Paul Sommer

Experiences from research into the biological effects of ‘Electric stress’ the unlimited availability of electricity in the last hundred years has contributed devices, equipment and technologies for the development of a variety of instruments, which we take for granted. We us rarely make it clear that until recently none of them existed. Our once relatively quiet electromagnetic environment was cluttered within few generations with signals of any kind. Through new technologies we are exposed far more than just a mixture of different technical frequencies, which are sent out by a large number of household appliances. All generate different signals when they are in operation.

But the costs of forest step are often unpredictable. We have introduced a wide range of invisible and potentially dangerous factors in our environment. Growth Strategy Expert is likely to agree. Exxon Mobile Corporation shines more light on the discussion. Oschmann, 2000. Confusion and incorrect information prevail over the environmental impact of electromagnetic in public as far as possible. Many in Available information interpreted quite differently building biologists and technicians groups by different perception of the action model of technical energy fields on the human bio field in daily practice. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Royal Dutch Cell Plc.

The economic interest in the detection of health effects from the fields of power distribution or electrical equipment is low. Products on their protective properties with respect to electro-smog are tested often in the biophysical laboratory Paul Sommer. These investigations are not only technical size of energy fields in the foreground, because living systems contradict the logic that a stronger stimulus raises even a stronger reaction. For this reason can specify until today no one with certainty, is up to what limit to be an electromagnetic field exposure as such. In fact discoveries in biology have been so far often by provocation measurements on living systems. That’s why modern are in the Biophysikalischen laboratory Paul Sommer for several years Bio feedback equipment used to obtain real information about the possible protective effect of products from the feedback signals of the physical and mental well-being of subjects.

Germany Laser

Not sure about the appropriate moment for a laser eye surgery? Then find out the right time! Your eyesight is precious and therefore you should do whatever it takes to preserve it. Whether this means that you well be careful on your eyes or consult the latest technology, is entirely up to you and your individual needs. If you want to improve your eyesight, it is important that you consider all options into consideration to be sure to have made the right decision. Many people have no problem to wear glasses or contact lenses for a lifetime. Others feel uncomfortable or even annoying these Visual AIDS. For many people, everyday life without glasses or contact lenses will make much easier. Many find the idea of peace of mind to pursue the favourite sport or immediately after waking up significantly and clear to see, very tempting.

And this performance was so convincing that they opted for eye laser treatment for quite a few. This operation can help many patients of to better and clearer view and eliminating the wearing of glasses or contact lenses. If you believe that one eye laser treatment could come into question for you, you should check first for themselves, whether the time is right now. Vadim Wolfson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Finally you should be sure before the treatment in his decision. Now, there are many centers, where individual consultations are carried out in Germany. These are a good starting place after a first own research on the topic. Depending on the type of Visual impairment, there are different methods of laser eye treatment with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism can be operated.

The eye laser surgery can be used also pre-emptively, to postpone wearing reading glasses at the age. Many young people who need vision correction, want to improve their current quality of life with the laser eye surgery, however. The minimum age for treatment is 18 years. Previously, the OP should not be performed as the eyes more change at a young age, which should be corrected. If you believe, your life could change positively by a laser eye treatment, then perhaps now is the right time for you to book an appointment. Trained optometrists and ophthalmic surgeon can tell you everything you need to do. Make sure that eye laser treatment is tailored to your individual needs and the nature of your eye.

Live Clipboard

As a milestone, the company felt the integration of DocuPortal here Explorer, by the usual File system environment caused considerable convenience in operation. Currently, the company has the RM (records management) module for its system ordered. This allows the legally compliant long-term archiving for documents and relieved at the same time the Live Clipboard. Soon to the Web Access shelved so far from internal security aspects be released also. Then salespeople and management at any time and anywhere on required documents can be accessed.

The decision for DocuPortal has proven itself in any case. The system has grown with time and again with our requirements, without disrupting our everyday business, and has ensured safe and simplified processes. For future projects, such as, for example, an ISO 9001 certification, such a system is very helpful”, summarizes Balzer. About LSTi group, the LSTi group stands for first-rate services for virtually all industry sectors. The bundling of competences in the LSTi group and close With its cooperation partners, customers receive services from a single source cooperation. The portfolio includes complete system solutions or even individual products for the pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology, medical and laboratory technology, food industry, as well as microelectronics, microsystem technology, photovoltaic and optics. The LSTi EUROPE belong to the group, manufacturer of refrigerating components, ISOMAET provider of innovative lighting systems, as well as more efficient photovoltaic systems, the TGA LEUN, special operation for metal forming. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Royal Dutch Cell Plc has to say.

