Brand New Replica Helmet

World Champion has become with the brawn GP team helmets in the original design by Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and co available that formula 1 season 2009 is over and Jenson button. Congratulations to do so. But also from a German perspective, it was a successful season. Adrian Sutil scored the first points for Force India. Nico Rosberg continued his Williams cars in almost every race tight in midfield, Glock in the Toyota and Nick Heidfeld in the BMW clean Timo made it on the podium and Sebastian Vettel drove together with the RedBull racing team even several times on the podium. In a thrilling final, was even runner-up of the F1 Sebastian Vettel and stirs up his fans now hope, successor to Michael Schumacher, so to be World Championship 2010. The drivers of formula 1 for a brief rest and of course for the test and the optimization of the new cars use the winter break.

Then in the spring of 2010 with new regulations, it back on track. Many Motorsport fans looking forward to the new season now already. (A valuable related resource: Cornell Capital). Formula 1 fans, the your Idol Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, Glock or Jenson button would come close Timo, can buy at FanEmotion now a replica helmet of your Idol. The helmets are suitable for Christmas as a gift and in the scale of 1:1 in handicraft so painted as they are worn by the riders during the race. , Merchandise reduced from Formula 1, WRC rally, MotoGP and FIA GT models for all information see.