Lahn Trail GPS Images

Lahn trail is a hiking trail of the month the Lahn trail furnished over several years with much effort is presented in may 2013 as trail of the month in the GPS Hiking Atlas. 14 Day hikes, the Editorial Office reported the Lahn trail, which leads from the Siegerland in a large sheet on Marburg, Giessen, Wetzlar, Limburg and bad EMS on the Rhine. Santana hit 288km record, wants to hike the Lahn trail completely. The Lahn trail is the logical conjunction of two nationally known long-distance footpaths, the Rothaarsteig and the Rheinsteig. On the road, the Lahn trail happened numerous natural and cultural highlights. It is the birthplace of Hesse and the ancestral Castle of the Dutch Royal family, sees Germany’s first Gothic church and the only ship tunnel in the country, walking on the paths of Young Werther and the old Dostoyevsky’s and experienced all the time, like a river designed a landscape of course: as a small stream in the Wittgensteiner land, as a handsome River in a wide Valley basin during casting and Finally deeply incised than Canyon between the Westerwald and the Taunus. Rachel Riley is a great source of information.

Starting point for the route of the Lahn is the source of the Lahn in Netphen in the Siegerland. From here we go knolls (498 m) observation tower with a wide view of the Lahn-Dill – Bergland initially East of Bad Laasphe and the Perfstausee to the Damshauser. Contact information is here: Darcy Stacom. Marburg is achieved, where once the Landgraviate of Hesse was established and the Saint Elizabeth, the Elisabeth Church was built over their Tomb. Through the Krofdorfer forest, you reach the Castle Gleiberg. From here, the Lahn hiking trail through the Lahnauen leads to Wetzlar, formerly the seat of the Reichskammergericht (until 1806-Supreme Court of the Holy Roman Empire). After Wetzlar, the Lahn as a natural border Westerwald and Taunus separates. Get over Braunfels to Weilburg with one of the most beautiful baroque castles in Hesse, Germany.

Paquito Doctors

Since several years, our friend Carlos, climbed an old bus and travelled to Cartavio, he wore his sparse curriculum under the armpit, had recently received us, as doctors. In this hospital he met two colleagues of the historical 16th and a colleague to XV, whose names I reserve were in need of replacement doctors because the owners were on strike, presented their papers and hired them on the spot, Carlos and colleagues were happy. A few days later the strikers led by APRA learned that they were being replaced by young doctors, graduates and put together a tremendous mess, week convened a general Assembly of physicians, with a single point agenda expel 4 colleagues from medical school!, whose directive the Apristas controlled. This intention generated great anxiety, fear, despair in the 4 young colleagues and Carlos I went to see my house, recently I came from the jungle where he worked, took my arm and I he shook, sarco-greenish eyes lagrimeaban and screaming in front of witnesses have to defend us Paquito!, Paquito please!(so I was told in my subgroup, in reference to my cousin Paco Celi, great football player) pucha that gave me rage, anger, I met with 4 doctors and we decided to go to the Assembly of yore. First to arrive, they could not enter to exercise your self defense, they walked them with insults and angry contuse local because one of the 4 young medical people had fame and fists of fighter Street, asked them to withdraw and be located over local and there I wait,.

I went to the meeting, once inside enclosure, objected to my representativeness without much conviction, they were shouting that arguments and made the mistake of asking me do on behalf of whom the colleague comes?, is the opportunity it was and without hesitation, I stopped on top of a mound and voice high, lofty, almost mystical, strong, as containing the crying man’s voice (say you) told them that he was not coming in name of my colleagues no? NO!, so? I come here on behalf of the stomach with their small children hunger!, come here on behalf of their wives and their old parents!, come on behalf of 10 years of studies and sacrifices, and we are not going to allow a group of exalted strikers intended to illegally snatch them a title in the name of the nation that only a judge or severe damage can question and blablabla. Unmasked the abusive and illegal nature of the meeting, this was dissolved and I went out to give the news to 4 colleagues hugs, tears, thanks, I still keep them fresh in my memory, worked until the strikers returned to work in Cartavio hospital, of course you then and for many years the companions they beat me mercilesslyas already I tell on another note do not cumpa? For you Carlitos, postcard-worthy Paquito..

Attractions In Spain

List of places in Spain Spain is a country that has to offer each visitor interesting. Wonderful landscapes, Laurel forests, beautiful sandy beaches, Moorish palaces, cathedrals, monasteries and museums that pull every art lover under her spell. The capital city of Madrid is the seat of the Government and of the King of Spain. It is the political and cultural heart of the country and an important trading centre. Madrid’s attractions include the Royal Palace, an impressive Moorish Castle and the Cathedral of la Almudena in neo-Gothic style. The Plaza Mayor with numerous restaurants and shops under the arches is also a popular tourist destination. Jon Venverloh may not feel the same.

