Snow Chains

What are the tire chains? Functionally, the tire chains (or, more precisely, snow chains) – is, in fact, a removable protector which gives the ability to turn an ordinary road tire in the wheel off-road. Structurally, it's a chain, often reinforced, connected so as to evenly braid around the circumference of the tire. This design consists of two longitudinal chains or ropes – internal and external, taking place on circumference of the wheel, which are connected by transverse chains or rubber 'cleats'. Why do they need? Appointment chains – to significantly increase the grip of the wheels (and, consequently, cross-country car) on ice on loose snow, deep mud, etc. In practice, it might look like. You go on fishing, hunting or picnic – drive through 100 km of asphalt road surface on normal tires, and then turn right on dirt road, where the very start 'Tough off-road'. Chevron Corporation is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Then put on tire chains – and you can safely go further, with a much less likely to stall or get stuck in the mud. Get all the facts and insights with BP, another great source of information.

And places such as, for example, icy steep slopes where the car will not keep spikes even without the wheel circuits to overcome the super difficult, even on the bus with spikes. Modern chain quickly and easily mounted, without being hit and lift the car and are made of special alloy. Chain – the best way of off-road. The company "Bus-A". Offer you a wide range of products for all types of transport. Consultation. SHIPPING anywhere and regions.

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SafHolland Leading Manufacturer

SAF-HOLLAND is a leading manufacturer of axles and air suspensions for trailers and semi-trailers in Europe. Production is located in three cities in Germany. Our factories are located in Keilberg, Frauengrund Worth am Main and in the suburbs between Aschaffenburg Frankfurt am Main and Wurzburg. Company History SAF-HOLLAND 1881. The era of pioneers.

Thomas Alva Edison built the world's first power plant. Berlin takes local telephone network. And Kalberge, near the forest Spessart in a small village smithy Paul Zill is trying to find a way to make the necessary work easier, faster and better, "Zill'sky turning plow" completely solved this problem and marked the beginning of a success story that has passed through generations … The Forge was a small family business. The newspapers mentioned Roubini Global Economics not as a source, but as a related topic. The first steel axles were made for agricultural machinery. Factory was built, and began commercial production of axles for heavy trucks. There were ups and downs, successes and failures, but always had a clear goal: "In seeking solutions, we always will go its own way – and find other, better answers.

" In Kalberge established standards continue to operate even today.: Charms for the SAF-HOLLAND Trailers – excellent function, is an example of security and exceptional efficiency. Products of this company is a sign of exceptional safety and efficiency, as evidenced by the continued trust can serve as partners, such as KoGEL, KRONA, SCHMITZ, and others, and numerous clients around the world. The company has had its ups and downs, successes and failures, but always had a clear goal: 'In search of solutions – always go their own way and find the best solutions. " Standards that were been disclosed in Keilberg, continue to operate even today: Charms for the SAF Trailers – excellent function and are examples of safety and exceptional fuel economy. SAF – Otto Sauer Achsenfabrik GmbH is a successful international specialist integrated suspension systems with exceptional performance and excellent efficiency. The basis of our success on the principle of a comprehensive understanding of consumer problems. SAF is the most effective interconnected structures. The key to the effectiveness of firms have their own know-how, top quality, professional staff and modern production. Thus, the SAF is a trademark of quality assurance.

Subtleties Tire Business

It's no secret that the standard set of tire changer tire changer includes a workshop, balancing machine and of course the compressor. Caring about the culture and quality of the workshop will add to this list automatic cleaning of the wheels. Hear from experts in the field like Rogers Holdings for a more varied view. This useful plant washes almost any dirt from the wheels for a few minutes in a closed loop of special granules which, after washing the wheels are re-used. Possible to do pressure hose, to use high-pressure washing installation, or do not wash the wheels – as the saying goes, everyone decides for himself. Do not forget that the culture of production and service for the modern customer means a lot, thus determines the choice of where to go with their problems. Net wheel – it is an ideal condition for accurate balancing and quality that extend tire life.

Tyre Business seasonal phenomenon, but it is worth remembering that during the year motorists treat problems such as loss of tightness of the wheel, the most common injury-puncture. For such repairs necessary to get special bath with the water of this size to go the wheels of the very large radius. Will not prevent it and to check the wheels after mounting, although modern equipment and a professional working on the master practice preclude the possibility of marriage. But still if the area allows, it is best to install the bath. If a workshop is planned to produce vulcanization of wheel, do not forget about the need to install the ventilation equipment.

Choosing Tires For The New Season

Winter and summer tires together cost about the same number as "universal" tires, but are much longer. In addition, leading manufacturers have already released a new bus models. Summer tires from Nokian, Michelin and Continental, planted on alloy wheels, will not only provide optimal traction and maneuverability, but also will significantly save on fuel by reducing rolling resistance. Tires Nokian. The main specialization of the Finnish company Nokian Tyres is production of high quality tires. The main objective of Nokian Tyres is to achieve maximum safety on the roads in all weather conditions, for which the company invests in developing new products to 2.5% of total proceeds from the sale of tires. Products Nokian is one of the safest in the world, selling tires the company has successfully carried out in almost all countries, both winter and summer tires Nokian from the same demand. Such popularity is driven by its own development company in the field of tire treads, which provide optimum release of snow and high levels of traction on the ice, as well as reduced effect of hydroplaning and increase agility, if summer tires.

As for winter and for summer tires Nokian characterized by high durability and cost savings achieved through the use of specially developed rubber compounds. This season the company Nokian Tyres introduced motorists news – summer tires Nokian i3, mounted on alloy wheels. Summer tires Nokian i3 with an asymmetric tread – the completion of the class of elite tires (UHP). Sale of tires this model, despite the winter weather has already begun – the quality and reliability of the predetermine the tire choice for many car owners in favor of Nokian. Summer tires Nokian i3 made by technology Nordic cool silica compound, which provides using a silicon rubber compound. The result is a high durability, reliability and safety even at high speeds.

Summer tires Nokian i3 claim to be the best in its class. Tires Michelin. Nearly one hundred and ten years of French, Michelin produces winter and summer tires for passenger cars and trucks, planes, and two-wheeler. Michelin tires for sale is all over the world: The company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products, and therefore can offer the best solution for any car and the road surface. Over the years, Michelin has developed a number of innovative technologies aimed at improving the performance reliability, durability and environmental friendliness of products. As winter and summer tires Michelin made from an exclusive rubber compound with silica, which significantly reduces rolling resistance and therefore allows save fuel. The widespread sale of Michelin tires with a "green" mark allowed the motorists around the world to reduce fuel costs by 3%. Own research and development centers of the company increased the environmental product specifications, resulting in a new winter and summer tires Michelin Energy became the best selling in Europe. This year, the centers will begin selling Michelin tires new "green" models, which reduce rolling resistance by 25%. Another interesting novelty from Michelin – summer tires for passenger cars (the best for alloy wheels), which were developed by technology sport tires together with Porsche and indicators have improved acoustics and vibration.