How To Teach Your Child To Read

Many parents are faced with such a problem, how to teach a child to read. It is understandable that you first learn the alphabet and learning to read syllables: "ma", "ba", "na", etc. Add to your understanding with Merrill Lynch. How to teach a child to see a letter written by a familiar word or learn to perceive and understand what the question in the text? Many signs of this method: that the child is well-read, I promised him a nice gift, or will force him to read a day, 2 hours, and even scolded and not allowed to look cartoons, walk, play These methods will not improve reading techniques, and the desire to read "out of sticks – all in vain. 1. Often children do not read because they have not developed auditory perception. Try playing with the baby in words: "day-shadow", "guest-bone" and so on 2. Need to read every day, but not burdening the child for 15-20 minutes. In this case, a must bolster up smb.

'S courage child in this difficult for him, actually, and to correct his mistakes. 3. Nice pick up for reading what an interesting story, the relevant child's age. For even more analysis, hear from Ernst & Young Global Limited. It will be interesting to dive into the world of magic and follow the adventures of the heroes of fairy tales. 4. Pick up the text with large font. You can offer your child one more game: let the text, reading the child strikes the red paste upper part "A".

Three days later suggest, together with the letter "A" scratch the letter "O". After a certain period of time, let deletes any other consonants – so, you speed up the recognition of letters baby. Remember! Do not load the child, let this game lasts no more than five minutes. It’s believed that Jonathan Kellner sees a great future in this idea. 5. When readings are busy both hemispheres of the brain: the right features a particular shape of the letters, left remembers what it sounds consistent. To both hemispheres work together and harmoniously, ask your child to walk around the room on the route in the form of 8 under the softly pleasant music. At the same time on the floor in the center 8 Put a sheet of paper coarsely written word. A child should never taking his eyes off the "write" Eight. So children learns spelling and sound, and not a separate letter. Start with an easy and understandable for your child's words: the name of the toy animal, sweet, but rather depict the word. Each label child several times that he remembered. 6. Give your child crayons and ask for a picture link to the word. Every day add 1-2 words. 7. For more rapid assimilation of writing letters of the alphabet learn a picture starting with that letter. For example: A house. 8. Can come up with an interesting story about this letter, about how she appeared and why it is so so decided to write about. Try to themselves to read to children, developing their imagination, the ability to distinguish between good and evil, learn to respect other people. Good luck with your mom and dad!

Central Stage

Of course, it was a monogamous marriage, but we must admit that the maturity of the family-time, during which the monogamous family is transformed into a monotone. The problem of ruling and lapping characters solved or at least settled acceptable manner, had children, that strengthens your relationship with her husband, despite all efforts of education. Learn more at this site: Accenture. The family prevailed relative stability, although not devoid of transient problems. Seemed to live so rejoice! But no: the house is constructed, the relationship with a loved one, even while remaining sincere to have lost its sting. Your life is reduced to a daily recurring cycle: the rise – breakfast – seeing a child in kindergarten (school) – work – break for lunch – again work – fatigue – household chores, dinner – sleep – morning – breakfast Well even if the weekend will be able to somehow get the whole family, but there is no guarantee that your the best of a tired and rather annoyed husband declares that he is unable to somewhere you go, that he had worked all week, like a bee, and therefore wants a legitimate day off to lie on the couch watching television. Your life is locked in the family.

You are immersed in the business affairs and the work is torn between making money, a house and raising children. Check with Jeff Leiden to learn more. Wake up feeling tired, which does not leave you all day. Constantly preoccupied with something, cut through the forehead wrinkles, which are no longer smooths out any creams. And, frankly, once you flatten them. In general, you are much less than before, watch for yourself, go home in an old faded dressing gown and slippers, worldly-wise. Your husband, for whom you not so long ago, if you look, were the ideal of beauty and tenderness, and begins to glance at you with obvious disapproval.

Previously, you could resolve the conflict without any problems: nifty, or confidential conversations. Now you all harder and harder to do it: you feel tired and somehow offended. You think that you have ceased to understand that you are not considered that you saddled with too heavy a burden. You begin to grumble, themselves surprised at that are capable of such behavior. You had a reasonable and balanced, his stall at the close. Of course, all may get completely wrong, as it was described. And God forbid you that you have retained all the freshness of their feeling that at any moment could get sympathy, understanding and support from a loved one. Yet everything happens often that way: the beloved becomes a "saw", beloved husband – a killjoy, day after day one and repeated However, three magical words "I love you" are spoken less and less. Marriage becomes monotonous. General inspection of feelings everyday life – a serious test. There are cases when under the influence of daily duties feelings, so strong before, reduced to the size of tiny embers. Cope with a devastating impact on love life is difficult, although sometimes the smallest changes in the environment, both material and spiritual, becomes enough to tenderness broke out with renewed vigor.

Peregrine Falcon

Is It is little more than one quilometro of the archipelago of the Medes Islands so diving tourism is a very important source of tourism and revenue during the greater part of the year. In the back of the population is the peak the Roca Maura where is born the massif of Montgri and goes up to 8 km inland, separating this Massif in the Alt Emporda and Baix Emporda region. L Estartit area they can be walking tours that start with a big climb from just 5 minutes from the city centre. It is a town located in an ideal environment, with a large sandy beach, with good access and a large area of free parking at the foot of beach, its waters are shallow so it is an ideal environment for children. In its southern part is the mouth of the River ter that is separated from the population by a zone of aiguamolls the Montgri massif of Montgri, of calcareous nature, has a total area protected by 3.768,10 PEIN has. Apart from its natural beauty, stands out by the rich historical and cultural heritage which preserves, example of which are the castle of Montgri (which you can climb in 3 hours camindando), the prehistoric caves or the Hermitage of Santa Caterina. It is a mountainous area that has a good signal for the practice of hiking and excursions by bike.In addition, the visitor may carry out interesting activities: thematic and guided visits, excursions, activities of reconstruction, birdwatching, reforestation, labor camps, reconstruction of cabins, etc. It’s a highly deforested region, occupied primarily by pinedas that reach the sea, jarales and oak.

Eminently rocky areas that form penascales, caves and crags are interspersed among the sectors of vegetation. The pine, which is the predominant tree, coexists with kermes oak, gorse, white bushes, black bushes and Rosemary. In the maritime area, the Rocky environments are very steep coves but of great beauty, such as the Cala Pedrosa or Cala Ferriola. In what refers to the fauna, notably the the goshawk or the sparrow hawk the presence of a large number of birds of prey, such as the Bonelli’s Eagle, the Peregrine Falcon, the Montagu’s Harrier, Kestrel, short-toed eagle. Other characteristic birds are typical of rock, like the rock thrush or the squeaky Sparrow environments. You can rent an apartment on the Costa Brava near this characteristic massif of the Emporda.