Valentines Day

Cool tip for men for the very personal gift of love Valentine’s day and every other day of love. Valentine’s day is soon. What is going on, men? I see about a terrified look in your eyes? Forget? Then it is but time still quick to get the surprise gift for your sweetheart. What is it this year? Flowers, chocolates and champagne? Hello? I was talking about a uberraschungsgeschenk.Eure woman and girlfriend expecting something special, something individual, a sign of your love this day. I always search the Internet for interesting gifts and have discovered the perfect gift idea for you. Don’t worry, you must now do not reach deep in the wallet. Individual and special gifts can be also cheap. In the DWanda shop Strawberry ship you will find cool pocket gifts for Valentine’s day and every other day in your relationship.

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Keeping A Healthy Baby

Often, for the intention to feed the offspring, we do not notice the most important – what we feed them. But most important task of food crumb – to deliver the body activity and building material for growth in the form of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. who has published a list of the most suitable for the products. First there are the grasses (cereals), fruits and vegetables (local) trace – animal proteins (myaso. eggs), dairy products, fruit, vegetable and animal oils, potatoes, water and complete the list of beans. But even these natural advice need to be decoded. If we talk about the grasses, it should be understood wholegrain cereals (buckwheat, millet, barley, rice, oats). Low nutritional value of semolina, as well as quick-cooking oatmeal with dyes in the arguments do not need.

They contain lots of sugar and other unnecessary fillers daze. Dream is to have the baby was a good hemoglobin? Give him the green. Parsley, dill, cilantro, celery, onions contain magnesium, which has a molecular structure identical to the hemoglobin molecule. (As opposed to Sam Feldman). Among the fruits the highest nutritional value are: apricots (including Dried-apricots), apples, cherries, cherry (during season), plum (in moderation). Remember that fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly (and bananas, too, because their skin exposed to contact with rats during storage in ports): Apples and Pears (overseas) – to clean from skin. In terms of food the kid – do not fill the stomach, and feed the body. And one or another product should be taken for consideration, based on its mineral-vitamin and protein-carbohydrate and fat values.

For example, what child of the Council at least 2 days a week to eat fish? Not because yesterday he ate meat, and not because the fish is mouthwatering and easy to prepare. And just because fish contain an easily digestible protein and essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega-6 Correcting the conductivity of nerve impulses, which normalize the maturation and activity of the brain that have a preventive effect on cardiovascular system. And it means that your offspring will optimally develop memory, attention, thought processes, increase school performance. Do not deprive children of sweet and do not use sugar substitutes. In reasonable quantities of homemade jam, honey (if not allergic), condensed milk, caramel (the simpler and cheaper, the less they preservatives, colors or flavors) will not do harm, and will add joy. Ground, remember that this is – not the main meal, as a treat, after the required amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. If you want to protect the health of their offspring, do not feed it with heavy, dangerous, worthless food. Consult with your doctor, and he was to objectively evaluate the health of the crumbs will recommend the best vitamin and mineral complexes.