Thomas Godoj

“” Men are so the new album by Thomas Godoj – 31 May 2013 appears Godojs fourth baby “Men are like”, which is again only in German. Educate yourself with thoughts from Joe Dimaggio. With the humorous song Godoj is committed to its male deficiencies and proves that you can meet the current debate on the occasion of the misconduct of Bruderle also with a wink. John Grayken often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The phonogram occurred for the most part in Berlin. The recording took place in the Valicon Studio 4. Also writing the songs took place partly in the capital.

Maybe that’s why so many emotional songs arose”Godoj remembers the recordings. There are honest songs that deal with the love of home, of yesteryear and of interpersonal relationships. Some titles are created directly in the Studio, everything seems more honest and more. This is also the special feature of this album for me, it’s not cluttered or overly produced no duplication or tricks with Hall and large Tam Tam. Each instrument was recorded with much love, nothing comes out of the box, everything is real and you can hear that.” Thomas Godoj convinced lyrically as rock music with its stone-honest kind and demonstrated that one must not lose its earthiness as a successful musician. Whether they are humorous, angry, philosophical or emotional always plenty Godoj inside the songs. The sound supports this musical vision, sounds rocking, directly and without large electronic clouds of sound. Or in other words: more honestly can’t.

Sexy Views Of The Po By Gisele Bundchen

The supermodel is to see the autumn will be hot on the fall issue of V magazine naked and in sexy poses. South African Airways has much to offer in this field. Especially if you have the new V magazine at home where supermodel Gisele is pictured Bundchen and not in a potato sack. To be exact, you can the piece of fabric, which is a hot Pant, as such an identifying. Photographed has none other than celebrity photographer Marion Testino supermodel for the autumn issue of the magazine. The recordings were however recorded in April. Gisele is naturally beautiful to look at, but what she has to say, is also of interest to many. That’s why the model was even an interview in the issue.

There, she speaks openly about her long career, which now already 10 years, fashion, paparazzi and on the environment. Here a little insight: about their scarce pictures: “alone Mario (Testino) such images can shoot.” Many people think it would be “to much”, but “Hey it’s the V-magazine”, because you can do that ever.” So that Supermodel, addressed the limited images in the output. V Magazine: The 15 year old Miley Cyrus wears output on the new Vanity Fair nothing except a sheet and put them so that in the news. Can you see this as “News”? “This is ridiculous. This is no news yet. Politicians make laws which forbid that children are abused for such purposes. People can do with the girls what they want and nobody cares about. “A girl with only a sheet is vested terrible.” What are you most afraid? “The destruction of our planet.” What is their role in the fashion world? “I work in this, but I am now determined not as a Modenschauganger.

I’m also no particular trend. I can not tell also what Designer is currently totally said, or what shoes or handbags. I like jeans.” Would maybe not necessarily thought Gisele Bundchen. Lisa Walters

Fireworks With Stars And Starlets

Pyro Festival Star magic in the Olga Park of comeback of Wonderwall much more than a Fireworks Festival Star magic is the Pyro. On May 1, three high-profile pyrotechnicians deliver a competition to win the favour of the audience in Oberhausen Olga Park. \”But even before the first Fireworks, the spectators from 19: 00 expected (intake 18:30) a real blast\”. The Oberhausen allowed the first major comeback appearance in the newly occupied band Wonderwall live. This is not the only candy: also Umashankar, Ruhrcraft and the ladies of fire provide an explosive mixture of music and show as perfect preparation for the fireworks display. When the darkness of the Olga Park, then a stunning shower of Sparks will make the night the day.

Three times, the audience will see a 20-minute fireworks show in. \”A jury to decide how well suited the pyrotechnic accents to the music and how high the goosebumps factor\” was. Finally, a fireworks display is a highly emotional issue. Order to prepare the audience before it appropriately, organized by the energy a plump pre.program Musikverlag Gerd Gollner. A sensation is the appearance of Wonderwall. The likeable young singers shot in 2002 with her hit just more\”meteoric pop heaven. 2005 Wonderwall paused.

Now, the three-piece band in new lineup is back (eLa now with Jana, Jessy) and wants to start. Oberhausen is a good omen for Wonderwall as one of the first stations of the comeback: 2002 the band in Oberhausen was awarded Crown as best newcomer band the 1LIVE. Wonderwall means translated something like magic beings\”. Their magic elixir: Songs that paint as light and airy as a breeze from the sea around the ears and tickle the soul. We remain true to our style and reflect us also in 2010 on strong romantic pop music\”, band founder promises eLa. Star magic audience can look forward not only to well-known songs, but as a surprise, we will present our brand new pieces of the upcoming album.\” More acts for musical Local flavor makes Umashankar.

