Ulf Niklas

The practice of consulting fees in Germany stand still at the beginning. Only 16 percent of Germans know currently even a financial advisers, indeed offered honorary consulting. We want to change course quickly.” At the choice of the correct fee consultant, several factors were taken into account. As Stiftung Warentest have compiled this 2008 the main decision criteria for the customers in the February issue. We meet these criteria of course.”explains Ulf Niklas. But they offer the customers more, very important skills: a separate permit to operate financial services and thus immediately accompanied by the Detachment from a range einengenden MiFID and full independence the highest consultation qualification on the market: Ulf Niklas is a certified financial planner at the FPSB Germany e.

V.) “exclusive and so pure” fee consultation (without the unconvincing as a result combined with the plant operator) approved by the Chamber of Commerce and independent insurance consultation (with the necessary permission in accordance with section 34e Gewerbeordnung) just for insurance advice on a fee basis, we see enormous potential for growth. “explains to Stephanie Lehmann, by the Chamber of Commerce and industry – tested and approved insurance consultant. Only for more than a year of customer the advisors for insurance can distinguish two groups: on the one hand the independent insurance consultants who work exclusively on a fee basis, are paid directly by the customer, and on the other hand, insurance agents, insurance brokers or independent ‘ insurance broker, the all your Commission or Get brokerage fee from the insurance company. Although the advice is first free at them, but their fees are included in the posts and also refer to the actual term of the contract.” The election is so easy: as insurance consultants support the financial planning Office Niklas & Lehmann his customers exclusively for their benefit. Our advice is commissions, brokerage fees, or other contributions of whatsoever by the insurance companies to take objective, neutral and in fact independently, because the admission is prohibited by us,”adds Ulf Niklas.

Comparing Credit

Government debt consolidation loans – bad credit debt consolidation loan most of the debtors nowadays are on the hunt for credit card debt consolidation service just because the credit cards have made them land in the worst financial crisis. The recession has made the matters worse by reducing the income of the people. Many companies are now promoting their financial services and try to convince the etc.(Scotland) to consolidate credit card debt. Details can be found by clicking SHV Energy or emailing the administrator. This is undoubtedly a good way of getting rid of the multiple credit card debt, but this is subject to some crucial factors. Most of the people are opting for credit card debt consolidation just because it leads to reduction in the monthly payment, total debt. The reduction in monthly payment gives the top a chance to be current on the monthly payments and thus improve the credit score.

The debtor does not need to remember details of multiple debts. The debt consolidation stops the collection calls from your creditors and lenders. There are different forms of credit card debt consolidation. Some of the service providers have started offering bad credit debt consolidation services especially tailored for bad credit applicants. The simplest form is to sum up the multiple debts and then get a loan to get rid of them. The other way could be transferring the high interest credit card rate debts to a single low interest rate credit card which could be quite risky.

The most common and popular alternative is to avail the services of a debt consolidation service providing company like and get rid of the debt. Once you register for availing the debt consolidation services, the representative of the company negotiates with the creditor or lender and thus tries to reduce the debt. This can help you at reducing the amount for credit card debt consolidation loan and Lowe ring the rate of interest. One needs to be careful before registering for the services of any debt consolidation company. The company’s working should be transparent like and be without any hidden expenses. It should be trustworthy and highly effective. It is always better to conduct a bit of research and know the performance of the company from your friends, relatives and the company’s past clients. One should go through the terms and conditions before availing the unsecured debt consolidation loan. NOTE: by Comparing and research the best credit card debt consolidation loan services & government debt consolidation loans in the market, you want to determine the one meeting your specific financial situation.

Fixedterm Deposit Offers

German insurers bring their own deposit products attractive conditions on the market the necessity is the mother of invention in all imaginable situations. This is also the German insurance landscape demonstrate that seems to have sought and found this in the form of its own deposit products now also with zeal for alternative sources of income now quite remarkably. Because many consumers had shunned many well-known products as a result of the sometimes significant financial problems in the insurance industry and instead looked around for more lucrative models as investments. Reason is the desire to retain customers with life insurance after the expiry of permanently with other offers itself for the reorientation of the insurer as a provider of financial investments. Because in the face of significantly reduced profitability for many long-term insurance products after the end of the term, many policyholders forego a renewed investment over many years. For the insurance the experiment fine up seemingly at least currently.

