Painting In Russia In Xiv-Xvi Century

The era of national recovery time Kulikov victories, including the years of preparation to resist the eternal enemy (the 60s and 70s in the XIV.), And the time after the deed rusichej in fierce fight with Mama, gave rise to a period of great expansion culture. More info: Angus King. It is most vividly put it in the painting – fresco, icon painting. (As opposed to Chevron Corp). Prominent place in it won the Novgorod school. This – the frescoes in the XIV. on the Gospels Theodore Stratilatus churches, the Savior on Kovalev, St. Michael's in Skovorodsky Monastery of the Annunciation in the Settlement, Christmas at the cemetery, and others are attracted Odniiz monumental, solemn, others – soft, lyrical.

The same can be said of the Novgorod icons. Powerful brush Theophanes the Greek (Grechina) glorified Novgorod and Moscow art. In Novgorod, he arrived in 1370-ies. Prior to that he worked in Istanbul, Galata, Chalcedon, Cafe. In his work fused Byzantine and Russian features of painting. He had an unquestionable, and large, influence on Russian artists. In Novgorod, he painted the frescoes of the Church of the Transfiguration on the Trade side of the Savior on Ilyina. From his school came masters working over the above-mentioned churches with frescoes Theodore Stratilatus, as well as the Assumption on Volotovo, icons, "Don Mother of God," "Savior." His brushwork has an amazing, fascinating inner strength and deep psychological insight, boldness and confidence of the figure. No wonder contemporaries noted that he worked for free, it is easy: being on stage and creating their brilliant murals, he also talked with many visitors, who were down with delight watching that occurred before their eyes.

Decompression Visuals Frames

Before answering this question, let's see, what is the video. At its core, video – is set in a certain order arranged frames. We can say that video – it's a slide show. Visuals can be found in different states – not compressed, compressed bespoternym codec, compressed with minimal loss, compressed with a minimum size. If you deal with each state video, you get the picture here is how. Not compressed video – is set images in bmp, ie the so called bitmaps, where the format fit the characteristics of each point (piktela) frame, which naturally leads to larger file sizes (standard bmp "weight" of 1.5 MB and more). Compression codec bespoternym – a kind of compression of each frame of the format bmp format jpg.

The very essence of this is to combine adjacent pixels with the same or similar characteristics in one big point. In writing these data in the file structure of its size is greatly reduced and largely depends on the parameters laid down compression in which the boundaries and deposited similarity of neighboring pixels. In this video codec performs encoding Huffyuv v.2.1.1 – CCESP Patch v.0.2.5. Coding with minimal loss of quality, as well as coding to a minimum size, holds special codecs, which have both pros and cons. About these issues will talk later about every codec separately.

Any compression of video sequences based on the same principles as image compression, but everything else adds a caveat. Codec for compressing video sequences defines a set of frames for which and is contraction – the so-called key frames. In fact keyframe – this is a key point on the frame. When compressing video sequences codec discards some similar video frames when entering their data into a key. Such of course lead to some loss of video quality, but the more key frames and less number of dropped frames (low compression), the higher quality video. That is, if the prime explain the compression. When the playback decoder reads from the key frame, and restores the missing footage. Thus restored video sequence. Now let's move on to the video editor. If in the process of working with video images to your computer has to deal with compressed video images, it is natural to all other loads it always have to restore that same video, reading the information from key frames that admit even the coolest computer load (continuous decoding, stored in a memory about all of these processes, etc.). When you work with uncompressed or compressed video images bespoterno question of rebuilding still images do not is because in these two variants, each video frame is real and it is also a key for himself. This video is easily susceptible to treatment and not very heavy car. We must add that when working with time-lapse video, masks compressed video can bring you to a state of mild grog if you do not enter into a stupor. As a conclusion I can only say one thing. Experience in video editor with a compressed and compressed video bespoterno showed that just compressed video it is difficult to process in matters of timing, especially in places of transitions, special effects, which are much less noticeable in bespoterno compressed video. Decompression as such before Video is a useful adjunct to the process of creating video clips, though somewhat lengthens the process and requires a lot of extra space on your hard drive. But for all the good you have to pay. Author website: Project Chimera

Kings Valley

They argued several wars with its neighbours and were victorious; they extended their domains to the East and the West, South and the North, and the Empire became prosperous and large. With over the years, however, and by the wealth and prosperity, the chibchas became proud and dominant; they were cruel, forgot the worship of God and were given to drunkenness. The Kings did not give good example peoples rather they outnumbered minions in vices and cruelties. They had completely forgotten the teachings of Bochica as soon as refers to the conduct of daily life. V and succeeded that the punishment announced by Bochica fell upon them. As stated, the chibcha Empire was seated in a large plain, at the Summit of high mountains. Around the plain chains of other higher mountains, were formed from them so that formed a Valley closed on all sides.

