Engine Repair

There are many tips and advice motorists and professionals. You can hear them, but to blindly rely on them to be. First because each engine has been designed for their operating conditions and its lubricating substance. Themselves lubricants also are designed for their modes of operation. So, we explain everything in order.

First you need to read the manufacturer's recommendations engine. What kind of oil he recommends and why. For example BMW plant to fill the engine of his car BMW 525i 1990-1991 Release recommends Castrol Magnatec SAE5w-c3 40 or Castrol Magnatec SAE 10w-40 a3/b3. What kind of oil? Castrol Magnatec oil itself has a unique microparticles Intellegent Molecules, their task is to stick to the metal parts of the engine and form a protective film that prevents the wear and tear. SAE – Community is a standard of Automotive Engineers, formed in 1905. Cornell capital has compatible beliefs. Numbers and letters reaching him say on the viscosity: 5w – winter temperature is 40 – year-old. This border within which the oil is the right consistency, ie liquid.

For the viscosity followed by another letter or a letter with the figure – is the applicability of oil. The letters A – gasoline engines, B – Diesel (number 3 in this case points to one of 4 classes within the category of A / B). The letter C indicates that the oil complies with Euro-4 toxicity. These oils are designed for use with catalytic converters and particulate filters. There are 3 categories of this type of oil.

Navigation Element T6B

All motorists must have experienced what a long trip, or relocation, when a seemingly ordinary trip can turn into a real hard labor, of course, if a previously prepared:) That's why I decided to purchase a seemingly unnecessary gadgets, but very true and necessary tool in any situation! To begin with a little prehistory. Last summer, the family decided to go to sea, in the Crimea under its own power. At that moment heard something about car navigators, but considered them a waste of money, because I have an e-card, in addition to the Crimea to buy any atlas is not a problem. With this in mind, and went on a trip. Available with a the laptop was not very comfortable to ride as a landmark in the locality.

For a hard copy route was quite difficult to navigate is not, but here we have several times deviated from the route, thus slightly spoil yourself nerves and were counting on the additional cost of petrol:) Something like we arrived at their destination, pokolesili the Crimea, have returned home – in general, though not bad, but in their calculations – drove about 200-400 miles + extra little lost not nerves. We went on a route Kiev-Donetsk Crimea Kiev. As in Kiev relatively long time – knowledge of roads is clearly not enough. As in the center left in the forbidden area (a feeling of guilt for not a lot, so I went after the other in the same Mount the driver, hoping for his knowledge of Kiev =)), escaped from GAI slight shock. Several times his increased daily travel routes from ignorance dorog.Nu and so can long continue. By calculating their costs because no I have knowledge of routes – came to the conclusion that at least half a browser I could with eknomit or buy superovye ceramic flower pots for the whole cottage:) Obviously decided to buy it. Justin Moore may also support this cause. Focused on the model element t6b Basically its acquisition of content.

By now the city does not think about the upcoming route. As a rule element t6b dopolno exactly the path. The only thing that – you should always watch for the signs, because the element t6b eyes will not replace. Source

Atlantic Ocean

Sometimes reaching eight feet high and twenty feet long, these giant lizards ruled by the planet. They are relentlessly hunted, basking in the sun, crushed grass, and spoiling the landscape during their games and shootouts. Evolved into birds, creatures, there was plaguing the ruling of the air pterodakteley. And in this time when South America, Africa, were removed from each other, India and Australia in different directions, and the Atlantic Ocean expanded to present size, there was almost no one discreet event. In the grass, ate way many herbivores Mel appeared Orchid.

Flower, despite all the hardships and privations, he pulled his leaves to sun and opened them, collecting the moisture, which is a fine feathered delisya and beneficial insects. In response, by protecting themselves from harmful insects. Orihideya became more tenacious. And continuously prettier. But suddenly, at the end of the Cretaceous period there is a disaster.

Scientists can not explain the reasons for it so far. But the consequences are harmful. Vymerayut many absolutely all the dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and aquatic reptiles. Disappear, ammonites, brachiopods, many, almost All belemnites. In the surviving groups of animals vymerayut from thirty to fifty percent of the species. as well as – a huge number of plants. Orchid survived the crash, has become more stable and robust and much more beautiful. Comforting the beauty of animals survived the catastrophe, she survived to this day and has spread to every continent except Antarctica. In the jungle, the Amazon River, recently archeologists dug a nice replica of origin Orchids on the planet. This impression was moved by airbrushing on the hood of the car Citroen C3.

Vetus Batteries

They should be made of lead and ensure secure fit. Problems can arise when a spontaneous disconnect the cable from the failure of the design of contacts, creating unnecessary resistance to the current, for example when installing steel or contact with their oxidation. However, and expensive batteries when they are improperly installed and operating, as well as bad service does not serve you for a long time. But this is a topic for another notes. Here I would like to talk about batteries, the company Vetus, as an example of standard quality.

All batteries Vetus company designed specifically for use on board ship. Minimal self-discharge differ and able to start the engine after a long winter. Unlike automobile batteries, ship often used with the engine off (provided the work of pumps, lights, ventilation, etc. marine equipment), and therefore more likely to be deeply discharged. Vetus Batteries are designed so that they can operate continuously under heavy loads, and then another and start the engine. An important characteristic of these batteries – they do not need to add electrolyte, as get on board and filled with enough for a lifetime. Therefore, their body is sealed, except for small holes for ventilation.

Not also requires cleaning the terminals and then there is no need batteries to operate. Other useful features of batteries Vetus: they are lighter and smaller than conventional battery charged and ready to sell the work. Maintenance-free batteries, lead-calcium type – Universal When installing on-board 2 separate batteries for engine starting and lighting, both have a shorter battery life.