New Public Administration

He comes to be one of the factors to be reached, is the paper of the managing Administrator, therefore it is who will go to choose optimum way to be followed. However, so that this is possible, he is basic to know deeply its environment of work, its local and regional reality, its municipalista movement, its scene politician, acting with ability to plan its action strategically. Only thus, the managing administrator will have conditions to conquer the success during its management, being promoted the economic and social development, contributing for the improvement of the pointers of quality in the attendance white public e, consequentemente, is clearly, improving the quality of life how much to the attendance of its clientele. Guimares (2000) observes that the models of the New Public Administration, described for Ferlie et al. (1999), they are not mutually exclusive, ' ' having to be seen as part of one I continue that it goes of the economicista and bureaucratic rationality and to the valuation of cidadania' '. Photo: Attendance in the SEAD.

In 2009. Many writers such as Senator from Maine offer more in-depth analysis. To each day that if passes, the society is more demanding. It is alone to observe that the number of people who look the agencies of defense of the consumer, Public prosecution service MP; the organizations of living only grow. These movements certainly re-echo in the management of the cities, more specifically in the necessity of change of its models of management. It quality in the management of quality to the attendance of the device of the agency public of the State would reengenharia x and of the city it cannot outside be conceived of the perspective of redefinition of the paper of change to the new model of administration and, therefore, it estimates previous recognition of the modifications observed in its attributions throughout the time must meticulous, be well planned and structuralized e, inside of the organizacional current context, the communication more lead being cannot separately, is necessary that it has integration enters the departments of the organization. Of this form, breaking itself of a historical perspective, we verify that the public administration – whose principles and characteristics do not have to be confused with the ones of the administration of the private companies – evolved through three basic models: the patrimonialista public administration, bureaucratic and the managemental one. These three forms if succeed in the time, without, however, any one of them entirely is abandoned. On the other hand, the control – the guarantee of the power of the State and the cities – is changedded into the proper reason of being of the employee.

In consequncia, the State and the city are turned exactly toward itself, losing the notion of its basic mission, that it is to serve to the society. The basic quality of the public administration is the effectiveness in the control of the abuses; its defect, the inefficiency, the auto reference, the incapacity to turn itself toward the service to the seen citizens as customers. This defect, however, did not show determinative at the time of the sprouting of the bureaucratic public administration because the services of the State and the city were very reduced. The State and the city was limited to keep it the order and to manage justice, to guarantee contracts and the property. The argument of Hammer and Champy (1993). It sees the beginning of would reengenharia as resulted of the vision estratgi

Private Authorities

The mission of the Certification Authorities Finally, the Certification Authorities are also responsible for the management of signed certificates. This includes tasks for revocation of certificates may seek the certificate holder or any third party with legitimate interest to the Certification Authority e-mail, telephone or face intervention. The list called CRL (Certificate Revocation List) contains licenses that fall into this category, so it is the responsibility of the Certification Authority to publish and update it as appropriate. On the other hand, another task to be performed by a Certification Authority management is associated with the renewal of certificates by expiration or revocation. Additional information at Angus King supports this article. If the Certification Authority issuing many certificates, you run the risk that CRL are large, making it impractical download for trusted third parties.

For that reason develop alternative mechanisms for consultation of validity of licenses, such as servers based on the OCSP and SCVP protocols. Certification Authority servers persons and certificates of “end entity” is sometimes designated people (and then speaks of “qualified certificates”) and sometimes identify web servers (and then the certificates are used within the SSL protocol for communications with the server is protected with encryption “robust” 128-bit) Certification Authorities, Public and Private A Certification Authority can be either public or private. Certificates of Certification Authorities (root certificates) of the public Certification Authorities may or may not be installed in the browser but are recognized as trusted entities, often according to the regulations of the country in which they operate. Public Certification Authorities issue certificates for the general population (although sometimes they are targeted to a particular group) and also signed the Certification Authority of other organizations.

Baranowsky Syndrome

This syndrome is a multifaceted and evolving picture, with a historical development disease, known to doctors from the 70s can begin psychological changes that are increasing in intensity, from the discontent and irritability to emotional outbursts, affecting physical and mental systems critical to the survival of the individual. Management must take into account the general effects of this symptom and what it means for both productivity and health of the person, the matter will have: adversely affects the worker’s resistance, making it more susceptible to compassion fatigue, (Compassion Fatigue). Promotes the ‘Silencing Response’ or silent responses (Danieli, 1984, Baranowsky 1997), which is the inability to address the experiences of the consultants, which are overwhelming. Gradually the picture worsens in direct relation to the magnitude of the problem, initially adaptive processes protect the individual, but its repetition of oppressive and often exhausted, generating feelings of frustration and sense of failure, there is a direct relationship between the symptoms, severity, and the responsibility of the tasks performed. The most important concept is that the “Burn-out is a process (rather than a state) and is progressive (accumulation of intensive contact with consultants). The process includes:.

