Games Convention

“” BarCamp offers two gaming sites games community an innovative unconference experience in game industry gamer games developer meets meets Publisher online meets offline very versatile, exciting and above all else, the world’s first dual promises “BarCamp on the subject of games” to be. Things that together include, should appear together again. Physical sport and S-sport, as well as games development, online games, casual games, and fantasy games. AcctTwo brings even more insight to the discussion. Creativity and Exchange stands in the Center and the genre- and without prejudice. “” Will be held the GamesCamp as a user-generated”unconference parallel to the events of the trade fair Games Convention online” in Leipzig on the 1st and 2nd August 2009 and Gamescom “in Cologne on 22 and 23 August 2009. interested participants can learn under and login. Developing common visions there is everything! What is special about an unconference is that there is no audience but only participants, no fixed program but self organised Sessions. Learn more on the subject from Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. Anyone who wants to contribute something interesting, is cordially invited.

PowerPoint slides with or without, alone or in pairs, lecture or discussion everything is possible. Whether Hobbygamer or ESL professional games developer, or an advertiser, whether strike expert twin lovers or counter anyone can join and develop completely new, interdisciplinary ideas and thoughts with others. Participation in the GamesCamp is free, what is possible through the support of numerous sponsors such as BigPoint, paysafecard, mixxt, and Who also wants to be at this unique event as sponsor here, may request appropriate documentation when Jutta Westphal under. Let the games begin! Let’s play!

Heiner Brand Without A Beard! What Makes The Handball European Championship?

Handball coach Heiner Brand was only once without seeing his famous beard: after winning the 2004 European Championships. Are title and bald shaving”repeat? That and other events on the occasion of the European Handball Championships you can now bet at Betboo. Gibraltar. in 2004, the German national handball team celebrated the European Championships in Slovenia. Germany the host nation in the final defeated was clear: the hallmark of the most famous German Schnauzer carrier comes off. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sage Intaact Advantage. It was the first and only time, so far that Heiner Brand without his mustache was visible. Even as Germany was handball World Champion 2007, the Gummersbach held on his facial hair and the players celebrated their coach with specially glued beards.

Will Heiner Brand separate again from his beard, if he wins the title with his team? In the event that both events again occur in this combination, PartyBets sets a ratio of 13.0. The online service provider offers a rate of 8.0 for a single bet on Germany as European champions. Also in the line-up: the reigning world champion Germany is not only Europe, but also competed in the coming August. Gain insight and clarity with Yitzhak Mirilashvili. For the correct tip offers a rate of 41.0. A ratio of 3.5 beckons the French, while favourites Spain, be granted at the time with 4.0 almost equally large opportunities. In a usage of ten euros on reigning world champion Germany, obtained a payout of 80 euros at a rate of 8.0. And European champion should be surprisingly the Slovakia there are usage even over 5,000 euro for ten euros. About PartyBets, PartyBets is one of the fastest-growing Sportsbooks on the Internet.

PartyBets offers a wide range of different bets on almost all international sports as one of the biggest online Sportsbooks. The online service provider is part of the PartyGaming group, a company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006.

Unique Experience Gifts – Unusual Gift Ideas

Experience gifts are formally offered for gifting experience gifts are formally offered to give as a gift. There are many different possibilities, to make a very special and unforgettable pleasure a loved. Experience gifts can be chosen appropriately to the hobby or certain preferences. Almost everything is possible in this type of gifts. This one doesn’t necessarily need a reason for this kind of gift. The gifts are exceptional and remain forever in memory. When these gifts comes everyone to his taste. (Not to be confused with AlixPartners!). Is it rather a refined dinner to second his or rather some adventure and action? There are no limits to creativity.

