Ten Centimeters

In the championship 80/81 "Signora," fought for the "scudetto" with the "Roma" Niels Pidholma. The key in this confrontation was a meeting for three rounds before the end of the championship in Rome. Turintsy had one point handicap. The match turned muddy. Repeatedly Players were wall to wall. At the 62nd minute was removed reference hav "Juve" Beppe Furin – selfless worker, known as "Fury", I mean "rage." But the interesting thing happened at the end of half an hour game.

Conti hung on Prutstso, Chief Scorer "Roma", that – in the Turonian, which tumbled in a jump ball in the net. Bergamo judge confidently pointed to center field, but when he saw the go-ahead side, ran up to the meeting. After that recorded an offside position. What happened! To end of the championship against "Juventus", which is strained and kept the advantage, rushing the curse on TV endlessly spinning frames goal. Most believed that the goal was. Just a few pet with a specially developed the program failed to prove that at the moment the Turonian was four inches farther from the gate than the defender. That is a goal really was! Whatever it was, at that season in the tactical plan, "Juve" stood above rivals. And therefore, deserved the victory.

However, there was a reason for criticism. "Signora," played with a pronounced forward. Trapattoni was justified: "In Europe, so play often. We do not want to look old-fashioned. " Europe – that's where the club is now looking bosses. In the spring of 1980, "Juventus" was beaten in the semi-final Cup Winners' Cup in London "Arsenal". After a draw in the field – followed by a 1:1 defeat at home. Goal scored before the final whistle Pop Wassen, whose career suddenly end after two years due to severe trauma. In these matches the Italians liked the great Irish playmaker Liam Brady. Very soon he was in Turin. Role in the Brady "Desyatisantimetrovom scudetto" is difficult to overestimate, the best scorer (eight goals), the author of numerous assists leader. In the new season, it will manifest itself even better. But on the European fields or Brady, or "progressive scheme" does not was saved, "Juve" from another embarrassment. In the autumn of 1980, the team was eliminated from the UEFA Cup, he reveals the utter bankruptcy of a penalty shoot-out with "Vidzevom" from Lodz Poland – 1:4.


Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will try on a plan of action for your attimino or business and follow him at all costs to meet the goals. I recommend you know this if you are in the world of business. Let’s see a plan for your future. A plan for the future of your attimino is as the bridge that you need to first build and then cross. It is essential that you have a plan since without it is not known where he has to reach, and if we don’t know where we have to come – is because we already arrived or will not arrive at nothing. More info: Jim Rogers.

To be able to develop a good plan for your business or entrepreneurship, we must look to the future and see what is what might happen. To do this is recommended to see it as if we were younger or look at it from other young people. So we can get to make with some certainty of what can happen in the world of investments. Or you can also observe and study the past, since history always repeats. You can study historical or important events in the financial environment and use it to see what might happen in the future. To then create business or micro-enterprises-aligned with that future.

This method of studying the past, significant events that have happened helps us largely to verify that it is what might happen in the future, but must be careful not to study it bad – since we could start bad business. We must study the past completely, check the entire cycle of abundance and is almost completely secure that it could happen again. Then we have to put together our plan based on that vision, follow it and you’re done. I say goodbye and wish you the best.

Alliance Gaddafi

The forces of the regime have been withdrawn towards the palacio-cuartel of Gaddafi. Two special forces units of rebels, supported by NATO, have taken control of various parts of the capital. At the last minute on Sunday part of rebel forces were in the green square in the heart of the capital. (Source: Jim Rogers). Gaddafi, in his second speech in less than 24 hours, has asked all Libyans to help avoid that the enemy with Tripoli. Violent clashes will happen this Sunday between rebels and forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi in the Centre of the capital of Libya, Tripoli, according to the qatari Al Jazeera television channel. The source added that the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the capital have been released and that the forces of the regime have withdrawn towards Bab El Aziziyah, Gaddafi palacio-cuartel. The spokesman for the Alliance of 17 February, Assil Tajouri, claimed that insurgents controlled at least 50% of the territory of the capital and predicted that in the next few hours they may improve news, especially since the entry of combatants from the West in the afternoon to Tripoli.

Late in Sunday general of Colonel Muamar spoke already the presence of rebel armed forces in the green square in the heart of Tripoli, near the barracks Gaddafi. Almost at the same time, the official Libyan television disseminated a live statement of j of the secret services of the regime, Abdallah Senoussi, who said that the people will finally overcome. The village will expire, we are going to defeat terrorist groups, he emphasized. These assertions were quickly answered by one of the heads of the armed rebellion, which in the Yazeera, stated that the gadafistas brigades have been defeated in most of the city and is fleeing towards the headquarters of Gaddafi. Some widespread reports by to the Yazeera have also reported an attack by rebel forces on one of the houses of Aisha, daughter of Gaddafi, in the neighborhood of Benachour, where have commandeered weapons and vehicles.

The Council Life

Often, the divorce between who we are and what we do leads to carry two parallel inventory: our life labour or professional on the one hand, and our private life, on the other, which rarely coincide with regard to objectives, levels of satisfaction and commitment, and dedication. Perhaps this is common but it is not natural. Inconsistency ruin many lives personally and economically, and the consequences of working in what we don’t love nourishes the consultations of psychologists, said Raimon Samso, Advisor to psychological professional and author of the book the code of money. The experience of this expert shows that, although it seems a luxury in these times of crisis, it is easier to progress economically when one focuses on working on what he likes and makes you happier, in that which is found in connection with their desires and affinities, instead of thinking exclusively about increasing the balance of the bank account or accumulate material goods. Some currents of thought and labor advisors recommend loving what we do, although not like us or meet at all, although for Rowland, the key to success, the true key of treasure or wealth, lies in endeavour to do what he loves, because to prosper we need to connect with our true person, that that serves as our inner Guide and is beyond social masks. Raimon Samso, improvement and change are always outside the comfortable zone or safety.

