Rio De Janeiro

The naturalness, the passion, the pleasure, bourgeois are contrary to the puritano ideal; but if of the value to the self-control and what it confers prestige (HOBSBAWN, 2). In this context the marriage is an instrument of social ascension; a subject to be dealt with calculating form, where the passion can be one empecilho for one ‘ ‘ happy unio’ ‘. In the other extremity of the social scale, the hard conditions of work and life of the proletariat, in way to the hunger and the illnesses, go to be the starting point of projects of social reform, among which the socialist ideas of Karl will be distinguished Marx. Here it is the nascedouro of the syndical movements and the fight that it will force gradually been to regulate it the relations between workers and employers. Conclusion Is evident that the Industrial Revolution is one of the main axles of transformation of this gigantic process that conceives the world contemporary: fruit of the European commercial expansion and the ascension of a new social classroom, the plant goes to create a new model of society, capitalist; congregated to operate its machines, the laboring ones go to compose the force politics that it will dispute with bourgeois the o has controlled of the new industrial society; its differences will be one of the main components of the armed conflicts of century XX and the division of the world in two great systems politicians. Before this, however, the plant will be equipping the armies of the European imperialism pledged in an expansion to conquer over all new markets.

The imaginary one goes to see the plant as one of the great symbols of our society; the power of the nations goes to be measured by its capacity of industrialization. Enterprise management became one model for almost everything; in a certain direction, it is as if all the society if conceived as a gigantic plant, one arqutipo of the proper society. Bibliography BRESCIANI, Maria Stella Martins. London and Paris in century XIX: espetulo of the poverty. Brasiliense publishing company. DOBB, Maurice. The Evolution of the Capitalism. Rio De Janeiro, Zahar Publishing, 1983.

GAY, Peter. The Tender Passion, vol. 2. Cia. Of the Letters. HOBSBAWN, Eric. The Age of the Capital. Available in: consulted in 21/05/2011. HUBERMAN, Leo.

So Paulo

Debtors to leave the native land the Italians disembarked in the port of Saints to substitute the hand of enslaved workmanship, a time that then, to abolished to the age certainty between you of the coffee, the great economic crisis in the Europe were thus generating thousand of workers for the industry of the So Paulo coffee. It was created in the 1886 in set with the Italian government promotional society of immigrates to (SPI) that it mainly searched in the Vneto its workers, in turn, the Italian government worried about the peasants and the laborers to the side of revolu to, embarked hundreds and hundreds of compatriots for a long trip route to Latin America, thus solving its ' ' problema' '. A true net of human traffic was created, with false promises, commissions for ' ' enviadas&#039 fits ; ' false propaganda that had printed boxes of match even though to delude and to stimulate the Italians to leave the native land. In the years of 1870 to the 1879 in the state of So Paulo, only 3481 Italians of a total of 11330 immigrants had disembarked, in the successive decade with the traffic net and the SPI in full activity, had disembarked in Saints 144654 Italians on a 183505 total of imigrantes8. With the Rubinatos, that inhabited accurately to the edges of the river Adige was not different, and in 1895 they disembarked in the port of Saints to move forever history of the city of So Paulo, composed then for aboriginal, migrantes natives, caipiras, European and black immigrants, also victims of the human traffic practised by the Portuguese in the shady years of the slavery. Important to stand out that the former-slaves felt heran of the slavery and soon frees after it had been abandoned to it to the proper luck, being occupied posi es considered ' ' pesadas' ' in the work market, living in corti and malocas, the city entered thus in a process of muta to never interrupted.


Until there, the addition of programs of stimulaton, fiscal exemptions, emission of currencies and announced headings already and still foreseen goes to arrive the US$ 5 trillions. The heads of State and government had also agreed to improving the regulation of financial system, also for deep of hedge; to compel the fiscal paradises to give information; to remodel the institutions multilateral, giving to be able of vote the emergent countries; to prevent protectionistic measures and to retake the Doha Round; to increase the aid to the poor countries. Beyond the guarantee of resources for economies that to face difficulties, the G-20 presented a package of measures that it intends to strengthen the security of the financial system in order to previnir future crises. They are: – more regulation: all the financial insituies, instruments and markets ' ' systematically importantes' ' , they must be regulated, including hedge funds (of high risk); – payments of executives: new down payments and compensation had been instituted to prevent payment projects that encoragem the execessivo risk and leads to the payment of today fought bond; – bank reserves: the banks must constitute capital more during the times good to obtain to face the bad scenes, but when only to recover. Many banks they had needed capital injections during the crisis; – classification agencies: this company, much criticized by giving high classification for asset that if they had shown risky. they will have an international code of action to eliminate conflicts of interests; – commerce: rejection of protectionistic commercial measures and plus other US$ 250 billion to help to unlock the global commerce. Moreover, an agreement for &#039 was closed; ' to act urgentemente' ' in the conclusion of the Round of Doha of liberalization of the world-wide commerce; – fiscal paradises: &#039 will be plublicada a list of these; ' locais' ' , that they will be able to suffer sanctions if not to agree to the rules imposed for the international community. The thick way the result of the meeting of the G-20 can be considered very positive since the agenda of the rich countries (of the staff of blue eyes) found many points of agreement with the one of the poor countries.

Well truth, that given advancing of the crisis, the world-wide leaders did not have many options, not to be to hold in hands ones of the others and to pray together. Mine v always said: ' ' Of where less one expects that it has left some thing from there exactly that it does not leave nothing! ' '. This time it left. Bibliography: Periodical the State of So Paulo, edition 42,171 of 03 of April of 2009Revista That is Money, edition 600 of 08 of April of 2009Revista of the Week, edition 82 of 09 of April of 2009

The Joy

He loads the sexual one as ' ' it are supreme of prazer' '. Beyond the sex, it searchs in the drugs orgasmo inebriante. &#039 is a man; ' pornogrfico' '. It commercializes and it consumes sex of varied forms and ways that after-modernity it provides to them. It is unhappy because its searches are fteis, srdidas, mrbidas, and of immediate and temporary effect. The melancholic solitude is its habitual friend. He is a paradoxical man: happy and unhappy.

Happy because a fiction of this lives it supports and it with the ingredients, offered for the marketing industry, with validity stated period no longer limit; e, unfortunate person because, when perceiving that, all this universe of possibilities offered by after-modernity is not enough to provide, is not more newness, a certain happiness falls in a existencial emptiness takes that it to a state of life that we call, by means of conventions, of depression. It presents six ideologies that surround the life of this man after-modern: 1 materialism; 2 hedonism; 3 permissivismo; 4 relativismo; 5 consumerism; 6 niilismo. In the materialism the man is recognized for what he possesss that he has. You are its banking account, its imported car, its exaggerated wage. In this type of ideology you are reduced to the simple numbers. To be she is necessary to have. The hedonism brings as it marks the pleasure, the inebriante, the delight, as well supreme.

It is the too much search for the adrenalin. Different sensations that in the light one to orgasmo. the possible instruments to have these new sensations goes of this the animal sex (for instinct), of the use of natural drugs and mixtures with chemical products, until the violence with the other or its proper body. It is the joy for the joy. Sex for the sex. Pleasure for the pleasure.