Walter Training

forward academy invited recruiters from transport and logistics for the collegial exchange of experience after Wettenberg anticipation is the best joy is known. And so the Training Institute specialising in transport and logistics academy brought forward”1 free day of training on March 18, 2011 30 HR decision-makers an experience of a special kind: from the company’s headquarters in the Central Hessian Wettenberg it went together in a two-hour hike over romantic field – and forest roads up on the medieval castle Gleiberg. There the invited HR managers exchanged with numerous experts on future issues in education and training. Wettenberg, 04 April 2011 demographic change shows his face: shrinking population, declining birth rates, fewer and fewer young professionals and an aging workforce also the transport and logistics industry make difficult to create. The companies, which predicted challenges to overcome, and in particular the attempt with individual personnel development concepts To alleviate the skills shortage. Educate yourself with thoughts from Uber. “On one point all the experts agree: without well-trained career changers, the future of the logistics sector in Germany looks bleak”, know Stefan Urke, Managing Director of forward academy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from patrick mayberry. Together with an experienced team of trainers he has developed a training concept, under the name of fit4logistics”at the start goes and has a modular structure.

Stefan Urke: The first training cycle will begin in August. Currently we talk with many companies, as well as with the employment agency, which is intended to promote our offer.” Free day 1 of training”could inform the present personal first-hand about the concept, the target groups and its applications. HOLM: Platform for know-how transfer to the Castle came also Professor Dr. Stefan Walter. ‘ The Managing Director of the House of logistics and mobility “(HOLM) strongly warned to equate the excellent technical infrastructure with professional expertise: we are according to studies, while logistics champions ‘ but not due to our competence..

Kroker Country

The destination of Venezuela in South America offers a lot of holidays. If you are not convinced, visit Chevron Corp. Venezuela is recommended as a holiday destination due to its pleasant climate throughout the year. On a trip about Venezuela, many tourist attractions offered the traveller. Mike Gianoni contributes greatly to this topic. The country speaks for its diversity, the tourists will be equally impressed by the mesas, as last but not least by the wide marshland or the unlimited beaches. The rest that are snow-covered peaks of the Andes a highlight for a variety of visitors to Venezuela and to fauna and plants an exceptionally rich wildlife and vegetation are loving the country, here. The Atlantic coast of Venezuela is less than 3,000 km long; Thus, nothing precludes a carefree seaside holiday.

You can see exceptionally clean beaches, for example, in the city of Puerto la Cruz. During a holiday in the country you should visit in any case the capital Caracas. Grown hero of the country’s history is Simon Bolivar, which brought the war of the independence of the former Spanish colony in motion in 1811 and its Museum in the city can be visited. Very popular with tourists is lying nearby nature park Mochima, which presents a varied plant and animal world. Culturally interested vacationers should visit the various cities of the country on their visit. In the city of Coro, for example, you can admire numerous ecclesiastical buildings, the Cathedral is extremely informative. They second oldest city in the country was long capital of Venezuela.

Coro in the UNESCO cultural heritage list was added by the numerous colonial buildings. In contrast the ideal also in addition at his own expense, the Andes are unique for adventurous climbing tours also trekking. Who wants to meet the South American country to water, the Orinoco River, the main stream of Venezuela, traveled by boat. Due by the different elevations can be found diverse climates in the country Venezuela. Even Alpine climate in the higher elevations is no rarity. The majority of the country in contrast to is determined by the tropical climate. In the You should not plan if possible a trip months between May and November to Venezuela, because then, rains prevail there. In the upper layers, the weather is moderate and very beneficial for Europeans. So temperatures around 25 C prevail in the capital Caracas all year round, at night it cools down to around 15 C. This diverse and interesting country in South America brings for each bit, whether cultural pleasure in the numerous ancient cities with its impressive colonial building, a relaxed Beach holiday in the Caribbean or a climbing tour in the Andes, a unforgettable trip is guaranteed. Jorg Kroker photo: Fotolia;Birgit Prentner

Leontis Equity Fund GmbH: Positive Industry Trend For 2010

Leontis equity fund GmbH informed about private equity forecast BVK Wurzburg in April 2010: more than two-thirds of investors expect, according to private equity forecast 2010 of the BVK, industry association this year with higher investment, so the Handelsblatt in an article dated March 8. One reason for the optimism of the industry is especially the high capital requirements of SMEs. The trend is clearly upwards”, said Association Managing Director Dorte Hoppner the trade journal”. The BVK (Federal Association of German equity) opts for the high capital requirements of SMEs as the entire industry. The companies have a real topic of financing and seek alternatives”, Hoppner justified her optimism. Overall, more than two-thirds of respondents expect a rise in investment in 2010, about one in five expects similarly high levels of investment as in the last year. The Leontis equity fund GmbH is delighted by the positive expectations of the private equity industry. By Leontis offered Leontis equity funds provide SMEs with equity.

