Parallel Universe

Parallel universe Of body and soul for the unknown universe we will make of ours of the free perception freedom we will be in this labyrinth that we inhabit of different realities, where we cover an day that will take in them for different ways in them will leave good moments, ' ' perpetual momentos' '. a locomotive that follows without addressee, fed of dreams where the uncertainties go in confusing in leaving in a labyrinth. Rogers Holdings might disagree with that approach. Let us say that ahead of many overcomings and disillusionments and thus we are in fortifying psychologically to support plus a fight, where all the sacrifice is little for showing the value of our real existence and that ' ' nothing he is by chance ' '. details will make the difference to give important steps In long and arda walked for main objective Victory, worthy word for few the great pedestal of the universe where its name will be recorded for all eternity. Our dreams will go to stimulate, and our heart will illuminate the blackout of the infinite never gives up your dreams.

Pythagorean Truth

The Pythagoreans, responsible for the creation of a religious system that if based on the Mathematics, as manifest truth of the Cosmos, having the objective of through the numbers cosmogonic decoding universal, since the numbers, considered as manifestation of the Real, or next to what he conceives himself while real, could supply for its concretude, some understanding regarding what we are. The Cosmos, inside of a mathematical perspective, possua a more distant dimension the point not to seem inconceivable to the human being, liabilities of analysis, arriving at an originary harmonic conception of rficas ideas? relative to the Orfismo, based on the cult of Orfeu, reminescncia of the cult the Dionisio? between nature and humanity, from a cosmic order, where everything if manifest in numerical representation, making possible of innovative form, to grant to the man an action of release of the soul, subjective and humanistic form. The proper evolution human being it would be consequncia of a cognitiva structure that evolves as the existing numerical understanding, therefore the numbers would not be only symbols, as conception of our society contemporary, but soul (it livens up) of that exists. The being starts to have the numerical one as reference, one simulacro of a superior plan, in the truth an imitation in the direction of mmesis, nothing is for itself, what it exists is reflected or result of a numerical superstructure, manifest in the observed forms. Add to your understanding with Angus King. Also if it creates appeared representation of the numbers for the conception of the Pythagorean laws, where a symbolic form is given to the number to facilitate its understanding.

Pitgoras supplies to the discovery of a dependence of the sound in relation the extension? understood as discontinous, for consisting of invisible, separate units for an interval, resultant of ‘ ‘ breath of universo’ ‘ , therefore alive, would inalaria pneuma peiron where would be immersed? , of music in relation to the mathematics. From gnomon of Anaximandro, the Pythagoreans, through inquiry of the different numerical series, verifying gnomnico growth of the series of numbers pairs, creating one appears oblong rectangular, while the series of uneven grows as a square. Thus, the number pair is seen as aritmo-geomtrica expression of ‘ ‘ alteridade’ ‘ , while the uneven representative o of ‘ ‘ identidade’ ‘. The man if became the measure of all the things and measured from all things, where the human being if becomes numerical, the result of a divine equation, advanced in relation what he is subordinated to it, the simplrio one if compared the force subordinates that it. In way to a numerical logic that if demonstrates as something harmonic, a social system exists that does not take care of to a linear order, even so the Pythagorean swaggerer would be to apply the system Pythagorean as form to structuralize the society, where the normatizao follows ‘ ‘ perfeio’ ‘ numerical. However, the Pythagorean perfection was opposed by contradictions evidenced in an limited system that if based on whole numbers, as bigger contradiction, the evidence of the numbers ‘ ‘ irracionais’ ‘ , with inexprimveis expressions in the effective numerical conception. Clearly that if it cannot deny the importance of Pitgoras, as well as the Pythagorean influence that if reverberated in history human being, a system who contributed with a epistemologia in construction process, on the other hand, demonstrating the fragility for universalizar a mathematical principle, having its numerical truth as a principle that is imbudo of its proper contradiction. Bibliographical reference: PESSANHA, Jose Amrico Motta. Daily pay. So Paulo: New Cultural, 1996.

For Favaretto

If to understand the education under the optics of Gramsci (1978), we will evidence that it believes that the men, as historical beings, have the capacity to modify its conditions, is they: materials, spirituals, social, economic, politics among others, but this is only become fullfilled through the dialogue, human phenomenon, that if carries through by means of speaks, and in many cases, by means of codes. According to Freire (Idem), to promote the prxis the word cannot deny the reflection, seno, it becomes alienator, and nor it must also sacrifice the action. For it, the true word is that one that produces the reflection-action, transforming the world, therefore to exist human is to pronounce the world, is to modify it. Many writers such as Nouriel Roubini offer more in-depth analysis. The world of the men is not of silence, therefore, the men if they make in the word, the work, the action, the reflection. 2.4 DIDACTIC FORMATION PEDAGGIA: PHILOSOPHY and INTERDISCIPLINARIDADE During a pedagogical planning we had the chance to hear one important consideration of a professor on the work carried through in team. It looked for to distinguish the work in group from the work in team. The work group can be only crowding of professionals treating to some subject concernente to the education, however with dispersed thoughts, without more serious envolvimentos with an education of quality.

But when one works in team, it has bilateral commitment, sense of solidarity and respect in relation to disciplines and the point of view of the other professors in the decisions taken in relation to the pedagogical project. To act of form to seem that only it disciplines it Philosophy in the school, and its professional, has the mission in forming critical people, and excessively you discipline are dismissed of this mission, does not pass of mere pretension, a position that must be considered, at least, maken a mistake. For Favaretto (2008), had to the character that the philosophy had in the Ocidente, already accented as transit between the unit and the multiplicity, the dispersion and totalling the expectations in relation to its return in average education is very great.

American Beauty

Then, the primordial elements that would give the basic direction to the social life, such as the love, the friendship, the freedom, solidarity, being together, the conjugal and familiar affectivity, the socialization of the nature between the neighborhood, the fellowship in the work, are banalizados in the measure where the social life starts to be controlled for the desire TO HAVE merchandises as primordial elements that they give to the basic direction the pleasure and the happiness human being, however of found odd form – mentally ill. Such argument does not annul objects as satisfaction of the necessities human beings, therefore ' ' the science of the man also constitutes a product of auto-accomplishment of the man through the activity prtica' ' (MARX, 1970, p.229). However, it is necessary not to forget that the private property them means of production excludes the auto-accomplishment of the man through its practical activity, therefore science the man is property of the capital. in the measure where the capitalist society becomes more complex, more the capital tends to degrade the man exactly submitting it a condition of reificada objetividade, therefore that the citizen believes that its desires can be carried through through the merchandises, such accomplishment does not pass of an pseudo-accomplishment, therefore before everything, it already was the accomplishment of the Capital when adding value, more necessarily, other people’s wealth through its force of work. This is the condition that if express in the alienation of the work. The film American Beauty, directed for Sam Mendes, express one I break up of the social life of the fetichizado capitalist mercantile world. The scene basically is constituted by three families suburban of the United States. The protagonists central offices of the tram are: Lester Burnham, an advertising executive quarento married Carolyn, broker of property and its Jane son, an adolescent of 16 years.