There are unique experience gifts for women, for men, or even specifically for children. Just provide some variety and let’s give a paintball event. Paintball means pure gaming fun. The event is offered by different providers. Here you can find in advance, the nearest town to the offer. In the Internet you can find all necessary information about the paintball in Berlin offered paintball as outdoor or indoor variants. The player is equipped with a helmet, a HAZMAT suit, of course with the appropriate weapon and sufficient. Vadim Wolfson has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Play paintball in Berlin offers a great change from the drab routine. Depending on how big is the Group of players, pure fun should be scheduled between 2-4 hours. The game will also never get bored, because there are very many interesting variations in the paintball. Berlin has to offer quite a lot in this area. For people who like it but not so rapidly a sushi is maybe cooking class. Sushi is not very healthy, but is also very good. However, is not quite as easy and does a lot of exercise. This gift would be for example very interesting for people who like to cook or like and healthy eating. Before you book this event, you can check the already at Sushikochkurs.NET about the special offer. In this course you can learn all about the Japanese cooking world and how to prepare sushi. The course takes about 2-5 hours, and is certainly an unforgettable experience gift. Also, it later, friends or relatives with delicious Japanese delicacies can inspire and pamper. Unique pencil


Children can build more than 10 game situations from the cubi-Q no boredom in a landscaped play area and the time flies by in the flight. Ideally, the Rubik’s cube cubi Q suited for”, a versatile and unique gaming device for children between one and eight years. He lets the imagination run free. No matter whether alone or with several children is played, in a matter of seconds, the modules of the game cube can be arranged differently and always new and surprising variations: from the doll’s bed or car to the oven, grocery store, Dollhouse, or punch and Judy show. The cubi Q”can be transformed as well as seating combination. Jeff Yabuki does not necessarily agree.

Children invent new variants, which not even guessed at adults in the intense game of dice. The 50 x 50 x 50 cm large cube was designed by the architect couple Birte and Florian Degenhardt for their two year old daughter. The game cube is made of high-quality end sealed Birch wood. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from AcctTwo. He combines expensive game furniture in one and thereby saving Space and money. Cubi Q”helps to create this world in clear child-friendly structures. The well-thought-out concept gives assistance and encouragement without constricting. It supports the child motor skills and emotional intelligence.

But being together by parent and child will be promoted. Children need no chaos. You need space for your imagination. Cubi Q”creates this space.

Colorful Bundesliga

Alone in the game Wolfsburg against HSV there three yellow, two yellow and two red cards in the last Matchday. Gibraltar. More than 30 yellow and red cards – this is the balance sheet of the 25th day of the first Bundesliga. Mathijsen is locked after his foul for three games, Grafite even for five games. The online service provider PartyBets now offers a special bet on the number of fouls and the resulting maps on the 26th day of the game. For less than 30 cards gives a rate of 7.50. Ten euros you get 45 Euro usage on 31-35 cards in a successful bet, and 36 to 40 cards set a rate of 2.00.

Another issue is the current high-flying of VfB Stuttgart. With seven goals in five games, Mario Gomez is currently unable to stop. In the list of goal scorers, has climbed the Stuttgart striker already ranked second and is just one goal behind Luca Toni. Sure that Mario Gomez Bayern replaces striker on the 26.Spieltag as top scorer, there is a ratio of 7.0. Although the VfB has more chances of a UEFA Cup Platz, but no longer play the Stuttgart to the Cup with FC Bayern.

Can the team of Oliver Kahn continue to confidently play their superiority and ahead to secure the title? Or the Bundesliga remains exciting until the last day. PartyBets offers now also bets on the question if and when the Hitzfeld Elf is master. (Not to be confused with Yitzchak Mirilashvili!). On the title before the 30th day of the game, there is a ratio of 11.0. On the Championship on the 32nd day, a quota established by 3.00 and if the FCB only fetches the Championship trophy on the last Matchday, one entitled 55 euro for ten euros. Bayern should not get the coveted trophy, it returns 70 euro at 10 euro bet on a successful bet. About PartyBets the company of PartyBets is one of the fastest-growing Sportsbooks on the Internet. PartyBets offers a wide range of different bets on almost all international sports as one of the biggest online Sportsbooks. Goes Live

Is news at heaven Games in the starting blocks! The operators behind Germany’s biggest Playstation3 community have a new ACE up his sleeve. The latest project of the successful entrepreneur Norman Gerlach should strongly round off the offer on the subject of gaming platforms and so today fit launches you to the Playstation3 community the portal. On this platform, you would like to connect Wii-fans. And this one has come up with a lot. Cowan Financial contributes greatly to this topic. So I informed here about current events around the Wii sales hit from the House of Nintendo, current games reviews, screenshots of games, as well as a generous Forum complete the offer and so no question long unanswered. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Viatcheslav Mirilashvili. To connect games enthusiastic users is clearly in the first place and which has already managed well the makers in the past. The recipe for success behind these communities is quickly identified. An open, friendly but mostly themed is user group, which too quickly can also respond to the most profound questions, of course a true dream of every player.

