and Wolfgang Linger only some of the winter sports star, tested Kaiser-Brixental in the SkiWelt Wilder from 27 to 29 March as test driver for the world ski test at the invitation of Gerhard Bruggler. The largest ski test in the world brought together international journalists of the leading winter sports media, as well as active and former top athletes as a tester in the SkiWelt. In brilliant sunshine and excellent snow and slope conditions was tested in three days each by 7:30 early until in the afternoon, to objectively evaluate the qualities of the top products in the coming season. For more information see CEO of Deckers Outdoor. In total were more than 200 tester of the World Cup race professional about int. TOP winter athletes up to average skiers on the piste, to her verdict on the latest models of all major To give manufacturers in various categories. The list of prominent Tester reads like the who’s who of the international winter sports scene: active Ski-World Cup stars such as Mario Matt, Hannes Reichelt, Philip Schorghofer, Andrea Fischbacher, Alexandra Daum former ski greats like Michaela Gerg-Leitner, Jure Kosir, Frank Wordl, Pepi Strobl, Mitja Valencic, Ingrid Salvenmoser, Stefan Stanton p, Skicrosser Christoph Wahrstotter and Andrea Limbacher, TOP freeriders Liz Kristoferitsch and Flo Kofer but also recreational skiers like the Luge – double Olympic champions Andreas and Wolfgang Linger, or the head of Tirol advertisement, Josef Margreiter took them all and many more models of ski generation 2012/2013 in blind tests (black bonded off skis) under the microscope. Have been tested in the following categories: women’s high performance, all-round, men’s race SL ladies and men’s Allround, mountain, TwinTip, youth race RSL, youth twin tip OpenSpace (models that refer to are in any of the usual categories fit. the test results from end of October in the largest International Ski magazines and online portals. The World Ski-fashion show with live acts in the forest Hofalm Scheffau at the ski fashion trends of all major manufacturers of next winter were presented, as well as daily ski safaris-related after testing by the largest skiing area of Austria completed the strenuous program for the tester.

Holiday Apartments

Vacation in its most beautiful form for discerning holidaymakers Ahrensburg, 28.10.2010 currently are in a prime location in Ostseebad BINZ auf Rugen two exclusive holiday apartments from the ground up elaborately renovated and refurbished. Is the brand new for approximately 60 and 90 sqm holiday apartment is still being planned in December 2010, wonderful days in a new luxury residence can be experienced so that over Christmas and new year’s Eve. The homes are equipped with the finest materials and leave no wish unfulfilled. Noble parquet floors with floor heating, a fireplace, or in the bubbling Jacuzzi are just some of the highlights are expected. Karoline Copping has much experience in this field. After a long walk on the beach, a sauna invites to the sweat and relax a. Located on the beach, offer comfortable accommodation for two to four people. From the penthouse also get the pleasure to be able to enjoy a fantastic view over the Baltic Sea in peace.

There are only about 30 meters from the fine sand beach and during the summer months, waiting for a personal Beach Chair on guests. Reshma Kewalramani has many thoughts on the issue. Reservations and binding bookings for the upcoming summer months in the 2011 season or for a relaxing holiday in the spring are already possible today. There is further information and prices at Contact: acquando Reinhard Holewa hamburger str. 50, 22926 Ahrensburg / Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 4102 666 998 fax + 49 (0) 40 3801 789 4292 Internet: E-mail: the Ahrensburg near Hamburg, Germany-based company acquando provides sophisticated holiday guests exclusive holiday apartments and holiday homes along the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

In particular in selected locations in Keitum, Kampen, Rantum and Hornum on Sylt, in the Baltic Sea Resorts Kuhlungsborn and Warnemunde on the Baltic coast and in BINZ, Ostseebad Gohren, Sassnitz and Gross Zicker on the Baltic Sea Island of Rugen. The homes feature a living area of about 50 to 300 m square and due to its high-quality facilities are among the best holiday homes in the region. Also, is Germany’s best luxury apartment, which has received the highest number of points in the 5 star category as only, for an unforgettable dream holiday on acquando to book. With a selection of over 120 exclusive homes among acquando in his region the leading providers. The offer includes also sailing, island sightseeing flight and providing free hotel rooms or suites of superior SPA – and wellness hotels.

