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So what you end up with? Buy a car with hand made documents regardless of become extremely risky. Of course, when a person is the owner of the car for several years and did not arouse suspicion, with him at the conclusion of contract must stipulate that if the acquiree on the vehicle have any debt, liability for their takes on the seller. However, this will only work if when the seller has any assets and you will be able to recover in the courts, have the same first pay off the creditor and to recover all its losses. Consider one more risky option – to avoid paying tax issue on the seller offers you general power of attorney on the car. Yitzhak Mirilashvili often says this. At the same time it minimizes its costs, and you get another headache: the death of the owner of the power of attorney will expire, and neither of inheritance, no refund can be no question. Therefore, buying a car from a dubious person or by proxy even worse – a hundred times consider whether it is for you.

The way out of this situation may be cooperation with company that has an impeccable reputation and years of experience in the market of sale of vehicles. The second decade of this company is a Ukrainian Commodity Exchange “Kontraktovaya.” When you register purchase agreement – sale of the car by the client included an item on the liability of the seller for bonds purchased the vehicle. Also Exchange “Kontraktova” provides service inspection of vehicles to hijack the bases of GAI, Interpol and the CIS. In addition to the Supreme Court of the UTB “Kontraktovaya” is exempt from tax on the sale of movable property. Thus, it is safest from a legal in terms of method of sale of vehicles is the design of the contract purchase – sale. Only the buyer’s attention and processing of documents for transfer of ownership in the company’s proven and reliable to avoid unpleasant consequences when buying a car. Law Firm on the materials JGUARD.

Courier Companies

Courier companies affected by the crisis seriously enough. I would like in this article to sound problems and prospects for further development. The fall in orders, combined with increased rates of carriers strongly hit the earnings of companies. Many companies due to lack of incoming funds have huge debts to their agents. Inability to pay for the loans taken earlier forced to return Equipment taken on lease for a penny banks. This greatly reduces the chances of the company. Also, many companies are forced to cut staff.

Many courier companies, not realizing the depth of the crisis, failed to take action or took them too late and thus have suffered huge losses and lost customers. For this reason, some companies are in bankruptcy. Sending through these companies, you may have problems with getting your destination within the specified time of your departure. By the time the crisis will be only those companies that are able to overcome the debt burden and to optimize their costs. I would like to focus on the courier company National Express service. In a crisis, the company was in very good condition. On many programs as well as other companies that the company had refuse, or move their implementation for an indefinite period, thereby securing a 'bag' as many call it now.

Optimization of costs and expenses, as well as the absence of debt allowed one of the first companies to lower prices on many fronts. National Courier Service has managed to keep traffic at a level which would provide quality service without raising fares. At the moment company offers its customers a full range of courier services. Corporate clients receive a substantial discount. The presence of an extensive branch network allows the company to deliver in many Russian cities. In those cities where there are no branches, the company has its own representatives to carry out the delivery. National Courier Service fully supports the program of the Russian President and admits a reduction of personnel, but rather opens branches in Russia, thus providing more jobs. In conclusion I would say that 'survive' in this crisis, only those companies who are able to adapt to new conditions and requirements dictated by the crisis. Others including Marc Bistricer, offer their opinions as well. Good luck in the difficult task.

Water Heaters

Gas column in today is one of the most common individual water heaters. Modern gas water heaters are radically different from its predecessors in the 20th century. They have become more safe, compact, and fit perfectly into the interior space, and it may be utility room, bathroom or kitchen. In the operation of gas water heaters are very simple, even a child will understand, but children in any case should not be to do it. Now that you're a little familiar with the fact that this gas column, we will describe – how to choose one? The choice of any machinery or equipment would be fun if you know almost everything about a particular product. When choosing a water heater you need to know the details and differences between models.

The main parameter is the column of its output, ie the volume of heated water per minute. The most common power geysers 8 – 10 liters. min. that is the best option. But there, as well as less powerful and more productive, which reach up to 14 liters capacity.

