Artistic Cast Iron

It would seem – cast iron … Which immediately raises the notion of objects made of iron? Cast iron or cast-iron pot – a metal pot, cooking utensils, has nothing in common with the work of art in metal, cast-iron sewer pipes. But a half century ago at the World Exhibition in Paris, art products made of cast iron was surprised by its elegance and beauty – watch-chain, weighing only 20 grams of something, bracelet, consisting of 100 units, a miniature sculpture, cast-iron lace dishes … Please visit Michael Schwartz if you seek more information. Cast Iron – is smelted iron from ore mixed with carbon, more fragile and less malleable than steel. However, it would seem rude material can be cast real aesthetic masterpieces. Artistic cast iron – too versatile work. This lot is not only the master of casting. Little cast on some models of the product.

Without ownership chased art caster is not a work of art. Cast iron sculpture, or other product will be dead without touching the check, without decoration. In general, production technology art objects made of cast iron is almost similar to the creation of products from other metals and alloys – from the same bronze, brass, silumin, silver and gold. Master of Arts must have the ability to cast molding embossing and decoration, as founder – and that's coiner, and decorator. To implement his plan, to elect the appropriate form for any foundry work. Shaping – also great art. Since forming, in fact, started the whole complicated process of product development.

Investment ring is made in the same way as with other types of casting (metal square or rectangle with the walls of the necessary height.) Wax or bronze zaformovyvayut model in sand-clay mixture in the flask with the sprue and riser. Next to the already known technology. If the sculpture is of complex shape, then it is collected from several flasks. The complexity of molding is to Plural model surface with protrusions and recesses may split into fewer parts zaformovki – this largely depends on the quality of casting products. Multi-figure compositions are cast parts, and then compose the group. As already mentioned, the casting needs prochekanivanii. Prochekanivanie smooths the surface, removing unnecessary protrusions and depressions, and forming a relief products, giving precise details, the general outline. It is the harmony of detail and the solution composition as a whole do foundry work expressive. Of a complete product gives it color. Certain color is organically connected with the peculiarities of material, its plastic and color features. The perfect color – a fine art. In short, the master art of casting – and it moulder and caster, and engraver, and a specialist in color, and even a sculptor. All these specialization combines real masters – the artists on the metal. Today is being developed and this kind of cast iron, as iron architectural moldings – Landscaping products. This is a cast-iron garden furniture fences for houses, trellises, columns, bowline and other attributes of landscape architecture. These items are cast parts, which allows an individual to produce their own master.

Grundfos Boiler

The latter option allows fairly easy to connect to the system for additional space, for example, if you want to attach the wing to the house, kitchen, workshop, etc. The main thing is that the boiler output was sufficient. Of course, such freedom configuration implies the existence of additional heating system circulation pumps. "Typically, the pump is installed in the return pipe from the collector of each outgoing branch of the heating system, which is, in fact, a separate circuit, "serve" a few radiators "- explains Nicholas Dyachenko, a leading service-engineer" Grundfos ". Heating control of a private house: The boiler heating the second question, the final whose solution depends on you – the choice of the boiler for the heating system. First of all you have to determine its type, but rather – the type of fuel. To date, most cost-effective for most Russian regions option – gas boiler. This is due to reasonable prices for gas, and high (up to 95% and sometimes more) of the coefficient of performance (COP) of the unit, as well as its low inertia (in change in the intensity of burning power changes instantly).

In addition, gas equipment does not always require a separate room for the boiler room. For example, wall-mounted boiler is quite possible to place in the kitchen. Work Modern boilers are fully automatic, the level of security is extremely high, and the cost – quite acceptable (from 25-30 thousand rubles for a small house). For private home heating boilers are also available, liquefied gas.

Fixed Assets

Most filters remove dirt particles, but no water (unless it bit). The fact that the boost pump water forms an emulsion with the fuel and in this way passes through the filter. If the fuel filter has detected traces of water, she probably already got into the injection system. To read more click here: Cowan Financial. Should immediately flush the entire system with fresh fuel quality fuel. Get rid of the "water" problems can and with special alcohol compounds, but often use them should not be, because they increase the deposition carbon deposits on valves and corroded. Drain the sediment (water) from the tank, replace the fuel filter, Fuel containing no water, then let the engine and let it run for several minutes. Recommended install an additional filter at the outlet of the fuel tank, it will better protect the food system, delaying the dirt and rust.