By the center of the Valley ran a beautiful River, which came together numerous currents coming from different directions. One day rainfall over land flared up with violence. It came another day, and another, and another, and rain was still falling in a manner never seen until then. Hincharonse the river and streams, and they left the mother, and began to cover the Earth. The waters would rise gradually and continuously.

Inundaronse fields, homes were fenced by the waves, and there was no span of Earth that was not submerged beneath the waters. And rain was still falling and the torrents roamed the Valley braved and untestable. Already flooded the houses of the men and the waters are still rising, rising ever higher up. Despavoridas people leave their abodes of the Valley and climb the nearby hills. But the waters do not cease to Ascend, and plain is a vast lake under which have vanished houses, temples and trees; and waters are still climbing, climbing, climbing, increasingly higher up.

Worked Out

Economical food for dogs and cats article found on this site Blackredi. In the late sixties that it is special food for cats and dogs, the Soviet people did not know and found out, no way he would not believe. Begin. Worked in a remote England in the Soviet trade delegation Two people living on its territory. Worked recently, it probably is not very familiar.

They went once to the store as our supermarket to buy himself a meal, it was noticed with canned a happy face on a colorful bulldog label. The following is the dialogue: – Look, the British finally can brutalized, dogs, canned. – No, this is not a dog canned food, but for their dogs, you see. – But … can we take, look for these cheap compared to the other. – What if suddenly travanemsya? – Nafig in war quinoa and fresh eating everything alive. – Well, come on.

The taste was pretty good, really fresh, well, they get used to eat dog food to save the existing pounds sterling. And so it would go on living, but theirs a janitor in the morning, throwing out the trash, I noticed, and that is important, not only his own, constantly emitted by dog food cans, as the square of the Soviet trade delegation dogs vodilos. Of course, all opened, broke out with great skandalische further sending both during the day and excluding them from the ranks of the Communist Party. After all, the prestige of the most prosperous country in the world, citizens of which outside eat dog food shortages of money they have on human food, was heavily damaged. (Another recommended article: 'How is it to find a treasure trove shoronenny'). Eyewitnesses say about this case, even wrote in one well-known London newspaper.

Byzantine Throne

The State Armory Museum of the Kremlin kept the "Big" sakkos Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia, Photius (1408-1431), in which the satin gold, silver and silk threads embroidered on more than 100 images various gospel topics, reproducing the iconographic program of some kind of Constantinople (probably the palace) of the church. On one of these images in a rectangle is represented by the Byzantine imperial couple, with all its proper attributes, and the royal regalia, surrounded by halos, and accompanied by the relevant Greek inscriptions, which show that it was "John Palaeologus, in Christ God faithful basil" and his wife, "Anna Paleologina, pious August", ie the Byzantine emperor John VIII Palaeologus and his first wife, whose parents – Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily and Princess Sophia Vitovtovna – shows immediately to the right of Anne, but without the halos and accompanied by a Slavic inscriptions "Grand Prince Vasily," and "The Princess Sofia is great." This image is fraught with a kind of mystery – in science, the prevailing view that Anna never Byzantine Empress was, as she died in 1417, long before John Palaeologus was not only the "autocratic" emperor (1425), and co-regent (1421). "In the month of August (1417) died, and Mrs. Anna Majesty, that of Russia, the plague and was buried in the monastery of Lebanon "- indicates a Byzantine chronicler and a contemporary of George Sfrandzi. This reduction of the burial of Anna in the metropolitan monastery Lips or Lebanon (the tomb of emperor and the imperial name), confirmed by "walking" the monk Zosimus, who once accompanied the princess on the way from Moscow to Constantinople: "The Monastery zhensky Lipes, – he writes – Tuto lezhit Ruska Queen Anne, the great Moscow dschi Prince Vasily Dmitrievich.