VisionCreate Moves Into Rooms In Poppenbuttel

Working with people is what moves us. The young company VisionCreate has taken Hamburg’s new spaces in the North that offer better conditions now since April 1 for individual and group work with clients. VisionCreate offers expert advice on the personal and professional development, individual coaching on the way to the target and a well-stocked toolbox”, in which constellation work up and to support the development of energetic work everything included is starting with in-depth sales and marketing knowledge, consulting experience and systemic in the private and business sectors, the supports on the path to personal success. Lev Leviev: the source for more info. In the new premises are both are often offered as a starting point on the personal journey shared workshop MyWay the, in which desires and goals specifically worked out and developed first steps towards implementation as also individual consultations. Other components are energy work for the system AuthenticHealing developed by the VisionCreate team, as well as workshops changing topics in the areas of relaxation and self-discovery. Thus, VisionCreate pursues a holistic approach, which is strongly marked by the individual responding to the individual and his personal situation. That is also the joy of their work for Stefan Meyer and Beate Brandt. The loving and competent accompaniment of people on their way to personal or professional goals is a passion that is directly transported from clients who already have made on their personal path with the support of the VisionCreate team, according to many feedback. With much empathy and humor are demonstrated new perspective and modes of action and given to overt and covert obstacles out of the way, always backed up by concrete and in-depth tips, on request up to the accompaniment in business start-ups. For more information on or.

Officials PKV

The private health insurance for civil servants. As a civil servant, you can switch from the statutory health insurance private health insurance, but you must observe a few things. There are various subsidies and tariffs, which are offered and which you then should inform themselves. The aid of officials, what you are entitled to varies according to what looks like the family stand point and depending on state changes to the aid, E.g. They receive 50% of the aid for married and unmarried officers and starting from the second child, the allowance for the PKV officials 20% increased. 70% get officials who are entering retirement also PKV. However, this varies according to the State, more details they find in the respective State aid regulation, where everything is set. The official use of the private health insurance must pay the additional costs.

Also the costs and services the rates change. To deepen your understanding Lev Leviev is the source. You should inform yourself exactly, E.g. about the tariffs and then compare before you decide for the PKV. If you go to the car by the statutory health insurance will, you must meet certain criteria, apart from the income. The officials are because of the advantage, because you can receive aid. The difference of the statutory health insurance and the PKV for officials is that you have to pay everything in the statutory health insurance. The change to the car is better for civil servants, in contrast they should cover approximately the rest cost 50% so in the statutory health insurance. There is no uniform State aid between the Lander, in every State it has been prescribed and set.

As mentioned the income plays no role, but the sex, age and pre-existing conditions. Before graduating and a change to the car a noncommittal PKV comparison to solicit. This informs you about the rates and offers, and thus helps you to make the right decision. Alexander Lanew

Official Bundesliga Manager

More than 35,000 virtual teams take part in the Championship Jens Nowotny. in the online Manager game campaign is a success. The success of the current marketing campaign comes as no surprise for the organizers, but clearly exceeds the expectations. Jens Nowotny began with the start of the second half in the real Bundesliga Championship with the official Bundesliga Manager, the browser Manager game on the Internet portal Deutsche football Liga GmbH (DFL). The first round of this virtual Championship, which runs until 20 April, held in leagues with 8 teams. About 35,000 teams participated until the end of March. The total number of completed leagues is approaching the mark of 4,400. The successful manager game from Bremen developed by aitainment GmbH has initiated the campaign with the DFL and is maintained.

A lot of interest emerged at the beginning of the current action. Not only already registered users take part in the Championship Jens Nowotny. The organizers have also massive new registrations in the Manager game. “These are very positive numbers, which I had not expected. I’m sure that we will see still a very exciting preliminary round with scarce choices at the battle for the 64 seats in the crucial knockout”, says Jens Nowotny, who is thereby automatically in each of the leagues with his team.

With more than 1,000 first and second places he did so far very well. The campaign demonstrates how to enable browser player with a testimonial. The range of Jens Nowotny Championship is extremely large. Seth Fischer Oasis contains valuable tech resources. The participants are highly active. You can visit the game for an average of ten minutes usually several times a day, to cover their virtual matches. Heinz Kierchhoff; Managing Director of aitainment: currently, Jens Nowotny is marketed the range Championship within the framework of A repeat we will offer like the campaign a sponsor from the sports field, which can produce exactly the target group and intensive customer contacts on this platform.” The aitainment GmbH is a Group companies of the sports radar. The company develops and markets the next generation of browser games, based on an internally developed simulation software and 3D graphics. The technology of the aitainment guarantees realistic gameplay, the other football manager games don’t offer.