1. Gradual exposure to burnout. 2. Wear idealism. 3. Lack of achievement. The observed symptoms can present as: 1. Physical: fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, impotence, gastrointestinal, etc. 2. Emotional: irritability, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, etc. 3. Behavioral: aggression, defensiveness, cynicism, substance abuse, etc. 4. Related work: absenteeism, poor performance, theft, etc.. 5. Interpersonal: poor communication, lack of concentration, isolation, etc.. Definitely, you have to be careful about this syndrome and to consider further to the above, it is known that working conditions affect the emotional state of worker and could not be an exception (unless they were robots), who play in the health sector. A recent study concludes: “… it is both a personal and organizational problem and probably not only affect the quality of professional life, but decrease the quality of patient care and increase costs provision “.

Do not forget that the aim to adapt and respond effectively to surpass the demands and work pressures, demands and causes of tensions that entail substantial risk of disease and adversely affect the performance and quality of work. Its meaning in English is ‘burned on the job’ and is known in Europe as Tomas syndrome. To treat the syndrome of “Burn-out” and relieve symptoms often turn to products that help reduce nervousness and sleep. However, some of these treatments, such as benzodiazepines, can cause side effects or have contraindications to other medications. It is therefore important to find an effective and safe alternative to enable the carrying out their professional work, but also help you sleep at night and reduce nervousness.


To be able to evaluate and to revise the strategies, the directors need great amount of information. They must be criticized and be analyzed the information that give support to the strategy. He must have precaution for strategies mainly said as ‘ ‘ without riscos’ ‘ , however, (I agree to the author) the simple creation of an Advice of Administration is not enough to guarantee that the familiar company is adopting good practical of Corporative Governana, therefore the good corporative governana has a price, that is, how much bigger the transparency, greater are the risk that if runs in the spreading, for example, of the fragilities of the internal controls or even though of the strategical planning, becoming the corporation most vulnerable the attacks. The authors focam in the adequacidade of code IBGC to the familiar company, where the triad Family X patrimony X society, must also be covered in the familiar companies and the responsibility biggest is of the advice of administration of these. In all familiar company analyzed by the research, had been identified premises directed toward the equity sense? fairness between all the members, respecting itself the participation, disclosure? transparency? accountings, accountability responsibility and compliance of the governana.

I think that as suggestion for familiar company the estruturao of familiar advice and advice of the society would complement the administration advice. The first one would have the mission to function as one frum of dialogues and action the questions of familiar interests, conflicts expectations personal, ethical growth at last familiar subjects and aspects of the expectations of the family in relation to the society that can have impact on the proper family, the property and the management. As as frum that it represents and it manages the interests of the controlling group in the management of the capital, but societrias participation, evaluation of the managers in the strategies corporative, through the approval of the plan strategical. To approve lines of direction, to choose the administration advice, to evaluate financial the economic performance and financial demonstrations. finally the Advice of administration in the protection mission and maximizao of the return of the investment of the shareholders adding value to the enterprise. Watching over for the observance of the values beliefs and intentions of the shareholders in the activities of the similar company of whom the interest of the company always prevails.

The Obama Government

Executives of insurer AIG, rescued from bankruptcy with billionaire money of the State, have been distributed $ 165 million as a bonus as a reward! by their management The Obama Government deducted this amount from the money that has yet to surrender to save the company. From such shamelessness, not surprisingly the failure of the financial system or the disappearance of hundreds of billions of dollars, the real economy in recession, nor the worst economic crisis ever suffered. Crises are inherent to capitalism. Thirty-four of various calibers from 1854, with unemployment punishing citizens with greater or lesser intensity, tells us and tells us the writer analyst Tariq Ali. If you are not convinced, visit Nouriel Roubini. But beyond the insoluble contradictions of capitalism, economic crises of different depths have a lot of moral collapse. Disasters happen not only by economic and financial causes that you would say technical, but the disappearance of ethical values that drive behavior predatory. Jose Luis Sampedro, writer and Economist, reminds us of ease with which has emerged from under money stones to help the banks blame for the crisis.

