Beginner Motorist

All car buyers in the market, in the cabin, on the exchange can be divided into two groups: those who want to take Secondhand car, and those who want a new one. According to Senator from Maine, who has experience with these questions. And new and used car, there are pluses and minuses. Definitely, an advantage of the new car include greater reliability in comparison with second-hand, as well as a guarantee given by the manufacturer. But the big disadvantage that can withstand these pluses – the cost of new cars, which can be several times the cost of the car that was in use. According to this if you need a car as a means of movement, and the next couple of years, you're not going to change it, then sure can buy a new one that would not have to buy again every year used. If you have already been identified, new or used car and you will be taken, in both cases you would be worth while to determine with what engine will have you under the hood. In principle, the choice is not large, petrol or diesel, and is to determine the capacity. At the expense of power, it is not always justified by the principle of "bigger is better." A car with a large amount of engine is more expensive than the same model, but with a weak powertrain.

It is considered that the diesel engine it is desirable to take, if the mileage for the year will be around 50 tis. km per year or more. But beyond that there are other selection criteria. For example, a car with a diesel engine uses less fuel than gasoline and has a greater lifespan. But he has a large mass, increased noise and lower power liter.

While Gasoline has a lower noise and vibration, as well as a large-liter capacity that can be attributed to his advantage. Buying a car, both new and used at the exchange, there is a very common type of auto trade, especially in the west. In the post-Soviet countries trade on the exchange has not yet reached the level of the west, but despite this, with the desire – we have a place to buy a car. And finally, a little advice on the stock exchange, as well as in the showroom, as well as on do not listen to the automotive dealer, because he has no problem to sell you a car that suits you best, and sell the one that has them in the presence of this we can conclude a choose. Choice – for you. Happy way!

What You Should Know When Buying A Ford

Good day! Share their experiences – a month ago became the owner of the car Ford Focus. As I walked up to it? 🙂 I watched a lot of different brands – Mitsubishi, Toyota, Opel, Skoda … Why stop at Ford? The design is very pleased – as compared with the second new trick (third, or what? did not understand yet … :-)) looks very interesting. Bought in avtopassazhe – this Ford dealer for Varshavka. So that’s what I found interesting – it turns out, Ford to Ford differ.

Depending on the equipment they are th how well different from each other. The cheapest trick – it is something like our own priorities (just kidding, of course, but the wait and got – a comparison about that) – there is no Absa, condo there, finishing in the cabin – not really. At first upset, but then began to look more complete, and, lo and behold, here is what I saw on the pictures. It turned out that this is the energy of (Ghia). There is the climate and radio mp3 Sonya and suede interior. In short, what I needed.

But what I also found out – it turns out that not all the tricks to our market are manufactured by Peter! There are more Germans and Spaniards! But it’s too expensive to for some reason. But here’s another point – when I select, then figured that I needed a 1.8 liter engine. So – they, too, turns out to be different! There are 115 power – diesel, but there are 125 – Petrol. That’s where I realized that I needed background information, but not with third-party vendors, as a lot of little things that affect the purchase. This is something that I noticed. Of course, he went to think and analyze – what do I I want to run. And Objects with which I would like to look for when buying a Ford (in this case a Ford Focus) – complete – (by increasing prices) – Ambiente (Standard equipment), Comfort (In addition to the complete Ambiente), Focus Ghia (in addition to complete set of Comfort), Focus Titanium (In addition to the complete Ghia) – their description on the site of Ford and any dealer to find. – Engine – 1.6, 1.8, 2.0. – In terms of price and quality – 1.8 (I took), petrol, diesel – someone like that (gasoline is eating more, but not cold naughty) – color – notice that the color may be an option (ie, cost money :-)) – look at the action – ask for discounts or gifts, or you may forget. – Look at prokrasku body – then of course make the guarantee, but would be sediment; – check that there was no scratches and chips – about rugs do not forget – put the rubber. – Check the spare tire, donkrat, balonnik – Check all lights (including fog) – see the rubber – that is what made the reservation with manager? – And more – check the engine oil level – anything can happen, and what will you blame. Here, it seems all so far. I wish that people here leave their comments and broadcast experience for those who want to be happy Clifford owner. By the way, the machine very much, but more on that later .

Autocentre Opel Car

Opel Cars Autocentre 'Opel', thanks to advanced technologies and assembly production, have won many fans for whom Opel, a car for life. Opel's motto – a way of life, clearly shows the perfect cars with the logo of Opel. Practical and at the same time beautiful and elegant cars Opel, with honor to stand the test of the most demanding customer. Buying a car Opel, there is no doubt that he is worthy of represent you in business and open new opportunities in life. Cars for Sale "OPEL" official dealer Opel (Opel) is a full service package for the sale and servicing of cars brand Opel. All Cars certified in Russia, have been registered and are not just guarantee a firm guarantee. Autocentre declares a fixed price from the manufacturer Opel and represent the best conditions of the sale of cars brand. Given the modern technology of automobile market, the company Opel offers car loans and leases.

Also provides an exchange of used cars and new nA / m of Opel, the price of the car when it is calculated as the price difference between new and old Opel car. Dealers agreed with the manufacturer (General Motors) and ensures prompt delivery of cars to purchase and service. Before you buy, you can check any the proposed model, making the test drive (test drive) vehicle. Purchased in our cars Opel auto center, accompanied by the operation of a proprietary service and provided with factory spare parts, certified by the manufacturer. OPEL cars OPEL cars increasingly come into our lives because of its relatively inexpensive price. Ideas for this brand are very different. Oche you can often hear the words' Every car sooner or later Opel ', or' Opel – not a machine. " We want to show you – how much data the authors are wrong opinions.

If you consider yourself to be in these days of motorists, we assure You that after two or three reviews of this beautiful car – you just change it your worldview. In fact, hard to find a motorist who has this brand of car would not have been pleased with his 'Quadruped' loyal friend. And indeed, Opel is striking in its grace, elegance. You can not lose the fact that the experts group Opel want to project all the innovations in new designs of the car, thanks to this Riding on the Opel becomes a real pleasure. What is the word, what has it plot – offer to be in the wonderful world of Opel and feel the real pleasure which feels for the motorist driving the vehicle. Forward to meet a fantastic adventure! Opel has for many decades, producing cars that combine German quality factor and sense of style. An elegant and safe, practical and comfortable design – an excellent example of this car. Opel made for people who live in pleasure, without losing a sense of responsibility. If you appreciate quality, elegance and an unlimited possibility of movement, this car is for you. Today, the company Adam Opel AG is one of the largest branches of General Motors in Europe. At the company's headquarters are 5 thousand people. Opel continues to keep the tradition and produces cars for every taste, from sports to Tigra and Astra representative and comfortable Signum. But anyway, BMW class cars rarely need repairs …