Morgan De Sanctis

Sebastian Ericsson at twenty is already a major left brovochnikom "Goteborg", along with Joel Ekstrand cementing defense youth team "Tre Krunur." The company is on our team right it will be another Norseman – Einar Gunnarsson. Despite his youth touring Iceland already on legionnaires' bread. 19-year-old football player, behind which has 7 games for the national team of his country to protect the color of English "Coventry". Dutchman Ogyuzhanu Ezyakupu at all while only 17 mb. Creative tsentrhav that can also play on the right flank attack, is for four years for the stock to become a full graduate or someone of the Academy. As a scholar, a descendant of Turkish settlers Louis van was involved in training with Gal foundation AZ, but in 15 years of interrupted relations with his native club and having a supply of "Barca", "Inter", "Ajax" and "Arsenal", has chosen London version of a career. By virtue Ogyuzhana include the technique of the ball and mobility.

The regulars at the stadium Shankly, which matures kanonirskie akseleraty, the potential and the way the game is compared with Ezyakupa Cesco Fabregas. Another native of Turkey, goalkeeper Emirhan Ergun, unlike his younger compatriot, did not escape the eye institute national teams of Turkey. The main guard gate of the junior national team recently concluded its the first adult a contract with "Galatasaray" – until May 2011. This season, the basis for the team of Michael Skibbe Emirhanu probably not get through – there are strong positions Morgan De Sanctis, but in the long-term plans of Fatih Terim (National team), the young keeper fits perfectly. And lastly a little exotic. Pronounced left midfielder Ehsan Haysafi, is at the forefront of the most promising players of Asian football in his 19-mb already having standings 10 games in the country's national team. In the same role of our only striker will make gabonets Emirik Aubameyyang. Now attacking the French "Dijon" had already lighted in the French U-21, but he is did not prevent his debut in the team and Gabon. Moreover, once a national one. Belonging to the Italian "Milan", Emirik appeared in the starting lineup gabontsev in a guest match against Moroccans and hammered the ball helped the team to win a very important victory.