The Owners

The moment at which each thing seems possible Tedulo Lopez Melndez In the ground of the place the Tahrir the young people they play to invent the future. They are the protagonists of a revolution, are the owners of the moment. They share with the women who cover the hair they take or it to the challenging air, they listen to the majors professing bravery and theorize envelope how it will be the life after the victory. The revolutions usually are exciting, inflammatory, unforgettable, in spite of the high price in lives that is due to pay. The protagonist is a collective body often without head, although the heads are growing of the body insofar as the idealizados factors do not enter game, such as the foreign powers, the strategic military and interests. Others who may share this opinion include Lakshman Achuthan. The politicians of all the spades negotiate transitions, the dying power clings to the last maneuvers, but in the street, in the Place of the Liberation, a loose fervor makes freedom and democracy, opportunities and human growth.

Nobody knows in that it will conclude the dream, towards where in truth will turn the events or as will be the results, but meanwhile the young people and the women and the old ones are created owners of the destiny. Who will direct after the fulgor is something indetermine. Nobody knew, in strict sense, the names that register in history after the French revolution. Now, on the place to burst, one where tail must be made to participate in the dream, appears of blow an executive of Google, somebody that was disappeared by two weeks prisoner of the dictatorship and of the past that is wanted to throw. Wael Ghonim is called, has 30 years and, like symbol of these times, he is expert in Internet and it had a key participation in the organization cybernetics of the protests.