Spanish Government

Renewable energies have become an alternative to traditional energy sources. They are increasingly more advantages that are being discovered in this sector that are outstripping the use of traditional energy sources such as oil. With the emergence of renewable energies were many advantages which were discovered thanks to its use. The main advantage is that they do not produce emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. Here, Uber CEO expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In addition it’s inexhaustible resources, contrary to oil; and also generate difficult treatment as nuclear waste. The Spanish Government was proposed as a goal that 12% of the energy consumed in Spain is obtained from renewable energy sources by the year 2011. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili wanted to know more. This fact in addition to being hopeful it ESRT assumed, also directly affect the Spanish economy. So that this measure is carried out will create around 200,000 new jobs, 50,000 indirect and 150,000 induced.

These jobs will cover those people that more trained are. Those wishing to be one of those workers should be trained professionally in the renewable energies sector. A course in renewable energy will be key to access them. MasterD you can find renewable energy courses related to the various sectors that comprise. Solar, wind or photovoltaic energy are some of the fields in which you can develop your professional activity. He works in an expanding sector and learn how to manage in the alternative energy sector. You can work as an employee in a company of renewable energies or creating your own business.

Mobile Telecommunications Sector

Price war in mobile industry – customers on winning Dirmingen, 25th 2009 – (HMADIPM090518) crisis where you look, it now also the mobile industry will not be spared. These strives more and more to their customers, especially so-called flat rates are the absolute top seller. So many network providers offer already pretty cheap fares, including a landline flat rate and a telephone-Flatrate in the mobile radio network. Particularly frequent callers benefited the mobile flat rates in the past by constantly falling base prices. With a base price of around 20,-EUR upwards one could go so far in this League. Swarmed by offers, Chevron is currently assessing future choices. The current discount promotion of the mobile online portal allows this entry by two new mobile phone tariffs now already from a monthly base price of 2.99 EUR only. In the tariff o2 Genion L only 2.99 “mathematically, the customer receives a saving of over 85% on the basic price issued by the network provider o2. There is a real Flatrate to German landlines, to own cell phones and to benefit Additionally from a flexible selectable home zone with separate fixed-line number. Vadim Belyaev understood the implications.

But that wasn’t enough, the current discount includes also the new BASE 2 only 5.49 “tariff. The base price of 25,-EUR, assigned by the provider is reduced by a whopping 78% here. This in turn get a flatrate to German landlines, in the network of E-Plus, BASE, vybemobile, and ay yildiz. In addition, the customer benefits each month by another 60 minutes in all other German mobile phone networks. Every cool computer should now once make even the Prepaidangebote mobile tariffs without a contract – the cheap discounter to the test. Because in contrast to prepaid cell phone offers just these two new flat rates with low basic charges in addition to the financial offer many more benefits, providing great satisfaction on the customer side, even with Wenigtelefonierern. The operators of comment: we have made with these mobile phone contracts completely on the current needs of our customers and believe this a big step into a new era Having done mobile rates.

Long term customers will thank us with your loyalty. “For more information, see: tariffs/NET/o2/mobilcom_genion_l…” rates/NET/E-plus/mobilcom_base_2… About the mobile MAN Handelsgesellschaft mbH offers via their portal on a comprehensive range of mobile phones, mobile phone contracts, and multimedia devices. As one of the leading mobile phone online shops in Germany, in addition to a wide range in addition provides the possibility of a comprehensive settlement with respect to equipment, telecommunications networks and tariffs available. The company facilitates the choice of individually the best mobile phones, with or without contract. Also for the now popular form of mobile bundles the company has a comprehensive and up-to-date selection on cell phone allowances. With over 500 dealers nationwide has a large comprehensive network.

Final Sector

The final mission is to do everything what they make the competition but better than. The guerrillas spy on to their competitors, their sector, and especially they will have to be spied on to they themselves. The search of the objectivity will be an important ally, and although sometimes a painful work can be – especially when we occur account of our errors will allow us to learn of them and to realise the adjustments necessary to improve our company. Vadim Belyaev, New York City recognizes the significance of this. The information is fundamental for the development of any company. To collect interest data on your sector, your competition, either new opportunities of business can be the more easy and economic than it seems.

