Shiigumen Sawa. Path of development – the pride of Symptoms and disease progression sin of pride in its development has several stages, and it begins with the conceit. Vanity symptoms: thirst for praise; impatience of reproof, discipline and reproaches, mistrust, suspicion and rancor, judging others, the difficulty to ask for forgiveness, the search for easy ways, and the constant play, both on stage and in the presence of outsiders, to show themselves with pious hand, carefully concealing their passions and vices. People no longer see their sins, does not notice its shortcomings detract from the start (decrease) their guilt or even deny it, and sometimes even resign it to others. Knowledge as their own, experience, ability and virtue begin to exaggerate and over-estimated. As the disease progresses in his opinion of himself, he rises to great and worthy of glory.

Therefore, this disease is called: megalomania. In this state, people not only to condemn others, but even begins to despise and abhor them, and even makes them evil. Deliver us, O Lord, from this! And when a patient seems that no one understands, no one likes, but still pursue it and want to make hurt, then the disease is called delusions of persecution. Richard Branson has plenty of information regarding this issue. Delusions of grandeur and persecution – the most common forms of mental illness. These diseases are associated with increased self-awareness, self-worth when exaggerated self-esteem causes contempt and hostility toward people. Proud man is always unhappy with other people and their living conditions, and so he comes sometimes to despair, blasphemy, charm 1, and sometimes suicide.


Super structure: Ideological politics and Is interesting the facts gifts in this set of documents, on the contrary of the Organizations to submit to the norms and rules imposed by the State, is in contrast, ‘ ‘ the State has that to bajular the Organizaes’ ‘. Which will be the explanation for everything this, will be that the proper politicians possess societrias parts in these organizations or is the proper owners? For the fact of these organizations to contribute for ‘ ‘ desenvolvimento’ ‘ of the State and the Society, they fulfill its paper ethical, generating jobs, tax collection, some until worry about ambient, social and cultural questions, others not, only with the generation of corporeal properties in the lesser cost of possible production, not respecting the conditions of the worker, pollution and other aspects. 3) Which the relation between the super structure and the way of production? The existing relation between the two tips are of dependence, why dependence? Without the production way it would not exist jobs, generation of income, tax collection, however, would not exist politics. 4) The set of documents proves the thesis: the determination of the individual behavior for the production way. To justify the reply the set of documents clearly leaves this position of the individual behavior, a time that each individual always wants to consume what the other more than, wants to show its car of mark, its clothes of grife and other factors that intervene with the human conviviality. 5) Where I place myself in this social organization. an organization joust? Here it is the question, to adhere or not to adhere to this System? Organizations exist minority jousts in the planet land, organizations that worry the society, with the environment, with social matters and fiscal, that is, the famous sustainable growth. They fulfill to all these requirements to only continue producing and supplying its products in the shelves esparramadas for the world to satisfy the consumption exacerbado. I find that all we are inserted in this system, a time who we catch the car to go the bakery to less than two blocks of our residences, we change of cellular ‘ ‘ as one changed of meia’ ‘ , we buy clothes, everything to follow the fashion daily, that is, the individual that not to adapt itself to this system, as said in the set of documents, will be considered ‘ ‘ cafona’ ‘ or outdated. At last, the rhetorical argument of this system always will be ‘ ‘ desenvolvimento’ ‘ sustainable of the State, that stops growing is necessary to deforest, to poluir and to contaminate hdricos and forest resources, to explore the resources mineral, among others. Everything to take care of to the demand consumer of the planet.

Weight And Genetics

Simply, it often happens that different people prevails either the first or second. Nevertheless, you should think that if we are have turned out so good, it could not happen just like that, suddenly, by magic. In this there is a certain merit of our ancestors, through whom were born our parents: a genetic factor because no one has canceled! If parents are for some reason or another did not meet our expectations, this does not mean they are automatically bad people. Probably, for example, that in their lives, too something happened that shocked them, and had a very strong impact by developing a share of negative qualities. For this they should only sympathize and feel sorry for them: do not know how we would behave, it appear we are in a similar situation. It is possible that their kindness, their sincerity were broken under the weight of crushing circumstances, and they did not find the strength to fight to get out of them.

However, our parents gave us these qualities, whether consciously or unconsciously. And they themselves received them from their parents and their parents – on their own and so on. Consequently, we would not be such as we are now, if we grew up in another family. Hence, after all, it makes sense to show respect to those by whom we were born. If man renounces his family and friends, he denies himself. Make make a person something against their will, undoubtedly, very difficult, and force feel something – is doubly problematic.

American Beauty

Then, the primordial elements that would give the basic direction to the social life, such as the love, the friendship, the freedom, solidarity, being together, the conjugal and familiar affectivity, the socialization of the nature between the neighborhood, the fellowship in the work, are banalizados in the measure where the social life starts to be controlled for the desire TO HAVE merchandises as primordial elements that they give to the basic direction the pleasure and the happiness human being, however of found odd form – mentally ill. Such argument does not annul objects as satisfaction of the necessities human beings, therefore ' ' the science of the man also constitutes a product of auto-accomplishment of the man through the activity prtica' ' (MARX, 1970, p.229). However, it is necessary not to forget that the private property them means of production excludes the auto-accomplishment of the man through its practical activity, therefore science the man is property of the capital. in the measure where the capitalist society becomes more complex, more the capital tends to degrade the man exactly submitting it a condition of reificada objetividade, therefore that the citizen believes that its desires can be carried through through the merchandises, such accomplishment does not pass of an pseudo-accomplishment, therefore before everything, it already was the accomplishment of the Capital when adding value, more necessarily, other people’s wealth through its force of work. This is the condition that if express in the alienation of the work. The film American Beauty, directed for Sam Mendes, express one I break up of the social life of the fetichizado capitalist mercantile world. The scene basically is constituted by three families suburban of the United States. The protagonists central offices of the tram are: Lester Burnham, an advertising executive quarento married Carolyn, broker of property and its Jane son, an adolescent of 16 years.