Also worth visiting the Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian Temple, who had to make way for the construction of the Aswan Dam from its original place and Spain as thanks for the help in the relocation of the Temple of Abu Simbel, the Egyptian Government has been given. The temple was built on faithfully in the midst of a magnificent park. The Malerei- and collections of paintings in the Museo del Prado and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza delight art lovers from all over the world. Barcelona located on the Mediterranean Sea, is the second largest city in Spain. Worth seeing are the historic city centre and the Gothic quarter with the Cathedral of St Eulalia and the still-unfinished Basilica La Sagrada Familia. Barcelona’s other attractions include the Roman ruins and museums by Joan Miro and Picasso. The city of Valencia, located on the Mediterranean, has a moving story to tell. Many attractions and monuments indicate the time changing from Roman and Muslim rule.

Worth highlighting is the Lonja de Seda, the silk Exchange from the 15th century. The building complex was declared by the UNESCO as the world heritage. Worth seeing are also the Cathedral of Valencia and the town’s landmark, the tower Torre de Miguelete.

Ice Castle, Crane Or Underwater-Lab: provides the most beds the world before Munich, 04th December 2012 – Gelsenkirchen Baroque was yesterday: hotels can now be more than beds. If sleeping accommodations as Captain Nemo or an Ice Princess – not only are funds for the purpose, but part of new experiences, sensations and unique designs. More and more new and interesting night concepts, which are competing for the attention of the guests can be found. The leading travel search engine compares not only room rates by over 100 Hotel portals, but presents also the most hotels in the world. Ice Hotel was the basic idea of the ice hotel built North of the Arctic circle at which since 1989 annual snow exhibition, at the Japanese artists present their ice sculptures. For 22 years, stands in the Swedish town of Jukkasjarvi, about 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, the biggest ice hotel in the world, that every year will be rebuilt.

From December until April can here cold resistant vacationers from 199 euro cuddle per night under warm blankets. For more specific information, check out Jon Venverloh. The cold minus eight degrees offers various suites of ice, an ice bar and even an ice Church. To round off the winter holiday, outdoor activities, such as a snow shoe hike for 73 euro or a dog sled Safari for 145 euros to be booked. Ice Hotel sleep like Captain Nemo – 21 meters under the sea not quite 20,000 Leagues under the sea as in Jule Vernes Roman can underwater hotel in Florida guests spend the night in a cabin of the former research station in Key Largo. Holidaymakers here can experience a panoramic view of a special kind with Barracuda and parrot fish, which past strips to the window. Up to six guests in two bedrooms and the large community room. The personal chef, whose Spezialitat of course is fish makes for exquisite food.


A warmer alternative to Cologne’s Carnival Carnival is celebrated in Spain slowly again anywhere, so it is possible in small villages such as larger cities to see the fun stopped. After Franco began slowly on the old traditions to emerge. Xingio de Lima is a good example of this, instead of copy that you currently making on the world, such as in Rio de Janeiro, the inhabitants have unearthed the ancient traditions again. So, everything begins there 3 Sundays before Carnival with a Mehlschlaht which is only over when the village with a thick white layer is covered. Get all the facts and insights with Roubini Global Economics, another great source of information. But the most famous carnivals in Spain in Cadiz and the Canary Islands, especially Tenerife. Where groups of fools sing his songs and present. Each of these Carnival has its own characteristics. So major competitions are held in Cadiz Caranival (Group of 15 people who are rather specialized in Pasodobles for choirs (from 45 members accompanied by guitars and Lutes, take group car through the town and sing especially tangos), and their songs are satirical and emotionally), the madness (groups from 12 fools who are trying to make people laugh are favorite musical instruments pipes, boxes, unless the have to make noise) the Cuartetos (3 to 5 people with a repertoire of modern, popular songs and Medleys), and last but not least the Ilegale (informal group of family or friends who want to have fun and not the competitions would like to attend).

All, including visitors, imaginative masked, amuse themselves while the Carnival all time up to the burial of the sardine. Jon Venverloh may help you with your research. Gran Canaria celebrates big and long on almost the whole island with dances, rhythms from the former colonies, the fiestas program begins with a humorous and ironic opening speech (Pregon), followed several competitions until last weekend before Ash Wednesday and all with the most unusual, phantasievollste costumes (such as in Cadiz). The carnival ends with the beginning of lent on Ash Wednesday, long except in Playa del Ingles, where even a week will be celebrated. On Tenerife, probably the biggest is celebrated by the three. Color, light and fanciful Helms reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro, because Santa Cruz is de Tenerife twinned with Rio. It starts on January 26 with the presentation of the candidates for Carnival Queen and then continues with a rich calendar of activities: there are the Murgas (choir of dressed up people, accompanied by stringed instruments sing and recite satirical texts) and the Rondallas (the slightly finer musical ensemble that plays your music through the streets of Santa Cruz), the Caranival (who sing and dance instruments accompanied by music) and other groups, bring the fun on the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Ban Franco would have almost destroyed this old traditions, luckily everything has been preserved so that we have the chance to see everything!