And now it is the time of vindicate the courage and daring to create a better life economically. It is time of great changes, especially of mentality. According to the expert, the people do not have problems with money, but with your beliefs about money. Our personal economy is the result of what we know and don’t know, elections and habits. The good news is that a belief, a thought, can always be changed. For Rowland, in a world where everything goes up in price and wages fall, a payroll does not seem to be the solution. If it is win freedom, prosper and have self-control, the correct answer is to undertake own business, based on talent and services to each other, that will be useful, investing little money and lots of imagination. The Council star of this expert is undertaking, undertaking!, create an own source of revenue, add value to the world with a passionate proposal. If one has lost their job and can’t find what deal, has to create their own job, undertaken with heart, do something that creates truth: what love and agrees with their deepest values. Daniel Galilee. Original author and source of the article.


"Advertising is lying!" – This is one of the thoughts because of which people do not like advertising, and in choosing one or another thing trust the opinion of relatives, friends and personal experience. What can we do, how can advertising reach of man and gain his trust? Modern Mythology begin from afar. At school we all studied the myths of ancient Greece, these highly intricate stories about gods and heroes, whom nothing human is alien. The ancient Greeks were not fools, they laid the foundations philosophy, mathematics and other sciences. But what they believed? Surely in the Zeus-God of Thunder? Leave the question of religious beliefs of our predecessors. What we believe today? In what cream can stop the aging that one pill can cure any pain, and mayonnaise can help you find a mate? Judging by the fact that advertising still works, yes. Belief in horoscopes, the desire to emulate the model to be like him live in his system of values – is consider the peculiarities of the mythological consciousness.

And is not it cultivates the modern advertising industry? We want to own all these beautiful things that are in magazines, on the show television, which stand in a shop window. Moreover, we should get some of them, there also appears the new model, an improved, more beautiful. Visit Jim Rogers for more clarity on the issue. And we're looking for the new goal. Mythical side of the industry advertising began to explore more in the fifties of last century. For example, the French culture expert Roland Barthes wrote about the culinary magazines, noting the riot of ornament in the decoration of dishes: "here and carved the veins of fungi, and dotted lines cherries and delicate lemon wedges, and slices of truffles and silver lozenges, and arabesques of candied fruit – and disappearing beneath the coating becomes like page that is read this entire cooking in the Rococo style.


I will be resounding from the beginning: there is no method of exercise physical to make us lose that weight, and much less that thinning occur precisely and solely in the zone as us want. The only way to get it, nothing advisable, is surgery. You may find Roubini Global Economics to be a useful source of information. But before clarifying why will not get it in a natural way, let’s look at how we are depositing that fat in our body. Fat accumulated in the body have different functions. Some of them are of vital importance, as it may be the subject of internal organs (heart, kidneys), or a proper metabolic functioning, usually located at deep levels of the body. Others, the surface (under the skin), they were indispensable in our origins, but they are not so strong in our first world.

Basically serve two purposes: the first, to fight against the cold (but we already have blankets, fleeces, coats,); and second, provide us a long lasting energy reserve to resort to it if you have nothing to eat (I am convinced that always have something to chop in the fridge). Let us focus on this second type, subcutaneous fat. The Agency distributes, more or less, in a manner provided by the entire body. Now, it is true that there are certain areas of the body that tend to accumulate more fat than others. Why? If you look at the structure of the human body it is easy to understand. This accumulated fat carries an extra weight to carry.

And if I want to carry a load of more throughout the day, I have to find a more comfortable and balanced way to do so. This depends primarily on two factors:-location of the Centre of gravity body. The closer the center of gravity of our body put the load, the lower the energy needed to transport and easier it will be to maintain our balance.

Official Estimate

Informed normally based tax consultant Hans-Jurgen Teubert the tax assessments of financial management on reliable information of taxpayers. These are however not available, financial management has the duty to comply with their work on the basis of an estimate of tax bases AO section 162 para. As it rarely favourable estimate comes to this for taxpayers, the tax office Taheri from Budelsdorf portrays. The estimate of tax bases is often carried because taxpayers of their obligation to submit a tax return fail to comply. To adopt to a tax assessment, the Treasury estimates all tax-relevant factors. This estimate is not the real conditions and the resulting tax bill is of course wrong. The taxpayers only by means of a timely objection can of dealing them, which is due to an error-free tax return together with the evidence.

There is also this negligence, it remains the case-law in the flawed tax bill. Relating to corporate taxation an estimate of the tax base be especially considered, when deficits are detected during a tax audit in the cash book management. This is to bring about a tax corresponding to the facts, which is why only such factors included in the estimate, which affect the taxation. The need to assess tax bases, arises basically when it comes to pursuing tax evasion. This precisely the tax bases to the financial authorities were misrepresented, which is why they are not applicable to reach a taxation law. Are discovered during the pursuit of tax evasion, significant amounts of cash or previously unknown bank accounts the financial administration with a money transport invoice whose origin is examined. A special focus on the capital appreciation is individuals through taxable gifts and loans.

Tax evasion is tracked over a period of ten years. The incorrect amounts are interest to dissipate on the financial management which the economic livelihood of individuals and companies may be in danger. Consequently great importance to a proper accounting and tax. The control of Budelsdorfer control Office Taheri advisors in this context for comprehensive information and professional tax advice at any time at the disposal.