Simple Tips

Care of laminate does simple. In fact, the laminate does not require any special recipes to care for themselves. There are only simple tips to help prolong the life of the flooring. For areas where lay laminate The optimum temperature is about 18-23'C with a relative humidity of 50-60%. When moist climate laminate flooring swells, and if too dry, shrink (here to help humidifiers). Laminate flooring can be swept, brushing, vacuuming or cleaning cloth. In no case can laminate beeswax or any other polishing tools – they can not penetrate and form a greasy stain on the coating surface. Read more from cornell capital to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

It is also extremely adversely affect a coating abrasives, alkali-containing equipment and hot steam. As for daily cleaning – that it is better to make a vacuum cleaner for hard surfaces. Also, once a week, so the floor should be washed with a damp, but well-wrung cloth (remember the "instability" of the laminate to the increased moisture). To eliminate the strong contamination (traces of shoe polish and dirty shoes, etc.) use special cleaning solutions that are recommended specifically for laminate flooring. Keep in mind that they should not be applied to the actual cover, and the cloth so as not to spoil the decorative layer. Grease stains from laminate can be removed with a liquid soap. Roubini Global Economics insists that this is the case. But to get rid of low-fat, "just made" can be armed with a wrung damp cloth.

In that case, if the fluid was on the laminate is more or less long time, we must first of all remove the fluid from the surface, and then re-wipe stain with a damp cloth, removing the top layer of dirt. If stain remains in place, you can use liquid soap. If after all these operations, the color of the laminate was not the same – here it is necessary use specialized stain (after prior consultation with a specialist). Stains from juice, wine, fruit, pasta, etc. removed from the laminate cleaners with a neutral ph with warm water and light fabric. Stains from ink, paint, nail polish, etc. – With acetone or alcohol-based cleaner. Stearin and mastic removed a plastic scraper. A grease stain that will remain after this – the recipe cleaning fatty spots (see above). A similar scheme cleaning and wax, chewing gum. At first, give them a cure – and then gently scrape with the same plastic scraper. Then – cleaning with a damp cloth. Laminate can suffer not only from dirt and moisture, but also the legs of furniture, sharp heels, pet claws. Thus, when moving furniture not use pads of tough fabric (felt, drape). And anyway, it's better if they would be on the floor constantly. If suddenly There was trouble and the surface of laminate flooring was damaged (scratched), then there are special pastes that are applied to the damaged area and continue to protect him from such situations. These simple rules will help your laminate will serve you as long as possible!