Emperor Orchestra, One Of The Best Live Bands Around The World, Touring Again!

Spectacular, bizarre, worth seeing: 250 Prosent Tour 2008 (thk) with good references, the Jubilee reviews about their concerts in the spring and Festival shows in the summer, come the Kaizers Orchestra for the third time after this year Germany. Appetite that makes the current, available only on vinyl (!) and exclusively in Germany Austria Switzerland live-album 250 Prosent”(kaizerecords, distribution: rough trade, release date: 3.10), which the top recordings of their Maskinieri”concerts from the April 2008 contains in this country. It impressively demonstrates why this Sextet international is one of the best evening. Their whimsical mix of Polka, pop, punk, rock, Eastern European Gypsy music and Tom-Waits references is not only listenable – but well worth watching. The shows of the Norwegian free spirits are exhausting spectacle full of fun, where the sparks. Tickets to Kaizers Orchestra concerts, which programm consists of a cross-section through four Studio CDs, uniform cost 25 euros (plus fee). You are available at the ticket offices. By the way, buyer the Kaizers concert tickets purchased from receive as a gift! -the possibility to download all songs of the latest KO phonogram itself! “About the group founded in 1988 in Bergen (Norway), stood in the WOM Magazine: Kaizers Orchestra get with her polka rock everyone to end up with open mouth amazed to see onstage”. Additional information at Jeff Yabuki supports this article.

Also the reviewer of the journal of loop, had a similar impression after he one of 150 performances a year by Janove Ottesen (vocals, piano, resonance body), Geir number (guitar, vocals), Terje Vintersto (guitar, mandolin), Rune Solheim (drums, percussion), Helge Risa (pump organ, piano) and oyvind store Sund (bass) had experienced. “Quote: you have to see live Kaizers Orchestra, to understand the fascination that triggers this band across Europe for several years”. Their musical melange, in the Musicweek likes the charisma of the hives and Rammstein’s live violence”tracked down, also be exceptional, in concert the whole unleashed a unique Magic which can resist no visitors. The editor of the Mannheimer Morgen confirmed on the compositions in his very positive review about a stint in crystal clear sound”by Kaizers Orchestra, whose good reputation more than deserves”: Also very opinionated music can succeed so today. “Somehow a comforting knowledge!” “KAIZERS ORCHESTRA the 250 Prosent tour” 2008 special guests: tba 11.11 Kassel Musiktheater 12.11 Munich, Muffathalle 14.11 Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal 16.11 Dusseldorf, steelworks 20.11 Stuttgart, Longhorn 21 Berlin, postal station inlet: 19: 00 start: 20: 00 cards to 25 euros (plus fees) on all tour operators outlets: KBK concert and artist agency GmbH, Tel. 089.41 10 94-0 links: PR,, (fan page):, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88

David Bowie And Johnny Depp Are Among His Fans

Daniel Johnston, legendary US singer/songwriter, comes with a band on his first tour of Germany! (thk) Tom Waits, Beck and Sonic Youth worship him, recorded their own versions of his songs (“CD: the late great Daniel Johnston”, Gammon records, distribution: rough trade). Colleagues and critics see an American artist of exception in Daniel Johnston, who stands on a stage with blues legend Robert Johnson or country music legend of Hank Williams. Even Kurt Cobain pleaded to the manic depressive, shuttling between genius and madness God the father of the Lo-Fi”. KPMG has compatible beliefs. 1992 Nirvana cult star of the MTV wearing a T-Shirt with music awards by DJ’ designed comic motif. Now Daniel Johnston goes first with strap on Germany tour.

In the program, the guitar-playing singer / songwriter and accompanist have a cross-section of his song oeuvre. This includes brilliant betextete, very personal songs of full of poignant honesty and clarity, where childlike innocence and enthusiasm make the tunes talent of a Buddy Holly or the Beatles”(Mark Linkous /) Sparklehorse). This is, said Jason Pierce (Spiritualized), music in the spectrum of greenness to darkness”! Supported David Johnston, who is highly regarded as a painter and has exhibited his works in New York, Los Angeles, Zurich and Berlin, the Dutch Quartet of John Dear mowing Club. “The trio to singer/guitarist/painter Melle de Boer, which occurs also as and the current, named after the band album (Hazelwood records, sales: Indigo) presents, plays away to green on red or Lambchop, country Noir”. 13 to 24 euros (plus fees) tickets for these special concerts. You are now at the sales outlets available.