A special advantage of the Leontis equity funds is the independent system concept. This means: for new medium-sized investments no debt financed by banks is done inserted funding for the Leontis equity funds only with the help of equity. Thus, Leontis acts independently still difficult conditions of lending by banks. Funds investors of the Leontis equity in addition to the Bank independent plant concept will also benefit from a particularly rigorous assessment of new medium-sized investments. The Leontis management supported when selecting always external investment advisers, which have many years of experience in the market and make recommendations for new investments with high yield potential of Leontis equity fund GmbH. Mike Gianoni has plenty of information regarding this issue. At the beginning of the year premium select Fund could announce to example the Leontis equity I a stake in the biotech company RAPID Pharmaceuticals AG.

This company is planning the 2012 Launch of a treatment against AIDS. Current products of Leontis equity fund investors can participate in those Fund premium select II (one time facility from EUR 5,000), as well as the Leontis equity are the Leontis equity fund easy select II (rates per month EUR 50 system). Both funds have the aim to achieve a strong growth of assets long-term at the same time highest risk reduction. About Leontis equity fund GmbH, the Leontis equity fund GmbH is initiator and provider of high-quality, structured investments in the form of closed-end funds. The company was founded in 2006. “” Since July 2008 Leontis provides already the successor fund Leontis equity fund easy select II “and Leontis equity fund premium select II” on. The Leontis concept allows investors access to exclusive top investments. The management of Leontis equity funds has many years of experience and competence in the design and management of closed funds products. Also bring the star-studded investment and Advisory bodies of the Leontis equity fund GmbH a decades of industry expertise. Learn more about Leontis equity fund GmbH at. Press contact: Leontis equity fund GmbH Marion Countess Wolffskeel Lambert Rottendorfer Street 30 d 97074 Wurzburg phone: 09 31 / 7 97 92 – 11 fax: 09 31 / 7 97 92 – 17 E-Mail: Internet:

Credit Cards

You knew that there are banks that they give you up to three months without interests to pay your trips? Often, although trips by the same airlines or to the same places or by trips of pleasing, vacations or businesses, often you do not find out to you or you do not take advantage of the best and the more incredible promotions. The airlines of better quality yes than strive always to offer us the best thing to their clients, and to help to pay to our flights without so many difficulties or restrictions us as other companies. The best banks and the best areolneas are united to facilitate your purchases of flights dndote 3 months without interests when paying with anyone of your credit cards of that bank. Ponte in contact with the points of sale and chooses the destiny that feels like you more to travel or the one that you need. It enjoys and it is useful everything what to the best it offers you airline when paying with your credit cards of the bank. This way, not only you will have an excellent and unforgettable full experience of comocidad and attention in your flights, but you will time and time again want hacero thanks to this type of benefits and facilities of payment. It remembers that they are three months without interests are those that we offer paying to you with your cards of credit. Original author and source of the article. Click Mike Gianoni to learn more. .

Spa Treatments

Many services that often are not sufficiently clear to users, who might have only a vague idea of the concept but would not be able to define it clearly are covered under the concept of Spa. Therefore, it is convenient to clarify what are the services offered at the Spa days. The major benefits offered at Spas are as follows: water circuit: a circuit of waters, the customer passes by different water jets that are at different temperatures, and serve to moisturize the skin and relax the entire body. Hot springs and minerals: the spa therapies based on thermal and mineral waters are a series of pools that can be natural or artificial, which are at different temperatures. For more information see website. The waters of these pools can be enriched with minerals that are beneficial for the body, so bathe in these pools, the patient feels a sensation of well-being and physical and mental improvement that comes to be very comforting. Massages: Within the concept of what they are massages, is that know clearly differentiate what are therapeutic massages and they are relaxing massages. Therapeutic massages are carried out with the aim of curing muscular problems, and therefore have a medical purpose, and must be carried out by qualified physiotherapists.

Normally at the end of the massage left aching body, but the muscle improvement begins to notice the initial pain soon goes away. Others including Mike Gianoni, offer their opinions as well. On the other hand, relaxing massages have the sole objective of seeking relaxation of the person who is receiving it without having a medical objective. Beauty treatments: many Spas have included among their services of beauty treatment. Through these spa treatments, undergoes customers to mud baths or massages and treatments based on natural creams that help to the disappearance of wrinkles or delay its onset, where not yet present. On the other hand, a Day Spa should have at least the following facilities and spa services: A clean environment, safe, calm and nutritious. Treatment cabins private to ensure that each client receives personalized service. Changing rooms and showers for ladies and gentlemen. Bathrobes and shoes of all sizes.