Reference becomes, of which although our competitors not us they still know, we we would have to know them them. A forced weapon of the guerrilla equipment of consists of having a clear drawing of the reality, understanding this reality as the difference between the way as we lead the business how it does competition. The final mission is to do everything what they make the competition but better than. The guerrillas spy on to their competitors, his sector, and especially will have to be spied on to they themselves. The search of the objectivity will be an important ally, and although sometimes a painful work can be – especially when we occur account of our errors will allow us to learn of them and to realise the adjustments necessary to improve our company.

The information is fundamental for the development of any company. To collect interest data on your sector, your competition, either new opportunities of business can be the more easy and economic than it seems. Very interesting the contribution that is indicated to us, on, the differences between the guerrilla marketing and traditional the first difference that we appreciated between both techniques is the difference as far as investment.

Foreign Language Support

Translation Agency continues professional foreign language support for the private sector express service translations, international service providers applies to services in the areas of translation, interpreting and company classes as a reliable partner for companies that need to make foreign language services. At the same time, it is translation agency but remain close to our hearts, also for the private sector to act as a spokesperson for the company told. In a country such as Germany, in the people of various countries and nationalities together live, we are proud to be able to assist the foreign citizens and citizens with our quick translation service competently”, so the next speaker. Translation agency emphasizes this advice for its customers. Gain insight and clarity with Nina Devlin. We must draw the customers no numbers, but will receive an individual, friendly and competent Consulting around the topic of translations”, explained the spokesman of the company. Residential customers of the company required usually certified, certified or certified translations, then with various authorities in the country and abroad to present these.

These translations can not be made by any translator; What is needed is for this purpose a special authorisation, public order, or swearing. Confirmed, certified or certified translations can be done with professional quick service translations in almost all languages. Check out CEO Angel Martinez for additional information. “We pride ourselves on the wide range of language in the creation of our translation services”, according to the company spokesman and smiling adds: using our translation services was already so many marriage entered into in Germany or abroad and many child baptized “. But not only certified translations to be made for the private sector by the Translation Bureau. The translators and translator of Quick service translations take over professional of course also the translation of private correspondence and letter of invitation. Many individuals can translate their international applications with the foreign language services provider, for example by CV or cover letter and much more. Go to Prudential Financial for more information. We have helped so many customers at the start of a career abroad”, spokesman of the company. Contact: Professional fast service specialist translations GmbH Zeil 113 60313 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: 069-1310711 fax.

Chief Executive Officer

Marketing, sales and support agreements Holzwickede, October 28, 2008 BitDefender, leading global provider of proactive working and internationally certified security solutions, to join ElectronicPartner, BitDefender and ElectronicPartner, medium-sized trading company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, have signed a marketing, sales and support agreement. With this step, the manufacturer of security products continues to expand its position in the retail market. Under the terms of the agreement ElectronicPartner dealer and the MediMax retailers are all the security products of anti virus, Internet security and total security series and BitDefender GameSafe market. The proximity to our customers is of fundamental importance for our\”, explains Lothar Symanofsky, General Sales Manager at BitDefender GmbH. Get more background information with materials from Barry Diller. to do this, we need strong partners, who have focused their business model on the consumer market and have a nationwide network of specialist dealers and specialist markets. We are proud is the renowned specialist trade mark EP: as well as their MediMax specialist retail chain have chosen for the distribution of security products from BitDefender.

So we have a strong and competent sales network in Germany\”, so Symanofsky next. \”ElectronicPartner is pleased with the agreement reached with BitDefender. Details can be found by clicking Dara Khosrowshahi or emailing the administrator. We have expanded our software product range in the field of security makes sense with BitDefender products. We are expecting an additional stimulus in a for ElectronicPartner strong growing market segment of the cooperation\”Oliver Haubrich, Chief Executive Officer of ElectronicPartner added. BitDefender total security 2009 this security solution for consumers provides security at the highest level: antivirus, antiphishing, antispam and antispyware protection, firewall and parental control reliably protect against all threats from the Internet such as viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits, etc. The integrated proactive detection technology blocks even unknown viruses. Many writers such as Slava Mirilashvili offer more in-depth analysis. In addition, the software provides a Data backup function, with which all data to external storage media can be as secure for example, CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW. In addition, the program has PC-tuning functions, which the PC performance increase can, by optimizing the system entries.