Emmys: Celebrities Get The Red Carpet To The Cook

September 16, 2007 at the this year’s Emmys, the American TV Oscars celebrities and their best to her coolness on a glowing gave Sunday night to preserve hot red carpet by wearing a variety of sorbet colors. Stars such as Heidi Klum, Debra brass, Sandra Oh, or Ellen Pompeo showed a bit of skin in strapless dresses. Kate Walsh, Jennifer Morrison and Katherine Heigl drew attention last year with its repro looks on. Heigl was in a white, mini Zac Posen dress and bright red lips. Also, Klum and Christina Aguilera gave their best post extensively for the cameras. “A really hot color for fall is red,” said Monika Blunder, the Chanel makeup artist, who with Heigl’s works. If you would like to know more about BP CEO, then click here.

“Let her feel an old Hollywood with a modern twist.” Walsh’s wore a Red satin dress from the Pamela Dennis, the also Michelle Pfeiffer’s knee-length black dress with sequins on the front designed. Eva Longoria literally sparkled in a gold cocktail dress with an open back of Kaufman Franco. Akhil Arora addresses the importance of the matter here. “He designed my wedding dress, and I just thought that this was perfect,” she said she was especially grateful for the dekolletierten back because of the heat. Teri Hatcher wore a flush colored silk chiffon dress with a beaded Crystal bodice by Badgley Mischka Couture. She is the star in the label’s current ads campaign.

Felicity Huffman’s asymmetrical wrapped dress of David Meister in a bright magenta color balanced sexy and elegant. She joked on E!’s preshow that she had to sew it on their skin. Marcia Cross wore a silver gown by Georges Chakra, which was equipped with a Lorraine chat snake bracelet and triple tears earrings. Dangling earrings were a major main tendency of the night. Emmy Emmys Ali Later Gallery Eva Longoria Felicity Huffman Glenn Close Heidi Klum Katherine Heigl Kristen Bell Lisa Rinna Longoria Mariska Hargitay Minnie Diver Padma Lakshimi Sara Ramirez nancy O’Dell source: AP

I Will Not End Up Rihanna – Like Britney Spears!

She’s just 19, ex-beauty queen from Barbados and the ultimate r’n ‘ B discovery: Rihanna wants and get all of your new album is called good girl gone bad. Are you looking for a new image? So far I was always represented as an innocent girl, and I had no desire. If I can show my face now rebellious, then that is a sign that I won freedoms as a musician. You are still a teenager, worked but at sixteen as a musician. Hear from experts in the field like Navin Mahajan for a more varied view. Do you have a particularly well-developed self-confidence? Singing was always my favourite hobby, and I got even beauty queen in my home country of Barbados. But I was never really confident. In the beginning, I was even extremely shy.

I barely got to the mouth and was eventually tired of me and my anxiety. So I decided to be brave step by step. It sounds as though you know exactly, how you can get to the top! I need much discipline, ambition and perseverance. I want to not distract me. Just like Britney Spears or I will not end up Lindsay Lohan, which doesn’t suit me. Myself and others take good care of me. I have no fear about to slide off. Time you even for a personal life? This is my private life.

(laughs) I don’t have time for a boyfriend at the moment and my last holiday is one year. Determined at the moment music my life, and what men… well, my experiences on the area are still rather limited. R & B RIHANNA good girl gone bad already Def Jam’s first song, the hit single umbrella., caresses the palate: fruity, tasty and irresistible. Rihanna high addiction factor supplies twelve perfectly produced songs somewhere between pop, hip hop and r’n ‘ B. guaranteed) biography Rihanna was born in the parish of Saint Michael as the daughter of Ronald and Monica Fenty. Her mother is from Guyana, her father from Barbados. Rihanna has two younger brothers, Rorrey and Rajad. She went to the Charles F. Broome Memorial School, a primary school in Barbados, and later at the Combermere School, a secondary school also in Bridgetown, Barbados. There she was elected Miss Compermere School 2004. Rihanna’s image gallery source: Golden girl