min. And can provide hot water two-story house. Heating of water per minute will depend on specific model of water heater, for example, consider a gas column of Russian producers, LADOGAZ HSV heat for 8 to 10 liters per minute. Enough hot water for use in the bathroom and kitchen, while water will be Included in the various mixers. When choosing speakers, it is recommended to take into account the temperature drop on the street. For example, in the summer geyser will run much less than in the winter because the water is warmer in summer and column it is easier to heat up to maximum temperature. In summer, water heater performance significantly increases. One of the important criteria when choosing a water heater is divided into automatic and semiautomatic. Unlike those geysers – a way of firing. Automatic gas column starts at the moment when the mixer is opened hot water tap, while you do not want to manual include piezoelectric, since he started using automation. The principle of semi-automatic gas heater does not fundamentally different, the main difference is that when you start with the necessary piezoelectric to light the fuse by hand. The process of ignition of gas in the following way: when you open a hot water faucet, this time a sensor is activated and the burner is lit, and when the valve closes machine, turn off the gas and goes into standby mode. Geyser with electronic ignition, such as VAILLANT MAG OE 14-0/0 RXI H. Here is an example column pezorozzhigom atmoMAG pro and MAG OE 11-0/0 XZ C + H, in this case, the high consumption of gas, the fault is a pilot light, because – flame is lit in him. So when choosing water heater should be considered the combustion chamber. This is either an open chamber or flue closed combustion chamber with forced exhaust. The choice of this setting affects the design of your home, whether it feeds or missing chimney, you will explain the potters or organization responsible for the operation of your home. Knowing all this, and read the article to the end – you're right make a choice when buying a gas heater, good luck! Using materials reference reserved.

Fortune Cookies

Our company and the cookies are called FC8 (Fortune Cookies 8). Number 8 in our name used for a reason. According to the old, including Russian and Chinese sources, it means prosperity. Today the figure is the ruling figure of modern time period. However, this figure is in itself considered to be very happy, so for the next 20 years will be associated with it the best expectations.

For other relevant sources, currently number 8, as well as "white" star is entering a period of highest heyday. This happens only once in 180 years. – You make cookies with the predictions in the classic version? – We produce a wide range of biscuits with the predictions of cookies happiness as for consumers and exclusive species of special order cookies for weddings and events for corporate clients, and more. All of them are represented on the site. – What is made cookies with the predictions? They say they neekologichny? – We do not. Recipes for cookies with the predictions is in cookbooks and online. Key ingredients: flour, sugar, water and eggs. Other ingredients may vary depending on the recipe, and include the melted butter, salt, vanilla extract, almond extract, tea, etc.

The predictions are printed on special paper resistant to oil and moisture. However, some firms are already in Moscow are seeking to "Artisanal" production cookies with predictions. Therefore, the buyer must be very attentive to the flat form of cookies, taste, quality packaging. In short, everything to what our company focuses on FC8.

Simple Techniques Of Successful Sales

90% of the information we get non-verbally. What does this mean? The fact that the sale starts even before you talk with the client. Once you've made a step towards the buyer, you joined with him in a non-verbal contact. It is therefore important remember that in the first place you are selling yourself, and then the goods. Arranged appearance, knowledge of the goods and property sales techniques presented below will make you a better seller.

Similarity brings Have you noticed we like those who like us? Use it to get closer to your customer. Watch for your companion, listen to what he says and try to tune in to it. If a customer has an open pose, also remain open. Speak to the rhythm and tone that are familiar and comfortable for the person you are speaking, use language which he understands and similar turns of phrase. Any communication – it is sending and receiving messages, and the less noise, better signal.

Work on the frequency of your client. In the same boat in communication with the client at the same time be with him, make him a common cause, it brings together and unites. Make it clear to your client that you're on his side. Thus, For example, if a customer asks to expedite timing or reduce the price of, say, that will try to persuade the chief to do so. By and large, there is not so much the result, but your attention to the customer's request and willingness to help. Power of touch A light touch to hand the client can establish better contact with him, to make or influence his choice. The key word here 'easy'. Touching should be barely perceptible, almost random. This technique works especially effective when you are – man, and the client – a woman. In an experiment in one of the largest bookstores found that shoppers to the seller lightly touched, spent in the store longer and do more shopping.


FOR dishwasher NOT INTENDED old dishes, cover which is not heat resistant. Glued crockery. Cutlery with wooden, horn, china or mother of pearl handles. Items from stainless steel. Do not heat-resistant plastic objects. Wood products (such as cutting boards).

Pewter or copper items. Products arts and crafts – such as gzhel and Khokhlov. Very small objects that may fall out of the trays during the washing and get on the moving parts of machinery. Some types of dishes washed in the dishwasher is in principle possible, but only gently and with utmost caution. It means that you should choose a program with the least sensitive temperature and duration of washing, and after the cycle as quickly as possible get the dishes out of the car. To pan, which requires very careful handling, include: crockery. Dishes with overglaze painting (painting disappears, but may lose color and turn white). Silver and aluminum items (they can fade, if they are the remains of food, features such as egg yolk and mustard).