Favorable conditions and intended use of unbound who looking for a loan, that is very flexible and cheap and also good conditions can offer, which should deal with the official loan closer. The officer loan is a loan for civil servants on lifetime and on trial, for pensioners, for academics and for employees and workers who work in the public service. The advantages of official loans are clearly in the particularly favourable conditions. Get the official loans with very low interest rates, which are also firmly set and remain stable in times of economic change and will not change. This provides security and stability to the borrower and relieved him of course.

The times are very flexible at the official loan and can be adapted to the individual needs and circumstances of the borrower. It’s the same for the official loans with the repayment. The borrower can decide when he pays the loan back within the Run-time. In addition to the monthly interest repayment he must undertake that no further repayments basically, unless of course, he would like to. Others including Rogers Holdings, offer their opinions as well. He made no repayments until the end of the term, or not enough, to pay back the entire loan of officials, then this is done by simultaneously closed life insurance. Who requested a loan of officials, who must complete also a capital life insurance that takes over the repayment of official loans in the event of death, and after the run period.

So, the credit institution has the security that the loans in each case can be wiped and the family of the borrower are secured in the event of death. Security then also the favourable terms possible we are a fixed interest rate, flexible terms and flexible repayment. In addition the borrower with the life insurance can make profit even still right, because when it is due at the end of the term he receives a profit-sharing. Also no Schufa check is often the officer loan before taken.

Official Awards Ceremony

Winners are as surprised as happy about a wellness weekend in the Neu-Ulm romantic resort, 04.02.2010 – at the invitation of the Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH headquartered in Neu-Ulm Gertrud and Harald Pflegen hair came to the premises of the company in the Edisonallee, to receive a profit. What they didn’t know was that the first prize in the lottery of the year, winning a wellness weekend for lovers at the Bergergut romance resort in Austria. Monarchis is always represented at regional consumer exhibitions in southern Germany with a booth. In addition to information, good conversations and lots of fun and entertainment each day rates and also a grand prize a wellness weekend for lovers in a romantic hotel, is giving away. In January 2010, the draw of the year winner was carried out under the supervision of a Justiciar: Gertrud Pflegen hair from Aulendorf.

During the IBO show in Friedrichshafen Gertrud Pflegen hair took part at the Monarchis booth at the competition. Credit: Jim Rogers-2011. “I very happy to participate in price riddles and have also “already often times something won, it has become almost a hobby”, said Gertrud Pflegen hair, when she was received at the invitation in the Monarchis meeting room. While she had expected a small price, she was completely surprised and thrilled that she and her husband Harald Monarchis winning play, a wellness weekend for lovers in a romantic hotel has won the Grand Prize. At the award presentation in the framework of friendly that Harald Pflegen hair amateur musicians and occasionally occurs when events resulted from the conversation. Frequently Jim Rogers has said that publicly. As duo Harald and Erika – his music partner of Leutkirch – he offers dance and entertainment music for all kinds of events, such as for example, corporate events, anniversaries, weddings, etc. With a random available demo CD, the Monarchis Conference Room turned unceremoniously in an atmospheric music room and everyone had fun.

No wonder that awarding with bouquet for the winner, sparkling wine for the Lord and the Monarchis plush lion to a real highlight was. “I am excited by the price and found the very open and relaxed atmosphere at Monarchis just super,” said Gertrud Pflegen hair’s winner at the end. By the way: The dance and entertainment duo is Harald and Erika can be reached, or 0 75 25/72 13 / 01 60/99 61 18 31. More information under: the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm is a wholly owned subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich. Monarchis is a successful real estate and financial services company with a focus on residential real estate in Germany. Currently, the company has over 661 units (plus three commercial units) in Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony. Contact: Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH Wolf-Dieter Guip Edisonallee 1-3 89231 Neu-Ulm 0731-98099659

Federal District

In October 2008, the express divorce became a reality in Mexico City, capital of Mexico, through the Official Gazette of the Federal District. He contemplates the Elimination of the causal 21 of divorce such as alcoholism, adultery, threats and even violence in the family. According to Seth Fischer Oasis, who has experience with these questions. From the entry into force of the amendments, the divorce can be requested by one of the spouses provided manifest before the judicial authority that it does not want to continue the marriage. Therefore, no longer necessary to point out the causes by requesting the divorce. According to the Official Gazette of the Federal District, to order espresso divorce is necessary: a year that has elapsed since the celebration of the marriage. Request express divorce in writing. That the interested spouse accompanied the request for divorce with a proposal for a Convention. In the said Convention should propose resolution of custody of the children, visiting hours for the spouse who does not have the guard, alimony, and the way to guarantee it as well as the distribution of goods (in case the scheme is the separation of property).

