The Joy

He loads the sexual one as ' ' it are supreme of prazer' '. Beyond the sex, it searchs in the drugs orgasmo inebriante. &#039 is a man; ' pornogrfico' '. It commercializes and it consumes sex of varied forms and ways that after-modernity it provides to them. It is unhappy because its searches are fteis, srdidas, mrbidas, and of immediate and temporary effect. The melancholic solitude is its habitual friend. He is a paradoxical man: happy and unhappy.

Happy because a fiction of this lives it supports and it with the ingredients, offered for the marketing industry, with validity stated period no longer limit; e, unfortunate person because, when perceiving that, all this universe of possibilities offered by after-modernity is not enough to provide, is not more newness, a certain happiness falls in a existencial emptiness takes that it to a state of life that we call, by means of conventions, of depression. It presents six ideologies that surround the life of this man after-modern: 1 materialism; 2 hedonism; 3 permissivismo; 4 relativismo; 5 consumerism; 6 niilismo. In the materialism the man is recognized for what he possesss that he has. You are its banking account, its imported car, its exaggerated wage. In this type of ideology you are reduced to the simple numbers. To be she is necessary to have. The hedonism brings as it marks the pleasure, the inebriante, the delight, as well supreme.

It is the too much search for the adrenalin. Different sensations that in the light one to orgasmo. the possible instruments to have these new sensations goes of this the animal sex (for instinct), of the use of natural drugs and mixtures with chemical products, until the violence with the other or its proper body. It is the joy for the joy. Sex for the sex. Pleasure for the pleasure.