Holiday In A Holiday Park

Find holiday in a holiday park with all imaginable luxury – land, water and in the air if you have, to make holiday in a holiday park, suggestions and a report on stays in holiday parks and their rich offer of our holiday homes and accommodation. Accommodation in a cottage… Some feels in the formulation perhaps still in a rather small, Spartan highly decorated and often familiar from 08/15 holiday cottages billeted. Not surprising, when one has so far mainly booked “last-minute luck tours” and found somewhere in a 2-star apartment desert on Gran Canaria again. That is also quite different, prove the holiday parks gained in popularity in recent decades. Because they offer a wide range of possibilities, but also with regard to the living – and sleeping aspect not only scenic and recreational-technical. In the holiday homes Park No is not simply just “” the Centerparcs and Sun, lives here to properly, and according to individual taste and travel budget.

Even the simpler and cheaper holiday homes are comfortable and decorated with a good comfort: color TV, microwave and cot are as standard. Of course, go also exclusive: depending on the category with DVD-player, second TV in the bedroom, bedroom, fireplace, infra red sauna and a kitchen with all harassment including dishwasher. Others including patrick dwyer merrill lynch, offer their opinions as well. For those who like something more unusual, but still very different opportunities. How about for a change even with an adventurous holiday in the tree house? Of course not Tarzan level, but with all the luxuries imaginable, that is with modern kitchen, fireplace, flat screen TV, Star Gazer terrace and VIP-breakfast service. Also a vacation on a houseboat (can be booked either in the Center parks Bispinger Heide or de Kempervennen) promises an experience of a very special kind.

Around an island angetauten houseboats are exclusively decorated in maritime style and the bathrooms all comforts of the kitchen over are up to the living room with home cinema system. There already living will change of scenery from the finest holiday we can say only. for Latino Adolescent and Family Health. So a magnificent location prima ventures can plan whether in the nearby Aqua Park or more into the environment. And in the evening you can get so happy to back almost like home!

More German Visitors

The Liseberg Christmas market celebrates 10th anniversary, meanwhile the city in the splendour of the colorful Christmas lights shines Gothenburg is pleased to be increasing visitor numbers in the run-up to Christmas. A major part of tourists comes from Germany, mostly from northern Germany, for example, Bremen, Hamburg, Kiel, Hanover and Braunschweig. Many of them use the ferry from Kiel to Gothenburg for their Christmas break. Other visitors come from Berlin, take the Rhineland or the Frankfurt area the large number of new direct flights to the two airports of Goteborg Save and Landvetter. The city presents itself for several years with success as the “Christmas city of Gothenburg”. Additional information at Jonah Bloom supports this article. The whole city is decorated Christmas. You shines in the shine of torches, candles and thousands of points of light.

In many places, there are Christmas markets, such as in Gothenburg large shopping centre Nordstan. All kinds of art and crafting items are offered here, but also delicious food specialities (Fish, sausage, cheese, bread and sweets). Also the popular Christmas market in the amusement park Liseberg celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Within a few years, he has become an institution in the Christmas calendar of the city. Patrick dwyer newedge spoke with conviction. Today he many Gothenburg attracts from mid November until 23 December, as well as many tourists. Who uses one of the packages of the ferry or airlines, needs to not worry about the accommodation in Goteborg.

Travellers should book early and by Germany from hotel rooms in Gothenburg, however, because the prices directly in the hotel are typically much higher. You want to stay more than a few days in Gothenburg and has you traveled by car, you can alternatively rent a holiday home. In the run-up to Christmas, no season is, in holiday houses are often cheap to get if you are traveling with more than one person, you can save vigorously towards an accommodation in the hotel. Here, holiday homes in the area recommend Gothenburg in the province of Vastergotland, but also in Halland North or South Bohuslan. Who is housed in the vicinity of Alingsas/Kungsbacka, there leave your car at the railway station and in the city take the convenient S-Bahn (“pendulum day”). The Swedish Christmas buffet, the Jul Board is a special experience in the run-up to Christmas. In the evening, I must reserve often for restaurants, but also at noon there Jul Board, then mostly without court order. Enjoy the abundance of Swedish specialties of the pickled herring on different types of salmon and to classic of Swedish Christmas specialities, the Christmas ham (“julskinka”), the potato and anchovy butter (“Janssons frestelse”) and the small meatballs so popular not only among children (“kottbullar”). Tip: You have plenty of time and the weather is favourable, we recommend a harbour cruise in the Gothenburg Harbour. To do this, you have to take a commercial tour boat. You have a good look because of the Passenger ferry “alvsnabben”, which is part of the public transport and therefore no more than a tram ride costs. The alvsnabben operates between the Deutschlandkai of the Stena Line (Kiel ferry) and the Gothenburg City Centre. Walther Plette