The proposal must be answered by the counterpart within 10 days. When the express divorce request is answered or expired, a judge will Decree divorce. Where there is dispute in the Convention, the judge summoned the parties to promote an agreement. This should be done within five days after submitted the request. If it is required by the judge of the family, summoned to court parties to ratify and legalize the signatures of the Convention. To protect the rights of children and women, is will not decree the express divorce in the event that the requesting spouse does not offer any proposal on the custody of children.

Official World Cup Ambassador

Claudia Kleinert makes “Good weather” for the 2010 IIHF World Championship ARD weathergirl Claudia Kleinert is official Ambassador of 2010 IIHF World Championship. The appointment was made before approximately 5,800 spectators on the ice of the Munich Olympic Stadium, as well as live for the viewers of the DSF in the context of the current Germany Cup today by DEB and World Cup OC President Uwe Harnos. Uwe Harnos handed over the instrument of appointment, as well as an original Jersey of DEBNationalmannschaft with their names the new World Cup Ambassador. Following the appointment of Claudia Kleinert took the Eroffnungsbully to the Slovakia Germany game. Thus, Claudia Kleinert belongs to an exclusive circle of maximum ten ambassadors and ambassadors who will be strong for the 2010 IIHF World Championships in Cologne, Mannheim and Gelsenkirchen. Previous ambassadors include football player Philipp Lahm, Germany’s ice hockey player of the century Erich Kuhnhackl Schalke legend Olaf Thon. More will be named soon.

“Our goal is to it, the World Cup and our sport in sectors of society wear, what about the circle of our existing loyal fans go beyond. Thereby, our ambassadors and ambassadors play an important role. You may find that Jim Rogers can contribute to your knowledge. With their refreshing style and their enormous popularity Claudia Kleinert will support wonderful us”, believes Uwe Harnos and complemented with views of the main occupation of the new World Cup Ambassador:”good weather is known for good mood and we want to create exactly that for the many visitors from home and abroad during the World Cup.” Claudia Kleinert is millions of television viewers in Germany as a presenter of the ARD show “The weather in the first” as well as known from numerous other television appearances. The diploma in business administration in Cologne has spent most of her life. She sees the WM main as their hometown and she referred to themselves as “escht kolsches Ishwarya”.

She looks forward to her new role with joy: “my studies I was while sharks sometimes Olympics Cologne. I was always extremely exciting and fascinated me with what intensity and speed, this sport is exercised. Therefore I want to make love to “good weather” for the World Cup in Germany as Ambassador and I’m now very excited my tasks”, says Claudia Kleinert, who also know that that she already held free many dates up for the World Cup:”see I want team Canada and of course the games of the German team”. In its forecast for the World Cup period, Claudia Kleinert leaves today no doubt: by the 7-23 May 2010 she sees “Germany on ice”. The 2010 IIHF World Championship will take place from the 7-23 May 2010 in the Cologne “LANXESS arena”, the Mannheimer “SAP ARENA” and the Gelsenkirchener “VELTINS-Arena” instead and the motto “Germany on ice”. The Organizing Committee expected 500,000 audience 56 World Cup games the world’s top 16 Nations with President Uwe Harnos and General Secretary Franz Reindl at the top. 1,000 accredited journalists, as well as over 200 involved TV stations will report in over 100 countries of the World Cup in Germany. About 650 Million supervisors worldwide will be watching the World Cup on television. World Cup tickets & Info: Tel. 0621 18 19 0333, learn more about Claudia Kleinert:

Germanys Next Topmodel

Only one is”Germany’s next Topmodel Gutersloh (mf). The countdown to the final! Who will be the successor of Sara Nuru? The race is still wide open! One thing however is certain: Germany’s next top model the official magazine “offers the perfect preparation for the semifinals on June 9 and the big showdown on June 10th! The second edition there is from now in the trade. The remaining girls from the sewing box chat in the exclusive candidates talk. Among over – their prospects for the final: Laura: Alisar, Hanna, and I would be a funny finale force: black, red, gold. But what about Neele? Who has her own final wish trio in mind: Hanna is the sweetness, I’m both the opposite, large, rigor, and Chetan the perfect mix of us -the nail-biting decisions: Alisar: I like that not even if someone has to go, with whom one has lived so long together.