If you had asked to cure AIDS in Africa or for education had not appeared or ten thousand dollars or even having been constituted 30 international committees. It is a sample in which situation we are. A test of moral ruin into which we have fallen. The next Summit of the G20 is the Forum to decide how to deal with the crisis. Disagreements between major economic powers on how to relaunch the economy do not bode well. Good intentions, public professions of unit, fiscal stimulus, regulation and control all is fine, but forgot about ethics in the economy and in economic policy? Nobody has proposed up to now restore principles and values whose absence has led us to disaster. Although it has been diaphanous that avarice is never good engine of the economy and markets They can not regulate themselves (have to be monitored and regulated with railway hand), precisely because it covets it, ostentation and waste cannot be engines of those who manage the financial world.

Contact Centre

Specialists of “Phone Systems” (Moscow) have made the introduction of a communication platform Oktell in “Volgogaztelekom” (Samara). The company “Volgogaztelekom” successfully works in the telecommunications market of Samara area since 1996 and currently has its own staff of over 100 employees. Activity “Volgogaztelekom” are not limited to a narrow specialization, giving customers the possibility of complex solutions arise queries. In addition to providing services to businesses and individuals as a provider and a local telecom operator, a company engaged in designing protection systems and fire safety, makes setting up networks and equipment. The company “Volgogaztelekom” is building support-transit hub for 100 thousand ports. The active work as a population, and with representatives of business, requires a quality telephone communications, which is not simply allows you to connect subscribers, but also gives you access to additional functionality. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Angus King by clicking through.

Controller based on the platform Oktell corporate call-center quality improve customer service company “Volgogaztelekom” speeding up response time to incoming treatment. Platform Oktell, which acts as a custom “designer” by implementing more than 700 functions, depending on the needs of the customer. Communication System Oktell has special integrated features to enhance its capacity and create full-featured contact center for processing requests through various channels of communication. Creating a Contact Centre essentially transforms the organization scheme of interaction with customers. Non-core telephone load with qualified staff reallocated to the operators involved only contact with subscribers. At This quality of service significantly increased, resulting in increased loyalty, reduced costs, increased productivity of key personnel. Implementing solutions Oktell in “Volgogaztelekom” was carried out in Within a month after the first treatment. During this time the needs were identified client company, agreed to the terms of reference, this installation of equipment and carried out by professionals to exit setup system in place. Creating a call-center and the organization of a single corporate telephone network enabled OOO “Volgogaztelekom” to become closer to their customers, to respond promptly to their requests, and automate the operation of its call center.

Commercial Meeting

As the Statute of the Law and the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB), Law 8,906/94, art. According to Economic Cycles Research Institute, who has experience with these questions. 1 paragraph 2: ' ' The constituent acts of the legal people, duly warned nullity, only can be admitted the register in the competent agencies, when aimed at for advogados' '. Of this form, it is understood that the register is not a mere formal complement, and must be practised for all company so that she is officially apt to practise the activity, contrary case becomes legally invalid. The register of the constituent acts in the Commercial Meeting understands the three acts: ) the school registration or cancellation: of the auctioneers, public translators, and commercial, trapicheiros interpreters and administrators of warehouse-generalities; b) filling: of relative documents to the constitution, alteration and dissolution of the corporation; c) authentication: of the instruments of bookkeeping of the registered mercantile companies and the agents auxiliary of commerce (MARTINS, 2009 P. 350). 20 the school registration says the commerce agents auxiliary. In case that it has them to the company, Together Advertising must register it na.

Already the filling says respect to the acts of constitution of the company, of any alteration or dissolution that comes to happen in the contract. The alterations with the obligator document register, half of a contract additive that, after fact, must be regitered in the Commercial Meeting stop that pass to prevail on the previous one from the date of entry. However, according to Rabbit (2006), if they do not have to omit the documents that are not obligator. If the entrepreneur to desire to get greater legal security, can register these documents in the Commercial Meeting. Finally, the authentication, that says respect to the control of the commercial accounting of the entrepreneur, referring to enterprise books. All the daily events in the company are registered in proper books, with the purpose to register purchases, to control supplies, among others.