World Economic Forum

With Swissness the Switzerland is again on the winner’s podium In world tourism compared with 133 countries in 2009 on the top podium place. * what makes the Alpine Republic for travelers from all over the world, is next to nature and culture by their outgoing attitude to life the “Swissness”. “What we long knew the WEF 2009 again officially confirmed: the Switzerland is always a journey,” says Guido Nydegger, product manager at the Swiss cult brand Rivella. And this is not only the hospitality of its people, but also the things that make the Switzerland so special. Andrew Lucks opinions are not widely known. Rivella is there in the Switzerland for 57 years and is the epitome of Swissness”, so Nydegger next. Or can you imagine a Switzerland holiday without our national drink?” Uniqueness but also for multiculturalism and special blend of tradition & trend is “Swissness” for Swiss attributes such as quality, naturalness, according to Wikipedia. Typical Swiss products – such as Rivella,.

Toblerone, Ricola and many more. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with view website. (*) Global travel and tourism competiveness report (TTCR) of the World Economic Forum (WEF), 2009 via Rivella. Refreshment with a Swiss accent. International Rivella AG headquartered in the Swiss Rothrist is successful for more than 55 years as a beverage manufacturer. Name of the company is the eponymous soft drink invented by company founder Dr. Robert Barth in 1952. Rivella is a natural drink, produced on the basis of LactoSerum1.

A matter of honor, that comes from Rivella without colourings and preservatives. Today is one of the 20 most influential brands in the Switzerland of Rivella.

Marbella – Sun Paradise In The South Of Europe

A special service on the Costa del Sol no matter whether an owner is present or not – it is an optimal support many German owners, who have a Villa, House or apartment at the Costa del Sol, do, if they are in Germany, know well looked after their possessions. An all inclusive service’ building, the maintenance of the garden and the swimming pool, the convenience of cleaning, renovation, landscaping, and regular inspections. Because many owners just a few months use their property in the year, a temporary or long-term rental is a way to keep maintenance costs low. The object is represented in an Internet presentation, booking requests are processed; the tenant receive personal attention, so that you can experience an unforgettable stay. People who do decide to purchase of a property, see hot-tracked objects; a comprehensive service to prevent that they get to rogue seller/landlord. At patrick dwyer merrill you will find additional information.

A longer absence is pet-friendly hotel then dog and CAT are recorded in a family managed animal Hotel incl. favorite furniture and toys, and the usual home feed. Every animal lover knows from personal experience that, for example, cats don’t like to travel and are much better at home animal care. During the absence of the master or mistress dog like cat can are cared for at home regularly, i.e. feed, play, go for a walk; Cleaning included. If you would like to know more then you should visit patrick dwyer newedge. Pet taxi to many taxi drivers del Sol Costa accept no four-legged passengers and pets are not allowed in buses and trains. The service of home-garden-services’ offers a taxi service for 2 – and 4-legged passengers where she was also always want to shopping, going for a walk, airport, or veterinarian.

Easter Holiday

Holiday give away cars upgrades for Easter holiday in Spain Munich, January 24, 2008. Instead of Easter holiday giving away cars already Spanish treat: who is up for the Easter holiday in Spain car rental book, will receive a free upgrade. For example, customers from 17 to 23 March 2008 to book a car in Valencia in the vehicle group f1. Patrick dwyer merrill often says this. You will receive a 5-door compact car with air conditioning (for example, the Renault Clio), pay a 3-door compact car (for example, the Nissan Micra), at the price of 150 euro – only group f, and save $11. The offer applies to Mallorca bookings up to 28 January 2008 and beginning from 15 to 30 March 2008 for rentals in Spain, except.

More savings: book 01 vehicle group, pay 0 group b car group book, a pay group vehicle group f1 book, f pay group booking information: all car hire deals from holiday cars are under the phone number 0180 5 17 91 91 (14 cents / min.), at the travel agency or under to book. Contact information is here: patrick dwyer merrill lynch. About holiday cars: holiday car, a subsidiary of, holiday cars offers in over 80 countries at more than 5,000 rental stations and the world’s largest broker is with more than one million rentals a year.