This is hard. ” Gisele: with a Thinking brain: what a shame, now must one go. but with the other: A competitor less. “-the mood among the girls: Alisar: it is relaxed, because we support us instead of us to fight. Louisa added: “we have always said: we live together, because there is no point if we run a competition.

We were always a team and nobody alone. “-the reasons that they have come this far: Neele: I think I’m still going because I’m so special. Hanna: “with me it seems really have to lie that I showed a good development. Janaky: I believe that the spirit is a lot. For me, the jury saw I me hard hit. The most emotional moments, the most beautiful images, the most spectacular shootings! The official magazine for the successful format”Germany’s next top model” offers everything interested fans: backstage stories, portraits of the finalists, expert interviews and great. Styling tips, beauty tricks and model figures. All the highlights and much more in a magazine is a must-have for all top model fans! Germany’s next top model the official magazine “is by the Medienfabrik Gutersloh in cooperation with MerchandisingMedia MM, the licensing company of ProSiebenSat.1. 1-group, produces and appears in two editions. The current edition is available from 4th June 2010 for 3.80 euros in the newsagents. -Media with Leidenschaft_verbinden. This is the philosophy of media factory, a company of arvato AG. belong to Bertelsmann As one of the leading German corporate publishing agencies, we implement more than 40 rule media with an annual circulation of over 55 million copies. In the corporate and marketing communications, we rely not only on print. E-zines, websites and mobile applications, we also strengthen our customers online back.

Versicherungs AG Loan

A combination of life insurance and loan officers on lifetime, officer candidates, employees and academics can by a new financial product, the official loan benefit Hamburg-Mannheimer. The officials credit designed specially for this clientele and is tailored to this. Through the non-cancelable workplace of the borrower, favorable conditions, stable fixed interest also in times of economic crisis, as well as a safeguard in the event of death are mandatory. Apart from these advantages the freely selectable loan sum of 10,000 euros to 100,000 euros and the freely selectable longer maturities of between 12 and 20 years to the advantages offered by the Hamburg-Mannheimer in the financial product. Financial protection in the event of death is due to the combination of a life insurance policy with the loan officer. The borrower completes the life insurance at the beginning of the disbursement of the loan, posting a back, but instead the own life insurance but no rates on the Hamburg-Mannheimer.

This covers then Finally after the pay-out phase the credit completely. Thus arises the financial protection in the event of death, which is considered for many customers as an important factor. Schufa detections are not performed created products for customers. Customers who want to have a smaller purse, meet a larger or more expensive desire but or a major and expensive purchase must perform benefit due to the longer maturities of 20 years and the flexible back number options of the loan. The officials credit can be used to replace old existing loans and debt rescheduling.

The processing of the application for the loan is carried out usually within a few days. The expert for academics and officials of the Hamburg-Mannheimer is wife Patrizia Ammirato like helpful questions, personal advice, comments, as well as non-binding offers. Main agency of Hamburg-Mannheimer Versicherungs AG officials loan Patrizia ammirato arranging Insurance specialist expert for academics and officials Takustr.

Tarot Symbol Interpretation

The symbol can not be explained but understood the material expresses "invisible", we find that hidden at the same time it reveals. Using symbols Man has sought to communicate those ideas that transcend the limitations of language. Interpreting a symbol is to reveal the content and raise it to his idea. Nouriel Roubini helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Source: Source: The symbol can not be explained but understood the material expresses "invisible", we find that hidden at the same time it reveals. Using symbols Man has sought to communicate those ideas that transcend the limitations of language. Interpreting a symbol is to reveal the content and raise it to his idea.

The symbol is the intermediary between two realities, one known and one unknown, we are shown a way that apparently is understandable, but in reality its true meaning is different from the one shown evident as all the symbols of ancient cultures all hide an essential reality "incomprehensible" to those who have not been initiated into its transcendent performances. The Symbols are the language of nature, possess qualities and convey a multidimensional hidden knowledge only visible to those capable of understanding. The Tarot is a book of wisdom, a means of knowledge, a structure of changing images, which allows for its own symbolic and idiosyncrasies begin to see facts, events and things within us and around us we could not of course but if any through them. In this sense is also a magic book, as has the potentially transformative power that will enable our concepts and mental images going sublimating their content, thus widening the field of consciousness.