Diving At Lake Wolfgang

Diving at Lake Wolfgang is a secret tip for Tauchfreunde and Austria holidaymakers. Not only on the surface of Lake of Wolfgang, but also below the water surface there is much to discover. The Wolfgangsee in the Austrian Salzkammergut region occupies a special position among the numerous lakes in the Alpine Republic. Not only that you a great holiday home, a beautiful apartment for rent at the Lake Wolfgang or spend a holiday in the luxurious hotel directly on Lake, Lake in the State of Salzburg is considered one of the best diving sites in all Austria. Perfect for diving all people who want to experience something special once in their holiday that can at Lake Wolfgang do this. The Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in Austria and is a true paradise for those who like to dive at the same time. Especially the region is ideal for a holiday with diving pleasure around St. Gilgen.

The Wolfgangsee around 24 C in summer is warm and crystal clear water. This makes particularly attractive Lake for all divers, here to pursue their hobby. The lowest point is the so-called St. Gilgen’s basins with 114 m. To a depth of 6 m, the Wolfgangsee has still a very rich flora and also many fish abound here. The diving sites on the Lake have been known divers and shark researchers Professor Hans Hass fascinated, who regularly went to the diving. In the low-lying areas of diving between 5 and 10 m visibility is still very good, only in deeper areas of the view is less than 2 m. The most beautiful diving sites when travel in the Salzkammergut region are scheduled and you want to dive, then have passionate scuba diving on Lake Wolfgang famous spoilt for choice, because there are a number of excellent dive around the Lake.

All hobby divers, who is vacationing in a holiday house or in a hotel with the family at the Lake Wolfgang, can reach from there always the best diving sites without any problems. For example the Hawk stone wall is well known and popular with divers. It belongs to the most beautiful, but also to the most difficult dive sites at the Lake Wolfgang. The reason is the very steep rock wall with their numerous overhangs. From St. Gilgen out you can with a boot to the Hawk stone wall go and dive from there. The French Hill is 42 m deep and therefore somewhat for experienced divers. The American tank that was there a few years ago on reason and attracted many divers, has been lifted now. There are some interesting dive sites around Strobl. Strobl will especially the beginners in diving feel, because the diving there is very shallow and therefore suitable for diving beginners. The diving area Furberg is ideal for all who have any great experience in diving. Also here, the water is not too deep, but it crystal clear. If between the months of September and June Lake Wolfgang not must be immersed in, so that the fish in peace can spawn, then a holiday in the holiday house can be an experience, because in the beautiful landscape of the Salzkammergut, it pays to make holiday again.

Loss Of Baggage And Punctuality The Airline Lufthansa And Ryanair

Lost baggage and punctuality the airline Lufthansa and Ryanair baggage loss, delayed luggage and departure and arrival delays are annoying for passengers and provide regular disputes. Data collected on the number of incidents of loss of luggage, baggage delays and flight delays that are published in various statistics. The analysis of figures and data, and the conclusions are very different depending on the interpretation. A close look at the records brings surprising results. by Jan Bartholl (lawyer for travel and air traffic law) Michael O’Leary is spokesman of the Irish airline Ryanair. When it comes to the worst competitor on the German and European market, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, to challenge, is O’Leary always to the point. Ryanair took a statistics recently released by the Association of European airlines in Brussels, with the flag-carriers, and in particular Lufthansa in poster and usual provocative way to compare. According to its own statement, Ryanair offers \”their passengers better customer service\” as \”the crane airline\” Lufthansa.

The punctuality of flights of Lufthansa were \”rather poorly and the baggage handling rather remiss to mention\”. Ryanair founded the review in terms of \”around 13 pieces of luggage per 1,000 passengers\”, which lost at Lufthansa and a punctuality \”only 82 percent of their flights\”. \”However, Ryanair\”, so the equity statement, \”loses less than a luggage per 1,000 passengers at a punctuality rate of over 90 percent\”. Indeed, studies of the Association of European airlines about luggage transport show that Lufthansa has a ratio of 12.7 delayed luggage per 1000 passengers during the period from April until October 2008 at 36.008.113 million flight passengers. Same survey indicating that Lufthansa German Airlines is at 384.391 were carried out flights 82.4% i.e. on-time, on time, is arrived at the destination airport. Apart from the legal assessment of the comparative advertising, the comparison is as old as inadequate. Ryanair leaves out considered some features when making this comparison.