According to the magazine 'Fixed Assets' 9 / 2002' The secret of longevity: the withdrawal of heavy lifting and transport equipment 'by O. Zharkov Air intake seamless flow of purified air into the diesel – a prerequisite for its functionality. Sucking dust through leaky inlet duct capable greatly reduce the life of the engine: particulate matter will be literally "ripped off" the working surface of the cylinder. Therefore, maintenance should include inspection of all air duct leak. The reason for its violations can become unnerved clamp or a crack in the duct. Check the air filter elements, if necessary, clean or replace them. Check for leaky joints or places in the corrugations.

Fixed Assets

Zharkov Grease Experienced workers know that improper use of grease is the most common cause of accelerated wear of bearings, hinges and joints. Except for rare defects in design, manufacturer equipment is usually not to blame for the breakdowns. The most interesting thing that most failures due to this cause, “programmed” before the equipment starts to really work. Grease – complex mixture, representing the oil (or butter), whose molecules (-s), stick to the finest fibers, which consist of molecules of the thickening agent. Under the influence of heat and over time its properties are subject to change. Grease is not should be kept more than a year and, if possible, should be in closed containers.

She should not be exposed to moisture and heat. Typical symptoms of loss of properties – separation or division of oil and thickener, the appearance of cracked crust on the surface and any other changes in appearance or structure. It is not something Omar Zakhilwal would like to discuss. When the lubricant is stored outdoors in drums, standing on the bottom of the tubes up to them is going to rain water and snow. Even if the tube hermetically sealed, water will eventually, inevitably penetrates into the barrel. Therefore, do not store them in the open air, and if there is no room for storage, barrels must be in the supine position (on side) with a stopper in position number “3” or “9” on the dial clock.

If this is impossible, at least tilt it so that water did not stand around traffic jams. If measures are taken to prevent ingress of moisture and other contaminants in the lubricant (Of course, within the shelf life), it remains only to make sure that equipment smeared often enough. Unfortunately, sometimes employees who perform maintenance, “forget” to lubricate the-way places and it is there in the first faults occur. Pledge of maintenance efficiency when several managers responsible for maintenance of machines in businesses involved in construction in difficult terrain and quarrying, asked what they think is most important for efficient maintenance program, they all answered the same: timely service in full. It’s much more important all the others combined, and, above all, it is important for lubrication. If possible it is recommended to use the programs of preventive TO, monitored computer. Regardless of whether the track periodicity of the computer, or record will be using the old methods, head of maintenance of heavy equipment should monitor the full implementation of programs, since preventive maintenance is cheaper repairs after breakdowns.

Steel Pipe Building

Build steel pipes, people learned long ago. However, in recent decades due to the rapid growth of the use of energy and raw materials as oil and gas, construction of steel pipelines was the most important sector of the economy. Modern steel pipe is a complex technical structure, consisting of a line of welded pipes, supporting structures, fittings (valves, gate valves, cocks, valves) instrumentation and other components – the elements of the pipeline (transitions, elbows, caps, joints). There are two kinds of steel pipes – internal and backbone. Pipelines are used for internal transportation of different products within a facility, enterprise, residential area.

Such pipelines are literally all around us in everyday life, they become habitual and therefore invisible. By the main steel piping product (water, oil, gas) is passed from the place of production to point of consumption. Their length is several thousand kilometers. Of these pipelines, and will continue it. First of all, the structure of the field pipeline (PMTP). It consists of a so-called head works in which the product is prepared for shipping, the actual steel pipeline, compressor and pump stations, storage facilities and product distribution centers, support facilities (repair and maintenance services, communication systems, power lines, office and household objects).

The main component of the main field Pipeline (PMTP) – the linear part, collected from the pipes fittings. K line facilities also include pipeline crossing various obstacles, supporting structures and various support facilities, along the route. After the planned route of steel pipe, starting to clean up and planning of the band, setting up the technical and consumer base. Next, take the incoming pipeline elements (pipes) weld them into sections of three or four tubes and take out the section, and other materials on the road. Pipe sections are welded into a single thread, dig a trench and isolate the steel pipe is laid and covered trench. Then clean the inside cavity pipeline and experience it for strength. After successful tests steel pipe sit-up.