Albert Einstein Intuitive

A service aligned with the new times that Integra the rational with the intuitive thing to offer a service that covers all the dimensions with our human experience, generating and accelerating processes of integral change and opening of brings back to consciousness. ” The mystery is the thing prettier than we can experiment. It is the source of all art and all science verdaderos”. – Albert Einstein- the intuition, so criticized and scorned historically, is a sense of the knowledge that it directly connects to us with the wisdom of the life, with its deeper creative essence. ” The intuition is related to that eternal part of our identity, our brings back to consciousness deeper or soul and allows us to connect with our source of inner wisdom, the sacred center where our higher creative power resides, mobilizing the infinity of resources and arquetpicas energies that are present in our interior. ” The intuition, also call intuitive intelligence is a sense of the knowledge related to the capacity of the human being to perceive the invisible and power aspect of the reality. ” Everything what exists is surrounded in a field of vital and creative energy that gives sense, as it affirms the hyperdimensional physics to him and the quantum mechanics and the human being own the adapted senses to accede to this subtler reality, to process the data presents/displays here and to transport it of adapted way, finding new creative and generative answers that impel the development and the evolution of the knowledge humano”.

The intuition directly is related to the evolution of brings back to consciousness human. ” As the human being is moving their perceptive level from the outer sensorial senses, ordered to perceive and to allow us to relate to us to the physical reality, towards the inner senses, senses subtler than allow us to relate to us to that greater reality and important than it surrounds to us and that we are, we are finding new ways to be and to be and are emerging new adaptive answers that impel the own evolution of the creativity humana.” The intuition is the vehicle able to integrate both realities, outside and the interior within an ample and coherent perceptive frame where to recover the sense of sacralidad by the life and from where beginning to indicate new adaptive answers and behavior of high level. The advising intuitive facilitates the emergencia of new adaptive answers of high level. The advantage to contract the services of an adviser intuitive is infinite and highly profitable. Whether it is at personal or enterprise level, the service that offers an adviser intuitive always is going to be directed towards the best possible and probable solution, generating changes integrative that they can take to the individual or organization to new levels of development and evolution. Everything is possible with the advising intuitive. The new paradigm in the relation of aid and the advising.

The Owners

The moment at which each thing seems possible Tedulo Lopez Melndez In the ground of the place the Tahrir the young people they play to invent the future. They are the protagonists of a revolution, are the owners of the moment. They share with the women who cover the hair they take or it to the challenging air, they listen to the majors professing bravery and theorize envelope how it will be the life after the victory. The revolutions usually are exciting, inflammatory, unforgettable, in spite of the high price in lives that is due to pay. The protagonist is a collective body often without head, although the heads are growing of the body insofar as the idealizados factors do not enter game, such as the foreign powers, the strategic military and interests. Others who may share this opinion include Lakshman Achuthan. The politicians of all the spades negotiate transitions, the dying power clings to the last maneuvers, but in the street, in the Place of the Liberation, a loose fervor makes freedom and democracy, opportunities and human growth.

Nobody knows in that it will conclude the dream, towards where in truth will turn the events or as will be the results, but meanwhile the young people and the women and the old ones are created owners of the destiny. Who will direct after the fulgor is something indetermine. Nobody knew, in strict sense, the names that register in history after the French revolution. Now, on the place to burst, one where tail must be made to participate in the dream, appears of blow an executive of Google, somebody that was disappeared by two weeks prisoner of the dictatorship and of the past that is wanted to throw. Wael Ghonim is called, has 30 years and, like symbol of these times, he is expert in Internet and it had a key participation in the organization cybernetics of the protests.

Social Work

The objective of the opportune treatment in these patients consists of avoiding the presentation of the effects before mentioned. Pursuit: Once carried out the diagnstico of DMG, the patient hrs after foods is watched every 2 weeks in the external consultation of our hospital by means of the determination of glucose levels in blood as much in fasting as 2, since it has demonstrated that it is this last main cause of the fetal complications, and in each visit data like the arterial pressure, increase of weight, attachment to the nutritional handling etc. are registered. All the patients are invited to enter the Group of Self-help and Automatic control of the diabetes in the pregnancy, that besides being an educative Program, allows us in the form of interactive factories to affect the techniques of application of the insulin, the emotional, medical factors or of another nature which they are participating negatively in obtaining necessary the optimal control in the gestation, as well as to serve as vehicle of integration to the patient with its family and other people who are happening through his same situation. This group counts on participation of the medical and paramedical personnel of the services of Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Nutriologa, Psychology, Infirmary and Social Work. The pursuit you drink of them is carried out in the service of Perinatologa, where, as of the 28 weeks of pregnancy, the future mother is mentioned 2 times per week for the accomplishment of Pruebas Sin Stress (PSS); that they have the aim to opportunely discard or to detect data of Fetal Suffering. Treatment: According to the present medical criteria, the objective of the treatment in the pregnancy, is to have the levels of glucaemia in fasting inferiors or 95 equals to mg/dl and the posprandiales (after foods) of 2 hrs. inferiors or equals to 120 mgs /dl.