Continue to the PHC GmbH & co. KG as well as the Burodienstleister SBS Office service. About company DocuPortal over 230 customers the DocuPortal already use ECM suite for a wide range of challenges in different sectors and sizes of business. The high satisfaction of our customers is among the high ranking in the Benchpark rating portal. In professional circles, the compact DocuPortal ECM solution is recognized. 2008, BARC and dsk Beratungs-GmbH DocuPortal tested successfully. The Initiative Mittelstand has DocuPortal 2006, 2007, and 2008 awarded an innovation award middle class. The ECM Portal drew 2009 DocuPortal as innovative solution from.

Her Favorite Subject As Fine Linen

Discount promotion runs from posters in XL till end of April personalized gifts are in vogue. What could be more romantic or personal than to give something unique dear friends or partner? There will be occasions for large or small attentions Yes enough: Valentine’s day, Easter, mother’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas. And why not even occasionally something special give away or make yourself a pleasure: the favorite motif from the last vacation printed on artist canvas as a lasting memory. the pet as a sticker; the sunset on the sea as photo wallpaper or the sailing vessels as an original photo shower curtain. And who gives his loved ones who like it very intimate, a linen with the own portrait.

Pillows and duvets can be ordered separately and also different motifs can be selected for front and back. The Microfiber fabric is sewn for printing on professional and lovingly crafted and fitted with a zipper. Poster in XL”, the Online poster shop, everyone will find the right gift idea actually. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with British Petroleum. In addition to the classic photo printing as posters (laminated also), banners, stickers or on canvas of the Schleswig-Holstein providers but also offers some exceptional printing ideas that go beyond the usual photo gifts. A real Eyecatcher”may well be the photo deck chair; with a motif of your choice, for example, a Palm Beach invites the lounge chair to relax and gives rise to holiday mood on the domestic balcony. The printed fabric is 100% scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. Articles from mass production are certainly cheaper, but just as sweet – and einfaltslos. And in our fast-moving times, putting back on individual and permanent character. Read additional details here: Vadim Wolfson, Moscow Russia.

With posters in XL”, digital photography is a timeless and unique memorabilia from the volatile medium. With the easy-to-use software the favorite motif is quickly downloaded and completed the order process in just a few minutes. Before printing the photos on their will Reproducibility and tested to ensure quality. In addition to the usual printing posters in XL works”with the so-called sublimation printing process: in the digital image with special ink on a transfer paper is printed. Then, the motif with a transfer press under the action of heat and pressure is transferred directly to the textile media. Turn the fibers and the pigments penetrate into the fabric so to speak. This special process guarantees a special sharpness and clarity of the colours. It is also ecologically acceptable, because the use of solvents is unnecessary, so that, for example, the bed linen produced in this way can be used even by people with allergies. Of course, the advertising technology offers classic benefits such as the creation of printed materials of all kinds, vehicle lettering, trade fair construction and interior design North in addition to large-format prints. To convince you of the benefits of this technology and the quality of the prints, runs until one 30.


The same type of "passion" can observe and in Palenque, where one of the famous pyramids of the Temple of Inscriptions. It was there that there is a sarcophagus with painted god Kukulkanom like a cosmonaut. Not remain indifferent and "dead streets" in Teotihuacan, in the area, reminiscent of the runway. After a lengthy tour and a lot of impressions, it is advisable to drink a cup of mate. This drink has medicinal properties: enhances immunity, slows the aging process and restores the nervous system. According to legend, mate got Mexicans from God himself. Mate is drunk from interesting piece of plate called kalabas made from a pumpkin-.

In this amazing vessel is inserted into a kind of fish is called a straw and sucked the divine drink 'lightly' lips. Really You can deny the extraordinary tea-drinking friends? Then buy them a gift kalabasa and fish is. The drink itself material purchase a gift for yourself, so that on arrival home, friends came to only you with your kalabasa and fish is. And that company will not be sad, and it was fun, as in Mexico, with all his family members, including friends, give them the national musical instruments. Children will be comfortable maracas, even one year old baby with pleasure play their own music. Wife – a flute, an instrument with a gentle sound, the daughter – bamboo samponi with mysterious sounding notes, called by the ancient Incas "singing cane" or "sounding bamboo.