Enabling the business licenses; a staff of professionals and licensed therapists. Professional products for which the beauticians and therapists have received proper training. Service of massages: Swedish, lymphatic drainage and reflexology (optional: Shiatsu, sports, deep tissue, muscle deep). Aesthetic or therapeutic body treatments (one or more menu): packages and body bandages, exfoliation, cellulite, toning, waxing, home care program (optional: Electrocontractor, Ayurvedic, laser hair removal treatments, heat treatments, electrolysis, care of hands and feet). Facial Treatment: Facial cleaning, home care program (optional: facial treatment, electrocontractor, hair removal, laser, electrolysis, cosmetic, makeup). Aromatherapy: Custom facial and/or body. The humid Sector services. You must provide at least hydrotherapy. Steam treatments (Turkish) and/or sauna. Additional services, which can be any of the following: complementary to an aesthetic or therapeutic treatment must have assistance in nutrition and control or reduction in weight. Private coach (in the case of the spa wellness if you have yoga or pilates, etc.) Services of Yoga or meditation. Spa cuisine. Optional services of integral beauty: hair full service hair salon and hair treatments (spa hair or hair spa). Manicure and pedicure (nails Spa).

Plan Now In Time For Christmas!

Special features at to book now! The industry plans early: from October the first gingerbread Christmas decorated store shelves are available. Click Mike Gianoni for additional related pages. The job portal is planning in a timely manner. Mike Gianoni is actively involved in the matter. Advertisers can save it now for the last available competent and high-performance subcontractors, because these are already planning their Christmas shopping and waiting for job offers! We recommend using our special features like our customers, because especially good and conscientious promoter select as well as customer and prefer to mostly the image-strong party! On weekdays, more than 20,000 visits at more than 250,000 page views according to Google Analytics, therefore, it makes sense to move the company with the help of the special features in the right light! There is an overview, as well as a non-binding offer via an interactive form on! For more details, promotionbasis.

Relax In The Hotel Of Gold

Hotel Gold is a promising treatment for stressed guests In the hotel, gold is the individual care of the tourists in the first place. Meet individual needs is important, so is guaranteed not only that holidaymakers depart significantly healthier as they arrived, but also that they like to come back next year. On the homepage of the treatments in Poland, there is all the information about the Kurhaus and the host country Poland which makes possible valuable treatments to date. Such a treatment in the hotel of gold is especially valuable for diabetics. They just need a cure to concentrate on their own health. Diabetes is the person concerned a high challenge. Who needs to control his sugar metabolism from the outside, like that in this disease the case, must not only know exactly how many units of bread has any type of food, he must determine also regularly using blood collection own blood sugar and then calculate the appropriate amount of insulin.

In the hotel of gold find the right environment and rest for the patient. In everyday thats not always easy, so routine in dealing with insulin and instruments is important. For elderly patients is that there are new instruments, because the lifetime of blood glucose meters is limited. New technical devices, which are getting smaller and smaller, have small buttons and should be combined increasingly with a computer program, make just elderly patients with difficult challenges. Hotel Gold diabetics find experts who can explain the function of the device. Here, they have the time to become familiar, so that they can deal as possible independently in future with all accessories. Many diabetics recover so much freedom, because some were assigned until then on caregivers who come to regulated times in the home and carry out the measurement.

Until then, patients had to wait. A way which is stressful and not without danger, because perceived hypoglycaemia cannot so always in time to be treated. All devices themselves, but who can serve lives safer. Only it to guarantee a more stable blood sugar at all and that makes for much better quality of life. In Hotel Gold should recover diabetics but also participate in the many programs of relaxation and feel excluded. The many measures provide for best holiday feeling and the community of patients has a positive effect on the psyche.

Toy Library

To do so, provide both the necessary material elements (toys, play materials, enclosed play areas, etc.), As guidance, help and company as they need to play. Here will not settle for partial explanations. The Toy Library can be independent centers or can be integrated into entertainment centers, schools, libraries, culture houses and other cultural institutions. The Toy Library is needed now more than ever, mainly because: – The characteristics of the metropolis (loss of play spaces in the street, distrust leave young children unattended in the parks, the houses are small ,…). – The modern lifestyle (rhythm vibrant, working parents ,…). The increase of women into the labor market that increasingly makes the parents have less free time to devote to children. – At current family characteristics (lack of siblings in the family and with whom to play, lack of leisure companions ,…). Restaurant Michael Schwartz is often quoted on this topic.

