High energy six full convinced five local young bands in the sixth best of Mainova home game their fans and prepared a musical Potpourri at the Batschkapp. For the sixth time, there was still a premiere: with this October 2 the best of Mainova took place on a Friday home game for the first time. And so the competition in the bustling metropolis at the start of the long weekend exposed to numerous leisure activities. But good 600 fans crowding the city bustle defiance after Eschersheim. Convincing evidence of the success of the regional Festival evening, with only slowly sound out the idiot Ballroom DJs about three o’clock in the morning. Right at the beginning it went off fame. Crayfish from long showed how perfectly they already control the instruments of real rocker, and turned a tired-looking of the celebration Pack negativities of audience with her energetic sound of spring break. Which to salsa rhythms of Rene Moreno band with their musical world journey danced. Lakshman Achuthan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The pop songs by Jana Josephina then struck a completely different tone knew how to delight with their radiance especially the mature male audience. The mood was pensive melancholy at the electro-pop songs by cargo city. By singer Simon Konrad skillfully presented, they drilled up punchy in the hearts of their fans. Not only vocally, the punk rockers of serum 114 offered to graduating then full body usage, and that. Their singer ash came close with a bold leap from the stage especially the legendary boards of the Batschkapp and stunned the audience with his hardness. Five bands who just know what they are doing, and have shown that they belong on such a stage. That was a wonderfully varied program: a completely successful evening, pulled a satisfied conclusion programme makers and moderator James a Valentine. Here at the Batschkapp, where I myself so many times have cheered others, to stand, while the audience slowly thaw and then finally rages on stage, that was an incredible experience and thrust, is properly radiates crayfish guitarist Patrik Westphal. An experience that has taken the musicians of all five bands drummer until the front woman in this energetic evening. All info at information

Domestic Violence Of Hayden Panettiere

According to PEOPLE magazine the father should have beaten the mother when a man beats a woman should be taken as soon as possible. The same applies of course also when men are struck by their wives. To know more about this subject visit brightview. “A small tap has harmed anyone” may not be used here as “an excuse” or “Excuse me”, because there is no excuse. Cornell Capital has similar goals. How does this mother of Hayden Panettiere? She should be beaten allegedly by her husband. So the PEOPLE however, reported magazine on its website people.com. The father was arrested on the same day by the police called to help and provisionally put in the prison.

The police chief today turned the press: “so how I found out the situation of Mr. Panettiere has Mrs. Panettiere several times in the face hit – according to my fist.” Ms. Panettiere suffered some bruises of them.” Reason was supposedly a dispute for the attack on his wife, which both at a party previously had. “Mr. Panettiere was but as a precaution and behaved cooperatively in” Custody included”, as the next Chief of police. Draws the mother the consequence of the incident of the show stars now?

Tara Reid In Rehab

The actress has now even in a hospital can be assigned a Tara Reid! She seems not so correct to have leased the luck for themselves. At the time all seemed still quite different. Their role in the success series made her famous American Pie. Maybe it went a little too fast for the young actress. After the films namely rather down was with the career of Tara Ried.

Small roles, but no success. Anorexia, alcohol and night carousing by then made headlines for Tara Ried. So it looked like she was at the bottom. Now has let them introduce themselves in a clinic. Her representative confirmed the people magazine today. “Tara has even in the promises treatment center can be assigned a. We assume that their and their family’s privacy is especially esteemed in this time. “Their representative but not told why they now have a hospital has.” We have to press your thumbs!

Banana Killer In The World

on January 29, 2010 at 8: 00 in the LOGO in Hamburg Bandcontest for newcomer bands “Emergenza” 1ST STEP n 2 29.01.2010 20:00@LOGO Hamburg Grindelallee 5 the banana killer David Bong (VOC. / synth.), Jan Listing (Dr./VOC.), Lukas Anton (GIT / VOC) and Stefan Rauschelbach (key / VOC) set with their own compositions and raises the bar for the following participants to determine accurate four-part set singing again used up to. When the nationwide SongLive 2009 came the banana killer with her innovative, passionate and unique appearance the 3rd place. Since 2006 have their foundation the four boys regularly their latest tracks in its venerable old convent boarding school live promotes and the walls and floors to the quake. “Now confirm enthusiastic listeners, fans and music lovers, that the banana killers with their incomparable HardPop” ensure absolutely desirable and irresistible concerts: untamable, loud – but also deeply melancholic and emotional! While they boast not only failed Compositions, but also with finest four-part singing. If you would like to know more about Jim Rogers, then click here. Now the rest of the world deserves it, to hear, to see and love – in the world’s biggest band contest for newcomer bands “Emergenza” the banana killer! Background: “Emergenza” offers a fully equipped stage in 150 cities around the world. The bands play a range of maximum of 30 minutes each and go through several elimination rounds.