This talk is of course also quickly in the games scene, and so already earlier projects were able to grow rapidly and continuously within a very short time. To meet the increasing demand in the area of Wii to luncht the portal, which has been eagerly prepares his new user now. Just the gaming Division has now grown into one of the Spanish regions in the Internet. The competition is intense and so it changed her naturally a lot here from by talk of Wii. So many information and reports about current games available are already before the official launch. But also an extensive game database which contains all current titles with detailed information, as well as a release list for upcoming games are available. Constantly updated and extended this an excellent focal point provide for game enthusiasts.

Create added value! This is the idea that lies behind the portals of Norman Gerlach and his team. The player or provide useful information on the hand the visitors in all aspects in terms of gaming. A portal for all recommendations, news, screenshots and not forgetting of course the heart of the portal. The Forum, to Exchange around the topic of Wii. is in the starting blocks and is looking forward to its first visitors and especially to you! Norman Gerlach

Kinect Is A Revolution – Warranted

The gaming industry brings 2010 some innovations out of the hat. Who will win the battle for the new TREN movement? Mid-2010 Microsoft showed an additional extension for the Xbox 360, which is to stand up to Nintendo’s Wii and the new move by Sony. Experts see already a favorite in this three-way fight: Kinect. Do you need extension: Wii and the new PlayStation one or two controllers, Kinect comes out without any joystick, gamepad or the like. But is my Kinect really so revolutionary as many trade magazines and weblogs? Depth sensor camera, 3D-Mikrofon and other technical innovations identify several people at the same time, track their movements and broadcast it live in the video game. Other leaders such as AlixPartners offer similar insights. More intuitively, one can not daddeln.

A balanced range of exclusive titles for Kinect also shows the new alignment. Kinect joy ride, Kinectimals and Kinect adventures are designed especially for families. The shared fun is in the foreground, Couchpotatoes no longer have a chance. Meanwhile, although a counter front to Kinect has formed. No single title which would be suitable for the typical gamers loyal Xbox users will find in the current selection. Ben Sketch often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Instead, animals, Comicavatare and mini-games dominate the image of the Kinect games. Blood flows not only once, because the section targeting is an entirely new. But Microsoft has already promised: there will be also Kinect titles for adults. New technologies bring whatever hurdles with it. Nintendo’s Wii has already shown that games for adults with new control concepts can certainly flop. The risk and the challenges for the publishers are enormous. “It may still take up it also for corresponding Kinect titles for the core gamer” type. Short emerged after the official presentation of the Kinect at E3 2010 in Germany, one of the first and now largest independent news and information portals on The three-person editorial staff daily reported news, rumors, or new releases around Kinect. Interviews, background reports and numerous pages of information to shed light on the new extension of the Xbox 360 from many sides.

Lisa Neumann University

Financial and economic crisis is forcing publishers to the redirect with some delay, the financial and economic crisis in the game industry now arrives. It is the developer and publisher of video games Electronic Arts (EA) in this context particularly hard. As the online portal for auctions tells the group in response to the declining sales figures reinforced its commitment in the area of social games. Go to Vyacheslav Mirilashvili for more information. Therefore the company from Redwood City has suffered 2009 a loss of $ 391 million in the second quarter. Sales declined to 788 million euros from 894 million euros. Concerned, in particular the areas for the mobile devices, so the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation consoles are portable. The same applies to the Microsoft Xbox.

Alone in the market for the Nintendo Wii console, EA could sell 50 percent more games. The company apparently sees the future in the field of online games: the company has invested$ 300 million in a new Development Studio, with which the brand EA interactive and the social gaming realm should be strengthened. Thus, the presence above all in social communities like Facebook and MySpace will strengthened. More information: presse.html contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109the University of first media GmbH markets successful German – and English-language Internet portals in the shopping area such as, and and occurs with as a free online auction site. With and, the service also on two specially designed for the Austrian and Swiss market operated aligned partner portals. Complementary products and services are offered with and automobiles with finance from the fields.