European Central Bank

/ Are the Austrian OVAG and Greeks ATE Bank and Eurobank. Five Spanish entities have suspended the stress test. Italian and Irish banks submitted to the examination have passed it. The EBA did not publish proof of solvency of the German bank Helaba, allegedly suspended. He withdrew from consideration this week. The European Central Bank calls for countries to take measures. Nouriel Roubini helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The European banking authority (EBA) has published this Friday the results of tests of solvency, or stress test, 90 European financial institutions. Of the 25 Spanish that have been tabled, five have been suspended (Banco Pastor, CatalunyCaixa, Caja3, Unnim and CAM). Only other three European entities (an Austrian and two Greek) have not passed the exam. Germany the twelve German banks that were subjected to the tests of solvency have exceeded the required minimum, as reported by the Central Bank of Germany (Bundesbank). The proportion between the capital of maximum quality and these institutions risk-weighted assets stood at 7.5% on average, far from the 5% minimum. EBA not finally published proof of solvency of the Bank regional public Helaba, allegedly suspended according to German media, and who withdrew from consideration this week alleging discrepancies about the evaluation criteria.

Italy five Italian banks (which represent over 62% of the total assets of the banking system of the country) which have undergone the tests passed the test. UniCredit, Intesa Sanpaolo, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS), Banco Popolare and Union of Italian banks (UBI Banca), those who successfully confronted this test last year, overcame these new tests. Italian banks wide margin outweigh the value of rrencia of 5% of Core Tier 1 established by the solvency test, indicated in a statement the director general of the Bank of Italy, Fabrizio Saccomanni. Greece two of six Greek banks that participated in the test – the ATE Bank and the Eurobank have not reached the required minimum.

Now Floor

When selecting a flight of stairs to the slope to see to it that the vertical distance from the top plane every rung of the ladder to the ceiling or other protruding parts of the building was at least 2 m. The same goes for landing. In my experience was a case where the overlap in the intercommunication staircase "weighed" on head. Ie height is not allowed to do the stairs rather flat. Perhaps check out Lakshman Achuthan for more information. In such a situation simply had to increase the slope of the second flight of stairs almost to 45?. But possibly not worth such a practice. It's just not convenient. A Now the math.

For example, consider the height of the stairs from the floor surface of the ground floor to the floor in the second level is 3.2 meters. The length of the opening left by the stairs to – 3.5 meters and width of the opening – 2.4 meters. If you do odnomarshevoy ladder, it will almost 45?. As we know, this angle is not the best. And when you consider that we also need a ladder to approach the size of about one meter, and did such a project does not fit. Hence, stairs will be two flights with an intermediate platform. Angus King is the source for more interesting facts. Instead, the site can be zabezhnye stage. Which way to go? The first option is simpler, but requires a high consumption of materials for manufacturing sites.

Second preferred option of saving material, but difficult in execution. To all in the second variant it is possible to make the stairs less steep, as instead of the site will at least another four steps. Consider yet the first option. So, 320 cm divided by the optimum height for future steps, ie, at 16. It is 20 degrees. The last step will be a floor on the second floor. Possible option – 320 cm divided into 19 steps – from 16.84 See Also is an acceptable option for some to stay, master's business.

For Favaretto

If to understand the education under the optics of Gramsci (1978), we will evidence that it believes that the men, as historical beings, have the capacity to modify its conditions, is they: materials, spirituals, social, economic, politics among others, but this is only become fullfilled through the dialogue, human phenomenon, that if carries through by means of speaks, and in many cases, by means of codes. According to Freire (Idem), to promote the prxis the word cannot deny the reflection, seno, it becomes alienator, and nor it must also sacrifice the action. For it, the true word is that one that produces the reflection-action, transforming the world, therefore to exist human is to pronounce the world, is to modify it. Many writers such as Nouriel Roubini offer more in-depth analysis. The world of the men is not of silence, therefore, the men if they make in the word, the work, the action, the reflection. 2.4 DIDACTIC FORMATION PEDAGGIA: PHILOSOPHY and INTERDISCIPLINARIDADE During a pedagogical planning we had the chance to hear one important consideration of a professor on the work carried through in team. It looked for to distinguish the work in group from the work in team. The work group can be only crowding of professionals treating to some subject concernente to the education, however with dispersed thoughts, without more serious envolvimentos with an education of quality.

But when one works in team, it has bilateral commitment, sense of solidarity and respect in relation to disciplines and the point of view of the other professors in the decisions taken in relation to the pedagogical project. To act of form to seem that only it disciplines it Philosophy in the school, and its professional, has the mission in forming critical people, and excessively you discipline are dismissed of this mission, does not pass of mere pretension, a position that must be considered, at least, maken a mistake. For Favaretto (2008), had to the character that the philosophy had in the Ocidente, already accented as transit between the unit and the multiplicity, the dispersion and totalling the expectations in relation to its return in average education is very great.