Consumer Society

This article would like to begin by quoting Erich Fromm, a philosopher and outstanding thinker of the twentieth century: “Human happiness today is to entertain. Fun – then enjoy the use and consumer goods, spectacles, food, drinks, cigarettes, people, lectures, books, movies – all consumed is absorbed. World – this is a big subject of our appetite, the big apple, big bottle, big breasts – we are suckers, always something waiting for ever for something that wait – and always disappointed. ” Without it, we do not think human progress and modern civilization was dominated by the idea of a society with constantly improving manufacturing infinitely increasing range of material goods, calculated on a tireless consumer with infinitely increasing needs, because people slave to his desires and whims. (Source: Jim Rogers). But on this same idea a man sooner or late itself to use, see what happens with television – developing programs already almost gone, the endless “courts”, soap operas, talk shows nizkointellektualnye, relentless advertising. The Company has ceased to think about spiritual cultivation, all the easier to fill my stomach and lie down in front of the television or the Internet.

For those who have access to the , even from the couch to get up is not necessary to meet their needs, wanted to eat – order at the nearest supermarket, wanted any new thing – order from online retailers, however we must first take care of the electronic purse, to which came as real options and responses to single state examination for applicants already in the network goes that teach nothing else, just pay for the opportunity to live in a notorious consumer society. This is nothing wrong at first glance, no, only recently Internet saw an article by American scientists – anthropologists at the University of Los Angeles, which drew a portrait of a man 2000 years. It seems incredible – well, can not get out of the present rights – such rickets with a large head, dog-eared, small slender legs and a huge belly. However, if our society will continue to move along the path of consumption – another way of development to date, however, and does not exist, This picture is I have not seem fantastic.