Glassware, packaging that is not the symbol for the opportunity to wash in a dishwasher at the temperature of 35-40 degrees is the glass will not break, but it may be turbidity. Do not wash in dishwasher Dishwasher everything automatically adjusts the flow of water and detergent, reducing, or, conversely, extending certain cycles of the program. Within certain limits can automatically adjust the temperature (for example, the standard programs – from 50 to 65 C). The purity of dish machine is determined automatically using special sensors on the level of pollution water. The standard program is for all washing machines. It is designed for medium and heavily soiled dishes and includes a pre-wash, wash, rinse interim, rinsing and drying. Typically, such programs last from 80 to 120 minutes. Dish average pollution levels, as well as temperature-sensitive and fragile dishes are optimal program under which the wash at a temperature of about 50 C.

The Contours

Among the razor with pivoting head can be found devices with different numbers of directions of motion. Mesh razor may also differ by the form and shaving the head. The company has come up with an arched Panasonic shaver head, through which the device shaves cleaner than the machine to the exclusion of any the possibility of injury. 3. Wet or dry shave? Another important parameter, which you should pay attention to when choosing electric shavers – the possibility of wet shaving. In today’s market are devices for Dry shaving apparatus with optional wet shaving. Razors of the first category are likely to be interested in those looking for a razor road, in this case, the function of wet shaving would be redundant and unused.

Shavers with the possibility of wet shaving are produced by virtually all manufacturers. They are likely to opt for permanent use, as they provide a comfortable shave and use. The advantage of these devices is that they are not afraid of water and are adapted for shaving with conventional foams. These razors are very convenient for everyday use, since after the procedure, the shaver can be washed directly under the tap water and store in the bathroom. In addition, the market offers electric razors for wet shaving with a reservoir with a dispenser for lotion or gel.

4. The presence of the trimmer for those who wear a mustache or beard to be relevant the presence of an electric trimmer to razor. Among the modern models of electric razors to trim (a device for cutting and trimming the long hair and hair) are fairly widespread. And the trimmer in the grid shaver can be floating or fixed, built-in or slide. Floating trimmer can cut, repeating the contours of the face. Built-in trimmer implemented as an additional blade razors in the grid, between the two Shaving foil. Sliding trimmer is a separate knife for the maintenance of a beard in order for trimming long hair, etc. For those who always wears a beard is better to choose a razor with a trimmer and a retractable possibility of changing the length of the hair clippers. 5. The battery or network? Also pay attention to what works on the Shaver mains or battery, or combine both. It is clear that the model is equipped with an additional battery is more convenient: you can take with you on the road to shave with it in any place and under any conditions. Included with these razors is a charger that can be in the form of non-contact support or be equipped with a cord. Cordless electric vary the size and speed capacity battery than the parameters above, the razor, respectively, more expensive and better. 6. Additional features and capabilities Having dealt with the basic parameters and characteristics of electric shavers, one can look for additional features and capabilities: Displays the battery charge level and its image. It can be represented simply as signal lights, or displayed on the LCD displee.Preduprezhdenie on the need for cleaning and general availability of the system under stress ochistki.Vozmozhnost settings in the network and how to configure: manually or . protection perezaryadki.Skorost motor (revolutions / minute). The presence of several modes of individual shaving. You can choose an electric razor.

City Administration

The larger the party, the cheaper the product, so customers bought packages of the party from 1000. By selling a simple package for 1-2p, we get 600 000 rubles "dirty" or 000r 100 "clean" in a month. But that's not all. The main income from manufacturing and trade sales – the application of printing. Print package allows you to increase the selling price at least 2 times. For example, the cost of 1000 colored packages 5500r. Many stores or outlets need packages with a logo that has 2-3 times the cost increases. Your customers would benefit because the packages they use as an advertising medium.

Them more profitable to pay you 10 000 rubles for advertising, which will see 100% of the target potential customer than to pay a monthly minimum of 15-20 thousand for the rental of only one billboard, which will see it is not clear who. Supermarkets spend a day up to 1000 packages. In principle, will be enough to have clients local supermarkets to provide you with work and sales. Logos and supermarkets will add another 200 000r per month into your coffers. Total net profit of 300 or 10 000 000r ve per month. It turns out this form business as a production package, pays for a year. The raw materials you can use plastic waste, thus helping the city to dispose of garbage and its disposal.

City Administration will be only too happy. Of course, the paper turns everything went smoothly, and the initial amount of 100 000ue embarrassing. However, there is a solution. You can work with the company for the production of plastic bags as an agent by entering into agreements with customers and have a percentage of each party. Using materials reference to article on this site. .