For good reason, because keeping the new fixed-term deposit providers ready for investors in PSE in many cases offers that customers receive some even much better interest rates than the normal banks with own deposit offers. The banks fear the new competitors thus entitled, because an increasing number of typical bank customers now switches to the offers, which can be found on the insurance market. Many consumers but not yet to the new opportunities that can offer them through this kind of broadening know banks products cut often significantly worse off so far. Unfortunately, it must be said, in fact, because many investors make thus with more average yield prospects at the previous local bank fobbed off, rather than the new products work, which often go hand in hand with top interest rates. Also the framework can convince. So there is, such as the product of the AachenMunchener insurance the product named Park Depot\”where customers while receive a term a guaranteed interest rate over one year, but in parallel can still be cancelled monthly.

Asset Classes

The so far valid rule, that there are a number of asset classes, which evolve independently, seems to be 2008 no longer valid in the year of the financial crisis. Investmentsparen.NET informs: until the outbreak of the financial crisis 2007/2008 there were asset classes, which have developed according to General knowledge and based on the experience of decades of relative or even completely independently of each other. Was advised in the course of modern portfolio theory because even to build the own portfolio from as little each other correlated asset classes. There was solid scientific research which asset classes developed with each other exactly how. Interested readers on information about korrelation.html. Since early 2008, these facts but seem no longer to apply. Nina Devlin spoke with conviction.

Not only the stock markets went on descent, also bonds, commodities, precious metals and real estate lost in value. Was general until accepting of the independent value of individual asset classes no longer valid? The Answer is a clear no. The correlation theories are still valid, only there is a such uncertainty in the markets that investors on the one sold about what was in the portfolio, and other investors since the beginning of 2008 due to the had to make as Deleveraging driving back credit lines forced sales in their portfolios. While the assets were sold of course as first, had developed until then still best kept say regardless of the actual crisis. In the long term, there will be the correlation with security in its old form. The best example since few months Government bonds are vast sums of money have redeployed in which investors all over the world, because they see this asset class as the safest. Treasuries have evolved so in this time regardless of the events in the equity markets or ran even in opposite directions to do so. For this reason investors should take into account continue the broad of correlation in building an own portfolios and different Combine asset classes with each other.

Riester Pension

Who does not want to go without at the age on his accustomed standard of living, should provide private. Only a few laws from the reign of Schroder were as successful as the Riester pension. Was ridiculed this concept of allowance funded pension initially as a bureaucratic monster, it seems to be becoming the model for success. That you in a timely manner should look after his retirement, that is nothing new. That exactly with the Riester pension thats not so hard, is not yet on however whenever. But what exactly is this Riester pension? It was named after the Minister, who has introduced, Walter Riester. The shortened regular pensions, during his tenure but at the same time introduced this State-sponsored form of private pension schemes. He wanted to out the normality of private pension funds making a big step and leave the resulting from the reduction in the age of budget hole not just in the room at the same time, but make a contribution that active prevention is normality.

Specifically gives It supplements and tax savings. Receives the basic allowance amounting to 154 euros annually each saver at Riester, leads to a child support be right-young child allowance from 185 euro per child a year – way, automatically time – associated with the mother and the one-time extra allowance of EUR 200 only graduates under 25. It is the precondition to be qualifies 1 and 2 to provide a required deductible of at least four percent of income–only proportionate equity contribution to get even a partial allowance by the State. The tax savings possibility refers to a special deduction for the contributions to the Riester pension are deductible up to a height of 2,100 euros per year. If these savings is greater than the allowance, which is deducted, you get even a tax credit for the discovery of the income tax.

Mauren Tax

The special policies of PMS AG of Liechtenstein meet the new requirements for tax relief has private insuring of Liechtenstein from 25.000,-one time payment is not only because of the tax benefits, as well as the individual design possibilities in particularly tested when it comes to personal estate planning and wealth transfer. There is currently a ruling in preparation, which aims to clarify the provisions of the annual tax act 2009 and restrict any room for interpretation in the tax assessment of life insurance. The new provisions apply to contracts which have been concluded from the 1.4.2009. Go to Nouriel Roubini for more information. For the policyholder, it is crucial that for the respective contract the tax benefit will be applied (semi-income system after 12 years or after the age of 60). Central aspects of the applicability of tax relief are: It must exist a sufficient minimum death protection (MTFS) i.e. at a capital life insurance against A single premium, that a death benefit exceeds the fair value by at least 10 percent.