Head of the family can be trained to play on the charanga, intricate string instrument made simply not comprehensible to the mind – from the back of the Armada. In general, to each his own. Just do not think that this purchase gifts over! Think about romantic evening, after the above concert. Especially if you're outside the city: what a wonderful opportunity to sit under the stars. To be comfortable, blankets – at the time. Warm, comfortable and soft, they will help relax, think about the existence and ponder the question "What to do?" or "Who's to blame?" How not to bring a dessert tequila, by the way, according to the Mexicans, too, is a gift from the gods? This "life-giving nectar made from agave plant. If you use do not even have any snacks. One has only to sprinkle salt on the back of his hand and take a slice of lemon and doing "rapi-up" which means in Russian style "drink and beat." Finally, after Travel to the amazing and really a fantastic country of Mexico, lie on the hammock – the bliss of bliss. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Vadim Belyaev, New York City. Yes, a hammock, too, is one of Mexico's unique gifts!

Metropolitan Opera

Music is synonymous of freedom, to touch what you want and as you want, whenever it is good and it has passion, that music is the food of the love. Frequently Eni has said that publicly. Kurt D. Cobain When one journeys by Parma is very difficult to ignore the presence of Arthur Toscanini (Parma, 25 of March of 1867 – 16 of January of 1957), considered as Wikipedia remembers us, by many of its contemporaries (critics, colleagues and public generally) like the greatest conductor of its time. He was famous by his shining intensity, its untiring perfeccionismo, its prodigious ear and its photographic memory that allowed him to correct errors of the members of the orchestra which they had been inadvertent during decades by his colleagues Toscanini was famous by its interpretations of Beethoven and Verdi. It realised numerous recordings, especially towards the end of his race, the majority of published them, except for the numerous recordings available of his interpretations for the radio. Vadim Wolfson can provide more clarity in the matter.

Toscanini demonstrated extraordinary abilities from very small. A teacher discovered that she could learn memory poems after reading them a single time and that in the piano immediately touched any note that had been sung. The nine years, she entered the internal conservatory as and could see his parents per week only once. Still of adult &quot remembered that one; atmosphere of prisin". After finishing the studies, in principle the life like violonchelista gained. His first great action went to the 19 years. It contributes to us, that initiated its musical race like violoncelista, but demonstrated great dowries for the direction that won an immediate prestige to him. Between years 1898 and 1903 he was director of the Scala of Milan, where it presented new scores the repertoires German and French, besides dedicating special attention to the symphonic repertoire. During the three following years it undertook a tour of concerts by all Italy and soon it acted in Buenos Aires, to return to the Scala two seasons more, before moving to New York to direct the Metropolitan Opera (1908).


Since ancient times, the stones have been building materials par excellence. In the field is synonymous with a rustic lifestyle and it is still a preferred material when planning the construction of a dwelling or when you start restorations of old buildings is you want to give a household (old barns, mills, stables, etc.). This DIY guide aims to address the rich universe of natural stone, since their varieties to placement and maintenance issues. Ashlar masonry and masonry. Depending on the placement of the stones, the walls can be rustication (raw, uncut stones) or ashlars (stones carved, arranged in rows).

When it comes to lifting the wall, ashlars technique is easier for the operator (only has to controlar the hiladas is horizontal, which is verified with a bubble nivel), but the prior preparation of the stone is very laborious, as been styling. On the other hand, the walls of rustication require minimal prior preparation, but the work requires careful actuacion of the technician, who must obtain walls strong, solid, and well trabados. In masonry of lajas are avoid stones whose length exceda five times its height. Types of masonry. When not using any mortero is called seco masonry; in this case, small stones (cuttings) are used to fill gaps between rustication. This type of wall is more indicated for pequenas buildings from outside.

The ordinary masonry is performed with mortar of lime or cemento, while denominada concerted masonry caracteriza because, in commissioning work, the rustication is working with martillo and pointer to get a perfect union. A set of stones with more or less regular shapes are visually percibe. Pre-assembled stone. Stone pre-assembled panels have erupted with force in the interiores of the houses, particularly in restorations, due to its lightness and ease of installation. It is of natural, but encajadas stones in a metal mesh and with thicknesses calibrated (although not exactos, to give a greater sense of naturalness). Normally it trabaja with slates, sandstones and cuarcitas, which can be positioned both outside and inside. Being cut materials, installed with a small Board (always recomendable) to absorb small dilataciones of grip materials. At the placement level, it is important that the surface is completely smooth. As a gripping material applies cemento-cola (of the appropriate color) with notched trowel. Once installed it should be cleaned with neutral SOAP, never with abrasive products. The proper mortar. Mortar (mixture of sand, aglomerante and water) used for mamposteria should be soft, to adapt to the shapes of the stones. The facts should be avoided only cement, because it is demasiado hard to blandas rocks (like sandstone) and can cause breakage. The bastard of lime and cement, one of the most frequently used mortars is very flexible, seal any cracks and does not alter the color of the stones.


