So Paulo

Debtors to leave the native land the Italians disembarked in the port of Saints to substitute the hand of enslaved workmanship, a time that then, to abolished to the age certainty between you of the coffee, the great economic crisis in the Europe were thus generating thousand of workers for the industry of the So Paulo coffee. It was created in the 1886 in set with the Italian government promotional society of immigrates to (SPI) that it mainly searched in the Vneto its workers, in turn, the Italian government worried about the peasants and the laborers to the side of revolu to, embarked hundreds and hundreds of compatriots for a long trip route to Latin America, thus solving its ' ' problema' '. A true net of human traffic was created, with false promises, commissions for ' ' enviadas&#039 fits ; ' false propaganda that had printed boxes of match even though to delude and to stimulate the Italians to leave the native land. In the years of 1870 to the 1879 in the state of So Paulo, only 3481 Italians of a total of 11330 immigrants had disembarked, in the successive decade with the traffic net and the SPI in full activity, had disembarked in Saints 144654 Italians on a 183505 total of imigrantes8. With the Rubinatos, that inhabited accurately to the edges of the river Adige was not different, and in 1895 they disembarked in the port of Saints to move forever history of the city of So Paulo, composed then for aboriginal, migrantes natives, caipiras, European and black immigrants, also victims of the human traffic practised by the Portuguese in the shady years of the slavery. Important to stand out that the former-slaves felt heran of the slavery and soon frees after it had been abandoned to it to the proper luck, being occupied posi es considered ' ' pesadas' ' in the work market, living in corti and malocas, the city entered thus in a process of muta to never interrupted.