Delicacies Of Istrian

Feasting on the Adriatic for gourmets there is a new insider’s Tip: Istria. The Adriatic region become the dream destination for gourmet tours and to take out long ago with the big names of Alsace, Provence and Tuscany. To read more click here: Chevron Corp. The travel portal reported the gourmet paradise on the Mediterranean coast. Earlier, mainly Naturist campsites attracted visitors on the peninsula on the Adriatic Sea, today, gourmets from all over the world on a trip go primarily to Istria ( catalog/Travel/Istria/region-23959). The region is famous for its wines and its truffles. Ten years ago, the biggest white truffle in the world was found in Istria. Check with Jim Rogers to learn more. Today, the lucky Finder runs the best truffles restaurant in the country. In plush surroundings, truffle menus and champagne are served to guests there.

Another special feature of the country, the small restaurants with typical cuisine are the so-called Konobe. In Novigrad is located the fish Tavern by Damir and Ornela Beletic, a true insider’s tip for Sashimi-friends. The dishes are prepared in front of the guests, much like in the Konoba Astarea in Brtonigla. There, the host still with the traditional earth fire cooks. Although prices have risen in recent years, Istria is always significantly cheaper than the gastronomic centres in France and Italy. More information: magazine /… service GmbH Lisa Neumann


The already spectacular panorama of Val Gardena Summit world becomes the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable hiking holiday: Val Gardena an age-old colourful tradition lives on at this time of year. is quaint and gschmackig every Wednesday, there is St. Christina out to a guided pleasure hut hike broken up. Returned is in the Pieralongia, in the Daniel of the Sangon hut, as well as in the Alpine Inn Col Raiser and in each of these cabins, part of a Ladin is tasted menus. The Ladin culture, as the oldest in South Tyrol, is anchored by the spoken language, the wood carving art and the living traditions in the population. So also the sculptor’s fair opens its doors UNIKA every year to the beginning of September. (Similarly see: Groupon). The almanac in Vallunga in Selva Gardena is a very special event, it cows be cleaned out extra with colorful ribbons, flowers and sometimes elaborate headdress”, hung with mirrors and large bells.

The latter are used to ward off the evil spirits. Also Here is celebrated, eat, drink, sing and also danced. Still celebrated one last time at the end of the Val Gardena autumn. It is on the second Sunday in October when the bells of the small St. Jakob Church to call the feast day. The St. Jakob’s Church dates from the 12th century and is the oldest church in the Valley. All meet at the Marcia de Segra Sacun”, the fixed market in St.

Ulrich, which traditionally takes place on the day after the Jakober feast in the capital of the Val Gardena. Contact: holiday region Val Gardena Dursan str. 80 / c 39047 s. Cristina + 39 0471 777 777

In 15 Days Through The Mountains Of Nevada

The ‘ Tahoe rim trail annual thru-hike’ is 265 kilometre nature and hiking fans log on to the search for a new physical challenge to the annual Tahoe rim trail annual thru-hike. Three guided groups participants will hike the entire trail to Lake Tahoe. Marching out is on the 16th of July, 13 August or September 10, 2011 the return to the starting point will be a good two weeks later. The participants between 11 and 23 kilometres to travel per day. Participating in the two-week tour approximately 1,300 euros. The meals are included during the whole excursion through so called Trail Angels”and support by experienced, well-trained guides.

A part of the fee also benefits the maintenance of existing and the development of new routes. More details and registrations under. the Tahoe rim trail is one of the most popular hiking trails all over the world. He leads by the two US States of Nevada and California, through six districts, a National Park, three different Woods and three sanctuaries. Hikers, mountain bikers and horse riders share the paths. Only exception are the routes through the sanctuaries, as well as in the nearby Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park sections and those stages, which overlap with the Pacific Crest Trail.

Here, no mountain bikes are allowed. Basically, tours on the Tahoe rim trail at various points can be, started making the outdoor enthusiasts can choose length and degree of difficulty of the route itself. Detailed maps can be obtained on the official website of the Tahoe rim trail Association, or ordered. For the more adventurous who prefer a shorter route, has offered many more trails in Nevada. A popular hiking trail in northwestern of Nevada’s is, for example, the Spooner Lake Trail in the Lake Tahoe Nevada State. The 21 miles long, very well maintained around hiking route is suitable especially for beginners. The wonderful views of the Lake Tahoe with his rare water birds, the evergreen trees and wild flowers Excite visitors every season. The section of South of Elko’s Ruby mountains offers excellent hiking opportunities in the high country with picturesque Lakes, canyons, elk and bighorn sheep.