Byzantine Throne

The State Armory Museum of the Kremlin kept the "Big" sakkos Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia, Photius (1408-1431), in which the satin gold, silver and silk threads embroidered on more than 100 images various gospel topics, reproducing the iconographic program of some kind of Constantinople (probably the palace) of the church. On one of these images in a rectangle is represented by the Byzantine imperial couple, with all its proper attributes, and the royal regalia, surrounded by halos, and accompanied by the relevant Greek inscriptions, which show that it was "John Palaeologus, in Christ God faithful basil" and his wife, "Anna Paleologina, pious August", ie the Byzantine emperor John VIII Palaeologus and his first wife, whose parents – Grand Duke of Moscow Vasily and Princess Sophia Vitovtovna – shows immediately to the right of Anne, but without the halos and accompanied by a Slavic inscriptions "Grand Prince Vasily," and "The Princess Sofia is great." This image is fraught with a kind of mystery – in science, the prevailing view that Anna never Byzantine Empress was, as she died in 1417, long before John Palaeologus was not only the "autocratic" emperor (1425), and co-regent (1421). "In the month of August (1417) died, and Mrs. Anna Majesty, that of Russia, the plague and was buried in the monastery of Lebanon "- indicates a Byzantine chronicler and a contemporary of George Sfrandzi. This reduction of the burial of Anna in the metropolitan monastery Lips or Lebanon (the tomb of emperor and the imperial name), confirmed by "walking" the monk Zosimus, who once accompanied the princess on the way from Moscow to Constantinople: "The Monastery zhensky Lipes, – he writes – Tuto lezhit Ruska Queen Anne, the great Moscow dschi Prince Vasily Dmitrievich.

Choosing Tires For The New Season

Winter and summer tires together cost about the same number as "universal" tires, but are much longer. In addition, leading manufacturers have already released a new bus models. Summer tires from Nokian, Michelin and Continental, planted on alloy wheels, will not only provide optimal traction and maneuverability, but also will significantly save on fuel by reducing rolling resistance. Tires Nokian. The main specialization of the Finnish company Nokian Tyres is production of high quality tires. The main objective of Nokian Tyres is to achieve maximum safety on the roads in all weather conditions, for which the company invests in developing new products to 2.5% of total proceeds from the sale of tires. Products Nokian is one of the safest in the world, selling tires the company has successfully carried out in almost all countries, both winter and summer tires Nokian from the same demand. Such popularity is driven by its own development company in the field of tire treads, which provide optimum release of snow and high levels of traction on the ice, as well as reduced effect of hydroplaning and increase agility, if summer tires.

As for winter and for summer tires Nokian characterized by high durability and cost savings achieved through the use of specially developed rubber compounds. This season the company Nokian Tyres introduced motorists news – summer tires Nokian i3, mounted on alloy wheels. Summer tires Nokian i3 with an asymmetric tread – the completion of the class of elite tires (UHP). Sale of tires this model, despite the winter weather has already begun – the quality and reliability of the predetermine the tire choice for many car owners in favor of Nokian. Summer tires Nokian i3 made by technology Nordic cool silica compound, which provides using a silicon rubber compound. The result is a high durability, reliability and safety even at high speeds.

Summer tires Nokian i3 claim to be the best in its class. Tires Michelin. Nearly one hundred and ten years of French, Michelin produces winter and summer tires for passenger cars and trucks, planes, and two-wheeler. Michelin tires for sale is all over the world: The company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products, and therefore can offer the best solution for any car and the road surface. Over the years, Michelin has developed a number of innovative technologies aimed at improving the performance reliability, durability and environmental friendliness of products. As winter and summer tires Michelin made from an exclusive rubber compound with silica, which significantly reduces rolling resistance and therefore allows save fuel. The widespread sale of Michelin tires with a "green" mark allowed the motorists around the world to reduce fuel costs by 3%. Own research and development centers of the company increased the environmental product specifications, resulting in a new winter and summer tires Michelin Energy became the best selling in Europe. This year, the centers will begin selling Michelin tires new "green" models, which reduce rolling resistance by 25%. Another interesting novelty from Michelin – summer tires for passenger cars (the best for alloy wheels), which were developed by technology sport tires together with Porsche and indicators have improved acoustics and vibration.

Morgan De Sanctis

Sebastian Ericsson at twenty is already a major left brovochnikom "Goteborg", along with Joel Ekstrand cementing defense youth team "Tre Krunur." The company is on our team right it will be another Norseman – Einar Gunnarsson. Despite his youth touring Iceland already on legionnaires' bread. 19-year-old football player, behind which has 7 games for the national team of his country to protect the color of English "Coventry". Dutchman Ogyuzhanu Ezyakupu at all while only 17 mb. Creative tsentrhav that can also play on the right flank attack, is for four years for the stock to become a full graduate or someone of the Academy. As a scholar, a descendant of Turkish settlers Louis van was involved in training with Gal foundation AZ, but in 15 years of interrupted relations with his native club and having a supply of "Barca", "Inter", "Ajax" and "Arsenal", has chosen London version of a career. By virtue Ogyuzhana include the technique of the ball and mobility.