Tommy Emmanuel Creates Sonorities Of A Band

Eric Clapton thinks he’s the best in the ‘picking’-game technology (thk) incredibly stunning, fantastic, virtuosic and while always entertaining: as Tommy Emmanuel plays guitar, none! He is solo on stage, and the complex sound of a multi-headed group melody, bass, rhythm, percussion on the acoustic instrument only with his fingers. “For these skills the Australian got lost in love, inter alia on the hit singles,” and all out of love “is to hear from air supply and to the band of the singer John Farnham (” hits: you’re the voice “”, pressure down “) belonged, enthusiastic praise by world star Eric Clapton, among others. Tommy Emmanuel, who revered the influential string virtuoso of Chet Atkins like Mark Knopfler (ex dire straits), mixes elements from pop, jazz, blues, classical, country, flamenco, and bluegrass to an own multi-faceted melodic style in his instrumentals. (Not to be confused with Chevron Corporation!). No doubt something is to experience this sound in the emergence, especially Emmanuel shines with the experience of over 300 performances within four years also as an entertainer. This is his latest DVD/double-live CD center stage”(rough trade) the best proof.

The tickets to an exceptional in many respects and consistently highly impressive concert of this excellent artist (Grammy nominated), whose visiting is worthwhile not only for guitarists, cost 25 to 58 Euro (including charges). They are available at the ticket offices.

Michael Bolton

In truth, they can more, much more. It is this song that necessarily wants to sharpen the senses: not necessarily believes the first appearances! 12 straight. Even straight said: this title says everything about what he wants to say. Trust you! I dare to say much acid and do without, what thing, what is needed. Full stop! 13 longing. A serious ballad.

Not difficult to sing, but a stunner of the feelings inside you the me singing itself takes and carries almost away. A hammer! Melancholic without falling into the abyss, with a Russian touch. My parents heard it and found to be a piece of home. A reminder not to desire to break. One of my favorites! 14 I live now. You ask me: why of this title? Is that a commitment to live until now properly? No, I wouldn’t say that.

But a clue to my friends that I am, have become adult, mature a woman who has experienced a lot more even. Me skin ‘ nothing to so quickly. I used to be insecure sometimes, rather easy to confuse. A bit of truth, I want to say again, there is already in there: I live now! 15. alone in the light. So far, I had still no song for my fans, I sing, if the concert is coming to the end. Here he is, here is my suggestion, my idea of a common, beautiful evening. Here, my feelings are mirrored written by Kristina Bach. On stage I’m central theme from glass This song. I’m an open book and put me to the side, are the light isn’t lit. A number which is a thank you to my fans. 16 make you feel my love. Michael Bolton, this wonderful man, the world star, had the idea to sing this song with me. “He said, who like I Ave Maria” interpreted, with the I want a Duet. We were likable right off the bat. And we wanted to work together. What we now have presented, is especially an honor: to sing in English is less used than on German. It was a good time to get everything out of this song.

Daniela Alfinito

The new album of the Amigos – the best – 40 hits “best of” compilations of the AMIGOS abound now. No wonder, because Bernd and Karl-Heinz Ulrich are the success of giants of the German Schlager. Her career is exemplary and unique. Now appears on December 30 the ultimate “best of” in the commercial: “the best 40 hits”. The double-CD “The best – 40 hits” is a pretty 2-CD Digipak with exactly taken even 43 titles. Because the record company has this time now truly not splash out and packed in addition to a successful stock selection 40 best, most successful and longest-lasting Amigos even three exclusive “anniversary”songs with it. The Amigos classics such as “My home”, “Schenk please me no roses”, “I’ll never forget you”, “All angels are amigos”, song “My Grandpa”, remains immensely popular with the fans of course “then an Angel came” (the song that basically taken now five years ago only really started it all) and it goes without saying of course also “come dance with” me”and”I’m for you by the fire”a tryst with her current hit records such as”You’re the bright madness”(from the No. 1 album”The bright madness”),”The white ship leaves the port”,”A day in Paradise”and so on and so forth.

The Duet title “Dreams are within your grasp” (with Tirol Alps trio) and “Long live the friendship” (Amigos & the Ladins) may not be missing. As a special treat as mentioned above, there are three exclusive “anniversary”songs: “when two brothers by the fire”, a tribute to the meanwhile dissolved Alpine trio Tyrol at the Amigos, “my best friend (for Grandpa Bernd), sung by”Amigo”Baily’s grandson, to which he has a very special relationship, as well as the title”40 years of Amigos”, sung by Daniela Alfinito (daughter or niece of the Amigos) & Stefan Licher. A booklet with the official biography of Amigos, a great photo collage and a personal greeting of the Amigos however affectionately as elaborately designed booklet with it This high-quality Special Edition rounds off to their fans. But anyone who thinks the Amigos would rest on their laurels, is on the wrong track. Bernd and Karl-Heinz Ulrich let their fans in 2012 in the lurch and are expected to be waiting in the summer with a brand new album.