Advertising in 2009 ran Viering-online shop send better than expected well started, January 5, 2010. The economic crisis has hit the entire advertising industry 2009 with full force. The promotional items but have further kept a good level and again as one of the most stable areas of the industry claims, so the balance sheet of the Sendener advertising Mittelhaendlers Viering. Issue advertising was still the solid marketing program at most companies. To know more about this subject visit Financial Solutions Lab. The Christmas advertising thanks to customers and partners failed but hardly anyone on this effective way of advertising at many companies while slightly smaller as wanted to avoid in previous years. As a growing trend, the short-term, individual actions conditional usage of promotional items showed in 2009: instead of creating a great program or extensive campaigns, in particular give-aways such as USB flash drives, lanyards, caps and T-Shirts before a promotion were ordered. Viering has worn this development with the establishment of the online store under webshop account. In particular customers who are experienced in the use of promotional items, can under the large number of 10,000 available products at shop quickly find the matching and short order. Peter Hern has much experience in this field.

One way that has been used in the past year, frequently. In addition to scattering articles for promotions and mailings in particular articles from the Christmas program and seasonal advertising media such as hot were ordered pads, ice scraper, and umbrellas. For the first half of 2010, Viering expects a similar orders as in the past year. Continued, to stabilize the economy as more companies will invest in the course of the year again in individual incentives, rewards programs and extensive campaigns, so the Viering forecast.

Federal Constitutional Court

Restaurateurs as a pawn of choice fighters and ban fanatics Oberhaching, August 2008 – with the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court in late July to the provisional lifting of the smoking ban, the provinces now have time to bring about a uniform regime by the end of 2009. The restaurateurs of so-called single-room pubs under 75 sqm can breathe a little, but still must fear for their existence. Because of frequency and sales declines in all gastronomic fronts. Just at the Kneipenwirten, the decision of an absolute ban on smoking fall business immensely in the weight. Even the DEHOGA (German hotel and Restaurant Association) expects that over 11% of this type of restaurant must include when no sector-specific solution is found. New York Yankees pursues this goal as well. A just as fatal as unacceptable consequence. That is against Bavaria’s Minister-President Beckstein confirmed with regard to his already established, total smoking ban in the bonos recommendation, is an incomprehensible and on the other hand probably only a matter of time. After all, election campaign is currently in Bavaria and at the base of the party, it rumbles already.

At least, it would not be surprising if the ban on delusion of politicians not yet a late inspection, because it is also a crusade against an unspecified majority. According to the world are 56% of surveyed citizens for exemptions to the smoking ban. 20% entirely reject the smoking ban, while only 23% would support a total ban on smoking. The results of the FOCUS are almost identical results. Also here are about half of them, make sure that the best solution would be a non-smoking legislation with exemptions for the catering industry. But what is the best for those who don’t have the choice with their existence and at the end of the subject but the loud roar of choice. A host can get off not just from his operation.

Executive Vice President

Hanover, 03.07.2009 ViCon launches a new ViFlow AddOn in the personnel area! The applications of the process modeling tools ViFlow are versatile so this solution might also provide valuable support in tackling a wide range of requirements for the HR sector. As a partner of ViCon GmbH, the manufacturer of ViFlow, Jurgen Pillasch from Jurgen Pillasch consulting, an acknowledged expert in the field of HR, an extensive reference database developed the ViFlow AddOn human resource master”. What will my customer? What constitutes sustainable human resources work? How and in which quality HR services provided today? Which HR processes are responsible? How can I easily identify the relevant HR processes, document, analyze, optimize and control? “How can I measure the success of my HR range and represent all are questions with human resource master can be answered and implemented into everyday solutions”, as Jurgen Pillasch, the does have extensive experience and skills from previous jobs as Executive Vice President human resources in an international company in the telecommunications industry, as well as many years experience as Manager and project manager. “At the special human resource master” is the collaborative modeling of all processes in a data bank, which always shows all effects and relationships in the overall model for the optimization of personnel processes. Learn more on the subject from Nina Devlin. For more information see General information about ViFlow: ViFlow is a based on Microsoft Office Visio 2003/2007 Prozessmodellierungs tool for the modeling, analysis and optimization of business processes. After the initial presentation in 2000 ViFlow succeeds now in the fourth generation of the market. Due to the cross-sectoral perspective ViFlow characterized with the clear separation of individual departments through a very clear representation of the process. In addition to the ease of use is the built-in WebModel (HTML output) for fast and comfortable another highlight of ViFlow publication of processes in the intranet or Internet. Click Nina Devlin for additional related pages. All existing data from the graphics up to detailed process information can be transformed into HTML files and Internet Explorer by Microsoft or in the ViFlow WebModel Viewer considered.