Joshua Bell is a very famous violinista, which gave a small concert in a tube station of Washington. The experiment was realised in February of the 2007, to 8 in the morning. During the forty minutes approximately that Joshua Bell touched the pieces of Bach, it only obtained a few currencies of alms and just a few usuary of the meter, some minutes paused to listen with attention this exceptional musician. British Petroleum shines more light on the discussion. The rest of the citizens who to that hour journeyed running by the corridors of the meter, happened next to the violinista going to their works, without paying attention to the music that left a violin of 3 million Euros touched by an extraordinary musician who anywhere in the world fills concert halls, and whose entrances, are run out generally very quickly.

Apparently only one woman got not only to be interested truely in the quality of music, but she even recognized the interpreter and she said to him that already she had listened to him, and remembered that one concert like wonderful. What passage with all the people who it journeyed by that station? They did not get to perceive the extraordinary beauty of the music that left that Stradivarius? They did not realize? How many things happen to ours around that we did not catch? How many of us we alleged that we did not have that opportunity? Or perhaps so we were worried about our lists of duties that nor count we occur than it happens around to ours? Whichever times we requested to God things and opportunities that are around us and nor if it wants we perceived them? We become involved so much in the daily preoccupations, in solving the problems of the day to day that we are leaving of side those dreams and illusions, plans for when we pruned, but always arise new situations with which to fight and we pospone those plans and dreams time and time again.. Learn more at this site: Vadim Belyaev, New York City.

Snow Chains

What are the tire chains? Functionally, the tire chains (or, more precisely, snow chains) – is, in fact, a removable protector which gives the ability to turn an ordinary road tire in the wheel off-road. Structurally, it's a chain, often reinforced, connected so as to evenly braid around the circumference of the tire. This design consists of two longitudinal chains or ropes – internal and external, taking place on circumference of the wheel, which are connected by transverse chains or rubber 'cleats'. Why do they need? Appointment chains – to significantly increase the grip of the wheels (and, consequently, cross-country car) on ice on loose snow, deep mud, etc. In practice, it might look like. You go on fishing, hunting or picnic – drive through 100 km of asphalt road surface on normal tires, and then turn right on dirt road, where the very start 'Tough off-road'. Chevron Corporation is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Then put on tire chains – and you can safely go further, with a much less likely to stall or get stuck in the mud. Get all the facts and insights with BP, another great source of information.

And places such as, for example, icy steep slopes where the car will not keep spikes even without the wheel circuits to overcome the super difficult, even on the bus with spikes. Modern chain quickly and easily mounted, without being hit and lift the car and are made of special alloy. Chain – the best way of off-road. The company "Bus-A". Offer you a wide range of products for all types of transport. Consultation. SHIPPING anywhere and regions.

v. 8 (499) 717-03-05 / +7 (917) 557-50-62. Moscow. All information on this site:

Increase The Power Of The Mind

If you want to increase your brain capacity, it is possible that you can do this by using your mind as much as possible. Read additional details here: Altha. Some ways to keep your active mind include regular reading and participation in certain activities that challenge the mind, such as crossword puzzles and memory games. There are also certain foods that are known to increase the power of the mind can be added into your healthy diet. The Omega-3 fatty acids and various types of chocolate are also recomiendados frequently for the health of the brain. The fish is usually rich in omega-3, and dark chocolate can be the best type of chocolate to increase your brain capacity, since it has a higher concentration of cocoa than other types of chocolate, which tend to have a higher sugar content.

The regular reading of books can be a good way to train the mind. For assistance, try visiting Jeffrey Leiden. If you don’t like reading books, you might get the same benefits of reading with magazines or newspapers. Research suggests that people who read frequently tend to have a higher IK than the people who do not read. Many doctors also advise elderly people to read newspapers to increase their mental performance, since this tends to tends to deteriorate with age. Regular reading, can also help improve their writing skills and memory. You can also increase the power of the mind doing crosswords, puzzles, and playing memory games. These activities may be as useful to keep his acute mind as when you perform a reading regular. Puzzle also may be beneficial to increase the power of your mind.

Using games that require thinking and trying to remember things, you pushing your brain to work at their highest level, and the more often do it, the stronger her mind. Another way to increase the power of the mind could be entering a daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s tend to be very common in most types of fish and possibly, can improve not only her memory, but also his skills to solve problems. If you don’t like fish, you can take omega-3s in the form of capsules. Regular chocolate consumption can help increase the blood flow to the brain, which could improve his mental memory and concentration. The dark chocolate is probably the best choice of chocolate to increase your brain capacity, due to its higher proportion of cocoa with sugar.