Kings Valley

They argued several wars with its neighbours and were victorious; they extended their domains to the East and the West, South and the North, and the Empire became prosperous and large. With over the years, however, and by the wealth and prosperity, the chibchas became proud and dominant; they were cruel, forgot the worship of God and were given to drunkenness. The Kings did not give good example peoples rather they outnumbered minions in vices and cruelties. They had completely forgotten the teachings of Bochica as soon as refers to the conduct of daily life. V and succeeded that the punishment announced by Bochica fell upon them. As stated, the chibcha Empire was seated in a large plain, at the Summit of high mountains. Around the plain chains of other higher mountains, were formed from them so that formed a Valley closed on all sides.

By the center of the Valley ran a beautiful River, which came together numerous currents coming from different directions. One day rainfall over land flared up with violence. It came another day, and another, and another, and rain was still falling in a manner never seen until then. Hincharonse the river and streams, and they left the mother, and began to cover the Earth. The waters would rise gradually and continuously.

Inundaronse fields, homes were fenced by the waves, and there was no span of Earth that was not submerged beneath the waters. And rain was still falling and the torrents roamed the Valley braved and untestable. Already flooded the houses of the men and the waters are still rising, rising ever higher up. Despavoridas people leave their abodes of the Valley and climb the nearby hills. But the waters do not cease to Ascend, and plain is a vast lake under which have vanished houses, temples and trees; and waters are still climbing, climbing, climbing, increasingly higher up.

Vasquez Lema Leadership

SUSTAINABLE organizational quality, at home, is matter of attitude positive and leadership management author: Msc. Marcelo Vasquez Lema the pursuit of quality through the achievement of customer satisfaction, the continuous improvement and efficiency of the processes is hard work whose success depends on many factors which are intertwined and complement among if. Among these factors are: creativity, trained personnel, leadership, commitment, innovation, the order and the cleaning of the workplace and especially, positive attitude toward change. If we would do an emphasis on knowing which is the main factor, knowing that they are all very important and essential, we could say that it is the positive attitude, but at the same time this must be accompanied by a managerial leadership. But know that not always a Manager is a leader within the Organization, then it is worth asking: do we need a leader or a Manager?, or what can influence with more positivity to the achievement of quality, i.e., who is paramount get?.The answer is simple, need a manager who is leading, IE requires a managerial leadership, but taking the overall concept of what this means.

To properly understand this statement (overall concept) must define at first instance the term Manager, according to the current requirements, as: a staff member with a high degree of theoretical and/or empirical knowledge about the development of a process in specific and aspects of business management, as well as, with developed human skills. Based on this definition of what must be the current Manager, should be considered that this must have the ability to influence officials under its dependence, i.e. being a leader so that the latter can give them better if in compliance with the objectives and the improvement of processes; and in turn, you must have the ability to lead, plan, organize, direct and control the activities and operations carried out by officials under its responsibility with a scientific methodology and experience practice, in such a way that increases the probability of a particularly competitive and high organizational performance. Nothing serves as a Manager with a high degree of training and practical experience, if this can not motivate the best effort and exploit the attitude positive staff to achieve a shift towards sustainable organizational quality. In conclusion, is required of managers that have the managerial leadership profile, i.e. who are leaders to motivate, and in turn, who have scientific knowledge and practical experience to guide effectively the Organization, in a manner such that is to achieve organizational (organizational quality) quality performance sustainable. From this aspect, you must start an effective, sustainable and continuous development of training programmes, of innovation, of creativity and development programmes of order and cleanliness in the jobs that they become a habit.