It is also permitted, provided that these MTFS until five years after conclusion of the contract. This may decrease until the end of the term to zero. There must be no asset-managing insurance contracts”exist, i.e., it the following conditions must be cumulatively met: A separate administration of investments put together specially for this insurance contract has been agreed and the investments are not limited to publicly sold shares in investment funds or facilities, which represent the development of a published index, and the beneficial owner can influence (UN) indirectly on the management. But: is explicitly no asset-managing insurance contract for selection of investment funds publicly marketed in the country or abroad. The special policies of PMS AG from Mauren/Liechtenstein, the specialists for individual insurance and investment solutions, were already under Taking into account these new regulations and developed. “The ETF strategy policy” the insurance customer from three of the Kempten BV & P asset AG of managed, ETF-based Fund as asset-managing basic investment can select and assemble according to the personal risk profile in the policy and combine. “The investment in the capital structure policy” Vermogensverwaltungs AG with headquarters in Linz/AT will by the SP AG, carried out. These invested also exclusively in funds approved for public distribution the goal is preservation of capital and medium-term growth by konsequentens Markettiming. With the PMS special polizzen we can offer our German customers products, which combine the advantages of the private insuring with those of professional asset management and at the same time comply with the new tax rules. And already from a one time payment of 25,000 euro “the Managing Director of PMS AG, Claus Muller and Johannes Schlattinger explain this. The examination of the private situation through a We recommend tax advisers of they trust but”, finally, as Johannes Schlattinger,”then nothing more in the way stands the building of individual policies portfolio.”

Carmignac Patrimoine

bonus). The BV & P asset AG in Kempten acts as the index Manager. For example, strategy under other investments in the Carmignac Patrimoine and Investissement, C-Quadrat ARTS total can be found within the framework of the trend following return and Metzler torero, the market-neutral strategy the HI Varengold CTA hedge and within the linear strategy the two ETFs on the RICI agriculture and metals index. The tax-optimized insurance variant which PMS AG is insurance broker (www.pms-ag.com), Specialist for individual insurance and investment solutions and offers the GEOPOLITICAL.BIZ strategy INDEX TRACKER policy underlying as investment strategy in a Liechtenstein life or annuity from a one time payment of 50.000,-to. In contrast to the disposition in a normal investment account, capital gains, interest and dividends remain withholding tax during the period. Capital payments are tax deductible in the case of the experience (semi-income system for at least 12 years maturity and age closely related). The pension payment is chosen instead of the capital payout, so these favorable revenue share taxation is subject to. It’s believed that Senator from Maine sees a great future in this idea. Payouts to beneficiaries in the event of death remain completely einkommensteuerfrei.

Several tariffs of various Liechtenstein insurers to choose from are interested parties. Further information, advice and offers are available from the PMS AG. Disclaimer this press release is regarded as an offer nor an invitation to the offer. In the sales prospectus is binding. The published brochures to the above product in their respective current version including all changes since initial release strategy can the asset manager of the GEOPOLITICAL.BIZ INDEX TRACKERS, BV & P asset AG under: be requested or downloaded.

Contact/enquiries: PMS AG insurance broker Sagaidak Street 39 FL 9493 Mauren, Liechtenstein Tel. 00423 37394-64/65 fax 00423 37394-66 email Office: Internet: company: the PMS AG is an independent and internationally active insurance broker headquartered in Liechtenstein. The core competences are the elaboration of tailor-made insurance and investment solutions in the Liechtenstein life or pension insurance. Partners are internationally renowned insurance companies in Liechtenstein (including LV 1871 private assurance, Baloise life, Vienna life, Swiss life, wealth-assurance). The PMS AG with selected banks and asset managers and consultants in Germany, working for the innovative strategies and offers in terms of investment Austria, Liechtenstein, and the Switzerland together. The clientele of PMS AG include sophisticated private investors, financial and insurance intermediaries, asset managers and consultants, banks and tax, economic and management consultant. The PMS-AG is registered in the register of insurance intermediaries the financial market authority (FMA) Liechtenstein under number 10049 as an insurance broker. The register is free of charge at any time under.

Wolfgang Rademacher

Come together are over 235 pages, which show how to find a money-transferring business idea first of all and then tests whether she can be a success. A leading source for info: Senator from Maine. Particularly interesting passages on the subject are 300 to 500 daily an income of 200. Anyone could do this, emphasizes the author, and that from the outset: which reader of mine get detailed instructions, so many customers to him and to be buyers or discharge donors get step by step. To do so, I deliver important suggestions and guidance through free tools on the enclosed CD-ROM. Wolfgang r’s practice guide aimed at free and Nebenberufler, students, pensioners, and job seekers on all those who want to earn more money quickly and legally.

