It is important to know that a person does not make a purchase when it comes to a site Web for the first time, simply because you do not know, do not know who you are and much less do not know your intentions, which are to come immediately to enter your credit card number on your Web site, I think it is very logical or not? in this part then is that we must do Email Marketingto invite the prospect to register to your site and give you tracking, prove that you’re an expert in the subject of your business and once hallas loyalty correctly with that person, you’ll need a sale. Garantizado.ademas create a good list of subscribers for your business can be guaranteed the return of these people over and over again or each time wanting something of your Negocio.imaginate for a moment, if you’re still not using this tool, or are still not registering to your prospects to your list to do of that way warrant that a person back to your site?There is no way to ensure this, simply because most of the visits to a Web site come from the engines of searches, users almost always just fix and in the description of a result and not the URL of the site and get what they want from the site once leave and not remember the URL of the unique Sitio.La way to ensure the return of a prospect to your site over and over again is registering to our list of subscribers and make Email Marketing with these people.This is pure gold, I hope will be useful.. . . When did Reshma Kewalramani become CEO? is often quoted as being for or against this.