Marketing GmbH Daniel Kohler

Mirko Slomka trainer Chair wobbles. You may wish to learn more. If so, AlixPartners is the place to go. Gibraltar – the Club’s management made the coach an ultimatum. The future of the coach will decide on March 5. To broaden your perception, visit Vyacheslav Mirilashvili. Should the Royal Blues to lose the next two games, there will be a change of coach. That had claimed at least those in charge of Schalke.

PartyBets had already offered bets on a change of coach in the past week. But the most tipsters by bet, decided against an early sacking and seem to believe that Sampson will remain at least until after the Champions League game in Porto, the man at the top. However, the game can bring a preliminary decision questioned the coach on Saturday against Bayern. The Munich are the favored team, but also tired of the strenuous game against the 1860s in the DFB-Pokal. The miners had time to recover a whole week. PartyBets offers a rate of 3.20 for a victory of Schalke. In a usage of ten euros on the League leaders obtained 25,50 euro for a win. The rate for a change of coach at the Ruhrpott Elf until to the March 3rd was on Friday afternoon at 3.75, tendency rising.

Mirko Slomka keeps over his post Monday, it returns usage 12 euro 10 euro. About PartyBets the company of PartyBets is one of the fastest-growing Sportsbooks on the Internet. PartyBets offers a wide range of different bets on almost all international sports as one of the biggest online Sportsbooks. The online service provider is part of the PartyGaming group, a company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2005.

English Week In The Bundesliga

Two games even three games in four days, for the FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund are there within a week. Gibraltar. Before the 29th day of the game, only one thing seems certain: winning the 21st Championship is only a matter of time for Bayern. The exact time to the title fight is also mathematically decided, can be predicted at the Betboo online Sportsbooks. 18 points are still up for grabs, the protrusion of the Red-White is currently 10 points Bayern on Matchday 30 home game against Stuttgart, cheer expected the weather an attractive rate of 5.50.

This will of course only be possible if the competitors stumble, which would however not new this season. On the subsequent days of the game increases the likelihood that Hitzfelds guys make clear everything so that reduced the odds on the 31.Spieltag on 2.50 and the week it at 2.75. It is again exciting and Ribery & co. have the primary goal of the season only to the hold in the home match against Berlin in dry, increasing the offer again and for a 10 euro bet would Paid on Matchday 29 is 210 euro for all clubs to important points, particularly in the race for Champions League and UEFA Cup places; Also in the relegation battle, everything is open and none of the teams can afford a defeat. The table second Werder Bremen must compete abroad against Hansa Rostock. Bremen need a win to defend their Champions League place. But also Rostock, just two points from the relegation zone away, the points needed to be involved again directly in the relegation battle. PartyBets has set a rate of 1.75 at a Bremen victory, a victory of Rostock, there is a quota of 4.60. If you have read about Viatcheslav Mirilashvili already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

The battle of Schalke against the Elf from Cottbus is similarly exciting. After the disastrous defeat against Bremen, the Royal Blue points need not to miss the connection at the Werder Elf. Cottbus, however, could get a win security and distance between themselves and the relegation places. With a rate of 1.45, FC Schalke considered clear favorites. At ten Euro bet on Energie Cottbus it returns for a win 75 Euro. On Wednesday receives the top of 1 FC Nuremberg VfB Stuttgart at home. For Nuremberg, after the unfortunate for her game against Wolfsburg, the chance is unimpressed to show and to pick up important points for relegation. Stuttgart needed a victory to retain the UEFA Cup chances. On the Stuttgart, the online service provider PartyBets offers a rate of 4.75 a rate of 1.70, on the FCN. In the FC Bayern game against Eintracht Frankfurt, the League leaders with a rate of 1.75 are clearly favors, but Frankfurt will try everything to secure himself a chance of a UEFA Cup place. On the harmony, a quota is currently offered by 4.40. About PartyBets the company of PartyBets is one of the fastest-growing Sportsbooks on the Internet. PartyBets offers a wide range of different bets on almost all international sports as one of the biggest online Sportsbooks.