The windfall on order adjusts without expertise, unless the reader is only determined enough gas. The practice guide covers high-calibre from chapter to chapter Secret knowledge of business professionals on. There you can save specialists himself, for which it is to pay otherwise horrendous fees. Only the extra income then increase as the main income but income can be improved for now? Getting started is simple: half-day or in the leisure additional perks be achieved anyway, for starters. This income to shut the mouth of voracious inflation ever and it remains even more a lot more in the household budget.

Later, the main source of income is incurred allows you hassle-free through the day goes and looks into the future. Wolfgang Rademacher asking about the goals of his advisors, he first calls the simplest possible start in the world of the income improvement. It goes today, typically via the Internet, explains the author and refers to the other objectives of his book: rapidly multiply awareness of the Web site or the Web shop and achieving, that from many potentially interested parties quickly very satisfied customers or Contracting Authority. With the practice guides particularly large failed in DIN A4 format the reader will therefore a customizable template of more merit with technical and very practical AIDS, must be paid for that somewhere else much more money than the book does. These tools, combined with the newfound knowledge, let the reader achieve his goal easily and sustainably and finally once again breathe the household budget. The book/program is at Amazon or in bookstores available or under erfolgsonline.de/geldsegen-auf-bestellung.php V.i.S.d.P and your contact person: Wolfgang Rademacher Eichendorffstrasse 27 59379 Selm Tel.: (0 25 92) 98 18 87 E-Mail: boiler plate Wolfgang Rademacher writes books that open the eyes of every reader. Books that motivate and inspire. Books that provide special insider knowledge. Thus anyone through own actions themselves out of any predicament can free themselves and the current situation was still so hard. With this knowledge, the reader will be personal, professional, financial or business situation masterfully mastered and thus find more quality of life. Click for more information

Officials PKV

The private health insurance for civil servants. As a civil servant, you can switch from the statutory health insurance private health insurance, but you must observe a few things. There are various subsidies and tariffs, which are offered and which you then should inform themselves. The aid of officials, what you are entitled to varies according to what looks like the family stand point and depending on state changes to the aid, E.g. They receive 50% of the aid for married and unmarried officers and starting from the second child, the allowance for the PKV officials 20% increased. 70% get officials who are entering retirement also PKV. However, this varies according to the State, more details they find in the respective State aid regulation, where everything is set. The official use of the private health insurance must pay the additional costs.

Also the costs and services the rates change. You should inform yourself exactly, E.g. about the tariffs and then compare before you decide for the PKV. If you go to the car by the statutory health insurance will, you must meet certain criteria, apart from the income. The officials are because of the advantage, because you can receive aid. The difference of the statutory health insurance and the PKV for officials is that you have to pay everything in the statutory health insurance. The change to the car is better for civil servants, in contrast they should cover approximately the rest cost 50% so in the statutory health insurance. There is no uniform State aid between the Lander, in every State it has been prescribed and set.

As mentioned the income plays no role, but the sex, age and pre-existing conditions. Before graduating and a change to the car a noncommittal PKV comparison to solicit. This informs you about the rates and offers, and thus helps you to make the right decision. Alexander Lanew

Versicherungs AG Loan

A combination of life insurance and loan officers on lifetime, officer candidates, employees and academics can by a new financial product, the official loan benefit Hamburg-Mannheimer. The officials credit designed specially for this clientele and is tailored to this. Through the non-cancelable workplace of the borrower, favorable conditions, stable fixed interest also in times of economic crisis, as well as a safeguard in the event of death are mandatory. Apart from these advantages the freely selectable loan sum of 10,000 euros to 100,000 euros and the freely selectable longer maturities of between 12 and 20 years to the advantages offered by the Hamburg-Mannheimer in the financial product. Financial protection in the event of death is due to the combination of a life insurance policy with the loan officer. The borrower completes the life insurance at the beginning of the disbursement of the loan, posting a back, but instead the own life insurance but no rates on the Hamburg-Mannheimer.

This covers then Finally after the pay-out phase the credit completely. Thus arises the financial protection in the event of death, which is considered for many customers as an important factor. Schufa detections are not performed created products for customers. Customers who want to have a smaller purse, meet a larger or more expensive desire but or a major and expensive purchase must perform benefit due to the longer maturities of 20 years and the flexible back number options of the loan. The officials credit can be used to replace old existing loans and debt rescheduling.

The processing of the application for the loan is carried out usually within a few days. The expert for academics and officials of the Hamburg-Mannheimer is wife Patrizia Ammirato like helpful questions, personal advice, comments, as well as non-binding offers. Main agency of Hamburg-Mannheimer Versicherungs AG officials loan Patrizia ammirato arranging Insurance specialist expert for academics and officials Takustr.