The audience chooses the bands that get stuck in the next round in an open vote. It’s believed that Restaurant Michael Schwartz sees a great future in this idea. In regional and national finals, a professional jury selects the winner and awarded in other bands and best musician. The winner plays the international finals in the framework of the Taubertal open air in Germany. The “best band in the world” wins a professional production, as well as musical instruments and technical equipment. There are a lot of prices for the best musicians! Bands on this evening: 20:00 BANANA killer 20:30 THE JANITORS 21:00 RAW LIKE FISH 21:30 bath SMILES 22:00 RIDDEN BY DISEASE 22:30 THE RIMSHOTS 23:00 BACK IN BUSINESS Sonja deuter hills sound Hamburg

Madonna Is Sad About Her Private Life

After the divorce, Madonna is still not completely fit the first interview after the separation of her ex-husband Guy Ritchie can say a lot about Madonna’s current state. With the The Associated Press on Sunday she confirmed in an interview that the separation of the guy was hard. “I’m not happy in my personal life, but I’m glad and happy that I have the opportunity, in my professional life to do what I want”, so the singer. Also she said: “if I’m thinking divorced been had to be and nothing to do would have.” I think I would’ve died of boredom.” Madonna and Guy divorced on Tuesday in London in a one-minute session – in addition to 16 other ex – spouses. According to visit website, who has experience with these questions. The Court also on how to deal with the children. Rocco and adopted son David are commuting between the United States and London. Lourdes, however, remains with her mother in the United States. Also, Madonna must pay no compensation to guy. So she keeps her $500 million in assets.

Michael Bolton

In truth, they can more, much more. It is this song that necessarily wants to sharpen the senses: not necessarily believes the first appearances! 12 straight. Even straight said: this title says everything about what he wants to say. Trust you! I dare to say much acid and do without, what thing, what is needed. Full stop! 13 longing. A serious ballad.

Not difficult to sing, but a stunner of the feelings inside you the me singing itself takes and carries almost away. A hammer! Melancholic without falling into the abyss, with a Russian touch. My parents heard it and found to be a piece of home. A reminder not to desire to break. One of my favorites! 14 I live now. You ask me: why of this title? Is that a commitment to live until now properly? No, I wouldn’t say that.

But a clue to my friends that I am, have become adult, mature a woman who has experienced a lot more even. Me skin ‘ nothing to so quickly. I used to be insecure sometimes, rather easy to confuse. A bit of truth, I want to say again, there is already in there: I live now! 15. alone in the light. So far, I had still no song for my fans, I sing, if the concert is coming to the end. Here he is, here is my suggestion, my idea of a common, beautiful evening. Here, my feelings are mirrored written by Kristina Bach. On stage I’m central theme from glass This song. I’m an open book and put me to the side, are the light isn’t lit. A number which is a thank you to my fans. 16 make you feel my love. Michael Bolton, this wonderful man, the world star, had the idea to sing this song with me. “He said, who like I Ave Maria” interpreted, with the I want a Duet. We were likable right off the bat. And we wanted to work together. What we now have presented, is especially an honor: to sing in English is less used than on German. It was a good time to get everything out of this song.

Daniela Alfinito

The new album of the Amigos – the best – 40 hits “best of” compilations of the AMIGOS abound now. No wonder, because Bernd and Karl-Heinz Ulrich are the success of giants of the German Schlager. Her career is exemplary and unique. Now appears on December 30 the ultimate “best of” in the commercial: “the best 40 hits”. The double-CD “The best – 40 hits” is a pretty 2-CD Digipak with exactly taken even 43 titles. Because the record company has this time now truly not splash out and packed in addition to a successful stock selection 40 best, most successful and longest-lasting Amigos even three exclusive “anniversary”songs with it. The Amigos classics such as “My home”, “Schenk please me no roses”, “I’ll never forget you”, “All angels are amigos”, song “My Grandpa”, remains immensely popular with the fans of course “then an Angel came” (the song that basically taken now five years ago only really started it all) and it goes without saying of course also “come dance with” me”and”I’m for you by the fire”a tryst with her current hit records such as”You’re the bright madness”(from the No. 1 album”The bright madness”),”The white ship leaves the port”,”A day in Paradise”and so on and so forth.

The Duet title “Dreams are within your grasp” (with Tirol Alps trio) and “Long live the friendship” (Amigos & the Ladins) may not be missing. As a special treat as mentioned above, there are three exclusive “anniversary”songs: “when two brothers by the fire”, a tribute to the meanwhile dissolved Alpine trio Tyrol at the Amigos, “my best friend (for Grandpa Bernd), sung by”Amigo”Baily’s grandson, to which he has a very special relationship, as well as the title”40 years of Amigos”, sung by Daniela Alfinito (daughter or niece of the Amigos) & Stefan Licher. A booklet with the official biography of Amigos, a great photo collage and a personal greeting of the Amigos however affectionately as elaborately designed booklet with it This high-quality Special Edition rounds off to their fans. But anyone who thinks the Amigos would rest on their laurels, is on the wrong track. Bernd and Karl-Heinz Ulrich let their fans in 2012 in the lurch and are expected to be waiting in the summer with a brand new album.