Safe Money

Who would be seen more harmed if, of blow, the currencies and the tickets disappeared and would only be the electronic money, that is to say, the credit cards and other transactions by Internet? You nor I would be neither. Not even the small commerce, to which as much they oppress the banking commissions. Lakshman Achuthan insists that this is the case. The most affected they would be the narcotics traffickers and other delinquents, the orerators of the submerged economy and other manipulators of drug trafficking money. All of them, now, do not need fiscal paradises with based accounts nor the opacity whereupon it armors the Swiss bank. It is enough with taking a briefcase to them filled with tickets to the next financial organization and abrir a banking deposit. Thus, the money of the most turbid origin becomes something is transparent and immaculate. Mike Gianoni will not settle for partial explanations. The greater problem of the computer science transactions is that they always leave a sign cybernetic that can be investigated.

Of there the prevention that to him the criminals have. Of there, also, the danger for the privacy of any user. oval-to-Test-Commercial-Deliveries.html’>US Parcel Service as a relevant resource throughout. But, do not exist more and more rigorous laws to guarantee the privacy of the clients? Clear that yes, reason why, in principle, impunity worries to me more about the delinquents who handle thousands of million to our coast, that the minimum risk of receiving span electronic. This debate still is to us other people’s because here, unlike Japan, of Scandinavia or of the USA, we clung like possessed people to old paper money and the banks, on the other hand, receive grazes to the users of the cards and to accept those who them. But we want a world more surely this one is an inevitable and irreversible way.