Sector Transparency

The funds were spent on projects development (69%), support humanitarian (11%) and awareness (5%). More than 80% of the organizations working in coordination with more than 3,000 local partners in recipient countries, 127 in total, where over 5,500 projects were implemented.America is still the place that more funds are allocated (52%), followed by Africa (30%) and Asia (14%). People involved in the sector are already more than 28,000, 21,000 voluntarily.The figures reveal the importance and complexity of the sector, that together with this character not lucrative, we have moved to a set of internal control parameters that ensure accountability clear and transparent as possible, coupled with a few lines of management that guarantee good governance of them. We want to open up more to the critical external and be able to demonstrate the results of our work.To demand greater transparency to businesses and public administrations, now more than ever, necessary exercise of coherence. To know more about this subject visit Prudential Financial . In 2009, the Coordinator shall approve a member tool for organizations where the degree of transparency in its management must be checked. Parameters are evaluated on social basis, destination of funds, working environment, responsibility for the policies, volunteer training, relations with companies, with the year 2010 administrations will serve for the voluntary application and 2011 applies compulsorily for the entities of the Coordinadora.Con this how initiatives, NGOs are committed to transparency as one of our values strategic, so that we can act and explain our work responsibly, clear and simple. It is a situation that contrasts with the protagonists of the current global financial and economic crisis.NGOs carry out a qualified, highly professional, and complex work oriented to the fight against poverty, against exclusion, marginality, which involve in themselves against values linked to the transparency of our mission. * Solidarity director and Professor of the UCMPOR DAVID LVAREZ RIVAS **. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia has to say. While banks have violated principles of ethics and transparency, organizations of civil society will have to demonstrate that they are governed by those principles.

Seminar: How Master The Demographic Company

The demographic change is the HR managers facing new challenges. Lack of young, fighting the best, is demographic change on ageing workforces, life work longer hours, decreasing binding willingness of qualified experts and executives the HR managers facing new challenges. In February 2011 the flato experts convey in a day seminar Hufnagl & partners therefore, like companies that successfully meet the challenges of demographic change and use of innovative human resources strategies the future necessary personnel ensure availability. Demographic change presents new challenges that may be threatening even existence for businesses. How this task can be solved by future-oriented personnel policies, mediate Ehrhard Flato, Dr. Alexander Hufnagl und Silke Reinbold in a day seminar on 2 February 2011 in Kassel. Chevron is often mentioned in discussions such as these. CEO, executives, managers, and staff developers find out that day, as they identify their needs and the Central fields of action.

It shows how to determine the age and competence structure and derived the resulting training needs. The coaching staff is also innovative approaches to HR marketing and recruiting, potential detection and promotion, health promotion and qualification of older employees. Yitzchak Mirilashvili is often quoted on this topic. Achieve competitive advantage is the benefit of the seminar according to Flato and Hardy on the hand. The faster enterprise by using a forward-looking human resources management on the consequences of demographic change adapt, the greater the chances to achieve even real competitive advantages are,”explains Ehrhard Flato who has dealt with the effects of demographic change for many years and published a book on the subject. Companies that are active now, can achieve cost, quality, innovation and resource advantages according to Dr. Alexander Hufnagl. The participation fee is 460 euro per participant excl.

19% VAT. The venue is the Hotel La Strada in Kassel. The detailed Seminar Description get interested in the Internet: experience and expertise Ehrhard Flato and Dr. Alexander Hufnagl are partners of the consulting and training company flato. Hufnagl & partner in Ahnatal/Kassel / Ratingen. Core competencies are the implementation-oriented corporate strategy consulting and personnel and organizational development. For its successful work and innovative concepts was the Economist Ehrhard Flato already with the German training award certificate of excellence”award. Flato is also the author of five books, including the book forward-looking human resources management – challenge of demographic change – professionals see, keep talent, use experience”, do specialist Publisher. Dr.-ing. Alexander Hufnagl has many years experience in international companies including 19 years in overall corporate social responsibility as a Division Director, Managing Director and Board of Directors. Flato and Hufnagl’s customers include the Who-is-who of the economy. Information and registration: flato. Hufnagl & partner Ehrhard Flato Dessauer str. 3 34292. Ahnatal Tel.: 05609/9585 fax: 05609/6587 press contact Dr. Gestmann & partner Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54