The regulars at the stadium Shankly, which matures kanonirskie akseleraty, the potential and the way the game is compared with Ezyakupa Cesco Fabregas. Another native of Turkey, goalkeeper Emirhan Ergun, unlike his younger compatriot, did not escape the eye institute national teams of Turkey. The main guard gate of the junior national team recently concluded its the first adult a contract with "Galatasaray" – until May 2011. This season, the basis for the team of Michael Skibbe Emirhanu probably not get through – there are strong positions Morgan De Sanctis, but in the long-term plans of Fatih Terim (National team), the young keeper fits perfectly. And lastly a little exotic. Pronounced left midfielder Ehsan Haysafi, is at the forefront of the most promising players of Asian football in his 19-mb already having standings 10 games in the country's national team. In the same role of our only striker will make gabonets Emirik Aubameyyang. Now attacking the French "Dijon" had already lighted in the French U-21, but he is did not prevent his debut in the team and Gabon. Moreover, once a national one. Belonging to the Italian "Milan", Emirik appeared in the starting lineup gabontsev in a guest match against Moroccans and hammered the ball helped the team to win a very important victory.

The Contours

Among the razor with pivoting head can be found devices with different numbers of directions of motion. Mesh razor may also differ by the form and shaving the head. The company has come up with an arched Panasonic shaver head, through which the device shaves cleaner than the machine to the exclusion of any the possibility of injury. 3. Wet or dry shave? Another important parameter, which you should pay attention to when choosing electric shavers – the possibility of wet shaving. In today’s market are devices for Dry shaving apparatus with optional wet shaving. Razors of the first category are likely to be interested in those looking for a razor road, in this case, the function of wet shaving would be redundant and unused.

Shavers with the possibility of wet shaving are produced by virtually all manufacturers. They are likely to opt for permanent use, as they provide a comfortable shave and use. The advantage of these devices is that they are not afraid of water and are adapted for shaving with conventional foams. These razors are very convenient for everyday use, since after the procedure, the shaver can be washed directly under the tap water and store in the bathroom. In addition, the market offers electric razors for wet shaving with a reservoir with a dispenser for lotion or gel.

4. The presence of the trimmer for those who wear a mustache or beard to be relevant the presence of an electric trimmer to razor. Among the modern models of electric razors to trim (a device for cutting and trimming the long hair and hair) are fairly widespread. And the trimmer in the grid shaver can be floating or fixed, built-in or slide. Floating trimmer can cut, repeating the contours of the face. Built-in trimmer implemented as an additional blade razors in the grid, between the two Shaving foil. Sliding trimmer is a separate knife for the maintenance of a beard in order for trimming long hair, etc. For those who always wears a beard is better to choose a razor with a trimmer and a retractable possibility of changing the length of the hair clippers. 5. The battery or network? Also pay attention to what works on the Shaver mains or battery, or combine both. It is clear that the model is equipped with an additional battery is more convenient: you can take with you on the road to shave with it in any place and under any conditions. Included with these razors is a charger that can be in the form of non-contact support or be equipped with a cord. Cordless electric vary the size and speed capacity battery than the parameters above, the razor, respectively, more expensive and better. 6. Additional features and capabilities Having dealt with the basic parameters and characteristics of electric shavers, one can look for additional features and capabilities: Displays the battery charge level and its image. It can be represented simply as signal lights, or displayed on the LCD displee.Preduprezhdenie on the need for cleaning and general availability of the system under stress ochistki.Vozmozhnost settings in the network and how to configure: manually or . protection perezaryadki.Skorost motor (revolutions / minute). The presence of several modes of individual shaving. You can choose an electric razor.

Russian Federation

To date, no serious event, both public and international passes without the use of flags. Making the flags provides an opportunity to any meeting at the highest level. In addition, production of flags of Russia and countries of the world, can be used at international conferences, sporting events, exhibitions, etc. Making the flags of cities and tricolors and placing them in the offices of the state institutions or on holidays, symbolize the unity of the country and its national identity. Tricolor in order, as well as other types of flags, usually come without such an important accessory for both poles of the flag, so it's worth remember about that item if you plan not to place flags on the wall, and put them separately, or use as a decoration of a building or office. According to the register of the Heraldic Council of the Russian Federation, every region of our country, as well as State and City have their own symbols and flags. Flags on the order can be used as souvenirs. In particular, the flags of Russia and USSR flags are popular not only among our countrymen, but also among the guests our country.

As for the festive decoration of the city, the production of flags of colorization as relevant as ever, because they help to beautify the city with bright banners that create a festive mood. A lever Tape is often used as an element of decoration indoors, such as car showrooms on the discoveries, corporate events, as well as decorating a small open areas, such as weddings outdoors. Flag Garland – an inexpensive but very effective way to make a festive interior and attractive. It is familiar to us from childhood as the main method of decorating the landscape during the holidays. Everyone remembers twine with small flags stretched between the posts on a holiday, and still is the main association with the holiday, joy and gladness.