Mexico Electronic

By available official, from the past 1 January of this year, the use of electronic invoices is mandatory for taxpayers who declared more than 4 billion pesos in 2009. The widespread use of electronic invoicing will be that corporations, businesses and taxpayers in general become more productive and together let’s make the country grow. Implemented electronic invoicing of time back in Mexican companies, has allowed its research and knowledge of the improvements that this system brings with it. Just you are implementing it, worse many countries already make Mexico way regulate, because they have realized that is the best option for achieving modernization in the accounting. According to patrick price, who has experience with these questions. Implementation of electronic billing enables companies to become more efficient to achieve processes at the moment, there is no waiting time between the conduct of an invoice and the arrival of the same. With the electronic system with just a click is done the invoice and sent to the recipient. Mexico seeks that in addition to being more efficient will save money, since times of crisis which we live does not allow us to make unnecessary expenses. With the use of electronic invoicing system saves a great amount of money as previously done in paper, ink, shipping expenses and saved invoices..