– At school characteristics (unavailability of appropriate play materials, shortage of space, time intensive ,…). – Consumerism is gaining industrial and individualistic games, video games, consoles, computer games … Therefore exists in the world of education is increasing recognition of the game as an essential element in child and youth development. The meeting places are where the different members of a community come together to socialize knowledge, teachings, knowledge and ideas through play. It is an area ripe for development of socialization, the creative ability, sensitivity, affirmation and critical thinking of its participants. Through This social interaction encourages freedom, solidarity, understanding, respect, self discipline and tolerance, gradually building the social fabric. In short, we can say that the Toy Library are: – places of entertainment.

Aleister Crowley

In its thousands of years of existence, the tarot has been built a language that surprises by its richness and complexity. A wealth that is nourished by the contribution of many streams and different cultures. Scholarship program is the source for more interesting facts. This is probably the secret of their validity and their successes. The secret of a tarot which has not despised the beliefs and knowledge of any people. A friend tarot of all philosophical systems, arts and Sciences. In its origins in Egypt, thirty centuries before the birth of Christ, the tarot was formed in the concepts of Egyptian religion and hermetic philosophy. Later, he incorporated elements of hindu philosophy, Greek mythology and Christian mysticism.

Gypsies, enslaved in Egypt, did not see the tarot as a symbol of the culture of their oppressors. Instead, they discovered a friend tarot in foreign lands, and he appropriated. Mike Gianoni is open to suggestions. The results were a fertility and wealth that can be seen even today. They printed their idea of a friend tarot also to the language of the letters of the nature, as they themselves are. Philosophy, mythology, nature how would not be friend tarot also of the arts? With the passage of the centuries, illustrations of each card have gained not only beauty but also in complexity and symbolic richness. Each deck shows the best of art from every era, from the beautiful medieval simplicity of tarot Minchiute until striking abstraction of the mallet of Aleister Crowley, at the service of the transmission of your wisdom and your messages. Many artists have even explored the plastic and aesthetic possibilities of the tarot deck. And some decks, already disused insofar as divinatory practices, are exhibited in major museums as a fundamental part of the history of art.

The wisdom of the tarot, far from closed or stagnate, is now alive and constantly growing. Maybe for being the friend tarot for everyone who wants to learn, to grow, to see beyond the obvious and evident thing. By be friend tarot of those who are wondering, they question the form and substance every thing and do not conform easily. Of those who believe that all peoples, cultures and even each individual have something they share or teach. Perhaps for this reason that the practice of tarot is not dead after fifty centuries of existence. And such time therefore never die.

Guitar Without Disadvantages Online – Guitar Shop

Order online to order guitars guitar at the guitar shop, is less complicated and easier than you think. Particularly positive to note, that is at home alone can try out the guitar and can connect the own amplifier. Learn more at this site: CEO of Axcient. A pushy salesman who wants to impose a tool a sales reasons, remains spared the online customers. Do not, like the musical instrument you can return quickly and easily it. Mike Gianoni might disagree with that approach. Large selection, good advice online offered the customer a wider choice because there is no high costs for the rent in a favorable location for the shop. Thus, shop a guitar has always a price advantage as opposed to the guitar shops of nearby. The product descriptions provide information on the quality and use of instruments.

So it meets also the right choice as a customer, these descriptions are very detailed. The guitars are checked before sending by the professional staff of the online shops so that they are in perfect Reach quality customers. For beginners, there are often also beginner sets with all the equipment you need to play. In addition, there are almost always the possibility to reach the guitar shop by phone and adapted to interview the personnel on his desires. Even music professionals get a very good advice in the high-quality shops, because the employees are there even professional musicians.

If you are on the look out for still cheaper guitars, has the ability to buy used instruments in many guitar shops. Because here the guitar shop carries with his name, a magnifying – like auction houses–will be spared. Additional offers in the guitar shop the extensive offer of online shops makes it easy and uncomplicated to order also strings or amplifier. The payment options are mostly the usual, like credit card or direct debit. The delivery time is short in one to two days, keep the ordered music instruments in the hands and can decide alone whether to keep would like to. A good guitar offer shop in addition pages or blogs, where current issues are clarified and you can browse in a variety of articles around the subject of guitar. Professionalism is important shop when ordering the desire guitar really on a professional guitar, many shops were also tested and a certificate is available for their quality. If you pay attention to, online shops offer many advantages to the guitar shop around the corner.